‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘

अनिवासी मराठी आणि मातृभूमीला परतलेल्या मराठी माणसांचे
‘विश्व मराठी कुटुंब‘
बनवण्याच्या ध्येयाने ‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘ ह्या व्यासपीठाची निर्मिती झाली आहे.
ह्या वैश्विक मराठी व्यासपीठामुळे मराठी मनांचा एकमेकांशी संवाद साधला जाईल,
विचारांची देवाणघेवाण होईल, महाराष्ट्राचे आणि मातृभूमीचे ऋण फेडण्याची
संधी प्राप्त होईल, आणि जगाच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात पसरलेल्या मराठी माणसाने,
मराठी समाजासाठी, महाराष्ट्रासाठी आणि भारतमातेसाठी जे योगदान दिले आहे,
त्यांच्या यशोगाथेचे दर्शन घडवता येईल.

What we do?

We created a platform to begin with and aspire to become a global family of non-resident Marathi community and those who returned to our motherland, Bharat. Creating synergies through networking, mentoring of our members with an intent to give back to Janmabhumi and Karmabhumi.

Our foundation is based on education, knowledge, enterprising skills and patriotism. Celebrating success of our Marathi community is our way of acknowledging their contributions to the society, to the economy and to our great nation. .

The Purpose

Purpose of very existence defines every individual, every organization. We too have a clear purpose of why we created this platform. To put simply, our purpose is to

  • Connect, create and share knowledge
  • Mentor upcoming innovators and entrepreneurs and
  • To synergize community efforts to give back to roots and to Mother India.

Our Geographical Presence

We are globally present. Our chapters are located in every continent (except possibly Antarctica, but don’t mind) and we connect our members through these chapters. Members know each other in cities, their neighbourhoods and that is why they are part of the chapter near them.

Our Offerings

Our focus is clear, so our offerings are simple. We offer each member ability

  • To be a part of larger marathi community
  • To become mentor for other members
  • To access to various events conducted by global platform and local chapters
  • To participate Webinars and Knowledge sharing sessions by experts on various topics of interest and
  • Access to Innovation Academy and Mentorship Programs (by selection)

Are you curious? We invite you to read through more sections on our website and feel free to even contact us for specific queries you may have, or a feedback you wish to share to enhance our offerings.