Saksham-The Inspiration ‘Moment’


On 01 August 2020, GMG celebrated third anniversary of its inception.Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Avinash Dixit had graced the occasion by their presence as the Chief Guests. During his speech Dr. Mashelkar, mentioned an incidence where an economically challenged father had to sell his cow, the only means of his livelihood so that he could buy a Smartphone for his daughter’s online education that has become a new normal during Covid-19Pandemic. This was the point of inspiration and conception of ‘सक्षम’ 77 Seconds are enough to set up a movement if the heart is in the right place!”

The Vision and the Purpose of ‘Saksham’

GMG Saksham is a technology driven knowledge dissemination platform open to students of Maharashtra. GMG Foundation Saksham’s vision is to create a platform for connecting deserving and desirous students from Maharashtra to the global community of professionals, academics and entrepreneurs. (Please see list of GMG mentors The platform will help these students via regular webinars, tutorials to learn, gain knowledge and be future ready. The GMG’s Foundation Saksham aims to bridge the digital divide by enabling economically disadvantaged students from Maharashtra by providing them with the right equipment, right guidance and prepare them for the right opportunities.
Saksham aims at providing 25,000 digital devices by 01 August 2021. On successful implementation of the program it will be repeated for the following three years.

" If you are interested and if you wish to participate- cotribute then please contact us"