• Why in English and not in Marathi language?

  • Garje Marathi Global (we love to call it ‘GMG’), is an organization beyond boundaries (does it remind doctors without boundaries?). Geographical limits are no limits; even sky is not the limit for aspirations. Global Marathi community is built by non-resident Marathi people and those who returned to the soil. We welcome every Marathi person to share their knowledge, expertise with others. We urge you to become our members, even mentors to identify opportunities and help most deserved Marathi society at large. We work for a social cause; we are not profitable but definitely aim to create professionals, entrepreneurs to build the most profitable business across the globe.

  • Why about only Marathi people, are you so narrow minded?

  • Logic is that one who upholds his own community with great esteem knows how to respect other communities. By nature every Marathi is Open-minded and so are we at GMG. We respect all Indians but we have more affection for Marathi as that is our identity. When this project was conceived we had to limit the scope of our operations and so with due respect to all Indians we are focusing our efforts only to bring together Marathi around the world.

  • Who is considered to be Marathi?

    • संत ज्ञानेश्वर, शिवाजी महाराज, संत तुकाराम किंवा लोकमान्य टिळक ह्याच्या प्रतिमे समोर जो स्वाभाविकपणे नतमस्तक होतो तो 'मराठी'

    • ‘गर्जा महाराष्ट्र माझा’ म्हणून त्याच श्वासांमध्ये ‘देश माझा , मी देशाचा’ म्हणतो तो मराठी’.

  • What is there for me?”

    This is very rarely asked question but answer to this is very simple “ If you are ‘I’ person then there is nothing for you at GMG but if you are ‘We’ person then there is lot you can get from GMG and lot you can offer to GMG

Though on 01 August 2018 Garje Marathi Global was conceptualized and was established by Suneeta and Anand Ganu, on 18 October 2019, Garje Marathi Global became a legal identity and is now Garje Marathi Global Inc. We have applied for 501(c) 3 , registration as a Non-Profit organization in the state of California.

Our Founders and Present Board of Directors

Anand Ganu:Founder
Suneeta Ganu:Co-founder
Anita Kant: Board Member
Niteen Joshi: Board Member
Sandeep Padhye: Board Member