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Mr. Sanket Warudkar

Katy TX

Specialties: Retail & CGP, Platform agnostic Datawarehosing Design Consultant, Data modelling expert, Global rollout for BI solutions, Solution architecting, Project Management, Transition lead, SAP BW Hands on, Change management, Scope management, Certified Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Project planning and estimation, People management, Mentoring new talent, Customer presentations on solutions,Pre-Sales Specialist 

Sanket has 19+ Years of Enterprise application development and consulting experience. He has managed large IT Transformation programs. He advises customers on Technology Roadmap, Client Migration, Business Intelligence and Application Modernization, Cost Optimization Initiatives. He has special expertise in modernizing SAP Data and Analytics using modern Cloud and Analytics Platforms. Extensive experience in implementing Analytics solutions for several CPG and Retail Companies (Fortune 10).


Mr. Nishant Chougule


I work as a Senior Cyber Security professional for an insurance based company in Toronto,Canada. Extensive Experience with banking, telecom and insurance based firms for conducting ethical hacking activities.


Ms. Chinmayee Kulkarni


I recently completed my master's degree from Clemson University in Industrial Engineering. I am originally from Pune, India. Currently, I am looking for full-time opportunities in the US. 


Mr. Chinmay Soman


Chinmay Soman is the co-founder, CEO, and co-inventor of core technologies at EarthSense, Inc. At EarthSense, he is leading the creation of a robotics and machine learning platform for transforming agricultural productivity and sustainability - starting with helping crop scientists accelerate crop breeding. Chinmay co-founded EarthSense while he was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign through NSF’s Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability program. During his post-doctoral research centered on soil microbiomes, he developed new ways of understanding plant and soil microbiomes, studied the effects of agricultural management practices on agricultural microbiomes, and invented new ways of optimizing plant-microbiome interactions. Chinmay was previously also the Lead Engineer and co-inventor of key technologies at Soil Diagnostics, Inc. and founder and CEO of Movable Objects, Inc. - a mobile sensing and computation startup.


Mr. Akshay Dehadray

Los Angeles CA


My name is Akshay Dehadray and I am currently pursuing PhD in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in Los Angeles CA. Prior to that I have three masters in field of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Information Systems and MBA in Business Statistics and Data Analytics. I have been in CA for 7.5 years now and in US for 10 years. Prior to CA I was in FL for my first masters. I am originally from Mumbai India where my family is also based out of. I have future plans of moving to Canada. Looking forward to connect with the community. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help to anyone.


Ms. Aparna Deshpande

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hello all,

    A bit about myself - Like everyone else , I came here for a job opportunity and for my grad school ( in Computer Engineering) here. I am an IT professional and have been living in US for last 24 years now.  Currently working as a Product Manager|Strategic analyst| Team lead capacity as a consultant.

 I have been in living in Milwaukee Wisconsin for 23 yrs now, which you can say I live on an iceberg :). I am born and brought up in India - Pune Maharastra. I am quite independent, strong and happily single woman :). I have never been married and have no kids. Albeit have not been lucky in that personal department,  I am quite content with my life.

Besides that, I am into meditation, yoga, Ayurveda. Like travelling a lot. Love indian classical music. I am also a coach - volunteer ( similar like life coach). Coaching involves - giving pointers/direction for professional or any personal issues that people might be going through. I am big into volunteering. I also volunteer at the nature center by me , whenver I get a chance.

Looking forward to meet you all. If anyone have any questions, feel free to reach out to me -


Ms. Aparna


Mr. Tushar Deshpande


I am Tushar Deshpande.  I have a PhD in Computer Science (2013) from the State University of  New York at Stony Brook under the guidance of Dr. Scott Smolka in the Cybersecurity area mainly on modeling DNS attacks.

I am a senior member of the enterprise cybersecurity software group for seven years at CA Technologies, a Broadcom company.  Overall, I have more than 9+ years of commercial enterprise software development experience, primarily in Java and C++ with large codebases.  I have been effective team player and solo contributor.

My interests are towards the emerging landscapes such as Cloud-native, Serverless, and Edge Computing.  These are becoming essential for IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Distributed Ledger Technology.  I have done a few side projects in these areas, the details of which can be found on my LinkedIn page,




BFA Advertising (Sir J J School of Art)

Master of Design (M’Des) Design and Visual Communications (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)

MFA, Interactive and Broadcast Design (Savannah College of Art and Design)

Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia

As Chief Digital Officer for the state of Georgia, USA, Nikhil Deshpande leads the Office of Digital Services Georgia under the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA).

Nikhil envisioned and led state government’s transition to an enterprise web-publishing platform based on Drupal, an open source content management system hosted in the cloud. The platform currently supports over 80 state agency websites. Under his direction, Georgia became the first state in USA to use Drupal across its enterprise and meet special needs of constituents with a range of disabilities affecting vision, hearing, motion and cognition.

Nikhil strongly advocated the use of social media for when using social media for government was not common, and established a presence for the state on Facebook and Twitter to quickly address citizens’ questions and concerns.

Nikhil has scaled great heights at very young age. There is no doubt that future holds great accomplishments and honours for him. He is going to make Maharashtra and India very proud. The story of this young man in his own words:

“I am honored to be included in this edition of Garje Marathi and am thankful to Shri Anand Ganu. He requested me to write a few inspirational words about my career path for the aspiring youth. I remembered a challenge I faced a couple years ago. In 2016, the Atlanta Business Chronicle honoured me with their prestigious “40 under 40” award. Every year they select 40 people, under the age of 40, from a pool of about 800 nominees. These awardees have made significant contribution in their field that benefits society. At the awards ceremony, I was asked what advice I would give my 20 year self. I’m not professional at giving life or career advice but I’d love to share what helped shape my journey.”

“In my school days, I heard an ancient Chinese saying. “If you make two bucks for a living, spend a buck on food, and spend one on flowers. Food will keep you alive and flowers will give you a reason to live”. I heard this at a tender age and didn’t understand the depth of the message until I went through the next couple decades of my life. As a school kid, I was more interested in life lessons than academia. I did not fit the proverbial persona of a “studious” student. Someone who excelled in academics, and aspired to be an engineer or a doctor. Instead I loved drawing and illustrating solutions for visual problems. The creative space appreciated by very few people fascinated me. I am a big believer in the school of hard knocks. When I wasn’t selected for our school’s “special computer class”, I taught myself basic programming through books and by watching the person who developed my father’s business applications. He gave me the needed guidance and made me go through hundreds of lines of code across several files. I found it amusing that I could help my friends in our school’s computer program with their homework. My parents were appreciative of my passion for art and always showered unconditional love. They also worried about my future knowing I am not a mainstream student. They provided a caring environment to pursue any career and supported me when I decided to get into visual art.”

“I got accepted and joined Sir J.J School of Art to study advertising design. It was refreshing to be amongst a college full of students who shared the same passion towards art. I belonged there and found my community. The constant feeling of being different than others and being on the fringe slowly disappeared. Studying advertising also taught me the nuances of visual and written communication. The importance of tailoring your message so it is heard loud and clear apart from the rest of the noise. J.J, as we fondly refer to the college, introduced me to my wife Gauri at the age of 16. After graduating from J.J, she encouraged me to pursue higher education and introduced me to the Industrial Design Center at I.I.T Bombay. I was fortunate to be one of the 14 students selected amongst the thousands of applicants to pursue a masters in visual communication and design. IIT’s program fuelled my passion for problem solving and I found myself lucky to learn from world class faculty. As a project, I worked on a documentary to highlight Aured, a special needs school in Mumbai. They work with hearing impaired children to bridge their journey to mainstream schooling. This documentary was recognized at the Savannah Film Festival and the Savannah College of Art and Design offered me Morris Sheer Fellowship to pursue their Master’s program.”

“It was a hard decision to move across continents to pursue something that was not on my long term plans. While I wanted to experience a life of independence, I knew I was signing up for something that needed a paradigm shift. I will have to relearn several elements of existence to understand a new culture and people. I saw myself climbing down the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my parents and my wife. Schooling in a new country taught me life lessons at every step. The safety net I had under me in India, suddenly disappeared and I was on my own. Independence has its challenges and I was getting ready for it. Working odd jobs to make ends meet, staying with several roommates, rationing my wish-list and friends helping each other with our day to day struggles made the new life bearable and fun”.

“After graduating, I worked in several capacities; interface designer, experience analyst, front-end developer, usability tester, and digital strategist to name a few. All geared towards one goal; that technology should be an enabler and not a barrier. If the promise is to make life easy for people by the use of technology, then technology itself should not be a challenge in itself. The tech landscape evolves much faster than what people can cope with. My focus on problem solving, fulfilled through my several roles, helps me in my current role as the Chief Digital Officer for the State of Georgia. My charter is to formulate digital strategies for interactions between citizens and services offered digitally by the state. Georgia’s population is around 10.5 million and almost every resident interacts with the state systems via phones, kiosks, and computers. Technology makes systems and processes efficient but my focus is to insert the human element to make sure services consider the struggles of people from all walks of life. Atlanta is one of the major U.S cities and brings in a lot of diversity. This poses a challenge for systems designed to cater to a monolithic population. My focus is to make sure any person regardless of language, mental or physical ability is able to use technology services without a struggle. This includes people with physical limitations who access facilities that able people enjoy every day. I have built teams with the focus of user centred design and we work towards a common goal of simplifying technology.”

“In the last few years, my team’s work has been noticed by national media. This makes me happy and proud as a leader. As we keep elevating to the higher tiers of the Maslow pyramid, we realize our responsibility towards the society grows. When our decisions impact millions of people, it turns you into a humble and responsible leader. In 2018, StatesScoop Magazine honoured me with the National Leadership Award recognizing my contribution towards civic technology. It is not about the accolades, awards, or recognition. As we focus on our work and if it gives us pleasure, we don’t feel the fatigue of working. Going forward I plan to focus on giving back. Giving back to the society that built me. I have helped and consulted with several start-ups springing up in India. It is assuring to experience the passion and the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs working relentlessly towards a better society.”

“As the earlier saying stated, food and flowers are equally important for an all-rounded life. Find your passion and if possible, turn that into work. Surround yourself with people who share your values, morals, goals, and passions. Psychologists say we are an aggregate of the 5 closest people that surround us and spend most time with us. Choose them wisely. Make sure you support each other to earn your food and enjoy together when it is time to smell the flowers.”



Greater Boston Area

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2006
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2004
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 2002

Associate Professor July 2012 – present Massachusetts Institute of Technology

World’s leading Nanotechnology Expert

“My mantra for success is follow your heart, do your best, trust in life to take care of the rest,” says Dr. Rohit Karnik.

Dr. Karnik is globally known for his work in the area of micro- and nanofluidics for applications in water, health-care and energy systems. He has developed devices for control of nanoscale fluid flows including the nanofluidic diode, transistor, and sensors. His group has advanced novel nanoporous membrane materials for water filtration and gas separations, and obtained fundamental insights into nanoscale fluid flows. They have made membranes from graphene that are only one atom thick, which could be used for efficient water purification and other applications. They have moreover, developed new technologies for microfluidic separation and analysis of cells, and have created microfluidic devices to better control and optimize nanoparticles for drug delivery. Dr. Karnik has furthermore, played a crucial role in the development of the Micro and Nanoengineering Laboratory class for undergraduate students at MIT.

Rohit was born in 1980 at Pune to Mr. Nandkumar Madhukar Karnik and Mrs. Shubhada Nandkumar Karnik. His father is a chartered accountant (retd.) and mother is a housewife. Rohit attended Vidya Bhavan High School and Modern College in Pune, after which he joined IIT Bombay and completed B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. His B. Tech. thesis was Finite Element Analysis of 3D Cracks, performed under the guidance of Prof. S. K. Maiti.

From his undergrad days at IIT Bombay, Dr. Rohit Karnik particularly remembers working at nights on their ‘bottle filling’ machine for the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Student Design Competition, while doing regular class-work during the day. Dr. Rohit says,“I also have many fond memories of my friends and teachers at IIT Bombay, who played an important role in shaping my character and destiny.”Dr. Rohit Karnik was awarded the Institute Silver Medal by IIT Bombay in the year 2002.

Immediately after his graduation from IIT, Rohit took admission at the University of California, Berkeley, to do M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Arun Majumdar. His thesis for MS was ‘A Microfluidic Platform for the Study of Millisecond Biochemical Kinetics in Crowded Solutions.’Dr. Rohit got his MS in year 2004 and in 2006 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. His Ph.D. thesis was, ‘Manipulation and Sensing of Ions and Molecules in Nanofluidic Devices.’ In 2006, Rohit did postdoctoral work at MIT under the guidance of Prof. Robert Langer in Chemical Engineering. He joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2007. Dr. Rohit Karnik has delivered invited lectures in different parts of the Globe and has over 80 research papers to his credit. He has filed over 20 patent applications and has supervised numerous theses at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.

Plant-based water filter for rural Indian communities

Dr. Rohit Karnik is developing plant-based water filter for rural Indian communities

In a paper published in the journal PLoS ONE, co-author Associate Professor Rohit Karnik and a team of researchers demonstrate that a small piece of sapwood can filter out more than 99 percent of the bacteria E. coli from water at the rate of up to four litres of drinking water a day – enough to quench the thirst of a typical person. They say the size of the pores in sapwood – which contains xylem tissue evolved to transport sap up the length of a tree – allows water through while blocking most types of bacteria.

Dr. Rohit Karnik says, “Sapwood is a promising, low-cost, and efficient material for water filtration, particularly for rural communities where more advanced filtration systems are not readily accessible. With my student Krithika Ramchander and collaborators at MIT D-Lab, we are working to develop useful filters that could be affordable to people.”

Awards & Honors

He is a proud recipient of several awards and honours. Some of his recent awards are:

  • Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Teaching, MIT School of Engineering (2016)
  • Young Alumni Achiever Award, IIT Bombay (2014)
  • Department of Energy Early Career Award (2012)
  • Keenan Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Education (2011)

Positions Held:

  • Undergraduate Officer July 2016 – present Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Associate Professor July 2012 – present Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • D’Arbeloff Assistant Professor July 2008 – June 2012 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Assistant Professor Sept. 2007 – June 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Postdoctoral Associate Oct. 2006 – August 2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Graduate Student Researcher Aug. 2002 – July 2006 University of California, Berkeley

Besides Teaching, Dr. Karnik takes keen interest in photography, astronomy and traveling.He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his wife.


Mrs. Siona Benjamin

New Jersey

Current Status: Artist/painter

Siona Benjamin
US-Israel Fulbright scholar 2016-17
Fulbright-Nehru scholar 2011

Childhood / Young Days: Childhood in Bombay and my grandparents lived both in Bombay and in Pune.

Beginning of Career: For graduate studies

Till today:

Future: To continue to make art!!

Family: Family now mostly in Israel

Outlook: My art making process gives me the opportunity to make social political change especially about issues of identity.

Advice: I am a proud Indian, a proud Jew and now a proud American. Be true to who you really are.

Important Link: Plz see video and press listing on website:

Major Acheivements & Honors: Plz see CV on website:



Dr. Suresh Nayak

San Jose

Current Status:

I have been in private practice as a Board Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist for the last 40 years in San Jose, CA.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born the eldest son of Ramabai Ramnath Nayak & Ramnath Keshav Nayak in a fisherman’s village called Versova, on the outskirts of Mumbai. I was the eldest child and never did I imagine I would one day live in the USA. My father had 3 brothers and we all lived together as a joint family of 19 people. It was a full household with a lot of kids my age to keep me company. When I was young, my mother always said that she wanted me to be a doctor and help people. Neither of my parents went to college, but still they had high hopes for what I would grow up to be. My mother, especially, placed high importance on getting a good education. After my high schooling at St. Xavier’s high school in Vile Parle, I studied pre-med at Bhavan’s college Andheri. I went on to do my Medical schooling at Topiwala Medical College, attached to Nair Hospital in Mumbai. Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was in my pre-med program from complications related to her chronic asthma and never got to see me achieve this dream of attending medical school. I was lucky to have close family around and my mother’s cousin, Balakrishna Bhat, & her uncle, T.N.Rao, were most influential & supportive, emotionally & financially, in me becoming a doctor. Without their help, I don’t think I would have been able to finish my medical schooling. I had already left India when my father passed away and the same joint family raised my younger brother & sister.

Beginning of Career:

After graduating in 1973 from medical school, I was not able to find a residency in Ob/Gyn in Mumbai, as at that time, there were too many applicants and not enough positions. I heard about the shortage of applicants for the residencies in the USA and decided to apply. While I was waiting to get in to a residency program I did a registrar’s post for just one month at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. I think fate made me go there just to meet my wife, Rekha, who was working at the same hospital. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. Needless to say, there was opposition initially to our alliance from both our families since I am Konkani and she is Marathi. Eventually, both families agreed and we were married in April of 1975.

Till today:

In July of 1975, I was selected to join the Ob/Gyn residency at St. Joseph’s hospital in Chicago. I was extremely lucky because I would not have been able to even afford the plane ticket, but the hospital loaned me the money for it. It was decided that Rekha would remain in India until after Ganesh Chaturthi as it was her first one as our family’s new daughter-in-law. This also gave me the chance to earn enough money to buy her a plane ticket. I arrived in Chicago with 8 dollars in my pocket (the maximum allowable by Reserve Bank of India at that time). Chicago was hard. There were hardly any Indians around, no friends or family, and only one Indian grocery store. Rekha joined me in Chicago in September of 1975 and we soon experienced our first Midwest winter. We learned how to dress for below-freezing weather and wind so strong it would almost knock us over; quite a difference from living in Mumbai. It was a huge adjustment to move to a new country without any supports but luckily, we were able to slowly start to build a network of good friends who soon became like family. We were all experiencing this new country for the first time, without any relatives close by, and we quickly formed bonds that would last a lifetime. While I was completing my residency, Rekha worked at the State Bank of India.


After four grueling winters in Chicago, we decided to move to the Bay Area, where we have been settled ever since. I started my Ob/Gyn private practice in San Jose in July of 1979. Practicing medicine was so different then. The hospital would page me and I would have to look around for a pay phone to call them back. Things have come a long way since then. Now, I can see the fetal monitoring strip, of my patient in labor, on my cell phone. Ever since I started my practice, Rekha has been the most supportive person in my life. Without her support & understanding, I would not have been able to have the thriving practice that I have had for forty years, delivering over 6000 babies so far. She also worked with me in my office for 7 years. Delivering babies has been my passion and nothing can replace the gratitude and happiness that I see in the eyes of new parents, after I have delivered their baby. I see the same gratefulness in couples, who had trouble conceiving, after helping them conceive.


Rekha has always been artistic and has done many craft projects over the years, big and small, ranging from baby blankets to wedding backdrops and fancy antarpaths. She always believed in the importance of having hobbies and loves finding new and creative books and art supplies.
In 1989, Rekha acted in her first full-length Marathi play without ever having acted before. The play, Suryanchi Pille, was directed by Arun Londhe and the cast was full of incredibly experienced actors, including Arun and Veena Londhe, Mukund Marathe, Sudhir Alekar, and Nutan Bhiwandkar. Rekha describes the experience of working with such talented actors as having been so powerful, that she fearlessly performed her role with the same confidence as them. Since then, she has acted in numerous plays and went on to direct three plays, making her the first female director of a full-length Marathi play in the Bay Area.
One very special experience was when she got to be a part of the filming of a movie. The film actor, Mr. Ananth Mahadevan, was directing a movie called ‘Me Sindhutai Sapkal’ and the actress playing this role was denied a visa to come to the U.S. for the filming. Because of this, she was given the unique opportunity to be the stand-in for this role in the scene showing when Sindhutai Sapkal first arrives at the airport in the U.S. This was a very memorable experience for Rekha and she continues to value having being given that opportunity.
Currently, she remains busy at the India Community Center in Milpitas, taking yoga classes, teaching skits and dances to senior citizens, and volunteering her time whenever help is needed. She also helps host ICC’s talent shows once or twice a month.
We have two lovely kids, Vishal & Radhika. Vishal did his Bachelor’s at UC Berkeley & Master’s in Multimedia Arts and Technology at UC Santa Barbara and works as a software engineer on flight simulation software at Aechelon. Vishal’s wife, Neha Marathe, also did her Bachelor’s at UC Berkeley and attended law school at UC Davis. Neha is now a lawyer who advocates for children and youth at Law Foundation. They have 2 adorable sons, Shreyas & Sidharth, whom we love to babysit and spend time with. Radhika did her Bachelor’s at UC Santa Cruz in Psychology and received a Master’s in Social Work at Boston College. Radhika is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works at Satellite Healthcare, a dialysis company. Both Radhika & Neha learned Bharatanatyam and have done their Arangetrams. Vishal started learning tabla at the age of five and still enjoys playing.


An unrelated venture that I was involved with in the past for many years (both financially & time wise) was the manufacturing of a device, called ‘ignition interlock’ which, when installed in the car of a person convicted of drunk driving, would not allow him to start the car without breathing in to the device. This would have helped save numerous lives killed by drunk drivers. Unfortunately the company, ‘Autosense International’ went under due to lack of political backing to the DUI law. This is one of my big disappointments. Hopefully, someday the installation of that device will become standard in cars and save many lives. I was happy when I heard that the California legislature recently passed a law making it mandatory for all DUI convicted drivers to have the device installed in their car.


My humble advice to young adults is, no matter what you do, do it with passion & dedication and success will follow.

Important Link: My practice website is

Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • I am a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
  • I was Chairman of the Department of OB/GYN at Regional Medical Center, San Jose CA for twelve years, until 2017 and am currently vice-chairman.
  • I belong to the medical associations AMA, CMA, SCCMA & CAOG and am a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists



Mrs. Vidya Sapre

New York

विद्या हर्डीकर सप्रे

  • शिक्षणाने वैज्ञानिक,
  • व्यवसायाने संगणकतज्ञ,
  • वृत्तीने साहित्यिक आणि सामाजिक कार्यकर्ती.

साहित्यात समाजाचे प्रतिबिंब पडते, तशी समाजात सामाजिक कार्याबद्दल जागृती निर्माण करण्याची ताकद साहित्यात असते. या ताकदीचा उपयोग आपल्या लेखनात जाणीवपूर्वक करण्याचे प्रयत्न.त्यामुळे साहित्य प्रवास , सामाजिक कार्य आणि बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाचे कार्य हे एकमेकात गुंफलेले आहे.  वेगळा विचार करता येत नाही.

साहित्यिक या नात्याने

१.महाराष्ट्रातीलआणि अमेरिकेतील अनेक नियतकालिकात विपुल लेखन. १९१६ मध्ये लोकसत्ताच्या देशोदेशी या सदरात एक वर्ष लेखमालिका.अनेक इ-नियतकालिकात लेखन.

२.बृहन्महाराष्ट्र वृत्तावर संपादक, सहसंपादक, सल्लागार या नात्यानी काम.

३.ईग्रंथाली दिवाळी २०१२; बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या रौप्य महोत्सवानिमित्त प्रसिद्ध झालेल्या विशेषांकाचे संपादन.

४. आत्तापर्यंत  पुढील सातपुस्तके प्रकाशित. :

स्वलिखित:  “संवादने”,  मांजरफन, अमेरिकन मराठी: जन मन अधिवेशन

संपादित: निरंतर, ल्याले ऐलपैल

               अनुवादित: अमर्त्य भारत.( मूळ लेखक : आमिश त्रिपाठी)

सामाजिक कार्यकर्त्यांसाठी कौशल्य प्रशिक्षण ( टाटा एन्स्टिट्यूट ऑफ सोशल सायन्स पाठ्यक्रमासाठी पाठ्यपुस्तक)


५. २०१०च्या  पुण्यातील मराठी साहित्य संमेलनात ‘अनिवासी मराठी साहित्य’ या परिसंवादाचे संयोजन व  उत्तर अमेरिकेतील मराठी लेखकांची प्रतिनिधी या नात्याने सहभाग.

६. महाराष्ट्र फौन्डेशनचे निधिसंकलन कार्यक्रम,  मराठी मंडळे आणि  अधिवेशनातील  काही कार्यक्रमांच्या संहिता लेखनाचे काम.

७.स्थानिक लेखकांसाठी ‘शब्दांच्यां संध्याकाळी’ ‘अभिव्यक्ती’ असे उपक्रम सुरु करण्यात पुढाकार.

२००१च्या बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या  अधिवेशनात ‘साहित्यक्षेत्रातला सन्मान’.


सामाजिक कार्यकर्ती या नात्याने 

१.महाराष्ट्र फ़ौन्डेशन, एकल विद्यालय अशा अमेरिकेतील भारतीय संस्थांची पदाधिकारी म्हणून काम आणि महाराष्ट्रातील अनेक समाज सेवा संस्थांबरोबर काम. महाराष्ट्रातील सेवाकार्यांचा परिचय अमेरिकेतील मराठी समाजाला करून देण्यासाठी “एकता“ या नियतकालिकात  १० वर्षे लेखमाला लिहिली. अमेरिकेतील काही अमेरिकन स्वयंसेवी संस्थात स्वयंसेवक म्हणून काम.

२. “खेडे दत्तक योजना”( Social Reform of a village) या योजनेची संकल्पना अमेरिकेतील मराठी मंडळाना समाजावून देऊन महाराष्ट्रातील चार खेड्यांच्या विकासाचे स्वप्न साकार ( नियोजन ते उपयोजन) करण्यात सक्रीय सहभाग. त्यासाठी विविध   निधिसंकलन कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन.  या सर्व खेड्यांच्या कामाचा गेली २५ वर्षे मागोवा.

३. बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या सल्लागार समितीचे अध्यक्ष म्हणून काम. पंधरा अधिवेशनात विविध नात्यानी स्वयंसेवक म्हणून सहभाग. उत्तर रंग उपक्रमात सक्रीय सहभाग.

४. बृहन महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या  अनेक अधिवेशनात महाराष्टातील सेवाकार्याबाद्द्ल परिसंवाद आयोजित करण्यासाठी परिश्रम.

१९९९च्या सान होजे येथील बृहन महाराष्ट्र अधिवेशनात समाजसेवेबद्दल सन्मान


पुस्तकान्विषयी तपशील 

संवाद्ने :

स्वभावजन्य उर्मी, कौशल्ये आणि कर्तव्ये यांची सांगड घालत; एक संवेदनाशीलतेचा पंख आणि दुसरा सामाजिक जाणिवेचा घेऊन केलेला सामाजिक कार्याचा प्रवास आणि त्याबद्दल अमेरिकेतील मराठी लोकांशी केलेला संवादसंग्रह.   ( ग्रंथाली प्रकाशन, मुंबई)

अमेरिकन मराठी जन मन अधिवेशन:

अमेरिकेतील मराठी समाजाची गेल्या ५० वर्षाची वाटचाल (ग्रंथाली,मुंबई)


ग्लोबलायझेशनच्या रेट्याखाली तणावयुक्त जीवन जागणाऱ्या मराठी माणसाचे निव्वळ मनोरंजन करणारे ललित लेखनाचे पुस्तक !(ग्रंथाली, मुंबई)

अमर्त्य भारत:

भारतातील आजच्या तरूण वाचकात विशेष लोकप्रिय असलेले; शिवा ट्रीयालोजी गाजलेल्या तीन    पुस्तकांचे लेखक आमिश त्रिपाठी यांच्या  Immortal India या लेख संग्रहाचा मराठी अनुवाद

निरंतर , ल्याले एल पैल :

उत्तर अमेरिकेतील मराठी लेखकांना एकत्र करून कथा संग्रह व लेखसंग्रह संपादन.


सामाजिक कार्याचे तपशील :

  • महाराष्ट्र फौंडेशन:

१९८१पासून संस्थापक यशवंत आणि विजया कानिटकर यांच्याबरोबर काम.

कार्यकारिणीवर अनेक वर्षे काम : सदस्य, उपाध्यक्ष, वितरण समिती अध्यक्ष.

निधिसंकलन उत्सव: न्यू जर्सी, वॉशिंग्टन डी. सी., शिकागो, लॉस एन्जेलिस, बे एरिया.

नियोजन ते  सांगता आणि मागोवा ( फॉलो अप )

वार्तापत्र, वार्षिक अहवाल, विशेष वार्तापत्रे, जाहिराती : संपादन, लेखन ई.

विद्यार्थी अनुगृहीत योजना: ( sponsor a child) : संकल्पना, कार्यवाही, मागोवा, आणि अशा मुलाना प्रत्यक्ष दरवर्षी भेटून प्रगतीची पहाणी.

  • .“खेडे दत्तक योजना”( Social Reform of a village) प्रत्येक मराठी मंडळाने एक खेडे दत्तक घेऊन त्याच्या विकसनाची जबाबदारी घ्यावी अशी संकल्पना: ही संकल्पना अमेरिकेतील मराठी मंडळाना समाजावून देऊन महाराष्ट्रातील चार खेड्यांच्या विकासाचे स्वप्न साकार ( नियोजन ते उपयोजन) करण्यात सक्रीय सहभाग. त्यासाठी विविध निधिसंकलन कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन.  या सर्व खेड्यांच्या कामाचा गेली 25 ते 30  वर्षे मागोवा. ( सणसवाडी, हराळी, मांगवली, चिखलगाव)
  1. सणसवाडी : प्रायोजक : न्यूजर्सी मराठी समाज

कार्यवाहक: ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी ( पुणे)

  1. चिखलगाव ( दापोली) : प्रायोजक: बे अरियातील मराठी समाज

कार्यवाहक: लोकमान्य पब्लिक चॅरिटेबल ट्रस्ट (दापोली)

  1. मांगवली ( सिंधुदुर्ग तालुका) : प्रायोजक: लॉस एञ्जेलिस मराठी समाज

कार्यवाहक: कोकण विद्या प्रसारक मंडळ

4 हराळी: ( ता. उमरगा, मराठवाडा) प्रायोजक: लॉस एञ्जेलिस मराठी समाज

कार्यवाहक: ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी, सोलापूर व हराळी

  • महाराष्ट्रातील ३०० संस्थांची माहिती : संकलन, आभ्यास, प्रकपासाठी निवडी.
  • महाराष्टातील संस्थाना भेटी: ५० चे वर.
  • महाराष्ट्रात ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी संस्थेतर्फे चालविल्या जाणार्‍या महिला बचतगट मोहिमेस मदत.
  • १९९३ खिलारी भूकंप: निधिसंकलन, वितरण, मागोवा. हरळी गावाचे पुनर्वसनात सहकार्य व त्यां गावाचा गेली 27 वर्षे मागोवा. त्यावर अनेक लेख लिहून देणगीदारांना आवाहन. हरळीशाळेच्या ग्रंथालयाचे संगणकीकरण करण्यास मदत.
  • कोकण विद्या प्रसारक मंडळ,  लोकमान्य पब्लिक charitable trust ई. संस्थांच्या सल्लागार समितीवर काम.
  • एकल विद्यालय: लॉस एन्जेलिस भागात १ वर्ष कार्यकारिणीवर काम, व अनेक वर्षे स्वयंसेवक.
  • प्रथम : लॉस एन्जेलिस भागात स्वयंसेवक. प्रथमच्या सहकार्याने हराळी गावाच्या विद्यार्थी व शिक्षकासाठी प्रकल्प.
  • बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या सल्लागार समितीची अध्यक्ष आणि विविध अधिवेशनात विविध नात्यानी स्वयंसेवक म्हणून सहभाग.
  • ७. उत्तर रंग:उत्तर अमेरिकेतील भारतीय आणि विशेषत: मराठी लोकांच्या उत्तर आयुष्याचा विचार करण्यासाठी असलेल्या अशोक सप्रे यांनी संस्थापित आणि सुस्थापित केलेल्या उत्तररंग या उपक्रमात साहायय आणि बृहन्महाराष्ट्रवृत्तात उत्तर रंग हे सादर चालविण्यात पुढाकार.


बृहन महाराष्ट्र मंडळाशी  सम्बंधित कार्याचे तपशील :

  • वृत्त: ( १९८५ ते २०१५)
  • संपादक , सहसंपादक, सल्लागार, लेखक, स्वयंसेवक. सदर संयोजन,( उत्तर रंग, या नोकरीत मला काय आवडते, ऐसी अक्षरे रसिके, व्यक्तिविशेष, मराठी लेखकाबद्द्ल सादर इ.) अशा नात्यांनी संबंध.
  • कार्यकारिणी : १९८५ ते १९९१ : सदस्य ( वृत्त संपादक या नात्याने )

२००७ ते २०११: सल्लागार समिती/ अध्यक्ष.

समितीसाठी process documents तयार केली. घटना दुरुस्ती समितीचे काम, पुरस्कार समितीवर काम

२००९ : निवडणूक अधिकारी

‘मराठी तितुका मेळवावा’ हे बोधवाक्य ठरवण्यात पुढाकार.

  • अधिवेशने: संयोजन सहभाग, स्मरणिका संपादन, अधिवेशन सल्लागार, कायर्क्रम सूत्रधार, सांगता समारंभ संहिता लेखन, अधिवेशन घोष वाक्य निवड समितीवर काम, स्वयंसेवी संस्थांसाठी प्रदर्शन दालन ( booth sponsor), ‘तेजोमयी’ : समाजावर कार्तुव्त्वाचा ठसा उमटवलेल्या स्त्रियांवर प्रदर्शन, चर्च सत्रे संयोजन ( विशेषत: महाराष्टातील समाज कार्याबद्दल).

अधिवेशनात नव्या प्रथा : पुस्तक प्रकाशन ( 2011) आणि उत्तररंग परिषद (2015)

चर्चा सत्रे संयोजन व सहभाग: उदा: रचनात्मक कार्ये, एकता साहित्यिक मेळावा, कविसंमेलने, सामाजिक प्रश्न,  उत्तर रंग इ.

  • मैत्र: २००० : मैत्र अधिवेशनात ‘तेजोमयी’ प्रदर्शन, व चर्चासत्र.


  • उपक्रम:
  • मराठी शाळा: स्थानिक शाळात मदत. सक्रीय सहभाग.
  • उत्तर रंग: ही संकल्पना व चळवळ बृ म मंडळाचा भाग बनवण्यात पुढाकार.

अनेक ठिकाणी एक ते २ दिवसाच्या परिषदा करण्यात अशोक सप्रे याना मदत.

२०१३: उत्तर रंग नामदर्शिकेत अशोक सप्रे आणि मोहन रानडे याना साहाय्य

२००४ ते आज: बृहन्महाराष्ट्र वृत्तात उत्तर रंग हे सादर चालवण्यात सहभाग.

२०१५: अधिवेशनास जोडून उत्तर रंग ही स्वतंत्र एक दिवसाची परिषद घडवून आणण्यात पुढाकार .

  • मार्ग:लॉस एन्जेलिस मराठी मंडळात हा हेल्प लाइन उपक्रम सुरु केला व अन्य मंडळांनी करावा म्हणून प्रयत्न.
  • खेडे दत्तक योजना: एक मराठी मंडळ एक गाव !



झेपावणाऱ्या पंखाना क्षितिजे नसतात

——विद्या हर्डीकर सप्रे, कॅलिफोर्निया

“यंदा बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाचे अधिवेशन आहे” … अशी प्रस्तावना जेवणाच्या टेबलावर केली जाते, आणि गरम गरम जेवण गार होईपर्यंत गरमागरम चर्चा  चालू रहाते.’मराठी भाषेतील पहिला शब्द’ याबद्दल ‘गुगल’चं काही का मत असेना; मुळात मराठी भाषा निर्माण झाली तेव्हाचा पहिला शब्द होता चर्चा आणि दुसरा होता वाद!  ( संवाद , परिसंवाद हे शब्द संस्कृत बरंका !) या वादात मराठी विषयक अनेक विषय येतात पण प्रारंभ होतो, “ आपण यंदा अधिवेशनाला जायचे का नाही?” या मुद्द्याने.

“जाऊ या ना. कार्यक्रम काय मस्त असतात !”

“ काहीतरीच काय, मागच्या अधिवेशनात तो शेवटचा कार्यक्रम किती भिकार होता!”

“गाणी किती सुंदर म्हणतात!”

“ मग त्यासाठी तिथे कशाला जायला पाहिजे ? इथं घरात “अलेक्सा अमेझॉन” ला सांगितलं की तीसुद्धा लता मंगेशकर ची गाणी म्हणते!”

“ तिन्ही त्रिकाळ मस्त जेवण चापायला मिळतं !”

“ मस्त काय, त्या तमक्या अधिवेशनात पुरणपोळीवर तूप सुध्दा नाही मिळालं !”

“ आपली मित्र मंडळी नाही का भेटत ?”

“ भेटतात कसली , नुसतीच  धावताना दिसतात!”

“ पण पारदर्शक साडीतल्या विमुक्त पाठ्दर्शक मैत्रिणी किती छान दिसतात!”…. इ. इ. इ.

अशी वादावादी वाढतच जाते. कारण एक शिवाजीमहाराज सोडले तर मराठी माणसात कोणाबद्दल आणि कशाबद्दल एकवाक्यता नसते म्हणे. ( नवराबायकोच्या बहुमतात पास होणारे दुसरे कदाचित ‘पु.ल.’ असावेत असा अंदाज आहे.)

या सर्वावर चर्चा करताना लक्षात आले की  अमेरिकेतल्या मराठी माणसांचा गेल्या ५० वर्षाचा आढावा घेऊन कोणी त्यावर पुस्तक लिहिलेले नाही.  तसे पुस्तक लिहिणे हे ऐतिहासिक दृष्टिकोनातूनही आवश्यक आहे.  म्हणून मी आणि माझ्या नवऱ्याने  (अशोक सप्रे) एकमताने अमेरिकन मराठी: जन , मन, अधिवेशन’ हे पुस्तकच लिहिलं आणि ते अभ्यासू ,जिज्ञासू आणि अज्ञासू ( म्हणजे अभ्यासू ,जिज्ञासू असा आव आणणारे) अशा सर्व मराठी लोकाना अर्पण कराव, असं ठरवल.(  हे पुस्तक ग्रंथाली प्रकाशनाने २०१५च्या मराठी अधिवेशनात प्रकाशित केले,याची सर्वसूनी नोंद घ्यावी.)

या पुस्तकाचीअर्पणपत्रिका लिहिताना जाणवल की गेल्या ५० वर्षात उत्तर अमेरिकेत झेप घेऊन आलेल्या हजारो  मराठी स्वयंसेवकानी आपले धन, लाखो क्षण नव्हे तर लाखो तास देऊनआपले मराठीपण जपण्यासाठी ‘तन मन धन पूर्वक’ केलेले प्रयत्न कौतुकास्पद आहेत.  प्रत्येक मराठी माणसाला अभिमान वाटावा असे!या सर्वानी  उत्तर अमेरिकेत मराठी संस्कृतीची सेवा केली. विविध प्रकारे जोपासना केली आणि अजूनही करत आहेत. त्यानी उत्तर  अमेरिकेतील मराठी संस्कृतीत तर  योगदान केलेच. पण महाराष्ट्रासाठी आणि अमेरिकेसाठीही ही केले. त्या सर्व  मराठी जनाना मन:पूर्वक प्रणाम केला पाहिजे.

त्या पन्नास वर्षान्ब्द्द्ल काय सांगता येईल ? 

गेल्या पन्नास  वर्षात अमेरिकेतील मराठी सामाजिक प्रवाहाला अनेक वळणे लागली. विसाव्या शतकाच्या सत्तरीत महाराष्ट्रातल्या गावागावातले चुळबुळते सरदेसाई‘पर’देसाई होऊन अमेरिकेतल्या गावोगावी येऊ लागले होते!  स्थलांतरितांची नव्या भूमीत रुजण्याची कहाणी तेव्हा सुरु झाली. एकीकडे झेपेच्या कवेत घेणारं आकाश आणि त्या आकाशात पाय टेकताना जमीन नसण्याची भावना असा संघर्षही त्या कहाणीत असतो. आपली वाट आपणच निर्माण करण्याची ती लढत असते.यशस्वी जगण्यासाठी लागणारा अमेरिकन यंत्रणेचा सामाजिक टेकू होता पण त्याबरोबर मराठीपणा चा मानसिक टेकू हवा होतां ! त्यासाठी सुरु झाली मराठी मंडळे….

त्यानंतर मराठी समाजाला नवे प्रवाह येऊन मिळाले. अमेरिकेतही बदल झाले. आता तर आपण सारे विश्वात्मकतेच्या लाटेवर स्वार झालो आहोत. गेल्या  पन्नास वर्षातील बदलती अमेरिका अनुभवताना आम्ही मराठी समाजाचे अनेक बदलते प्रवाह जवळून पाहिले. अनेकवेळा त्यात झेप घेतली. खळाळतेचा थरार अनुभवला. काही मराठी मंडळांचे जन्मसोहोळे, बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाचा उगम, मराठी अधिवेशने आणि वृत्त, उत्तर रंग सारखे  अन्य उपक्रम; या सर्वात आमचा प्रथमपासून सक्रीय सहभाग आहे. तसेच काही उपक्रमांचे आम्ही जवळचे साक्षीदार आहोत. आपलं, यश आणि आपल्या आकांक्षा बरोबरीने अनुभवाव्या…कलाकृतींचा आनंद एकत्रित पणे घ्यावा.. सुचलेल्या कल्पना एकमेकांना सांगाव्यात..आपल्या अडचणी एकमेकांशी बोलाव्यात..काही उपाय संघटितपणे शोधावेत.. नव्या मैत्राचे सूर जुळावेत..  या साठी आहे हा  बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाचा मंच !आजच्या परिभाषेत “नेट्वर्किंग हब”! कल्पना जागरण (Brain storming),माहिती प्रसारण (Reach out),सेवा मदत (Help),प्रेरणा (Motivation),नव्या कल्पनांचे स्वागत वेगळ्या वाटेने जाणाऱ्या लोकांचे आणि संस्थांचे स्वागत या सर्वांसाठी असलेले हे व्यासपीठ !!

यामुळे महाराष्ट्राबाहेरचा मराठी समाज म्हणून आपल्याला एक आत्मस्वरूप ( आयडेण्टीटी), आत्मभान आणि अस्मिता मिळाली. त्यातून अनुबंध ( नेटवर्क) निर्माण झाले.

आपली स्वप्ने साकार करण्याचं सामर्थ्य या अनुबंधात आहे हे उमजलेल्या काही  मराठी लोकांनी

  • महाराष्ट्रातील सामाजिक आणि सांस्कृतिक क्षेत्रातआणि मराठी भाषा, साहित्यात आपले योगदान ( काँत्रिब्यूशन्) केले.
  • काही मराठी लोकांनी अमेरिकेतील मराठी समाजासाठी श्रम घेतले आणि घेत आहेत.
  • तर काही अमेरिकन समाजासाठी आपले योगदान करत आहेत.

या तीन चाकी रथाची गती आपल्याला व्यक्ती आणि समाज म्हणून प्रगतीपथावर नेत आहे.


१९७०च्या सुमाराला आलेल्या मराठी लोकांनी पायवाट निर्माण केली, तसे त्यानंतरच्या आलेल्या पिढ्यांचे मराठी त्यावाटेवरून पुढे जात महामार्ग निर्माण करीत आहेत. आणि करतील अशी अपेक्षा आहे. मराठी शाळा, युवकांचे उपक्रम, मराठी अधिवेशने, मराठी महाजाल वाणी म्हणजे इंटर नेट रेडीयो, मराठी नियतकालिके, मराठी पुस्तके, मराठी संगीत आणि नाट्यविषयक उपक्रम, मराठी व्यावसायिकांचे मंच, आणि समाजसेवा संस्था अशी अनेक क्षेत्रे आहेत. .

आता मराठी मंडळांचे आणि बृहन्महाराष्ट्रमन्डळाचे जन्म सोहाळे साजरे करणारी आमची पिढी आयुष्याच्या  उत्तरार्धाचा विचार करू लागली आहे; नव्हे उंबरठ्यावर येऊन उभी आहे. त्या पाठोपाठ आलेले आता पन्नाशीत आणि  चाळीशीतील असलेले  मराठी ..( कदाचित त्यातच आमच्या मुलांची दुसरी पिढीही असेल.) आमच्या वाटचालीकडे पहात आहेत.   स्थलांतर करून अमेरिकेत आलेल्या सर्वच देशातल्या लोकाना  आयुष्याच्या पूर्वकाळाचा तसा  उत्तर काळाचाही वेगळा विचार करावा लागतो तेव्हा आपण आपले  उत्तर आयुष्य सुखा समाधानात कसे  घालवू शकू याचे  मार्गदर्शनासाठी लागणाऱ्या; आचार विचारांची व माहितीची देवाण-घेवाण करण्यासाठी उभा केलेला रंगमंच म्हणजे उत्तररंग आणि उत्तर रंग परिषदां.आयुष्याच्या उत्तर रंगात आपला वेळ आणि श्रम देऊन अमेरिकेत आणि भारतात कोणकोणते सामाजिक उपक्रम करता येतील याचा विचारही अशा परिषदेत केला जात असतो…  हा आता पर्यंतचा आपला प्रवास.

सांगा गर्वाने | मिळवले श्रमाने ||

मिरवा सन्माने | नांदा आनंदाने || ….. असा.

आता पुढील  झेप कोणती असेल ?  बाबा आमटे यांच्या या कवितेतील पुढील ओळीत सांगितलेली……


झेपावणाऱ्या पंखाना क्षितिजे नसतात

त्याना फक्त झेपेच्या कवेत घेणारे आकाश असते

सृजनशील साहसाना सीमा नसतात

त्याना फक्त मातीच्या स्पर्शाची अट असते !

.  मातीला ,संस्कृतीलां स्पर्श करीत घेतलेली  प्रगतीची झेप! कारणमातीचा  स्पर्शधागा  तुटला तर   खुल्या आकाशातलं मुक्त विहरणं  हे भरकटू शकतं.

  • म्हणूनच आपली मूळ अस्मिता न विसरता तिच्याबद्दल कमीपणा, न्यूनगंड न बाळगता  ती व्यापक कशी करावी, आपल्या मुलांच्या पिढीला कशी द्यावी  याचा विचार आणि कृती आपल्या सृजनशील साह्सांत कशी संक्रमित करावी हे आपल्यापुढील आव्हान आणि  आवाहन आहे
  • आपल्या मराठीपणाचा रास्त अभिमान आपल्या भारतीय ‘स्व’मध्ये विस्तारित करण्याचं आणखी एक आव्हान आणि आवाहन आहे. आपण अन्य भारतीयांशी हस्तांदोलन करून काही उपक्रम करू शकू का? या प्रश्नांच्या उत्तरात त्यांची दिशा आहे.
  • त्यापलीकडे आहे आपली आणखी विस्तारलेली अमेरिकन अस्मिता! आम्ही भारतीय अमेरिकन म्हणजे कोण? आम्हाला अमेरिकेत पाठवण्याची आमच्या देशानं सक्ती केली नव्हती. त्यामुळेविस्थापित नव्हे. आम्हाला कोणी गुलाम म्हणून बांधून नाही आणलं म्हणूनसन्मानित, जगातील दोन मोठय़ा प्रजासत्ताक देशांत राहण्याचं भाग्य लाभलेले, दोन्ही देशांत सुस्थापित असे आम्ही भारतीय अमेरिकन! अकरा सप्टेंबरला भुईसपाटहोणाऱ्या वर्ल्ड ट्रेड सेंटरने घायाळ होणारे आणि मुंबईत ताज हॉटेलवरीलदहशतवाद्यांचा हल्ला पाहताना झोप उडालेले. दोन्ही देशांतील अशा अनेक अभागीघटनांचे खोल पडसाद अनुभवणारे आम्ही भारतीय अमेरिकन आहोत. आपण अमेरिकन संस्कृतीशी समरस होण्यासाठी आणखी कसे  प्रयत्न करणार आहोत ?  असे अनेक प्रश्न ही झेप घेताना स्वत:ला विचारले पाहिजेत असे वाटते.

या सर्वाची सांगड कशी घालता येईल ?या पुस्तकाच्या प्रस्तावनेसाठी  विचारविनिमय करताना   श्री. अविनाश धर्माधिकारी  यांनी पुष्कळ काही सुचवले आणि आम्हालाही  काही सुचले. उदाहरणार्थ :

  • महाराष्ट्रातल्या शिक्षणसंस्थांशी जगभराच्या मराठी माणसाला जोडण्याचा उपक्रम:

जगभर गेलेला मराठी माणूस तिथल्या शिक्षणसंस्थांतील उत्तमोत्तम गोष्टी भारतात कशा नेता येतील याचा विचार करून काही  उपक्रम करू शकेल. . आपल्या जीवनानुभवातून   विस्तारलेली आपली ताकद  महाराष्ट्रातील , भारतातील मनांच्या  मशागतीला वापरता येईल.

  • .तंत्रज्ञान आणि आर्थिक गुंतवणूक: मराठी माणसांनी जगभर आपापल्या क्षेत्रात तज्ज्ञता मिळवली आहे. त्याचा  उपयोग भारताला करून देता येईल. आपल्याकडे असलेल्या  आर्थिक भांडवलातून भारताच्या विकासाला, रोजगारनिर्मितीला हातभार लागू शकेल. लहान सहान  प्रमाणात  असे प्रकल्प होतात. पण आपल्यात मोठी झेप घेण्याची कुवत आहे.

अमेरिकन मराठी जन मन अधिवेशन या आमच्या ऐतहासिक पुस्तकाची प्रस्तावना लिहिताना श्री.अविनाश धर्माधिकारी यांनी काही महत्त्वाचे मुद्दे या भविष्यातील झेपेच्या संदर्भात मांडले  आहेत.

त्यांच्या मते, आज जगभर मराठी आहेत तरीही महाराष्ट्रात (भारतात) काही पॉझिटिव्ह – विधायक गोष्टींना चालना देण्याएवढा ‘क्रिटिकल मास’ आता अमेरिकेतल्या मराठी माणसांपाशी तयार झालेला आहे.

चांगले बदल घडवण्यासाठी, त्याकरता जाणीव-जागृती आणि चांगल्या अर्थानं ‘दबाव’ आणण्यासाठी या ‘क्रिटिकल मास’चा उपयोग होऊ शकतो, व्हायला हवा. त्याच वेळी भारताची बाजू अमेरिकेत आणि जगासमोर सुद्धा मांडायला, अमेरिकेच्या कायदेकानूंच्या चौकटीत भारतासाठी ‘लॉबिंग’ करायला या ‘क्रिटिकल मास’चा उपयोग होऊ शकतो – झाला पाहिजे. मला वाटतं की जगभरच्या – अमेरिकेतल्या मराठी (मूळ भारतीय) माणसाच्या कामाची पुढची दिशा अशी ‘दुहेरी – दुधारी’ असायला हवी – भारतातल्या चांगल्या बदलांसाठीचा एक जागतिक दबावगट आणि भारताची बाजू जगासमोर – अमेरिकेसमोर योग्य पद्धतीनं मांडणारा संघटित समूह.

याबरोबरच श्री. धर्माधिकारी आणखी स्वप्न आपल्यासमोर मांडले आहे. ते म्हणतात, की    “बदलत्या जागतिक परिस्थितीच्या दबावामुळे एखाद्या देशात घडणार्‍या बदलांना पत्रकार थॉमस फ्रीडमाननं ‘ग्लोब्युलेशन’ –(Globulation )- Revolution under global pressure – असा शब्द वापरलाय. भारतात असं ‘ग्लोब्युलेशन’ घडवण्यात अनिवासी भारतीयांचा (मराठी माणसाचा) वाटा, सहभाग, असू शकतो – असला पाहिजे.

BMM अधिवेशनं हा आधार धरून अशा उपक्रमांच्या योजना आकाराला याव्यात अशी एक अपेक्षा मी नोंदवून ठेवतो.”

जगात कुठेही राहिलो तरी. आता जगात कुठेही असलो तरी मराठी-महाराष्ट्र-भारताच्या भल्यासाठी काम करता येतं ही भूमिका असेल तर असे अनेक प्रकल्प, उपक्रम व्यक्ती आणि मराठी समाजाच्या पातळीवर सुचतील , करता येतील.  संमेलनातील साबुदाणा खिचडी आणि पुरणपोळ्या यांच्या पलीकडे जाऊन  आपली मराठी समाज म्हणून एकवटलेली ताकद आजमावून पहाणे आणि  तनमन धन पूर्वक ध्यास गतीचा घेऊन श्रमाचा मंत्र म्हणत साहसाला सिध्द व्हावे.

सृजनशील साह्साना सीमा नसतात, त्यांना मातीच्या स्पर्शाची अट असते तशी आपले पंख पसरवण्याची इच्छा आणि अटही लागते !                                                    विद्या हर्डीकर सप्रे , कॅलिफोर्निया


Dr. Ashok Sapre


  • Profession:  Engineer/Scientist
  • Worked for General Motors and Hughes Electronics
  • Published many papers.


मराठी समाजासाठी योगदान:

  1. डेट्रॉईट मराठी मंडळाचे एक संस्थापक
  2. एकल विद्यालय फाऊंडेशन साठी स्वयंसेवक म्हणून काम
  3. महाराष्ट्र फाऊंडेशन आणि ईतर संस्थानसाठी कॅलिफोर्निया मध्ये निधिसंकलन कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यास मदत
  4. “अमेरिकन मराठी जन मन अधिवेशन” या पुस्तकाचे विद्या हरडीकर सप्रे यांचेबरोबर सह लेखन या पुस्तकात अमेरिकेतील मराठी समाजाचा गेल्या 50 वर्षांचा आढावा असून हे पुस्तक मराठी समाजाच्या दृष्टीने ऐतिहासिक म्हणून महत्त्वाचे  आहे.
  5. उत्तररंग या संकल्पनेचे शिल्पकार . 1991 पासून यावर कार्य
  6. बृहन्म्हा वृत्तात 2004 पासून उत्तर रंग हे सदर चालवत आहेत.
  7. अधिवेशनात 2015 मध्ये सपूर्ण दिवसाची उत्तररंग परिषद आयोजित करून यशस्वी. त्यानंतर पुढील 2 अधिवेशनात या परिषदेची प्रथा असावी यासाठी प्रयत्न आणि सल्ला व सहभाग.
  8. 1991पासून मराठी आणि भारतीय समाजात उत्तररंग विषयक जागृतीचे कार्य विविध मार्गानी चालू: उदा:


      2005:  2 दिवसांची उत्तर रंग विषयक पाहिली भारतीय परिषद.

       2007, 2013 2018 : संपूर्ण दिवसाच्या 4 परिषदा अनुक्रमे :    न्यू जर्सी, लॉस एञ्जेळीस, ऑस्टिन आणि कनेक्तिकट 

       2005 ते 2018 : लॉस एंजेलिस, सान होजे, शिकागो, बोस्टन , कनेक्टिकट, नॉर्थ बे एरिया मराठी मंडल ईत्यदि ठिकाणी उतररंग विषयावर जनसभा ( townhallmeetings)

              शिवाय फ्लॉरिडा येथील शांतिनिकेतन मध्ये 2 परिषदा.

9: बृहन्म्हाराष्ट्र मंडळासाठी पुढील बोधवाक्य तयार करण्यात पुढाकार :


एकमेकांचे धरुनी हात | सुखशान्तीची शोधू वाट ||

चला राहू आनंदात | आयुष्याच्या उत्तररंगात ||

10: उत्तर रंग नामदादर्शिका तयार करण्यात विद्या व मोहन रानडे यांचेबरोबर पुढाकार. (2013)


 उत्तररंग आणि डॉ.अशोक सप्रे : संकल्पना आणि कार्य

कीर्तनात जसा पूर्व रंग असतो आणि उत्तर रंग , तसेच आपले आयुष्याचे दोन भाग.

आपले आतापर्यंतचे आयुष्य जसे रंगले तसेच आपले यापुढचे म्हणजे साठीनंतरचे आयुष्यही  सुखशांतीचे ,आनंदाचे , अर्थपूर्ण आणि इंटरेस्टिंग कसे करावे या विचारांची देवाण घेवाण  करण्यासाठी उत्तर रंग आहे. उत्तर रंग हा सर्व वयाच्या लोकांसाठी आहे. डॉ.अशोक सप्रे हे या संकल्पनेचे वकार्याचे शिल्पकार.

व्यवसायाने इंजिनियर वृत्तीने संशोधक आणि कृतीने कुशल आयोजक.

  • डॉ.अशोक सप्रे यांच्या नावावर अनेक व्यावसायिक पेपर्स प्रसिद्ध झाले. तसेच त्यांनी मराठीतही लेखनप्रयोग केले आहेत. उदा: २०१५ मध्ये ग्रंथालीने प्रसिद्ध केलेल्या अमेरिकन मराठी : जन मन अधिवेशन या पुस्तकाचे सह लेखन त्यांनी केले आहे. अमेरिकेतील मराठी समाजाचा गेल्या पन्नास वर्षाचा आलेख या पुस्तकात आहे.
  • डॉ.सप्रे यांनी भारतातील सेवा कार्यास मदत करणाऱ्या एकल विद्यालय आणि महाराष्ट्र फौंडेशन या संस्थांच्या लॉस एन्जेलिस भागातील अनेक  निधिसंकलन कार्यक्रमाच्या नियोजनात आणि ते यशस्वी करण्यात पुढाकार घेतलेला आहे.

जनरल मोटर्स या प्रख्यात कंपनीत नोकरी चालू असतानाच,  १९९१च्या बृ मा मं च्या अधिवेशनात उत्तर रंग या विषयावर  एक चर्चा सत्र आयोजित करून त्यांनी हे काम सुरु केले. त्यानिमित्त या विषयाचा मराठी आणि भारतीय लोकांच्या दृष्टीने सर्वांगीण विचार त्यांनी केला.  अनेक वर्षे या विषयाशी संबंधित संस्थाना व निवृत्त वसाहतींना  भेटी दिल्या. नियतकालिके आणि पुस्तके वाचून अभ्यास केला.  स्वत: व्यवसायातून निवृत्त झाल्यावर  लॉस एन्जेलिस भागात या विषयावर विचार करण्यासाठी गट सुरु केला.

२००४ पासून मराठी समाजात लोकजागृतीसाठी वृत्तात उत्तर रंग सादर सुरु केले. ‘उत्तर रंग’ हे नाव ;ही अशोक सप्रे यांचीच कल्पना.

२००५ मध्ये अशोक सप्रे यांच्या नेतृत्त्वाखाली लॉस एन्जेलिस येथे या विषयावर दोन दिवसांची राष्ट्र्यीय  परिषद झाली. अमेरिकेत झालेली ही पहिली भारतीय उत्तर रंग परिषद. त्याचा लाभ १६ राज्यातील १०० भारतीय लोकांनी घेतला.  या परिषदेचा बोलबाला झाल्यामुळे या विषयाचे महत्त्व  पटलेले काही लोक संपर्क आले. त्यांच्याशी झालेल्या विचार मंथनातून पुढे फ्लोरिडा मधील शांतीनिकेतन ही भारतीयांसाठी असलेली पहिली निवृत्त वसाहत सुरु झाली.

डॉक्टर सप्रे हे National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens(NIAASC) या संस्थेच्या संचालक मंडळावर सध्या  काम करतात. 

त्यानंतर २००६ ते २०१४  या काळात सान होजे, लॉस एन्जेलिस, ऑस्टिन, न्यू जर्सी, शिकागो, टोरांटो, मराठी वैभव रेदिओ, बोस्टन ई. अनेक ठिकाणी या विषयावर परिषदा, सभा, चर्चा सत्रे अशा विविध प्रकारे उत्तर रंग या विषयावर लोकजागृतीचे कार्य डॉ. सप्रे करत आले आहेत. . त्यातून काही  स्थानिक उत्तर रंग गट सुरु होत आहेत. बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाने प्रसिद्ध केलेल्या उत्तर रंग नामदर्शिकेचे सहसंपादन  डॉ. सप्रे यांनी  मोहन रानडे व विद्या हर्डीकर सप्रे यांच्या बरोबर केले.

२०१५ मध्ये लॉस एंजेलिसच्या बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या मराठी अधिवेशनास जोडून संपूर्ण दिवसाची उत्तर रंग परिषद अशोक सप्रे यांच्या नेतृत्त्वाखाली यशस्वी झाली.बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या इतिहासात प्रथमच.या परिषदेमुळे अधिवेशनातील  उत्तर रंग परिषदेची प्रथा सुरु झाली.  यासाठी बोधवाक्य तयार केले त्याचे सह कवित्वाचे श्रेयही अशोक सप्रे यांनाच जाते.

उत्तर रंगासाठी २५ वर्षाचे परिश्रम, सातत्य आणि भविष्याचा वेळोवेळी घेतलेला वेध हे अशोक सप्रे यांचे वैशिष्टय आहे. प्रत्येक मराठी माणसाला उत्तर रंग जिव्हाळ्याचा वाटला पाहिजे हे सूत्र आहे.

एकमेकांचे धरुनी हात | सुखशान्तीची शोधू वाट ||

चला राहू आनंदात | आयुष्याच्या उत्तररंगात ||

हा मंत्र त्यांनी बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळासाठी तयार केला आहे.


Mr. Vinayak Fadnavis

San Francisco

Owner, Noble-Tech Consulting Services

Current Status: 

Currently working as Solution Architect for Enterprise Software (SAP and related) Projects.

President -Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area(MMBA), 

Committee Member and Active Volunteer for various initiatives related to mental illness awareness .

Honor Member of VNIT Nagpur Alumni Association.


World’s future and India’s future is good as long as I am ready to provide my small contribution on consistent basis. For that I need to actively associate myself with like-minded groups and be ready to be a small part of big vision.


Learn various social skills along with your academic and professional skills. In long run, these skills are more fruitful for you and the society around you.




Lead Engineer, Non-destructive Evaluation Engineering at NASA Johnson Space Centre

STEM YOGI (Science, Technology Engineering, Math)

Dr. Ajay says, “Reaching your goals is incidental and obvious. Just don’t shy away from work. Learn at deeper level and demonstrate your expertise through your work. Leave positive legacy of your work”.

Dr. Ajay Koshti holds B.Tech., M.S., and D. Sc. degrees; and Professional Engineer (PE) certification in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds ASNT level III certification in five Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) methods. He worked as an NDE engineer on NASA Space Shuttle Program (SSP) for 23 years at different locations including, Rockwell Facility in Downey and Palmdale, California, NASA KSC and NASA JSC.
Post Columbia accident, he led the project of developing and implementing infrared nondestructive testing of Space Shuttle wing leading edge and nose cone for pre-flight ground processing. He chaired NASA Orbiter NDE Working Group and contributed to development and implementation of nondestructive methods used on Orbiter hardware such as vertical tail lug joints, main propulsion system (MPS) flowliners, MPS valve poppets, composite pressure vessels, midbody boron-aluminum struts, payload bay doors, laminated and honeycomb composite structures.
He also worked as Orbiter Ground Support Equipment (GSE), including Orbiter Handling Equipment (OHE), Engineer for six years. He led the implementation of ultrasonic preload measurements on some Space Shuttle critical joints such as Orbiter to ET umbilical disconnect bolts, Orbiter to Boeing 747 attachment bolts and Orbiter vertical tail forward attachment bolts. He helped in resolution of issues of Orbiter GSE such as the Orbiter mate/demate slings, jacks, tow bars, and orbiter transporter. He designed Orbiter towing lines at NASA KSC.
Since 2004, he has been working as lead NDE engineer at NASA JSC. Since the end of SSP, he has been supporting the International Space Station (ISS) program, Orion MPCV Program, and Commercial Cargo & Crew Program (CCCP). He co-chairs the NASA Orion MPCV NDE Working Group and NASA SpaceX NDE Working Group. He authored or co-authored over 45 research papers and reports, some of which have been cited in other research papers and patents. He has three patents in infrared thermography.



Mr. Swapnil Ghodge

San Francisco

Senior Scientific Researcher

“I am working as a senior scientific researcher in the early discovery biochemistry department of Genentech, South San Francisco. This role allows me to explore the fundamental and exploratory biochemistry involved in the drug discovery process.I have always been fascinated by disease mechanisms and the process by which drugs targeting life threatening diseases have been discovered. Working at a large biopharmaceutical company like Genentech provides me the opportunity to contribute toward discovering and making available new life-saving drugs for patients.”

Summary of experience:

Sr Scientific Researcher, Genentech Inc.

Post-doctoral research associate, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Research and teaching assistant, Texas A&M University

LinkedIn profile:

NIUS fellowship for undergraduate research - 2006

Cotton Memorial Travel award  - 2012

IGSA executive award - 2013

Phi Lambda Upsilon travel award - 2014

Dow Chemical Scholar award for excellence in graduate research - 2014


Mr. Ram Hibane

San Francisco

Solution Architect in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Associated with HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA),Fremont Chapter .
  • Associated with Sewa International.

After worked initially in india, Shri. Ram Hibane moved to UK (London),Australia & US for various project work & is working in Bay Area since 2016.

  • SAP Certified Professional in SAP Ariba , SAP SRM and SAP MM
  • ITIL Foundation V3 Certified
  • Currently working as a Solution Architect-SAP P2P at One of the Global IT Company.
  • SAP Experience : 14+ years SAP-P2P Consultancy experience in SAP Implementation, Global Template Development, Roll out, Global Support Projects & Support Transition in P2P Module
  • Played various roles such as Track Manager, Change Manager, Project Lead, Team lead, Onsite-Offshore Co-coordinator



Mr. Amol Navathe


On 24 may 2019, Amol Navathe, has been named to a three-year term on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, or MedPAC

Dr.Amol Navathe is an Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Medicine and a Senior Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics. Prior to joining UPenn, he served as a Medical Officer and Senior Program Manager for the Comparative Effectiveness Research program, in the US Department of Health and Human Services. Amol is a practicing physician, health economist, and engineer with a deep expertise in delivery transformation and policy design. His work on the utilization of advanced health data analytics and technology to improve healthcare delivery has been implemented at numerous large health systems. Amolcompleted his medical training at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, his residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and obtained his PhD in HealthCare Management and Economics at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Amol’s expertise is focused in two core areas: (1) clinician and healthcare organization economic behavior and behavior change, including incentive design, and (2) applications of informatics to address health services research questions. These streams include a mix of pragmatic clinical trials and observational data analyses. His research currently focuses on bundled payments, applications of behavioral economics to physicians and non-physician clinicians, optimal use of performance feedback in healthcare, and design of predictive models to drive behavior change.

His thought leadership led to the founding of a new disciplinary academic journal “Health Care: the Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation (Elsevier)” where he serves as its Co-Editor-in-Chief.He is alsothe Founding Director of the Foundation for Healthcare Innovation. His work on improving healthcare costs and quality has been published in numerous leading journals including The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Health Affairs, Health Services Research, Healthcare, and other leading academic journals.

Amol is inspired to transform healthcare delivery for his patients. As a practicing physician, he sees the complexity and hardships of healthcare financing and delivery in a very personal way. He is inspired by his patients on a day-to-day basis and hopes that his work will improve their lives and those of Americans nationwide.

Amol is also an avid tennis player. He played on his high school team and was ranked in his age group among the top 30 players in Georgia. His wife Reshama is also a physician, who specializes in high-risk pregnancy care. They met at UPenn in the medical school. They have two children, Ayush and Diya .


Mrs. Sue Pats

San Francisco

Current Status: Provide access to a business team who can provide 360 degrees mentorship in starting the online business; either as a side hustle or full time.

Childhood / Young Days: Born in Mumbai India.
Love Spirituality and travel the world.

Beginning of Career: Got married and came to USA.

Till today: From IT to Entrepreneurship

Future: Be a blessing for a fellow human being.
Help millions of people in a positive way.
Travel whole world.
Teach people to own a business.

Family: Husband and 2 girls

Outlook: Outlook is very positive since I trust God.

Advice: Become mentally tough.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors: Double masters and Ph.D work.


Mr. Pushkar Kulkarni


Senior Research Scientist at Northeastern University, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences Boston, MA

Childhood / Young Days: Place of Birth: Dombivli, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Beginning of Career: I came to Boston, for my Post-Doctoral research work in Jan 2011.
I did my Ph.D. (Tech) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UICT, Mumbai in 2010

Future: Work in Industrial setup

Family: I am married and live with my wife and daughter in Boston. 


Mr. Prathamesh Prabhudesai

San Francisco

Current Position: Co-founder and COO at SafeBVM Corp.,

Venture Partner at F50 Ventures

Current Status:

  • Prathamesh Prabhudesai  born in 1993, is a physician entrepreneur with a passion for building technology solutions for providing high quality and affordable healthcare.
  • He completed his medical training at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India and conducted translational research in pulmonology at the University of California, San Francisco under Dr. Daya Upadhyay.
  • Later he completed a professional master’s program in Biomedical Innovation and Development from Georgia Tech and Emory School of Medicine.

During his 2nd year of MBBS, Prathamesh observed that technology was changing at a very rapid rate, but healthcare as a sector was mostly unaffected. Advancements in engineering could address problems associated with low doctor-patient ratio, access, training, and cost-efficiency similar to the way they had affected other sectors historically. He reached out to mentors and industry leaders working at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Later he started visiting the BETiC Lab at IIT Bombay, in his free time during medical school and internship. After working and learning with extremely talented computer scientist and engineers, his assumptions about technological trends were validated. Prathamesh wanted to advance his skills in the commercialization of technology ventures further. So he joined the Biomedical Engineering Program at Georgia Tech because of the university’s reputation and for strong engineering programs.

Prathamesh co-founded SafeBVM as a spin-off from his master’s thesis with a mission to improve the quality of care and reduce healthcare expenditure with cost-efficient innovation. The startup focuses on preventing human-errors/provider associated complications that increase the utilization of healthcare resources and worsen patient outcomes. SafeBVM’s first product is a safety accessory to a commonly used medical device in the Emergency Medical Services, the Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM). The Class II medical device assists providers to deliver safe and optimal manual ventilation non-invasively to patients with cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and under the influence of general anesthesia.

Prathamesh is also affiliated with venture capital firms- F50 Venture and FundRx- that invest in early-stage startups.

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Mr. Mohan Damle


Practicing Chartered Accountant and Entertainment industry advisor

Current Status:

  • Currently in Tax practice with Global client base.
  • Currently practicing as a Tax advisor for HNW clients of major banks and financial institutions.
  • Actively consulting Hollywood entertainment with studios in LA and Toronto.
  • In past connected with several non profit organization Globally

100 % self made.

Born and bought up in Bombay. I respect everyone who crossed my life.

  • Wilson high school
  • H R College.
  • K C Law. LL.B
  • University of Bombay
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. Canada


  • Indian CA articled with Sharp & Tannan Bombay
  • Management staff – Philips India
  • Director of Financial Analysis – KODAK
  • CFO – South African Consulate – A Foreign service engagement
  • Currently Tax practice and consulting engagement with entertainment industry

Till today: Fairly good career path, not very many regrets mostly been there and done that but want to learn and practice Golf

Family: Education is of prime importance:

Wife – in Information Technology
Both Sons Chartered Accountants


India’s problems and solutions

Population–Control it

Politics-Get rid of it

Religion-All “being” are equal


Absolutely do not believe what others say.

Listen to your own heart and achieve what you want

Ignore all criticism, stay focused and deploy military precision.

“If someone needs help and advice, I can be approached”




  • Associate Director, Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE), DRDO 1982 – 2012

  • Director of Armaments, DRDO 2012 – 2017  [DRDO: Defense Research and Development Organization , Government of India]

  • Associate Dean, Research and Innovation:Maharashtra Institute of Technology – World Peace University (MIT-WPU) 2017 – Present.

As a veteran Research & Development scientist responsible for the execution of several mission-critical and leading-edge projects for Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Government of India, Dr. Dinakr Kharat led several multi-talented teams of scientists and academicians from premier research labs and institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IITs – Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Roorkee), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, etc.

After retiring from DRDO, he was invited to lead research and innovation for a newly formed university, Maharashtra Institute of Technology – World Peace University (MIT-WPU), Pune and also foster collaboration with several international universities.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok, India
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics- Materials Science, University of Pune, India
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Physics – Electronics, Dr. Ambedkar Marathwada University, India
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, India

Dr. Dinkar Kharat is an avid researcher

  • 120+ research papers published in distinguished national and international journals/seminars/symposia with a seat on numerous advisory boards.
  • was awarded one patent relating to the Piezoceramic materials for sensor and energy harvesting applications.
  • 10+ collaboration efforts underway with national and international universities for research and innovation as a part of forming the Research and Innovation vertical at MIT-WPU
  • Development of the Doctoral program, graduate school, and research policies at MIT-WPU
  • Oversaw and managed 100+ projects with a budget of INR 500 Million across weapon technology, international collaborations, and national security to execute DRDO activities
  • Recognized Post Graduate Teacher and Research Supervisor by University of Pune (UOP), Defense Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Chennai.

Current Position:

  • Associate Dean, Research and Innovation:Maharashtra Institute of Technology – World Peace University (MIT-WPU) 2017 – Present.  Based on Dr. Dinkar’s outstanding Defense contributions and academic collaboration, he was invited by the Executive President of MIT-WPU to assist the newly formed university in setting up their graduate school, a doctoral program, and research policies. MIT-WPU offers uniquely defined opportunity-based professional education to the students for deserved success and also to make them contribute to the global sustainable peace for humanity – all at the same time.

Notable accomplishments:

  • 10+ collaboration efforts with national and international universities for research and innovation as a result of strategic planning of research collaborations with academic & industrial partners Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Government of India 1982 – 2017 A premier R&D organization with 50+ labs works on various areas of military technology for the Govt. of India
  • Director of Armaments 2012 – 2017 : Leading the Armament research and development, one of the critical clusters of DRDO comprising of 3000+ researchers spanning across five labs across India. Dr. Dinkar oversaw 100+ projects across weapon technology, international collaborations, and national security with a budget of INR 500 Million
  • Allocated capital and managed 120+ projects in joint partnerships with the premier educational institutions of the country like the IITs, IISc, etc.
  • Associate Director, Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) 1982 – 2012: After obtaining the Master’s degree and Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the Government of India appointed him as a Research Scientist to Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE). Dr. Dinkar led many research programs and rose through the organization to become an Associate Director of this prestigious lab.
  • Established DRDO center of excellence for Piezoceramics and devices and developed technology for the manufacturing of composite materials based systems
  • Established composite materials technology leading to product development and technology transfer for production
  • Led technology developments with various DRDO labs and academic institutions for several missioncritical and cutting-edge research projects
  • Established Joint Advanced Scientific Research Program (JASRP) between DRDO and University of Pune
  • Organized several national & international conferences and led delegations for global collaborations, Techno-Managerial project management with implementation of government policies and administered a Central School with 2000 students and 100+ staff members


  • Recognized Post Graduate Teacher & Research Supervisor by University of Pune (UOP), Defense Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and IIT Chennai.
  • Supervised & advised M.Sc. (Physics), Master in Technology (M.Tech.), and Ph.D. researchers
  • Lecturer in Physics at JES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Jalna, India


  • Professional Memberships of Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT), Materials Research Society of India (MRSI), Ultrasonic Society of India (USI), Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) and High Energy Materials Society of India (HEMSI)
  • Board of Studies Member for Electronics Science, Defense Strategic Studies (University of Pune), and High Energy Materials (Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune)
  • Member, Research Council for Materials Science, Shriram Institute, Delhi
  • Member, various committees of Ministry of Defence, Government of India
  • Doctoral Advisory Committee CSIR, Government of India
  • Project Review Committee, Ministry of Information Technology, Govt of India
  • Expert reviewer – Journal of American Ceramic Society, USA & Journal of Sensors & Actuators, UK
  • Invited speaker and chief guests to the Indian Chemical Society, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, PVP Institute of Technology, Sangli, Maharashtra, NK Orchid College of Engineering, Solapur, Maharashtra, Defense Institute Advanced Technology, Pune, College of Engineering, Pune, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, MIT, College of Engineering, Pune


Mr. Mahesh Choudhary

I am mahesh Choudhary from Aurangabad maharashtra. Currently working as wireless solution sales director in Latin America .


Mrs. Neha Joshi


Neha Joshi, is a Senior Manager at Hydro One and has worked with Deloitte and Capgemini Consulting, with both in the private and quasi government sectors. She has over 12 years of Organizational Change Management, Large Scale Transformation and Project Management experience. She has completed her post graduation from ESC Grenoble -France.
She is mother of 2 kids and believes in giving back to the community by doing voluntary work by coaching and mentoring.


Mr. Krunal Shimpi



I would be glad to join Garje Marathi as long as it's free.

I would like to be Mentor for anyone who would like to make a career in Computers. I have done my degree engg from SPCE, Andheri (Mumbai University) and done lot of certifications like Agile CSM, Program and Project Mgmt from Cornell University etc.

I noticed even Mr. Narendra Kale is part of Garje Marathi. My 1st company that I worked with was Kale Consultants which he owned.

Will be glad to talk on weekends and connect with you and others who are part of this organization


Krunal Shimpi


Mrs. Rupali Deshpande

San Jose


Mr. Sandeep Muley



Mr. Pritam Patil


Business Strategy and Licensing Officer


While there is a part of me that leans towards money making/dog-eat-dog business, another part of me is inclined to be a non-profit leader. After leaving Akron, I soon met, Scott Beale, Founder of Washington DC based non-profit Atlas Corps he was a leader of UN peace corps and he founded this non-profit in 2006 to bring world leaders in non-profits together to foster 21st century innovation in social sector. I joined their Selection Board Committee and started interviewing leaders from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Germany, Austria, India, Indonesia, USA, Ghana. Talking to these leaders has completely changed my life. Sometime I feel that being in a developed country I am far away from vast reality of the world and wonder how I can use my skills and knowledge to create something where it can be a difference between life and death, prosperity versus poverty, and enthusiasm/confidence versus hatred/division.

Current Job

I am passionate about bringing groundbreaking therapies to market to treat diseases which were untreatable earlier.

Currently, as a Strategy and Licensing Officer at UMass Medical School, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and strategy consulting are three key areas of my practice. I worked with a team of other officers to negotiate a partnership deal of$25M within just first 2 quarters. Our clinicians and scientist are working on treatments that are changing landscape of Boston and San Francisco Biotech industry.


While I was juggling my part-time jobs, I met a dynamic woman, Nicole, who was leading a non-profit in the area of Art and culture for socio-economic development of the Akron. When I talked to her about areas of my interest and her work in the field of entrepreneurship, I was impressed and wanted to learn as much as possible from her. After a couple of meetings, she invited me to join her board and soon I started attending board meetings, helping out with agenda, reviewing financial budgeting, providing my perspective to help in strategic direction of the non-profit organization. This was when I learned a great deal about non-profit board governance. Unfortunately, I had to move for my job and couldn’t continue my board service. I am well connected to Nicole. She mentors me to fuel my interest in non-profits.

Venture Capital

Previously, I worked as a venture capital analyst where I was doing search-evaluation and investment due-diligence. During this time, I talked to executives driven to solve problems in energy, technology, agriculture, food, transportation, materials, and medical. My teams’ analyses helped deploy capital of $100,000 in 4 start ups with returns of >500% on 1 company and others are still developing further.

Entrepreneurship – Commercialization/Start Up

Before this, also while I was doing my Ph.D. at the University of Akron. I spearheaded commercialization of the technology by building a business model, getting mentors on board, and laying the foundation of a startup company. We kept on developing technology with our focus on viable business model and solving our customer’s problems. Soon enough the ecosystem started taking notice and the company raised $500,000 in non-dilutive funding. This led us to get on board an experienced CEO who has been leading the company since then and grown to 5 employees.

Ph.D. Research

During my Ph.D., I would visit trauma centers to meet surgeons, patients to understand what it was like to manage infected diabetic foot ulcers. I shadowed nurses while they changed dressings. Heard patient stories firsthand which greatly fueled my passion for creating a medical device that would slow down the progression of wounds and reduce amputations by about 600%.


My Father worked for Indian Railways in Telecommunications dept. His humility and dedication to serving people/railways customers instilled a sense of owning the work in my adulthood. My mom, on the other hand, would connect me with people who succeeded in the field of education, arts, medicine, and that taught me that if I didn’t know how to do something and wanted to do it badly then I can reach out to those who have done it and done it well. I had always followed my sister in all schools and that’s how I ended up in UDCT. My sister taught me the important of humility, family, and spreading love/joy wherever you go.

The University of Akron, Ph.D., 2018

Dr. Prakash Bhate, former head of dept. Dyestuff Technology acted as my mentor during my bachelors and Ph.D. His work ethic and approach to solving problems made us unique and instilled confidence. He also invited various folks form industry and company founders to have an informal chat with us to boost our confidence and to give us guidance for next steps.

Amongst Friends notable are Aditya Iyer, Aakruti Mehta, Priya Talmale, and others who all together gave a sense of belonging to a group, sometimes made it difficult to succeed academically but taught a lesson to help succeed in life later.

Institute of Chemical Technology, 2013

Birla College, 2009

Life changing incidences:

The decision to come to USA for further education while focusing on passion for entrepreneurship

Determination to excel at ICT

I left India to seek global education and expose myself to broader entrepreneur community and of course make money. Initial days as would be for others were difficult. I did go through issues in personal life that percolated until first 2 years which greatly affected my experience.

I decided to continue being a business professional despite a degree in engineering. The reason was I would make a better business professional than a scientist, and it made sense to do what I was good at. That fuels my passion.

Future Plans

In the future, I plan to lead a business in area that will transform how world approaches healthcare innovation. I want to meet people who are in general interested in inspiring others to achieve greater heights and join forces with them to create something for India where despite improving education the quality of life and mindset often hinders the growth.


The world is going in all sorts of directions with heavy influence on technology, education, and healthcare. India needs young talent to fix and build our country’s infrastructure and growth to set an example for others in the world.


Find what you are hungry for and foster your hunger. At one point, someone told me to ‘Learn how to Learn’. This phrase has changed meanings at different points of time in my life and whenever I hit a roadblock I go back to it.

My advice is, to find a phrase like this that will inspire you.

Major Achievements

  1. Silver Award in BeTheChange Social Entrepreneurship Case Competition, May 2018
  2. NSF I-corps@Ohio Startup entrepreneurship award for technology commercialization and customer discovery, July 2015
  3. Poster award for excellent research amongst graduate and medical students, Mar 2016. 9th Annual T2C Regenerative Medicine     Wound Care Conference with DoD Emphasis
  4. Fellowship award Clariant and Technova, India Pvt Ltd for a project, May 2011


Mr. Sudarshan Siddhaye

San Francisco

Implementation Director

Current Status:

Professional Services for a software product company (Lattice Engines, a Dun & Bradstreet company)


  1. Tabla instruction and performance.
  2. Interested in knowing more about science and math that I did not really ‘get’ in school (e.g. magnetism, dual nature of light, genetics), physics of living things, calculus
  3. Reading/listening to non-fiction: Atheism, rational thought, science
  4. Intermittent fasting and low-carb life-style

Childhood / Young Days: 

  • Was born in Karad and spent a wonderful outdoors-oriented childhood there (picking shells from the river bed, pulling sugarcane out of back of bullock carts and tractors, playing soccer barefoot, competitive kite flying).
  • Great influential teachers at Tilak High School.
  • Amazing exposure to classical music and analytical thinking, thanks to my dad.
  • Developed household self-sufficiency, thanks to my mom.
  • Moved to Pune in 10th grade. Graduated from college of engineering Pune with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 1994.

Eternally grateful to India for virtually-free education and exposure to rich musical and food traditions.

Beginning of Career:

Left India because it was common to do so and followed in some of my senior friends’ footsteps.

Got a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1999.

Had a wonderful time at Berkeley and made some great friends there. Expanded my narrow social horizons – friends, music, European cinema, wine, international politics and science.

Got the rare opportunity to study tabla with Ustad Zakir Hussain during his workshops each year for next 15 years.

Took the first job that I interviewed for (and it had nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering) and decided that I like the bay area and want to stay here.

Till today:

Remained in professional services from 1999 through now and climbed the career ladder much like most of us. Realized that you really only use 0.01% of things in your job that you learned in school – however learning the formula for volume of a cone or Eigen values and Eigen vectors in high school/college is still important – it widens your analytical thinking and perspective on things!

Also learned to work to live and not live to work.


Wish to continue to learn about things I don’t understand well (like how molecules just ‘came to life’ billions of years ago).
Wish to help my son develop a better perspective on life early on than I ever was able to develop in my younger years. Wish to learn to be a kinder person and leave the world around me better than I found it – and hopefully be able to teach my son the same values.


Live in Mountain View, CA with my son and wife. Son continues to amaze me with his brilliance and a streak of sarcasm (the latter seems to be inherited). I would love to see him blossom into a kind-hearted smart person who is able to make rational and just decisions in life.
Consider myself extremely lucky to be married to a woman who shares my streak of sarcasm, sense of humor and many interests. She is a wonderful companion and a great antidote for my laziness!


Politics getting in the way of managing climate change is worrisome. I hope that human ingenuity will eventually continue to steer the human race away from getting extinct!

It is disappointing to see people in India (and also US) paying more attention to what paparazzi say than what an economist or a historian or a scientist might say! Maharashtra Times is not what it used to be, Doordarshan has gone extinct taking its old treasure of programming with it and we are now subjected to an atrocious lineup of cable TV channels filling time with vulgar soap operas and endless crime news.

As for future for India – I think its brightness depends on how quickly India can control population, stay focused on improving infrastructure, elevate the standard of living for the poorest of poor and improve quality control everywhere.

Now to sound a bit more positive, within my own domain of interest, it is refreshing to see a wild bloom of amazingly talented young tabla players (as well as vocalists and instrumentalists).


  • Never give up (think Jaws in James Bond movies, who crawls from under a rubble under which he got buried 10 seconds ago)
  • Be kind to others (and by the way, you don’t need religion to be kind and moral. As Christopher Hitchens once said – “Humans taught religion morality and not the other way around!”)
  • Enjoy life to the fullest – time only marches in one direction!

Important Link: Find me on LinkedIn.



Mr. Sudhir Kadam

San Francisco

Venture Partner, FYDA Growth Partners


Entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor

I am a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor with five successful exits in

  • Telecom CRM,
  • Location-based Apps,
  • Video Streaming,
  • Fraud Analytics, and
  • IIoT for Transportation.

I work with early and growth stage tech companies in US, Europe and Asia to help them scale and grow into thriving businesses with game-changing solutions. My focus areas are: growth acceleration, go-to-market, customer success, partnerships, operational excellence, funding, and exit strategy.

Current portfolio comprises of startups in

  • AI/NLP for eCommerce,
  • Body Motion Virtualization (AR/VR/CV),
  • Medical Devices (Heart Monitoring),
  • Visual AI for Medical Imaging,
  • IIoT for Industry 4.0,
  • Mobile Payments,
  • Travel Experiences and
  • Digital Signatures, etc.


My wife Tejaswi Kadam, is a filmmaker, I help her with script writing, editing, as a second-pair-of-eyes to improve the narrative.


  1. Launched a startup acceleration program for IITian Founders in the SF Bay area – did three cohorts of 12,14 and 12 startups that were presented on the three Demo Days, each demo day was attended by 45-50 investors, and 300+ other IITians and entrepreneurial aspirants. Handed over to a new set of volunteers, so that I can focus on other activities.
  2. Contribute in my own way to charitable organizations in the US and orphanages in India.

Born in Maharashtra, lived in Mumbai.

Father: Balkrishna Kadam was a filmmaker and a cine technician who worked at Raj Kamal Labs of V Shantaram. My initial understanding of filmmaking came from working with him on the sets and acting in his film as a child actor.

Mother: Pramila was a homemaker and biggest influence on my life – she was a fighter and pushed me hard to realize my dreams, and her dreams of me. Greatly indebted to what I learnt from her; I treasure learnings from both my parents even today – they haven’t faded with time.


  • School: St. Paul’s in Mumbai. Miss Silvi D’sa was the strictest teacher we had, but she was equally loving and caring.
  • College: SIES College in Mumbai one year of FY Science.
  • Degree: IIT Kharagpur, B Tech in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Professional: Tech Entrepreneurship Program from Stanford University. Many other programs from renowned institutions.

I was the Managing Director of Softplus, a Zenith Computers Company, from 1982-1998. Softplus was an enterprise software development company. In 1992, I turned the company into a Products Company and launched one of the early products built in India – it was called Executive Desk, basically a productivity tool for busy executive for better time management. It won the Best Lifestyles program award in the US in 1995, and the National Award sponsored by CSI-Infosys for the best software product in 1997. It was translated into French and German, and was digitally distributed the world over using internet services which were very primitive in those days.

I left India because, India was an IT services country, and no one believed that India could produce world-class products for the international markets. So the funding avenues for product companies were limited.

Moving to US was easy, and the timing was right with lot of Y2K activity in 1998-99. I never looked back after coming to US, great job environments that helped both with personal and career growth.

Opportunity to work with startups while at a job enabled me to hone my founder and advisor skills.

I’m now in the mode of helping entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures with my advice and guidance. That way I have the thrill of doing multiple startups in parallel and get to interact with amazing founders and techies to get a deep dive into the latest and the greatest.

I’m open to speaking sessions, or participating in panels, or mentoring sessions, to provide advice and guidance to Marathi entrepreneurs in the US.

It is my dream to take the entrepreneurship methodology and apply it to the cottage industry in India.

I live with my wife, Tejaswi, another major influence on my life with so much love and care; she stood behind every decision even when the results adversely impacted us.


India is an entrepreneurial country, but the entrepreneurship has been fragmented, due to the entrepreneur’s desire to stay in control thus compromising on the promise of building large empires. Hopefully the new wave of entrepreneurship will change that.


You are unique, realize that. Play on your strengths, and do not compromise on principles and ethics for money.  That’s being Marathi!

Advice to other Marathi: मी मराठी तर माय मराठी. Not the other way around. It starts with you! Be proud of your Marathi roots, and in your own way, help the community to make its mark in every facet of life.

SIA Award in AZ for “Best Lifestyle Application” for Executive Desk, a Personal Information Manager (PIM) authored by me, in June 1995

National Award for “Best Software Product“, sponsored by the Computer Society of India and Infosys, Dec 1997

Monthly column in PC World India on Tech Trends 1995-99

* 1997 Young Entrepreneur Award on India’s 50 yrs of Independence, presented by Cabinet Minister, Yerran Naidu.


Mr. Harish Kamath


MBA, BE, Partner – EHLabs, LLC.

Current Status:

I run a software company that specializes in providing machine learning solutions for fixed asset management. Our clients are large companies in real estate, manufacturing, and utilities.


Dr. Kedar Kirane

Stony Brook

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University

PhD Mechanical Engineering Northwestern University

MS Mechanical Engineering The Ohio State University

BE Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering Pune

Assistant Professor with research interest primarily in solid mechanics.

Specialized in the development of computational and analytical models for damage, fracture, fatigue and scaling in heterogeneous quasi-brittle materials such as composites and concrete.

Also interested in geo-mechanics, poro-mechanics, poly-crystal plasticity, probabilistic mechanics, and multi-scale modeling.


  • Advanced FEA
  • Advanced continuum mechanics
  • Cohesive fracture and scaling
  • Computational mechanics I & II
  • Fracture mechanics
  • High performance computing
  • Inelastic analysis of structures
  • Mechanics of Continua
  • Mechanics of composite materials
  • Multiscale modeling and simulation in mechanics
  • Numerical analysis
  • Plasticity
  • Stability of structures
  • Structural analysis of tires I & II
  • Theory of elasticity


  • Microplane-Triad Model for Elastic and Fracturing Behavior of Woven Composites
  • Size effect in Paris law and fatigue lifetimes for quasibrittle materials: Modified theory, experiments and micro-modeling
  • Strain-rate-dependent microplane model for high-rate comminution of concrete under impact based on kinetic energy release theory
  • Microplane damage model for fatigue of quasibrittle materials: Sub-critical crack growth, lifetime and residual strength
  • A cold dwell fatigue crack nucleation criterion for polycrystalline Ti-6242 using grain-level crystal plasticity FE model

Honors & Awards

·        honor title:DOD Army Research Office Young Investigator Award

honor date: Apr 2019  honor issuer: Department of Defense, US Army Research Office

·         honor title: Haythornthwaite Research Initiation Grant

honor date: Nov 2018  honor issuer Haythornthwaite Foundation, Applied Mechanics Division, ASME



Mr. Rutooj Deshpande

San Francisco

Battery Engineer at Ford Motor Company

University of California, Berkeley Post-Doctoral Fellow: Lithium Ion Batteries 2012-2013

University of Kentucky, Ph.D Chemical Engineering 2008 – 2011

University Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT) B. Chem. Chemical Engineering 2004 – 2008

Dr. Rutooj is widely recognized lithium ion battery expert with extensive battery integration experience in automotive OEM environment. He led large number of projects and teams in various roles in regards to battery design, performance & degradation, thermal management, battery capability analysis, battery controls (BMS), fast charging strategies etc.

Over 10 years of acclaimed battery research with large number of publications (>11) and approved/filed patents (9).

Ford Motor Company

Title: Battery Engineer

  • Key Functions:

  •  Lead battery pack design efforts by performing cell selection, cell characterization and cell modeling.
  • Frequently communicate with the battery suppliers for various cell requirements, supplier performance o analysis,
  • battery performance & life model developments, cell design progress and issues observed. Support the development of thermal system, battery management system, and electrical distribution system as well as the fuel economy studies/range estimation for various electric and hybrid vehicle programs.
  •  Lead the efforts for battery life model development with physics based and semi-empirical approaches. (Ford Recognition Award, 2018)
    Leverage the lithium ion battery expertise to the team (Ford Recognition Award, 2018) to investigate the various field failures, warranty issue and cell tear down data etc.
    Selected among few individuals to receive a ‘High Tech High Demand’ designation for Critical Role in an area of Ford’s Strategic Priorities, April 2017.
    Conferred with Ford Patent-In-Use Award for US patent US 20170088002A1 (2019) High voltage battery safety Level II certified Design for Six-sigma Black-belt Certified. Mentored several green-belt and black belt candidates.
  • Title: Battery Pack and Cell Engineer

– Investigated the effects of parameters such as state of charge swing (∆SOC), calendar duration, cell temperature gradient, electrode thicknesses, and cell internal pressure on battery life. (US Patent 9,509,021, Ford Recognition Award, 2014, six int’l conference presentations and invited talks).
– Battery power limit determination method improvement for BMS. Battery power limit early prediction method development for high load events. (Six-sigma black belt project, US patent pending 98226606)
– Investigated effects of cell temperature gradients on cell performance and life. (SAE World Congress 2017, oral presentation)
– Conducted battery thermal system testing to characterize the thermal properties of new generation battery cooling system design. (Ford Recognition Award for ‘above and beyond efforts’, 2013)


  • Modeling Solid-Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) Fracture: Coupled Mechanical/Chemical Degradation of the Lithium Ion Battery
  • Electrode Side Reactions, Capacity Loss and Mechanical Degradation in Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • The Limited Effect of VC in Graphite/NMC Cells
  • Battery Cycle Life Prediction with Coupled Chemical Degradation and Fatigue Mechanics
  • Aligned Tio2 Nanotube Arrays as Durable Lithium-Ion Battery Negative Electrodes.
  • The Search For High Cycle Life, High Capacity, Self-Healing Negative Electrodes For Lithium Ion Batteries And A Potential Solution Based On Lithiated Gallium
  • Liquid Metal Alloys as Self-Healing Negative Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Mesopores Inside Electrode Particles Can Change The Li-Ion Transport Mechanism And Diffusion-Induced Stress
  • Effects of Concentration-Dependent Elastic Modulus on Diffusion-Induced Stresses for Battery Applications
  • Modeling Diffusion Induced Stresses In Nanowire Electrode Structures
  • Diffusion Induces Stresses and Strain Energy in a Phase Transforming Spherical Electrode Particle


  • Battery state of charge estimation based on current pulse duration
  • Estimation of lithium-ion battery capacity as function of state-of-lithiation swing
  • Liquid metal electrodes for rechargeable batteries


Mrs. Sulakshana Varhadkar


  • MA (political science) Law, MBA ( SHRM) Laureate University.
  • 1 years Degree in a Mandarin from Tongji university, Shanghai .
  • Cross Culture SHRM, CQ , Digital Content Creator & PR
  • Exploring Portuguese language and culture from last 6 years.

Owner  Director Indian Shallots-. A start up related with Indian spices and Culinary importance of Indo Brazil cuisine.

Current Status:

  • I deliver lectures about Indian Mythology, Culinary Traditions and Social Diversity in a workshops and Talks.
  • Cross cultural Sociology is my Area of Interest.
  • Owner of Indian Shallots.

Childhood / Young Days:

  • Andheri west Oshiwara Lokhndwala Resident since birth. Since 51 years Andheri Resident. Sound and Comfortable Childhood in Cosmopolitan suburb
  • Schooling from Juhu Vile-parle .
  • Graduation, post graduation from Mumbai University. Govt Law College.
  • Family Hailed from Nashik Father was Sales and Mkt Sr Manager. Mother is a Social worker.

Beginning of Career:

  • I was in print and Electronic Media . Majorly worked for DD ‘s Talk shows .
    ( Hindi/ Marathi )
  • Still contribute for some Genuine publications.
  • It’s been 25 years since .
  • Lived and worked in Mumbai , Tokyo , Shanghai , Ahmedabad , Hyderabad, New Delhi , Gurgaon, Pune , Nashik so far .

Beats like Entertainment, world cinema , Cross cultural Sociology.

Award winning Blogger .

Till today:

From 2013 years Living in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil .

I travel a lot for my Knowledge updates as a cross cultural Sociology observer.
So far I have travelled in approximately 22 countries.

Culturally understand Japanese and Spanish.

  • Exploring Portuguese language and culture from last 6 years.
  • I conduct workshops for Corporate groups and Consulates in Rio .
  • Prepared Spices with local ingredients for Tourist and Culinary enthusiasts in Rio.


25 years ago my Parents started a School in Nashik District, Shivchatrapati Shivaji High school
I am one of the Directors. This High School is founded by my Family. It is 100 % Govt Aided school with 500 students and 25 staff members. Grade 5 th to Grade 10 th.

As a family we are shaping many lives through Education.
This was past, is present and will be future mission of my family


Mother of 19 years old son and 5 years old Shitzu .
Wife of Multinational companies Country Head.
Daughter of Sr Sales Mkt Manager Father and Social worker Mother .


Do send me reply of you are exploring Culinary or cultural info from Brasil or Latin America.

Major Acheivements & Honors:

Best blogger award – ABP Maza


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Mr. Sameer Joshi


 Sr.Director, IOT at L&T Infotech


Contact: 4697149275

Current Status: Thought leader in IIOT / Industry 4.0 areas. Held various management and executive positions to bring several products/solutions to life and deploying those to ensure customer success. Interacted with customers from all parts of the globe.
Enjoys helping kids in their personality growth, education


Mrs. Sushmita Dhekne

New York

BA International Relations and Psychology from Boston University

Strategic Planner at McCann Health North America

Ambassador for Mental Health at MannMukti

At McCann Health North America

  • Manage healthcare professional and patient targeted branding strategy for leading global pharmaceutical companies
  • Develop and facilitate brand planning workshops in the US with client marketing and sales teams
  • Develop and participate in regional/global development and innovation initiatives

At MannMukti

Build awareness for highly stigmatized mental health issues amongst the South-Asian population through social media


Mrs. Sheetal Kulkarni


Current Status: President of Inspired Outlook Inc – DBA Budget Blinds of NW Metro.

Trustee, founding board member and event manager CHANCE Foundation of Minnesota. ( A non -profit that works towards empowerment of underprivileged children in India.

Cultural, creative lead, art director on mega scale community events.

CHANCE Foundation

Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota to help underprivileged children in India with their basic education, health and development needs.

Every eighth urban child in India, under the age of 6 lives in a slum. Children in the slums are left without a sense of security, stability and direction in life. Sadly, the lack of basic necessities like food, healthcare, education or even role models, rob children of any hopes of rising above the poverty. Many NGOs are working hard for this cause. However, the magnitude of this problem begs for much greater efforts.


All children deserve a fair chance for basic education, healthy environment and a bright future.


Empower underprivileged children by providing resources for education, health and life skills development.




Mr. Nikhil Bodhankar


PE, LC, LEED AP, is a Principal at Bergmann’s Albany office. In this role at the national architecture, engineering and planning firm, he will lead engineering designs for public and private clients, participate in business development and manage client relations, strengthening the firm’s presence in the Capital District and its commitment to providing innovative solutions to clients. Nikhil brings more than a decade’s experience in engineering research, sustainable infrastructure design, and renewable energy and is a licensed engineer in multiples states. In addition to his vast and varied project experience, Nikhil is a nationally acclaimed engineer as recognized by ACEC (American Council of Engineering Companies) and NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) and currently, president of the Capital District Chapter of NSPE. He is also involved as a panelist and committee member with technical organizations such as IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)and NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying).

Born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Nikhil hails from a highly respected family

All India fame Pediatrician Dr. Uday Bodhankar is Nikhil’s father and his mother Ms. Suniti Bodhankar is a Social worker.

Nikhil says, “My grandfather late Shri. Vasant Sathe (Congressman and Lawyer) greatly influenced me throughout my childhood and career.  I am brought up to be adventurous and explore opportunities in   uncharted territories.”

Nikhil’s wife, Ketaki Bodhankar (MBA – Finance and MS – Communications) currently works as a Project manager at a Federal Credit Union.

“My wife and our two children is what keeps me motivated and I consider myself lucky to having them in my life. I look forward everyday to spending time and enjoying life with them,” says Nikhil.


Master of Science – Electrical Engineering: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (2005 – 2007)

  • Awarded full tuition scholarship and research assistantship for work on a multi-disciplinary research project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Functionally Integrated Reactive Surface Technologies (FIRST) program, which researched special tools capable of withstanding biological or chemical attack to be used by soldiers and first responders

Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Pune, Maharashtra, India (2001 – 2005)

  • Graduated “First Class with Distinction”; equivalent to summa cum laude and the highest academic honors awarded by University of Pune


National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying - 2017 – Present

  • Member, PE (Electrical) Committee for cut score and exam development

New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Capital District Chapter- 2009 – Present

  • President-elect 2017-2019

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE-USA)- 2017 – Present

  • Member of License and Registration Committee, contributing on matters involving licensing of professional engineers and the impact professional licensure has on IEEE members.

Practicing Institute of Engineering-  2017 – Present

  • Continuing Education (CE) Evaluator for this non-profit authorized by New York State to evaluate and approve CE courses for professional development credit hours

National Society of Professional Engineers           

  • Trustee – NSPE Education Foundation 2018 – Present
  • Vice Chair of Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP) Young Engineers Advisory Council (YEAC) committee 2014 – 2017


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  - 2001 – Present

  • Senior Member Grade, the highest IEEE classification that demonstrates 10+ years of significant professional development, performance and recognition by documentation, IEEE references and testimonials.

IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) - 2015 – Present

  • Chair, IEEE P3001.4 Standards Committee- Recommended Practice for Estimating the Costs of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society2013 – Present

  • Full member, elected by invitation only. To be elected as a “full member” of Sigma Xi, a scientist must have “shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science,” as well as “research aptitude.” Noteworthy achievement in research “must be evidenced by publication, patents, written reports or a thesis or a dissertation, which must be available to the Committee on Qualifications and Membership.”


Engineering Scholarship Awards- 2017 – Present

  • Co-chair of the Capital District Engineering Scholarship Awards Committee which has given more than $6000 annually to high school students who are admitted to ABET-accredited engineering programs at US universities.

Future Cities Competition- 2010 – Present

  • Co-Chair of Future-Cities Competition Committee on Capital District Chapter of NYSSPE

Hurricane Sandy Relief Volunteer-   2012

  • Provided pro bono electrical assessments and estimates to Schoharie County residents affected by Hurricane Sandy, enabling residents to understand electrical safety hazards and the extent of damage to their property

Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering   - 2005 – 2007

  • Judge for SECME competition in Syracuse City School District


Bergmann,Albany, NY  - 2019 – Present



  • Responsible for MEP/FP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Fire-Protection) disciplines for entire Northeast region.

Business Development:

  • Engage in supporting growth of the firm locally, and nationally.


  • Provide technical support including QA/QC to discipline leaders.

SMRT Architects and Engineers, P.C., Latham, NY - 2014 – 2019

Associate Principal / Senior Engineer / Project Manager



Capital District New York State Society of Professional Engineers Journal. (2013). “What is Future City Competition?”

Professional Engineering Journal. (2012). “Engineering Needs to Change Public Perception.”

Powerful Purpose Associates, LLC. Podcast. (2012). “Volunteering and Community Involvement for Engineers”    

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Journal. (2011). “Short Circuit Fault Calculations.”

Nunan Research Symposium, NY. (2007). Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer on Porous Medium on Human Skin.”


Young Engineer of the Year, National Society of Professional Engineers - 2018

Congressional Recognition, Kirsten Gillibrand, Member of U.S. Senate -  2018

LC Professional – National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions  - 2017

Young Engineer of the Year, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) - 2012

Congressional Recognition, Paul Tonko, Member of U.S. House of Representatives- 2012

LEED Accredited Professional, U.S. Green Building Certification Institute - 2008

Graduate Student Award, L.C. Smith College of Engineering, Syracuse University - 2006



Mr. Saurabh Maduskar


Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly known as UDCT), Mumbai 2007-2011

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota 2014-2018

  • Researcher with strong background in chemical reaction engineering.
  • Involved in various multi-disciplinary research projects.
  • Currently working on developing an analytical system which can be used to study high temperature, very rapid chemical reaction kinetics.
  • Part of the team which invented novel detector which will enable calibration-free analysis in gas chromatography. The technology is commercialized by activated research company.

Dr. Saurabh is currently working as a Process Research Engineer in ExxonMobil Chemicals Company in Texas, USA.

He worked as a Process Engineer in Reliance Industries Limited 2011-2013

Important Link:


Mrs. Sujata Bhide

San Francisco

AICPA CPA Certification Accounting and Finance

Masters in Business Accounting , Savitribai Phule Pune University

Financial Controller at Peninsulators

  • Experienced Corporate Controller with a 15+ years experience in the construction industry.
  • Independent thinker and result focused achiever with a history of progressive organizational leadership growth.
  • Fun-loving mentor, who enjoys motivating diverse team members to grow.
  • Hands-on contributor, who assumes ownership of achieving timely completion of demanding projects.- Financial Reporting
    – Job Costing
    – Forecasting and Budgeting
    – Process Improvement
    – Revenue Recognition
    – Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
    – Fixed Assets Management
    – General Ledger (GAAP)
    – Month and Year End Closing
    – WIP Analysis
  • Knowledgeable in HR functions, compliance, commercial insurances, health insurance, 401K administration, and overall operations side of a business enterprise.



Mr. Sanjay Sathe

Los Altos

Founder & CEO,

Seasoned corporate executive & serial entrepreneur,

Global citizen

For his latest venture GenomeSmart he partnered with his wife Vandana as they experienced the pervasive lack of knowledge around genetic testing despite the explosive growth in the number of tests available. Two of Vandana’s close friends were diagnosed with cancer, and in her conversations with them, it became quite evident that there was a lack of understanding of how genetic testing worked, its value as well as its limitations. Neither of these friends had a preventive genetic test performed, moreover, they didn’t have a trusted and objective resource for getting recommendations on whether or not genetic testing was necessary and if so, which specific tests were right for them.

So the couple set out to solve this problem by building an AI-based platform to proactively assess the looming big data challenges of assessing the risk of genetic disorders and matching people to the “right” genetic tests that can have a dramatic impact on their health and life. In order to impact a broad audience, they built the solution to cater to Hospitals systems, Genetic testing labs, Insurance companies and Corporations.

Previously Sanjay founded RiseSmart to deliver higher quality career transition services (outplacement) via cutting edge, proprietary technology to forward-thinking and compassionate employers who wanted their employees to land the right new jobs—fast. From humble beginnings to an impressive roster of Fortune customers and backing from major venture capital investors in Silicon Valley, RiseSmart, now the nation’s fastest-growing outplacement firm, was led by Sathe as Founder, CEO and President from startup to acquisition for $100M by Randstad, a $23Billion leading Global HR services provider.

Sanjay founded RiseSmart after more than two decades in marketing and general management, leading successful sales and marketing organizations domestically and internationally for more than 20 years.

He has specialized in product marketing, CRM, loyalty programs, branding, marketing communications, public relations and strategic alliance initiatives for companies in information management, telecom, banking, airline and technology.

Sanjay served as vice president for enterprise data management (Big Data) for Sabre Holdings, the parent company of Travelocity and a $2.5 billion global leader in travel commerce. Before Sabre, Sanjay was senior vice president of marketing for Brierley & Partners, a CRM and loyalty management company that serves global brands such as Hilton HHonors, Hertz #1 Club Gold, Sony and Nokia and led the efforts for launching Star Alliance’s Frequent Flyer offering globally. He also has worked as a Marketing leader in Asia and at the European Headquarters with Lufthansa, and earlier in Asia with HSBC and other major corporations.

Sanjay holds a Master of Business Management degree from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines, and has completed an executive education program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Sanjay is active in

  • America India Foundation,
  • Akshaya Patra,
  • Maitri & Foundation for Excellence.

He is a Charter Member of TiE Silicon Valley, Investor & Mentor of TiE Launchpad SV, an angel investor and is aboard advisor to several start-ups.

He is on the board of the Asian Institute of Management Alumni Association and is the winner of the “Triple A Distinguished Alumni achievement award” and has been awarded the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business in the US” for 2016.


Mr. Ravi Godbole


Global Manager Research & Adv Engineering: AGCO Corporation

– Lead Agronomic Smart Sensors program for Connected Crop Cycle
– Manage corporate ‘Seed Funds’ program to promote and foster ‘out of box’ ideas
– Drive technology commercialization utilizing pilots, demo farms, etc.
– Creator of internal innovation newsletter, Knowledge management tools.
– Grow innovation partnerships with external partners such as Universities, Startups, and Suppliers

AGCO Corporation is an American agricultural equipment manufacturer, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment headquartered in Duluth, Georgia,


Ph.D.  Ag Engineering, Statistics, Analysis: Iowa State University

Executive Program, Shaping Innovation Leaders:  Kellogg School of Management

Executive Program, Strategic R&D Management : The Wharton School

BE Mechanical Engineering , First Class with Honors : University of Mumbai

Dr. Godbole is a key member of AGCO’s R&AE leadership team focused on research and investigation of new technologies. The team is responsible for coming up with proof of concepts ahead of new product development projects, and often partners with universities, govt. institutions and strategic suppliers. Ravi built this function from scratch and developed it into a global team that focused on technology investigations and proof of concepts. For 5 years, he managed this global team of 25+ people spread across 3 continents. He also built global groups around simulation, IP, sustainability, and handed them over to capable subject matter experts. Ravi currently focuses on converting powerful machines into smart and connected machinery solutions for the end user. His other mission is to develop – manage the external innovation ecosystem to leverage internal expertise.

Ravi has been with AGCO for more than 15 years in various innovation, strategic projects and product engineering roles. Ravi had returned to India for  4 years  and successfully developed component and engineering sourcing hub for the company. He has had a career in Ag and  Off-road machinery since 1989 working for companies like Mahindra Tractors, Caterpillar and Titan Wheels. Ravi gained 6 years of research experience at land-grant universities and has been published in research and machinery journals since. His writings on social or biographical topics in Marathi have been published in Antarnaad, Pune since 2012.

Honors & Awards

  • Invited Panel Member: Manufacturing in India
  • Member Scientific Advisory Committee, LaSalle-France
  • Keynote Speaker and Panelist, SAE Brazil
  • Invited Presentation on Biomass: Governor of Georgia, USA
  • External Advisory Council, Ag Engineering, Iowa State University



Mrs. Shreya Sahasrabudhe


Ph.D Food Technology and Processing

Senior Research Scientist at PepsiCo

Current role:

  • Currently working as a Senior Research Scientist with PepsiCo Global R&D on development of extruded snacks. I work on innovative technologies for new product development & commercialization of snacks such as Cheetos and Kurkure.
  • Prior to joining PepsiCo, I obtained my Doctoral degree from Purdue University (West Lafayette, USA) in May 2019,under Dr. Brian Farkas. My PhD research focused on study of surface and interfacial properties of oil at high temperatures.The objective of my research was to identify the mechanisms that primarily contribute to heat transfer and oil absorption during frying, to develop foods with reduced oil absorption without negative impact on sensory qualities.

Career :

The understanding of practical implications of food engineering principles and the need for research, motivated me to further pursue a PhD in Food processing. During the second year of my master’s, I visited Purdue University to understand more about their program where I met my future PhD advisor.


I was born and brought up in Mumbai and am the only daughter. My father obtained a Master’s in organic chemistry and started his career as a chemist in a pharmaceutical company. He then navigated through several positions in R&D, supply chain, sales and marketing before retiring as a Regional Manager in 2019. It is through my father that I developed a keen interest in the food and pharmaceutical industry. I would often visit UDCT during my school years with my father and I always heard him talk highly of the institute and aspired to be a part of the institution someday. I was always encouraged by my family, especially my father to pursue higher education even if that involved staying away from home.

My mother studied economics and works in the Bombay Municipal Corporation. She worked very hard to balance her job and ensure my all-around development. She always motivated me, supported me in every aspect and invested time in training me for activities such as dance, music and art besides academics. She has always been an inspiration to me and I try to put in efforts to make her proud.

Besides academics, I have a keen interest in dance and music and have been trained in Kathak for 7 years. I enjoy choreographing performances for various occasions and learning new dance styles. I belong to family of artists and the passion for music was inculcated in me right from my childhood.


My husband, Mr. Sameer Kulkarni works as a Systems Engineer in Entergy Riverbend Nuclear Power Plant. I met my husband during my undergraduate years and our friendship developed further as we moved for studies to the US. He supported me through all the stressful years of my research and we eventually became best friends and family to each other in a foreign country. Since the beginning of our journey, the common denominator of distance has persisted between us. While living far away from each other is not favorable, it has made us realize the importance of being with your loved ones and spending quality time with them. Our bond strengthened over the years and we tied the knot in 2018. He is my strength as I navigate my way through my career and has helped help me grow personally and professionally.

Outlook & advice

My motto is to always stay positive, give your 100% always and help others as much as possible. I have learnt the value of every experience and recognize the importance of past experiences and how they shape me to be who and where I am today. When I moved to the US, I was scared and very dependent on my parents for helping me make a lot of decisions. I did not know anyone in US and did not have an idea about the culture or the working environment. I have a long way to go and cannot wait to see what the future has to offer!


I am passionate about science and engineering& would like to continue working in innovative and challenging roles which give me tremendous learning opportunities. I aspire to be an entrepreneur someday and start a research lab of my own where I work on innovative and sustainable food product development.

Awards and accomplishment:

  • Gold medal for securing the highest GPA in the Department of Food Science at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Phi Tau Sigma student achievement scholarship for exceptional scholastic achievement and dedication to Phi Tau Sigma


  • Sahasrabudhe, S. N., Chaudhari, S. S., & Farkas, B. E. (2019). Experimental measurement of factors affecting dynamics of bubble growth from a submerged orifice: Applications to the frying process. Journal of Food Engineering251, 36-44.
  • Sahasrabudhe, S. N., Staton, J. A., & Farkas, B. E. (2019). Effect of frying oil degradation on surface tension and wettability. LWT99, 519-524.
  • Sahasrabudhe, S. N., Rodriguez-Martinez, V., O’Meara, M., & Farkas, B. E. (2017). Density, viscosity, and surface tension of five vegetable oils at elevated temperatures: Measurement and modeling. International Journal of Food Properties, 1-17.
  • Sahasrabudhe, S., Ratnayake, W. S., Mathew, J. M., & Jackson, D. S. Assessment of Corn Quality for Nixtamalization: Development of a Convenient Bench-Top Cooking Method (2017). Cereal Chemistry, 94(2), 207-214.
  • Xu, T., Rodriguez-Martinez, V., Sahasrabudhe, S. N., Farkas, B. E., & Dungan, S. R. (2017). Effects of Temperature, Time and Composition on Food Oil Surface Tension. Food Biophysics12(1), 88-96.


Mr. Amol Parab

San Francisco

Data Modeler with more than 12 years of experience in Enterprise Data Modeling, Transactional Application Data Modeling and Data Warehousing Modeling.

Collaborative and creative problem solver with ability to convert complex business requirement in to data models.


Dr. Pravin Patil


Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Louisville

Ph.D. Organic chemist with significant experience in the field of academic research, postdoctoral studies and pharmaceutical industries.
1. Good theory and practical knowledge of Organic Chemistry.
2. Expertise in chiral resolution, racemization, purification techniques such as extraction, distillation, recrystallization and column chromatography.
3. Worked on various organic reactions like Vilsmeier-Haack reaction, Knoevenagel condensation, Friedal-Crafts alkylation and acylation, Suzuki Coupling, Aldol condensation, Knorr Pyrrole synthesis, Grignard reaction, Oxidation, Reduction, Diazotization, Reductive alkylation, Hydrogenation etc.
4. Expertise in multi-step organic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds based on quinoxaline, coumarin, benzoxazole, benzothiazole, benzimidazole, pyrroles, thiazole, pyridine, oxazole, thiophene, imidazole etc from milligram to kilogram scale.
5. Experience in route scouting, route selection, process development, optimization, technology transfer to pilot plant and bulk synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
6. Expertise in literature survey using Sci-Finder, Cross Fire Beilstein, Chemical Abstracts (CA), Patents.
7. Aware about the knowledge and functions of all spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation which are the essential part of research.

Current Status:

Currently working as Research Scientist at Peptides International Inc, Louisville, KY, USA based Biotech company.

Year-2014-2019-Postdoctoral Research Associate- Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY-USA.

Year-2012-2013-Postdoctoral Fellow and Lab Director: Department of Chemistry, Hope College, Holland, MI, USA.

Year-2010-2012-Research Scientist, Process Development-Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Year-2005-2010-Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)-Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai, India

Childhood / Young Days:

Born at village in Maharashtra (Bohra, Tal-Amalner, Dist-Jalgaon) and grew up at village named Galwade, Tal-Chopda, Dist-Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Father-Chaitram Ratan Patil-Primary Teacher in District Govt. School
Mother-Bebabai Chaitram Patil-Housewife.

Both, my parents are leading influencer in my life beside my siblings. They made me aware about harder lessons in life, taught me to find solutions over difficulties within a range of limited resources in village life. Their dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and trust inspire me every single day.

Primary Education- 1-10th grade- Shri Shivaji Hated High School-Tal-Chopda, Dist-Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
Finished school with 1st ranking in 10th board examination.

College Education-11-12th Sci, B.Sc. (Chemistry)-ASC College, Chopda, Dist-Jalgaon, Maharashtra-
Finished B.Sc. Chemistry with 1st ranking in University final examination.

College Education-M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)-SSVPS’s Science College Dhule, Maharashtra.
Very competitive and topmost college in the University to get admission depend on B.Sc. results, Finished 4th ranking in University examination.

Beginning of Career:

Started career as Research Officer, R&D, RPG Life Sciences Ltd, API bulk drug company, Navi Mumbai, India. Contributed in the development of novel process for life saving drug Clopidogrel Bisulfate (Plavix), one of top selling drugs in the world market. US patent has approved for this invention.

Desire to invent new organic transformations and their applications in drug manufacturing, inspired me to enroll for Ph.D. through competitive entrance examination at Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai.

Till today:

  • Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)-Year 2005-2010-Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Matunga, Mumbai, India under the guidance of Prof. K. G. Akamanchi. (Ex-Dean-Research and Mobilization and Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology).
  • 2010-2012-Appointed as Research Scientist in the department of process development at Lupin Research Park, Pune, India.
  • 2012-2013- Got an opportunity to join postdoctoral research at Hope college, Holland, MI under the guidance of Prof. Moses Lee (Ex-Dean, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry).
  • Worked in the area of DNA sequencing that involved synthetic development of novel analogs having better biological activity against various types of cancers.
  • Contributed in the project of development of World’s First Malaria Vaccine-Plasprotect, PlasProtecT®, a chemically attenuated, whole parasite, blood stage malaria vaccine candidate being developed at Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics, Australia.
  • 2014-2019- Got an opportunity to work as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the laboratories of Prof. Frederick Luzzio at Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA. The project involved synthesis of novel organic molecules towards developing therapeutic approach to treat gum diseases by targeting P. gingivalis.
  • 2019-till today- Research Scientist at Peptides International Inc, Louisville, KY, USA.


Future plan involves contributing in chemical science toward development of life saving drugs.

For Roots- Will be utilizing my experience and learning to guide/inspire next generation and make them ready for career challenges in the chemistry field through the series of online/on-site lectures at schools and colleges.


Depending on my experience and learning my advice is-

Never give up while leading towards your life goal. Accept every difficulty as a new challenge by keeping in mind that there is a light after passing the dark tunnel, see dreams with open eyes and follow it by “passion”.

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Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • Outstanding Performance Year Award (2010-2011) by Lupin Ltd.(Research Park) Pune, India.
  • Senior Research Fellowship (2008-2009) by World Bank through TEQIP (Technical Education
    Quality Improve Program) at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India.
  • Junior Research Fellowship (2005-2008) by World Bank through TEQIP (Technical Education
    Quality Improve Program) by Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India.
  • International Publications: 30 ;
  • US Patent-1
  • Book Chapter:


Mr. Swapnil Padhye


Marketing Director at Dell

Helping companies grow through effective Strategy, Planning & Operations

MBA, Duke University – The Fuqua School of Business,

MS (Engineering)-The University of Texas at Austin,

BE (Engineering)-College of Engineering Pune

Established business leader with 15+ years at Top-Tier multinationals in technology industry (Dell, AMD, National Instruments).

Well-rounded background and progressively increasing responsibilities in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Operations.


  • Global Strategy & Operations
  • Product Marketing/Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Margin Management
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Cross-org and cross-culture leadership

Honors & Awards

  • Q1 FY’15 Bronze Award
  • Q1 FY’18 Dell Champion Award
  • Q2 FY’14 Bronze Award
  • Q2 FY’18 Silver Award


  • Evaluation Method for the Topological Synthesis of Sheet Metal Components
  • Design and Development of Multisensory Stimulation Kit
  • Evaluation of Shape Grammar Functions for Automated Design of Sheet Metal Parts Using Genetic Algorithms
  • Towards an Automated Approach to the Design of Sheet Metal Components


Mr. Atul Govande

Los Angeles

M.Sc. Physics, Electronics Major University of Pune

MBA University of Phoenix-Southern California Campus

Software Engineering Manager at OMRON Delta Tau (ODT)

Over 25 years of hands on experience in designing and developing software for Automation control and Motion control Industry and over 10 years of experience in managing these projects.
Proven track record of Managing, designing and implementing software solution which supports frequent User Interface and functionality changes.

Experienced in …..

Waterfall and Agile methodology for software development.
Test driven development
Defining and implementing ISO 9001/2 Procedures
FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) for quality improvement in design and process
• Unique personality who can work well with digital hardware, embedded software or Host (PC) software.
• Handled complete product life cycles for multiple automation and machine control projects.
• Experienced Team builder involving hiring, retaining, and mentoring team members.
• Operating system: Windows and Linux.
• Communications protocols
• Multi-threading application
• Hands-on project Management, handling system level project involving hardware/software.
• Ability to Handles multiple project without affecting project schedule

•Hands-on Software Management / development for Software industry, Automation industry, Machine tool industry.
•Embedded software development/ Management


Mr. Kunal Kulkarni

Los Angeles

Director of Operations @ Deluxe Media

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) California State University-Long Beach

Master of Science (MS) Computer Science University of Southern California

Solution-oriented professional with 12+ years of experience in operations management. Expertise includes project management, strategic planning, and client relations while overseeing business processes and communications. Possesses successful track record of leading diverse teams
and streamlining operational workflows while generating fierce loyalty within work environments.

Current Status:

  • I am currently working in Operation management for a Hollywood Post Production company in Los Angeles California. I have been in this industry for over 13 years now.
  • I have been actively involved with Maharashtra Mandal Los Angeles and have served on the board of directors for MMLA in 2009-2010 as Secretary.
  • I am currently involved in the Marathi Shala initiative that was started few years ago by BMM (Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal) for the North Los Angeles Shala branch.


• Negotiated $1M in annual savings between Warner Bros and collaborated with the CFO on cost models for negotiations (GDMX Transition)
• Facilitated 100+ packages of UHD content in 3 weeks, resulting in successful Apple UHD launch which generated $500K in revenue
• Deployed automation tools within the operation group by acting as an internal liaison, resulting in $100K+ in future annual savings
• Evaluated infrastructure and capacity across internal organization and provided recommendations to tackle upcoming IMF increased volume
• Collected and analyzed data from members within the digital workflow team (LOE and Workflow) to advance process improvement
• Managed the onboarding for Warner Bros in collaboration with the Deluxe VR, Deluxe Delivery and Localization teams (Virtual Reality)
• Analyzed existing workflows and identified efficiency gaining points to implement automation tools and streamline processes


Mr. Somnath Shinde

San Francisco

Ph.D. (Tech) Bioprocess Technology:  Institute Of Chemical Technology

Postdoctoral Researcher at Sandia National Laboratories


-Upgrading biomass to fuels and chemicals through process design for biomass pretreatment, biomass hydrolysate saccharification and fermentation, and scale-up

-Fermentation process optimizations and scale up for biofuels and value added chemicals

-Enzymatic process development in fine chemicals, flavors, food processing industries, chiral drug resolution, drugs and intermediate synthesis using immobilized enzyme systems.

-Biomass and lignin characterization using different analytical tools such as NMR, FTIR, GPC, XRD, GCMS, HPLC, HPAEC, SEM, etc

Specialties: Biomass fractionation/pretreatment; Fermentation process development, Biopolymer characterization, Data analysis, Design of experiments (DoE)


  • Cooperative Valorization of Lignin and Residual Sugar to Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) for Enhanced Yield and Carbon Utilization in Biorefineries
  • Codesign of Combinatorial Organosolv Pretreatment (COP) and Lignin Nanoparticles (LNPs) in Biorefineries
  • Defining lignin nanoparticle properties through tailored lignin reactivity by sequential organosolv fragmentation approach (SOFA)
  • Rapid pretreatment of Miscanthus using the low-cost ionic liquid triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate at elevated temperatures
  • Pre-Senescence Harvest of Switchgrass Inhibits Xylose Utilization by Engineered Yeast
  • Recent advances in understanding the pseudo-lignin formation in a lignocellulosic biorefinery
  • Synergistic maximization of the carbohydrate output and lignin processability by combinatorial pretreatment
  • Kinetic resolution of (R,S)-alpha tetralol catalyzed by crosslinked Candidaantarctica lipase B enzyme supported on mesocellular foam: A nanoscale enzyme reactor approach
  • Insight into microwave assisted immobilized Candida antarctica lipase B catalyzed kinetic resolution of RS-(±)-ketorolac
  • Insight into Microwave-Assisted Lipase Catalyzed Synthesis of Geranyl Cinnamate: Optimization and Kinetic Modeling.
  • Process intensification of immobilized lipase catalysis by microwave irradiation in the synthesis of 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) esters
  • Microwave Irradiated Immobilized Lipase Catalyzed Synthesis of Alkyl Benzoate Esters by Transesterification: Mechanism and Kinetic Modeling
  • Kinetic modeling and optimization of immobilized Candida antarctica lipase B catalysed synthesis of butyl-4-methyl-3-oxopentanoate using response surface methodology
  • Statistical media optimization for lutein production from microalgae Auxenochlorella protothecoides SAG 211-7a
  • Synergism of microwave irradiation and immobilized lipase catalysis in synthesis of 4,8-dimethylnon-7-en-1yl (2E)-3-phenylpro-2-enolate

Fellowships, Awards and Scholastic Achievements

  • honor description2018: A story on our switchgrass harvest article highlighted on DOE office of Science website (
  • 2018: Pseudo-lignin article selected as the ‘Article of the month’ in Celignis May Newsletter, Ireland. (
  • 2018: ‘Green Chemistry journal cover page coverage’ for the pseudo-lignin review article (!divAbstract)
  • 2017-18: “Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing” for Biochemical Engineering journal (April 2017) and Process Biochemistry journal (August 2018), Elsevier publication
  • 2011: “Shri. G. M. Abhyankar Research Paper Presentation Award 2011” for paper presentation at International Conference NHBT-2011
  • 2010: M H Shukla-IIChE, 2nd Prize for the Best Technical Paper presented at CHEMCON 2010
  • 2009-2013: University Grant Commissions- Senior Research Fellowship (UGC-SAP) for meritorious students awarded by Government of India.
  • 2008: Department of Biotechnology’s Junior Research Fellowship 2008 fellowship at DBT-ICT center for Energy Biosciences, Mumbai awarded by Government of India.
  • 2006-08: Meritorious Scholarships Awarded by J. R. D. Tata Trust


Mrs. Niyati Bedekar

Palo Alto

Current Status:

I’m currently a Sr. UX Researcher in Uber Freight. My research has spanned multiple industries and primarily focused on the Enterprise/B2B space (CRM, SRM, HR, Info Security products and Operational Intelligence/Analytics & Visualization applications), with previous experiences at SAP, Salesforce and Splunk.

I have presented at UX conferences (

When not working, I am also a BombayJam instructor (


Specialties: User centered design methods – use cases, storyboards and scenarios, concept validation, contextual inquiry, wants & needs analysis, requirements, concept and UI validations, personas, field research, expert reviews, cognitive walkthroughs, formative and summative usability testing, eye tracking, remote studies, unmoderated studies. Prototyping and Web programming, HTML, CSS JavaScript, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Creative Suite (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), ZurbApps Verify, Solidify, TechSmith Morae, ASL Head mounted eye tracker. Project Management & Planning.



Mr. Shreyas Bhandare

St. Louis

MS Chemical Engineering

Process Control Engineer at Global Process Automation

  • Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering – Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) Rolla, MO
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering – Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT) Pune, India

Shreyas is a self-motivated, passionate and hardworking Chemical Engineer. He is technically sound in basic chemical engineering principles, Fluid mechanics, Process flow diagrams, P&ID’s and has experience in areas such as Process Control, Process Design, Process Optimization, and Design of Equipment. Shreyas is a quick learner who thrives on communication, respect, leadership, and integrity within an organization.

At Global Process Automation (gpa)

  • As a Process Control Engineer, he is involved in Control system design and DCS migration projects for manufacturing processes in Pulp and Paper, Oil & Gas, Food and Beverage and Specialty Chemicals industries
  • He is experienced in monitoring data from processes, conduct research and develop new process control strategies to improve operational efficiency


  • Chemical Engineering,
  • DCS/HMI Programming,
  • Process Simulation,
  • Process Control and Optimization


Mr. Vaibhav Sathe


President, Perigee Integrations LLC, Georgia.

Current Status:

  • Vaibhav Sathe, based in Suwanee, GA, USA, is currently working as Founder and Managing Partner of a small Telecommunications Consulting firm, Perigee Integrations LLC.
  • Vaibhav has worked over 25 years in the field of Wireless Communications and has travelled over 25 countries.
  • Vaibhav strongly believes in giving back to the society.
  • He has been working as a Director of Maharashtra Foundation, USA for the past 6+ years and is actively involved in organizing various fundraising events for MF.
  • He was the president of Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta in 2010 and Trustee for 3 years thereafter.
  • He also does a service to the community by providing the services as a priest for over 10 years and he donates all the proceeds to various charities.

He plays Tennis, Table Tennis and is an avid sports fan, especially Cricket, Tennis and Football. He also plays synthesizer keyboard as a hobby. He also likes to learn Japanese Language and is a member of Japan America society of Georgia.

Childhood  and Young Days:

Vaibhav  was born in a middle-class family in Mumbai. His mother was a principal in a Marathi school and the upbringing from the parents has helped him a lot to develop the discipline and meticulousness.
He  graduated from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering (University of Mumbai) and worked in Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon/New Delhi in the areas of sales/marketing, setting up a wireless technologies manufacturing plant and the initial era of Cellular Technologies in the early ’90s.

Beginning of Career:

The experience in the Wireless Technologies was rare in the ’90s that opened up the opportunity for Vaibhav to work in the initial Cellular Towers and Core deployments in various parts of the world such as Indonesia, Czech Republic, Russia, Malawi and the USA. Vaibhav got tired of the international travel and returned to Mumbai/Pune to settle. But he came back to the USA serendipitously!

Till today:

Vaibhav says, “I went through the various phases in the career from being an entry level Engineer to becoming an entrepreneur. The pleasure of generating employment is unmatched and the best way to practice ‘Karmayog’ “.

I am already working 6+ years in Maharashtra Foundation and I would like to serve the community in the USA and back home in India through various volunteering activities.”

My wife, Pallavi Sathe is a realtor in Greater Atlanta area and the strong support that enables me to pursue various career goals and hobbies. My son, Ritwik Sathe is a member of Corps of Cadets and a Junior in Texas A&M University and is on the path to commission in the US Air Force upon completion of his Engineering in Computer Science. My daughter, Shirin is in middle school and is a basketball player and a budding artist interested in painting and music.”


Perigee Integrations LLC

Perigee Integrations ( provides professional services in the continuously evolving telecommunications field by providing solutions to their clients. Perigee team has developed an unmatched cross-functional expertise to support the clients in the various areas such as IT, Network Deployment, System Integrations and Testing, Network Operations and Project Management.


Mr. Harshal Zope


Principal Scientist at Genocea

Post Doctorate Pharmaceutical Sciences Harvard Medical School

PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Leiden University

MSc, M.Tech Biotechnology, University of Pune

Narkhede, Highschool, Bhusawal 1991 – 2001


  • Developed drug delivery systems such as liposomes, polymer nanoparticles, and micelles for the delivery of small molecules, peptides and its conjugates, antibody conjugates, adjuvants, and oligonucleotides such as siRNA and mRNA.
    • Experienced in bioconjugations such as Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and their corresponding Small Ligand-Drug Conjugates (SLDC), nanoparticle surface functionalization.
    • 10+ years of hands-on experience in synthesis purification and characterization of bioactive macro/molecules, biopolymers, PEGylation, solid phase and solution phase peptide synthesis.
    • Expert in biochemical assays such as the development of cytotoxicity assay, cell surface protein expression analysis using flow cytometry, ELISA, western blot, PCR, and microscopy (TEM, SEM, Fluorescence and Confocal)
    • Proficient in analytical techniques such as NMR (1D and 2D), Chromatography (HPLC, GPC), Mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF and LC-MS), spectroscopy.
    • Strong interdisciplinary research background in vaccines and cancer chemotherapies.
    • Skilled at conducting due diligence for pharmaceutical technologies.
    • Very good understanding and expertise on Bio-distribution as well as pharmacokinetic analysis.
    • Led several collaborative research projects and demonstrating strong interpersonal and presentation skills.


  • Biomaterials for mRNA delivery
  • Determination of peptide oligomeric states from thermal unfolding by CD-spectroscopy
  • Membrane interactions of fusogenic coiled-coil peptides: implications for lipopeptide mediated vesicle fusion
  • In vitro and In vivo supramolecular biomembrane engineering using a lipidated coiled-coil motif
  • Coiled-coil peptide motifs as thermoresponsive valves for mesoporous silica nanoparticles
  • Peptide amphiphile nanoparticles enhance the immune response against a CpG adjuvanted influenza antigen
  • Coiled-coil peptide motifs as thermoresponsive valves for mesoporous silica nanoparticles
  • Controlling the rate of coiled coil driven membrane fusion
  • Immobilization of liposomes and vesicles on patterned surfaces by a peptide coiled-coil binding motif
  • Polymer-induced liquid precursor (PILP) phases of calcium carbonate formed in the presence of synthetic acidic polypeptides-relevance to bio-mineralization
  • Influence of pegylation on peptide-mediated liposome fusion
  • Polymersomes enhance the immunogenicity of influenza subunit vaccine
  • In situ modification of plain liposomes with lipidated coiled coil forming peptides Induced membrane fusion through
  • Random co-Poly(Amino Acid)s as Protein-Mimicking Control Agents in CaCO3 Mineralization


  • Development of conformationally preferred peptide immunogens as candidate vaccine against HIV-infection
  • Design and synthesis of novel Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)
  • Synthetic efforts towards the preparation of 2,3-diallyl indole


Patent title: Delivery methods

Patent date Issued Oct 26, 2012  Patent issuer and numbereu PCT/EP2012/071320 and WO2014063757

Patent description:

The invention provides a molecule comprising a peptide capable of forming a coiled coil with a complementary peptide, and a steroid moiety. The invention also provides a method of delivering a active agent to a cell, the method comprising contacting the cell with a vehicle comprising a peptide capable of forming a coiled coil with a complementary lipidated peptide and the active agent, wherein the lipid component of the complementary lipidated peptide is integrated into the cell membrane of the cell


Dr. Nitish Deshpande


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, USA

Chem. Engg. from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, India

Currently working as PTD Module and Integration, Yield Engineer at Intel Corp, OR, USA

Dr. Nitish Deshpande says,

“My job responsibilities as a Module (process) engineer at Intel Corporation include leading scientific research to enable manufacturing of innovative semiconductor device architectures. Amongst other things, this involves, designing, executing, and analyzing experiments necessary to meet engineering specifications defined for the technology. I earned my Ph.D. in chemical engineering from OSU, under Dr. N.A. Brunelli’s guidance. My graduate work involved solving problems at the interface of chemical engineering, material synthesis & characterization, and chemistry. My expertise includes synthesis, characterization, and catalytic testing of zeolites and mesoporous silicas. As of today, I have authored/co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications and a patent application and presented at several local and international scientific conferences.”

“I was born in Mumbai in 1991.My parents, Sneha and Subhash Deshpande, with their unconditional love and faith in my abilities,have immeasurably contributed to my achievements (academic or otherwise)”.

“ICT, Mumbai’s illustrious alumni and professors inspired me to pursue a career in research and development in chemical engineering.”

“After completing my B.Chem.Engg. from ICT, I took the opportunity to pursue my Grad studies at OSU.My Ph.D. advisor, Dr. N. A. Brunelli, transformed my outlook in life to a “can-do” one, which has been instrumental in my success.”


Process engineer at Intel Corporation. Ph.D. with research experiencein solving problems at the interface of chemical engineering, material synthesis, and chemistry.Expertise includes synthesis, characterization, and catalytic testing of zeolites and mesoporous silicas. Research output includes 6 peer-reviewed articles, 1 patent application, and multiple presentations at local and international conferences.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Chemical Engineering, December 2018, Advisor: N. A. Brunelli GPA: 3.96/4.0, The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (B. Chem. Engg.), May 2013, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT, formerly UDCT), Mumbai, India GPA: 8.50/10

Publications and patents applications

  • Deshpande, N., Pattanaik, L., Whitaker, M. R., Yang, C-T., Lin, L-C., Brunelli, N. A., “Selectively converting glucose to fructose using immobilized tertiary amines”, J.Catal., 353, 205-210, 2017
  • Deshpande, N., Cho, E. H., Spanos, A. P., Lin, L-C., Brunelli, N. A., “Tuning molecular structure of immobilized tertiary amine catalysts for glucose isomerization”, J.Catal., 372, 119-127, 2019
  • Deshpande, N., Parulkar, A., Joshi, R., Diep, B., Kulkarni, A., Brunelli, N. A., “Epoxide ring opening with alcohols using heterogeneous Lewis acid catalysts: Regioselectivity and mechanism”, J.Catal., 370, 46-54, 2019
  • Olson N., Deshpande, N., Gunduz, S., Ozkan U., Brunelli, N. A., “Utilizing imogolite nanotubes as a tunable catalytic material for the selective isomerization of glucose to fructose”, Catal. Today, 323, 69-75, 2019
  • Parulkar, A., Joshi, R., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A., “Synthesis and catalytic testing of Lewis acidic nano-MFI zeolites for the epoxide ring opening reaction with alcohol”, Appl. Catal. A: Gen, 566, 25-32, 2018
  • Parulkar, A., Spanos, A.P., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A.,  “Synthesis and catalytic testing of Lewis Acidic Nano Zeolite Beta for epoxide ring opening with alcohols”, Appl. Catal. A: Gen, 577, 28-34, 2019
  • Brunelli, N. A., Deshpande, N., Parulkar, A., “ Zeolitic materials including paired Lewis acid catalytic sites”, US Patent Application, 15/815,413, May 17, 2018
  • Kane, A., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A., “Impact of Surface Loading on Catalytic activity of regular and low micropore SBA-15 in the Knoevenagel condensation”, manuscript accepted, AIChE J., 2019

Awards & honors                                                                                

Awards for academic achievements:

  • University fellowship, OSU Graduate School     2013-2014
  • Supplemental department fellowship, CBE department, OSU                                           2013-2014
  • Supplemental university fellowship,OSU Graduate School     2013-2017
  • Outstanding graduate student, CBE department, OSU                                       2018
  • Travel award, Chemical and Reaction engineering division, AIChE     2018

Competitions won:                                                                                                

  • Outstanding poster award, GRS, CBE department, OSU2017
  • 2ndplace for proposing a solution to an industrial problem,Young Innovators Choice Competition, ICT2012
  • 3rdplace in Fourth Concept Test in chemistry(Intercollegiate exam), ICT2010
  • 2ndplace in Salt act(Chemistry event) at CHEMERGENCE (IntercollegiateTech-fest), TSEC, India2011
  • 2ndplace in Model making(Cooling Tower) competition in CHEMERGENCE, TSEC, India2010



Google scholar:

News item:


Mrs. Chitralekha Potnis


President at Peel College of Professional Studies, Ontario , Canada

Chitralekha has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. She has Post Graduate Diplomas in Digital Electronics & Microprocessors and in Industrial Management.

She has more than thirty years of professional experience in industry, academics, education management, and management.

She has extensive experience in the education field, having been a teacher, and college administrator all her life. She has handled the entire gamut of functions required to run an educational institute. This includes everything from starting new courses, teaching, designing curriculum, marketing courses, and industry – institute interaction to enable students to get hands-on experience in their chosen field.

She has published 50 technical research papers nationally and internationally, and has been   on various advisory committees of International Conferences on Engineering Education.  She has-been invited to give lectures several times, especially on Institute, Industry Interaction, Quality of Engineering Education, Teaching Methodologies, Institute Management, Entrepreneurship Development and Curriculum Design & Development.She has been socially active in arranging and participating in several conferences.

She has worked with street children on UNICEF projects. One of these projects aimed to get street children and child labourers off the streets and into school by explaining the importance of education to the children and their parents. Another project was directed towards young girls being forced into prostitution due to poverty and destitution. The project educated the girls as well as the parents by making them aware about not only the risks of exposing girls at a young age to physical and sexual abuse but also the moral decrepitude behind such actions.The aim was to explain to parents and girls the importance of empowering the girls, and the importance and benefits of education to society in general and their families in particular.

She was one out of few specially trained by the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India) to be women entrepreneurs.

She has counselled women who have been injured at work and were out of a job, and has helped them in choosing a different career through continuing education followed by being gainfully employed. She firmly believes that it is essential for women to be gainfully employed or entrepreneurs to maintain their dignity and self respect.

She has worked as an Executive Committee member of Marathi Bhashik MandalToronto, which is a social organization of people speaking one of the Indian languages who live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

She was awarded a Woman Hero award in the field of Education at the 6th Annual Celebrating Womanhood 2018 Gala by the Indo-Canadian Arts & Culture Initiative (ICACI). 

She was named one of the 50 influential women in the GTA by Nikisar Inc. and Women of the Earth Empowerment (WEE) in 2018.

She is a currently the President and Co Owner of Peel College of Professional Studies, a college that is owned and operated by women.

 Peel College was founded with the principles of providing quality education which can help learners to grow professionally in their chosen career path.

Peel College has a modern campus with contemporary facilities. The overall environment of college endeavours to bring the best outcome of the efforts of students as well as of the teaching staff.

The college is a licensed Private Career College (PCC) running courses approved by the Ministry of Advanced Skills and Education Development (MAESD) and is listed on the Service Canada website.


Mr. Kiran Naik

San Francisco

Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Principal at LumenData, San Francisco:

  • Experienced Executive in Sales with a demonstrated history of working in Software Services & Systems Integration industry.
  • Deeply focused on strategy and sales of Digital Transformation services with emphasis on B2B Marketing function.
  • Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning & People Management. Strong sales professional with experience in North America & EMEA.

As the Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Principal at LumenData, San Francisco, leveraging his 35 years of experience in software and services sales, Kiran oversees the alignment of company strategy and market opportunities to drive growth and development across sales, client success, and services.

Before joining LumenData, Kiran was in Persistent Systems, where he managed global sales and led a strategic business unit focused on taking innovative digital transformation services to the enterprise market.  Prior to that, he managed strategic accounts sales for Lionbridge Technologies, where he created, managed, and grew the professional services team for webify services in the healthcare vertical. His experience also includes managing and growing a software services company as a co-founder.


Mr. Uday Hardikar

New York

BS – Industrial Engineering: University of Pune

Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Costing & Cost Control

MS – Management & Engineering:MIT- Sloan School of Management

Operations Strategy, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management


  • Operations leader with twenty-eight years of experience in global manufacturing environment
    • Hands on experience with the entire lifecycle of bio-pharma manufacturing facilities from design, construction, start-up, regulatory approvals through operation and retirement.
    • Expertise in sterile manufacturing – bag filling, blow-fill-seal, aseptic vial and syringe filling, terminal sterilization
    • Experience across key functional areas of business including Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering and Sales
    • Proven leadership in developing and motivating large teams across multiple cultures to deliver superior business results and bottom line profitability
    • APICS-CSCP certified operations management professional.
    • PMP Certified project management professionalAreas of Expertise: Operations Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Portfolio & Program Management, Supply Chain, and Operational Excellence.


Mr. Mandar Ranade


Vice President of Information Technology (CIO)

A versatile, results-driven change leader with a consulting, influencing style, expert at restoring long term sustainability through process re-engineering, executive level alignment and high-impact leadership. Extensive experience in Information Technology Management serving Healthcare, Supply Chain, Finance and Manufacturing domains in global matrixed settings. Skilled at connecting the dots among technology, business and profitability while executing on plan and operating within the mores of mentorship, integrity and service.

Positions Held:

  • Vice President of Information Technology (CIO): Kewaunee Scientific Corp. Charlotte, North Carolina Area -Dec 2019 – Present
  • Division IT Leader : EnPro Industries Inc. Fairbanks Morse – Nov 2018 – Dec 2019
  • Director Of Technical Services : Aurora Health Greater Milwaukee Area Care Dec 2017 – Oct 2018
  • Director Project Management Office: Aurora Health Care- Aug 2015 – Dec 2017
  • Senior Manager IT, PMO & Service Delivery: IMS Health Oct 2010 – Aug 2015
  • Program Manager: Thermo Fisher Scientific 2005 – Sep 2010


Mr. Shailesh Chavan


Senior Medical Director, Clinical Medicine Plasma Development Therapies, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Experienced pharmaceutical researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the industry (both Sponsor & CRO side).
  • Skilled in all aspects of Early to Late Phase Product development including life-cycle management in various TA’s including Immunology, Oncology, Transplantation among others.
  • Strong healthcare services experienced professional with a MD focused in Internal Medicine from Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Shailesh Chavan says, “ I have been fortunate to have educated in Mumbai under some of the best teachers from school, university to medical school. I left India to pursue higher education and career in pharmaceuticals. I am enjoying some of the impactful work in the field of medical research.

He further states, “I would like to continue my work in advancement of medical innovation in areas like transplantation, oncology, immunology”.

Family: Family includes wife, twins – son Aarin and daughter Aryana.

Outlook: “I am hopeful of India’s potential as the next super power . I am proud of being Marathi and hope to work closely with leaders of next generation.”

Important Link:


Mrs. Sonali Sambhus

San Francisco

M.S.Computer: Engineering Rutgers University

Masters Certificate, Project Management; The George Washington University – School of Business

B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engg:  College of Engineering, Pune, COEP


Silicon Valley Professional who has held multiple executive positions for the past decade. Driven Technologist, Product Thought Leader & Strategist!

Technology Leader with proven track record of leading large engineering teams, Scaling Engineering Organizations and Scaling Growth Stage Startups.

Currently Enabling Transformation & Growth for Mobile @ Square

Prior, Headed Consumer Engineering & Incubation for Defining Technology Strategy, Product Strategy and primarily delivering compelling consumer products across different product lines and across platforms (Desktop, Mobile, IOS & Android Native Apps).

Prior, As Head of Engineering & Site Lead @Vuclip led a team of 120+ Engineers for Vuclip’s Cloud SaaS Product. With strategic & tactical leadership & a deep-dive approach led the large engineering team towards excellence on Product, Process & People fronts.

Successfully plagued with the startup virus in the valley – did 2 startups.

  • Co-founded and successfully exited ’10jumps Inc’, a Data Analytics Product & Services company.
  • Second startup – 10jumps – which had its development center in Pune did go through a so-called successful acquisition.

Sonali  was a Founding Member of a startup in Cisco – ‘Network Collaboration Business Unit’. The business started from a mere concept of ‘network based search’ and evolved into a unique product which offered the Enterprises a Knowledge Discovery Platform leveraging the data from the networks.

Childhood / Young Days:

“Born in Barshi, Solapur I spent most of my childhood in Pune. I did my schooling in Abhinav Vidyalaya, (rarely) attended SP College and then moved onto the dream college for every Punekar – COEP.
My father was my powerhouse and biggest influence along with my mother who was and still is the backbone of support for me.”

Beginning of Career:

“I came to the US in 1997 for my Masters, settled in the US, returned back to Pune in 2011- spent an amazing 5 years in Pune and then returned back to my second home land called the bay area in 2016. Happily settled here now”

Till today:

“Started in the Telecom industry (making some use of my BE,E&TC and my Masters in Computer Networking), After spending about 8 years in Cisco, I realized I wanted to be in a more dynamic and fast paced industry and switched gears into the data analytics space. I cofounded a business unit for Cisco (called Network Collaboration Business Unit) and took this startup from 0 to 10M in revenue in a matter of 3 years. I then did a startup of my own ’10jumps’ where we built a SAP HANA based Proactive Network Management Product. 10Jumps got acquired in 2014. I then took on the role of VP/Head of Engineering for Vuclip heading their 100+ people team where my key charter was to scale the engineering at the fast paced scale of growth of the business. After Vuclip, I was Head of Consumer Engineering for and now am Heading Mobile (Product and Engineering) in a General Manager capacity for Square”


“I always think of ways to give back to the community. I am and plan to focus on elevating women in the workforce through providing coaching, guidance and inspiration. I am Yoga Teacher and plan to spread health and calmness to the world through yoga. I am also affiliated with a number of charitable organizations including American Indian Foundation and a number of others based in Pune.
I hold a dear place in my heart for Maharashtrians and would be happy to contribute to our community”


Full house with a husband, 2 daughters and my dear mother.

Author :

“I have always been a Passionate Advocate for Women in the Workforce. I decided to turn my passion into action and wrote this book to help fellow sisters in their constant tug of war of family vs career. Elle-vate is a self help book for women that enables women to reach their fullest career potential, while balancing their traditional responsibilities. Though, my biggest life lessons have been learnt parenting my 2 daughters who are now amazing teenagers. The book was launched at an International Literary Festival in India amidst a lot of fan fare. The book is a small step towards my grand goal of creating a better world for Working Women.”


Mrs. Lalita Salgaokar

New York

Bachelors of Mass Media Graduate, University of Mumbai

  • Senior Copywriter: Unilever U-Studio
  • Lead content teams at advertising agencies and brands in New York City.
  • Teacher of a Copywriting Class at Miami Advertising School’s New York Campus
  • Volunteer Organizer of the 3% Conference (A conference determined to change the lack of female leadership in North America’s ad industry)


Jayraj Salgaokar & Bharti Salgaokar.

Mr Jayraj Salgaokar is a senior economist, author and businessman. Co-founder of the ‘Kalnirnay’ almanac.


Shakti Salgaokar is a Senior Journalist, Author and most recently the Director at Kalnirnay.


Mohit Kohok.: Business analyst. Mohit is a creative spirit who enjoys music and poetry.

Please find my thought leadership articles here:

Please find my advertising portfolio here:



Mr. Ninad Burde


Asst. Account Rep, Alliant Insurance Services

Current Status:

I am currently working in the Property & Casualty Real Estate Insurance field in Orange County, CA. I enjoy supporting our clients and ensuring that top notch customer service is provided at all times, in placing optimal insurance coverage. I have also previously worked in a high tech advertising technology company for more than two years.

I was born and raised in Mumbai, but have been living in the US for more than a decade now. However, I do enjoy visiting India, whenever I get the opportunity.

Beginning of Career:

I attended IES Manik Vidya Mandir (opposite Lilavati Hospital) until 9th grade. Then I graduated from Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho. After that, I graduated with BBA in Finance & Management and MBA from Idaho State University.


Plan is to gain in depth experience in the Commercial P&C insurance industry and become a skilled professional.


I believe that India has a very bright future and is one of the top economic powerhouses in the global space.


Work hard and always strive to achieve your dreams. Because they do become reality, if you try hard enough!

Important Link:


Mrs. Sangeeta Godbole

North Carolina

Assistant VP at Wells Fargo Bank

Current Status:

  • My day job is being a technology leader at Wells Fargo Bank.
  • Aside from that, I volunteer at Kiran Inc, Raleigh, NC.
  • I am also a peace Activist, animal rights activist, an environmentalist.
  • I have a youtube channel called Tilted Planet.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born and raised in Amravati. School Manibari Gujrathi HighSchool, Shri Shivaji Science College, Government College of Engineering, , Amravati University. My influences – my father Shri Kishabhau Godbole, my husband Dilip Barman and Mahatma Gandhi

Beginning of Career:

I came temporarily for a business opportunity, then met a person who I married and therefore stayed in US

Important Link:




  • University of Florida – Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

  • Institute of Chemical Technology Bachelor of Technology in Polymer and Surface Engineering Mumbai, India

  • Process Engineer at Blackrock Microsystems


    I am a graduate student with achievement-award scholarship pursuing Masters in Materials Science and Engineering(MSE) at University of Florida. I have pursued my Bachelor of Technology in Polymer and Surface Coatings from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
    I have detailed hands-on experience related to various processes and instruments in the semiconductor industry including Photolithography, PECVD, LPCVD, APCVD, ALD, thermal CVD, sputtering and thermal evaporation PVD. I am also proficient in the Wet and Dry etching process techniques including RIE and DRIE, MEMS. I have an experience of using a class 100 clean room for various semiconductor fabrication processes.
    During my undergrad, I learned everything about polymers, paints, resins, inks, composites, metals and pigments. I studied all the synthesis techniques, characterization methods, properties and selection of several materials, applications. I learned courses like Design of Experiments, Process Control, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Operations, Diffusion Control, and Transport Phenomena etc. to complement and reinforce my knowledge for several applications in industries.
    Technical Skills: SEM, 4 probe resistance measurement, Filmetrics, UV-Vis. Spectroscopy, DSC, TGA, DMA, FTIR, GPC, NMR, Rheology, High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography(HPTLC), Vapor Pressure Osmometer, Paper chromatography, Diode, and MEMS characterization. ‘C’ programming language, ‘SAGE’ – Business finance and accounting management software, ‘R’ – Statistical computing and Graphics software.
    I strongly believe that knowledge can be enhanced and polished only by proper application and gaining valuable experience under the guidance of highly skilled experts. I am thus seeking an internship/co-op/full-time opportunity to further boost my practical knowledge.”

    Saket says, “ I was born in March, 1996 , at Solapur, in a loving and very close knit family. My father  Shri.Satish Mulge and my mother  Sau. Sangeeta Mulge, have supported me in everything since childhood, inculcated good values in me and have always been there for me when I needed them”





Mr. Prashant Gijare

New York

Director, Digital Innovation – Media Agility Inc.

Composer, Arranger, Musician, Writer. Published 5 Marathi songs

Prashant says, “Information Technology, what I do and did all my life.”

“I am Ambassador for Akhil Autism FoundationI use my music talent to create music concerts that are based on fresh themes, unique content and a top notch quality. The concerts generate money and we donate that money to Akhil Autism Foundation. I act as the band’s music arranger and also play several musical instruments in band.”


Varsha – Runs staffing Co and is Hobby painter


Rohit  is a Professional Choreographer, Dancer.Founder, Owner:- . Has more than 200K followers on Youtube. ,

Youtube –

Media Agility Inc.:

MediaAgility is a digital consulting company with the vision of making work meaningful for all. MediaAgility is a premier Google Cloud partner across Cloud, Maps, G Suite, Chrome with over 1000 customers in 9+ countries.

With Google certified specialists on board and the Data Analytics & Location-based Services specialization awarded by Google Cloud, the company is a full spectrum digital consulting firm creating AI and Analytics based innovative solutions, building conversational intelligence and designing powerful operational intelligence and machine learning capabilities for customers.


Mr. Shubhankar Upasani


Co-op in Product Development Sustainability at Kohler Co.

  • Experienced in life-cycle assessment (LCA), supply chain optimization, computational modeling and optimization in Python and GAMS, geospatial analysis using GIS. Process design and optimization experience with ChemCAD, ASPEN, HTRI.
  • Skilled in data analysis and visualization using R, Excel.

Current Status:

“I am working for Kohler Co. in the Product Sustainability Engineering team to support the Design for Environment program. I graduated with a MS in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University. I am also actively involved with the SKY Happiness Program on college campuses across the US”.


  • Advanced Kinetics 1
  • Advanced Thermodynamics 1
  • Advanced Transport Phenomena
  • Air pollution
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Catalysis
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Heat Transfer
  • Linear Optimization
  • Marketing Management
  • Mass Transfer
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Piping Engineering
  • Principles of Sustainable Chemical Engineering
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • Separation Processes

Language Proficiency : Dutch, English, German, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, and Spanish


Mr. Nitin Deshpande

New York

Technology Risk/Information Security/Cyber Security/Supplier Risk/IT Audit, New York, NY


  • Risk Management professional with over 15 years of experience in IT risk management, information security, internal controls, cyber risk, IT Audit, third-party risk management, risk remediation/mitigation process, governance, regulatory compliance and financial analysis/accounting within the financial and consulting sector.
  • Trusted IT risk leader and advisor with a proven track record of influencing senior leadership and partnering with cross-functional teams.
  • Demonstrated experience working in all ‘three lines of defense’ and consistently appraised with quality high performance and recipient of several honors & awards for operating with excellence, exceeding expectations, demonstrating leadership, and living by the Firm’s guiding principles.



Mrs. Ashwini Mokashi

New York

Author at Princeton Research Forum

Ph.D. Philosophy. Savitribai Phule Pune University

GRP, CCP International Compensation. WorldatWork

MHRM Human Resource Management. Rutgers University

Princeton Research Forum President (June 2013 to June 2017)

Non-profit Organization of Independent Research Scholars.

Princeton Research Forum is a community of independent scholars in the Princeton area and beyond. It was founded in 1980 by a group of scholars who were pursuing their own research outside of the academy. Their aim was to facilitate access to libraries and funding for independent researchers and to provide a forum for collegiality among the group’s membership. Since those early days, much has improved for independent scholars, in part due to the efforts of PRF founding members and to those of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (, with which PRF is affiliated.

For more information, see


Dr. Ashwini Mokashi says,”I have worked in two main areas: Academic Philosophy and Business.
As an academic Philosopher, I taught in Pune, India at the College and University level for three years and I was a President of the ‘Princeton Research Forum’ in New Jersey for two terms. Currently I write on philosophical topics as an Independent Research Scholar. My first book ‘Sapiens and Sthitaprajna: A Comparative Study in Seneca’s Stoicism and the Bhagavadgita’ is recently published through D. K. Printworld and is now available for purchase on Amazon. This is a scholastic work in Comparative Philosophy and is based on the concept of the wise person in Seneca and the Bhagavadgita. It also talks about the relevance of ancient wisdom to our current situation.
As a business person, I worked in the US as an Executive Compensation Mananger mostly in top 50 companies for about ten years, and earlier in India, I ran a small business called ‘Language House’, teaching and translating languages for a decade.”


  • English
  • German
  • Greek, Ancient (to 1453 AD)
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Sanskrit
  • Urdu


  • Ashwini’s Musings
  • Ashwini Mokashi Talks
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Sapiens ani Sthitaprajna
  • Sapiens and Sthitaprajna

Important Links:

डॉअश्विनी मोकाशी 

लोकांना आपले जीवन जास्तीत जास्त सुखीसमाधानी आणि संतुलित जगण्याचा मार्ग दिसावा’ ही ‘सेपियन्स ॅण्ड स्थितप्रज्ञ’ या पुस्तकामागील प्रेरणा.. पण बाजारात मिळणाऱ्या ‘सेल्फ हेल्प’ पुस्तकांपेक्षा ते नक्कीच निराळेसुखसमाधानामागील तत्त्वविचाराची चर्चा करणारेतत्त्वज्ञानअभ्यासाच्या पुस्तकाची स्वतलेखिकेनेच करून दिलेली ही ओळख..

‘सेपियन्स अ‍ॅण्ड स्थितप्रज्ञ’ या नुकत्याच प्रसिद्ध झालेल्या पुस्तकात भगवद्गीतेत श्रीकृष्णाने अर्जुनाला केलेला उपदेश आणि स्टॉइक तत्त्वज्ञ सेनेका (इ. स. पूर्व ४ – इ. स. ६५) याने मांडलेली तात्त्विक भूमिका अशा दोन पौर्वात्य व पाश्चिमात्य तात्त्विक विचारसरणींचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास केलेला आहे. हा अभ्यास एक आदर्श व्यक्ती कशी असावी, या संकल्पनेवर आधारित आहे. हे पुस्तक जरी नुकतेच प्रसिद्ध झाले असले, तरी हा अभ्यास २००२ मध्ये पुणे विद्यापीठात पीएच.डी.चा प्रबंध म्हणून मान्य झाला होता. त्याचाच हा सारांश. हे पुस्तक नव्याने प्रसिद्ध करण्यामागे दोन उद्देश होते : एक तर या अभ्यासाला उजाळा मिळावा आणि अन्य अभ्यासकांच्या नजरेत हे काम पडावे; त्याचप्रमाणे यात सांगितलेल्या गोष्टी आणि तत्त्वे जास्तीत जास्त लोकांना वाचण्यास मिळावीत व ही जीवनावश्यक मूल्ये आचरणात आणण्याची प्रेरणा मिळून लोकांना आपले जीवन जास्तीत जास्त सुखी-समाधानी आणि संतुलित जगण्याचा मार्ग दिसावा.

पहिल्या शतकात होऊन गेलेल्या सेनेका या रोमन तत्त्ववेत्त्याचे लेखन स्टॉइक परंपरेला अनुसरून तर होतेच; पण त्याची स्वतची विचारसरणी आणि शैलीही फार वाखाणण्याजोगी होती. गीतेच्या तत्त्वज्ञानात श्रीकृष्णाने खचलेल्या अर्जुनाला रणांगणावर केलेला उपदेश आणि क्रूर राजा नीरोच्या दहशतीखाली अतिशय वाईट परिस्थितीत जगणाऱ्या लोकांना सेनेकाने दिलेला सल्ला यात बरेचसे साधर्म्य आहे. सेनेका जरी व्यवसायाने नीरोचा सल्लागार होता, तरी त्याचे तत्त्वज्ञान आणि लिखाण हे सर्व समाजासाठी आणि सर्वसामान्य लोकांसाठी होते. श्रीकृष्ण हे विष्णूचे अवतार समजले जातात. त्यामुळे त्यांची आणि सेनेका या तत्त्वज्ञाची तुलना होऊ शकत नाही. परंतु गीतेतील दुसऱ्या अध्यायात सांगितलेली ‘स्थितप्रज्ञा’ची लक्षणे आणि स्टॉइक तत्त्ववेत्त्यांनी सांगितलेली ‘सेपियन्स’ची लक्षणे यात मात्र जरूर साधर्म्य आढळते.

कुठल्याही काळात जगताना कायम काही प्रश्न उभे राहतात. महत्त्वाचा प्रश्न असतो की, सुखी आणि समाधानी जीवन कसे जगावे? मग असे जीवन जगण्यासाठी आपले वागणे शिस्तबद्ध कसे असावे? सद्गुणांची जोपासना कशी करावी? विचारांती निर्णय कसे घ्यावेत? हे आणि असे उपप्रश्न डोळ्यांसमोर येतात. प्राचीन काळापासून अनेक विचारवंतांनी यावर बराच अभ्यास केला आणि एक समृद्ध समाज निर्माण करण्यासाठी एका आदर्श व्यक्तीचे स्वरूप कसे असावे, हा विचार मांडला. त्यांचे विचार आज आधुनिक काळातही आपल्याला मार्गदर्शक ठरू शकतात, हा विचार या पुस्तकात मांडलेला आहे.

पौर्वात्य आणि पाश्चिमात्य अशा वरवर अगदी भिन्न वाटणाऱ्या संकल्पनांमध्ये साधर्म्य शोधून आपल्याला यातून काय शिकता येईल याचा विचार आपण केला तर बऱ्याच गोष्टींचा उलगडा होऊ शकतो. यासाठी कुठल्या धर्माचे, परंपरेचे किंवा धार्मिकतेचे बंधन न राहता, हा ज्ञानमार्ग सर्वाना उपलब्ध होतो. सुखाचा शोध आपण सगळेच जण सर्व काळ करत असतो; परंतु त्याचे उत्तर मात्र बऱ्याचदा आपल्या हातून निसटून जाते. कदाचित या तुलनात्मक अभ्यासाद्वारे त्याचे उत्तरही आपल्याला मिळू शकेल, अशी मी आशा करते.


आदर्श व्यक्तीला ग्रीक आणि लॅटिन लेखक ‘सेपियन्स’ म्हणतात, तर संस्कृतमध्ये त्याला ‘स्थितप्रज्ञ’ म्हटले जाते. सेपियन्स या संकल्पनेची सुरुवात सॉक्रेटिस नावाच्या युगपुरुषापासून ग्रीक तत्त्वज्ञानात चालू झाली. लोक त्याला आणि त्याच्या विचारांना आदर्श मानायचे. त्याचा प्रभाव झेनो नावाच्या स्टॉइक विचारवंतावर होऊन त्याने आणि इतर स्टॉइक विचारवंतांनी त्यावर बरीच चर्चा आणि लेखन केले. सेनेका हा त्यांपैकीच एक. स्टॉइक तत्त्वज्ञांची परंपरा इ.स.पूर्व ३०० सालापासून इ.स. १८० सालापर्यंत चालू राहिली. त्यांनी- सद्गुणांद्वारे सुख कसे मिळवावे, हा विचार मांडला. खरे तर समाजामध्ये त्यांच्याबद्दल बरेच अपसमज, गैरसमज आहेत. त्यापैकी एक असा की, ‘स्टॉइकांना सुखशांतीपेक्षा अलिप्तपणा फार महत्त्वाचा वाटतो.’ पण असे नसून, ‘अलिप्त राहून आपल्याला सुखशांती कशी मिळवता येईल’ याबद्दल त्यांनी विचार मांडले. आता हा आदर्श माणूस कोण आणि कसा, तर तो सॉक्रेटिससारखा, शास्त्रांची जाण असलेला, विचाराने वागणारा, सद्गुणी, विचाराअंती निर्णय घेणारा, दुसऱ्याचाही विचार करणारा आणि विचारांवर सत्ता गाजवणारा विचारवंत, ज्याची वैचारिक सत्ता एखाद्या राजाच्या सत्तेसारखी अमर्याद असते. तो किंवा ती समाजाची धुरा वाहणारे असतात. त्यांचे वागणे-बोलणे अतिशय तर्कसंगत आणि सुसंबद्ध असते. त्यांचे विचार रूढी-परंपरा आणि तात्कालिक जनरीतींपेक्षा वेगळे असले तरी नीतिमत्तेला धरून असतात आणि त्यांच्या प्रत्येक गोष्टीचे समर्थन त्यांच्याकडे असते, जे पटण्यासारखे असते. उदाहरणार्थ, जेव्हा महात्मा गांधींनी अिहसक पद्धतीने स्वातंत्र्याचा लढा द्यायचा ठरवला, तेव्हा त्याचे स्वरूप बाकी लढय़ांपेक्षा वेगळे पण समर्थनीय होते. मार्टिन ल्यूथर किंग (ज्यु.) यांनी जेव्हा वंशवादाविरुद्ध अमेरिकी जनतेला जागृत केले आणि लढय़ासाठी प्रवृत्त केले, त्यातून त्यांची दूरदृष्टी दिसून आली. अशी इतिहासात बरीच उदाहरणे आढळतात. सॉक्रेटिस किंवा सेनेका यांना जेव्हा त्यांच्या विचारांसाठी आणि शिकवणीसाठी मृत्यूला सामोरे जावे लागले, तेव्हा ते धर्याने सामोरे गेले. अशी माणसे आयुष्यात चुकत नाहीत, त्यांच्याकडे पाहून आपल्याला दिव्यत्वाची प्रचीती येते आणि म्हणून ती अमर होतात.

पण हे करण्यासाठी त्यांना कुठला मार्ग चोखाळावा लागतो, याचे वर्णनही स्टॉइसिझममध्ये आणि सेनेकांच्या लेखनात आढळते. त्यासाठी सेपियन्सला किंवा अशा ज्ञानी माणसाला पुढील बाबींचा नेहमीच अंगीकार करायला लागतो. उदाहरणार्थ : जीवनाचे ध्येय समजून घेणे, स्वतचे भावविश्व समजून घेणे, स्वतची काळजी घेणे, सद्गुण अंगीकारणे, तटस्थ राहणे आणि तद्नुषंगाने योग्य वागणूक ठेवून सुखशांतीचा लाभ घेणे. याबरोबरच भावनांच्या आहारी न जाणे, तडकाफडकी निर्णय न घेता विचारांतीच निर्णय घेणे, योग्य विचार करून मगच योग्य कृतीला अनुमोदन देणे ही तत्त्वे नेहमी पाळावी लागतात. मौजमजा, प्रकृतिस्वास्थ्य, सौंदर्य आणि संपत्ती या गोष्टी वरवर सुखदायी समजल्या गेल्या असल्या, तरी स्टॉइक्स त्या गौण मानतात. तसेच इतर काही सर्वमान्य दु:खदायी गोष्टीही ते गौण मानतात. दारिद्रय़, व्याधींमुळे वा इतर काही सामाजिक त्रासामुळे खचून न जाता त्यांना गौण मानून, त्यांवर मात करून आपले जीवनकार्य नेहमी चालू ठेवावे असे ते मानतात.

ही जरी आदर्श व्यक्तीची लक्षणे असली तरी ही सर्वाना लागू पडतात आणि जेव्हा जेव्हा आपण ही मूल्ये आचरणात आणू, तेव्हा तेव्हा ती आपल्याला लाभदायकच ठरतात. या मूल्यांच्या अनुकरणाने आदर्श व्यक्ती नेहमीच सुखी, शांत आणि समाधानी राहते. पण आपण सगळ्यांनीच ही मूल्ये अंगीकारून जगण्याचा प्रयत्न केला तर आपण एक शांत आणि समाधानी जीवन जगण्यासाठीची वाटचाल करू हे निर्विवाद आहे.


स्थितप्रज्ञ या संकल्पनेचा उल्लेख सर्वप्रथम आढळतो तो उपनिषदांमध्ये. गीतेच्या दुसऱ्या अध्यायात भगवान कृष्णांनी जी स्थितप्रज्ञ-लक्षणे सांगितली आहेत, त्यावरून आपल्या लक्षात येते की, स्थितप्रज्ञ व्यक्ती नेहमी स्वधर्माचे पालन करून कुशलतेने आपले काम चोख पुरे करते, जय-पराजय किंवा फायदा-तोटा याला सारखेच महत्त्व देते, आनंदाने हुरळून जात नाही वा दुखात होरपळून निघत नाही- दोन्ही समान मानून कशातही गुंतून राहत नाही. अशा वागण्याने ती व्यक्ती मन:शांती मिळवते. अशा व्यक्तीस अहंकाराऐवजी जगाच्या कल्याणास महत्त्व द्यावेसे वाटते. आपल्या सदसद्बुद्धीचा वापर करून अशी व्यक्ती ज्ञानयोगी होते आणि आपल्या सद्विचाराने व सत्कर्माने कर्मयोगी होते. कठोपनिषदात सांगितल्याप्रमाणे, ‘एखादा सारथी जसा रथ योग्य मार्गाने उचित ठिकाणी नेतो, त्याप्रमाणे आपल्या बुद्धीचे सारथ्य पत्करून आपले जीवनही आपण सुखी आणि समाधानी करू शकतो. ज्या व्यक्तीची बुद्धी स्थिर आहे, ती व्यक्ती स्थितप्रज्ञ असून अशी व्यक्ती मोक्ष मिळवते.’


भगवद्गीता आणि सेनेकाचा स्टॉइसिझम या दोन्ही तत्त्वज्ञानांत खालीलप्रमाणे समान विचारधारा आढळतात : आदर्श व्यक्ती नेहमी विचारवंत आणि सद्गुणी असते. विचारांती निर्णय घेतल्यामुळे तिचा निर्णय योग्य असतो. तो निर्णय समजावून सांगण्याची पात्रता त्या व्यक्तीत असते. सद्विचार आणि सत्कर्म यामुळे त्यांच्या आचारात आणि विचारांत फरक नसतो. विचार व कृतीतल्या सुसंगतीमुळे त्यांची मनशांती ढळत नाही. सद्गुणी व्यक्ती नेहमी सत्कर्माची कास धरते, त्यामुळे त्यांच्यामध्ये देवत्वाची छटा दिसू लागते. सुख म्हणजे काय तर योग्य वेळेला योग्य विचार करून तो आचरणात आणणे. त्या न्यायाने सद्गुणी व्यक्ती ही नेहमीच सुखी व्यक्ती असते.

आता यात फरक काय आढळतोहेही पाहू :

स्टॉइसिझमचा भर नीतिमत्तेचे पालन करून चांगले जीवन जगण्यावर आहे. गीतेमध्ये नीतिमत्ता तर सांगितली आहेच, पण त्यापुढे जाऊन मोक्षापर्यंत जाण्याचा विचारही आहे. योगस्थ, समाधिस्थ किंवा स्वधर्म या कल्पना सेनेकाच्या लेखनात आढळत नाहीत.

मग सेनेका कशासाठी?

मात्र, सेनेकाने भावनांचा निचरा करण्याची जी शिकवण दिली आहे, किंवा भावनांवर नियंत्रण मिळवण्यासाठी जे सर्व लोकांना उपयोगी पडणारे विविध मार्ग सांगितले आहेत, ते आपल्याला इतरत्र क्वचितच आढळतात. उदाहरणार्थ ते म्हणतात की, क्रोधामुळे आपलेच नुकसान जास्त होते, म्हणून क्रोध न करता न्याय करावा, जेणेकरून स्वत:वर वा इतरांवरही अन्याय होणार नाही. गीतेमध्येदेखील क्रोधाने मनुष्याचा सर्वनाश होतो व तो कसा होतो, हा विचार मांडला आहे. दुखात बुडून न जाता सृष्टीचा निर्णय मानून अटळ घटनांचा स्वीकार करावा आणि कुठल्याही प्रकारे आपली बुद्धी ढळू देऊ नये.

आपल्या भावनांवर आपल्या विचारांचे नियंत्रण असते. आपले विचार बदलले तर आपल्या भावनांवर नियंत्रण मिळवणे सोपे जाईल. असा आधुनिक विचार जो मानसशास्त्रात आढळतो, तो सोप्या पद्धतीने सांगून सर्वसामान्यांना आदर्शपणाकडे कशी वाटचाल करता येईल आणि त्यामुळे लोकांची आणि समाजाची उंची कशी वाढेल, समाज कसा एकत्र येईल, याबद्दल समजून घेतले तर आपल्या सर्वानाच आयुष्य समजून घेऊन ते सुखी-समाधानी करणे कदाचित सोपे होईल.

सेपियन्स ॅण्ड स्थितप्रज्ञ

लेखिका : अश्विनी मोकाशी

प्रकाशक : डीकेप्रिंटवर्ल्ड प्रालि.

पृष्ठे३३ + १८७किंमत : ८०० रुपये



Mr. Jagdish Mehendale


VP, Business Development for North-America region. Salzer Electronics

  • E-MBA (Specialization in International Management and E-Business System Management)
  • QMS (ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor)
  • PGDSM – P. G. in Systems Management (Information Technology)
  • B. Sc. Phys. From University of Mumbai
  • VP, Business Development


A strategic, organized and results oriented business development professional having focus on business development, client engagement and customer relationship management. Experience and expertise include developing long-term mutually exclusive harmonious customer relations, building credibility, creating high performance team.


– Developing key accounts with Fortune 500 Organizations

– Ability to build credibility and long-term business relationships

– Excellence in analyzing and conceptualizing solutions to business challenges

– Expertise in negotiating and closing sales contracts valued over a million dollars

– Strong administering, prioritizing, delegating, coordinating and resource management skills

– Proficient in MS Office, Pick-Universe based ERP, Salesforce CRM, Maximizer CRM, EDI and ARIBA E-Procurement software.

– RABQSA Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001:2008

– E-MBA with Specialization in International Management & E-Business Systems Management

Socio-Cultural activities:-

  • Rotary International – Senior Active Member and Past President of my Home Town Rotary Club (RC) in Dombivali, Maharashtra India in year 1998-99.
  • Marathi Bhashik Mandal, Toronto – Active member. Served one year as a member of Executive Committee (EC) and four years as a member of Advisory Committee (AC), I was AC Chairperson in 2015.
  • Halton Multicultural Council Inc – Was a member for over 6 years from 2006. Conducted Computer Training program for Immigrants

Jagish was born in 1965  at Dombivali , Maharashtra India.

Father:- Govind Dhondo Mehendale

Mother’s name – Vidya Govind Mehendale

School – Adarsha Vidyalaya, Dombivli

Collage – K. V. Pendharkar College, Dombivli

Jagdish says, “ I started my career as an entrepreneur after my post-graduation in Systems Management. Started my own IT company by name “Computrade” primarily giving services like computer training, software development and consultancy in 1988. Did this business for over 12 years and then got an opportunity to come to US for operating similar business in 2000. Worked as a CEO for Hauser Infotech in San Jose, California.

Due to some family requirements, left US and came to Toronto, Canada and started working as a VP – Business Development for Intrepid. Was working for Intrepid for about 11-12 years and then joined recent organization Salzer Electronics working as VP, Business Development for North-America region. I am looking forward to starting my own consulting firm in near future.”

“I have always been connected and associated with some or the other voluntary/social organizations. I am considering rejoining my Rotary activities and will try to do more of joint projects with both countries.

Jagdish lives in Toronto with his  wife Shubhangi and son Tejas .


LinkedIn –


Mr. Makarand Utpat

New York

New Jersey Institute of Technology: Masters in Computer & Information Sciences

Walchand Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering

Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author *Supercharge Your Online Brand

Makarand is a renowned marketing and media consultant, social entrepreneur, speaker and a best-selling author. Makarand also acts as a mentor and advisor to the college grads, seasoned professionals and the local business owners in New Jersey/ NYC area. Makarand’s story is an inspirational one. It is about hope and optimism and coming out ahead as a winner after finding his back against the wall.

Makarand says, “I am an immigrant who came to US 20+ years back with a leap of faith and aspirations to get a higher education. I washed dishes, waited tables and delivered newspapers. Life teaches you the toughest lessons in hard times.”

“I was not the tallest dude on the block nor I bagged the gold medals by scoring high marks in the exams nor I was the fastest. While growing up, I shared 320 Sq ft tiny apartment with my parents, siblings and grandma.”

“I grew up in a town that was right next to the 3rd largest slum in the world. So, poverty was not a novelty for me. I know what it feels like to be an outcast and denied.”

“English was my 2nd language. My parents instilled virtues like respect and character. Little by little, everything adds up.”

“I believe that the scarcities I experienced and the circumstances I grew up in prepared me to achieve bigger goals. It allowed me to create unique perspective towards life, success, failure, and winning.”

Speaking Gigs, Consulting:
* Planning Your Online Business, Website Design
* Marketing Audits, Social Ads
* Become Your Own Platform
* Conquer Your Content
* Lead Generation, Traffic, Conversion Strategies
* Developing Influence and Authority
* Power of Gratitude, Abundance and Empathy
* How Success Happens



Mr. Ameet Joshi


Data Science Manager

Machine Learning Scientist / Author

  • Ph.D Electrical Engineering,  Michigan State University

Research Areas for Doctoral Thesis: Signal processing and analysis for nondestructive electromagnetic (magnetic flux leakage, eddy current) inspection of gas transmission pipelines and heat exchange tubes in nuclear power plants.

  • M.S Computer Engineering, Michigan State University
  • B.E. Electronics Engineering, Mumbai University

Dr. Ameet is a Computer Scientist at heart and likes to apply innovative Machine Learning techniques in cutting edge technology forefront to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.
As a Data Science Manager at Customer Intelligence Platform for Dynamics, he leads the development of customer focused ML models.

Dr. Ameet is proficient in Sanskrit.

Dr, Ameet is past President of Seattle Maharashtra Mandal


Mr. Sachin Sachin


Owner, Yoga Nature: Integrated Wellness Centers of America, Integrative Medicine & Wellness Consultant

Dr. Sachin has a calming presence and a gentle, effective way of strengthening his yoga students’ minds and bodies. His deep knowledge of the Ayurvedic way of life and willingness to share it make him an excellent teacher and trainer


  • Fundamentals of Maharishi Ayurveda
  • A Practical Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies ( Marathi – Indian Language)


Sachin Deshmukh trained as a physician in India in the practice of Integrative and Holistic Medicine for over a decade. He was Departmental Chair of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, focusing on an Integrative, Holistic approach to Health which included other supporting modalities such as Yoga and Meditation, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Massage and other Allied Therapies in a General and Cancer Hospital in Pune, India.( He is not a licensed physician in USA.)

  • Integrative Ayurveda Training for Health Professionals, Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America: Professional Certification Program, November 2013 to present.
  • Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) at UC Berkeley CA – a 9 week programin conjunction with the Stanford Center for Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)  2014
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, (DSH Medical College, University of Pune, India)
  • Diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda (Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth University, Pune India),
  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy (AIYRF- All India Yoga Research Foundation, Mumbai)
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine (Indian Institute of Naturopathy, Calcutta).
  • Diploma in Naturopathy (Indian Institute of Naturopathy, Calcutta).
  • Certification: YMCA Group Exercise, Healthy Lifestyles Principles, YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Instructor Certification, YM|CA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Instructor- BPSM, and many others.

He comes from a lineage of Great Yoga Masters. As a child, he was influenced by Spiritual Maestros of different schools of thought. He grew up with philosophies culled from the Ancient Scriptures on how to live the good life. He sought to integrate this time- tested knowledge with modern science, making it applicable to daily life.

He also taught workshops and gave lectures for Corporations, (HRD Centers) and has helped many individuals with Diabetes, Heart Disease and other conditions. He teaches course on Healthy Eating and Ayurvedic Cooking, Life- style Modifications, the Classical Limbs of Yoga, which encompass Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, Kriyas, Chanting & Nada-Yoga, and Meditation.

He maintains a Private Practice and works as the Chief Editor of an Annual Journal devoted to Integrative Medicine and Wellness.

Sachin is founding member of Integrated Wellness Centers of America, which started in Houston, Texas, where multidisciplinary physicians and wellness professionals come together to bridge the gap between East and West and provide time-tested practical approaches to the use of evidence-based Integrative Holistic Modalities.

Sachin is affiliated with North-West YMCA, Cupertino, CA, USA where he offers regular Yoga Sessions few times a week and periodical community education programs on Health and Wellness. Instrumental in Launching joint programs, for example with Stanford such as Living Strong Living Well for Cancer Patients.

He offers Yoga , Meditation  and Ayurveda Sessions at the Indian Community Center in Milpitas, CA, USA

Member, Wellness Committee at South Asian Heart Center, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA USA

He also offers regular Workshops on topics related to Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Stress Management, Integrative Medicine, Health and Wellness.

List of Presentations:

  • East West Book store(Mountain View CA)
  • YMCA staff Education Programs
  • The Core Clinic (San Jose, CA)
  • De Anza College(Cupertino CA), IBM-Hitachi (San Jose CA),AFPS( Alliance of Fitness and Professional Services), Samaritan Health Center Campbell CA, Schobers club, San Jose CA, K-Sai Holistic Living, Yoga of Los Altos CA, Core Fitness Willow glen CA, Natural Traditions Palo Alto CA ( I can add list of many  other locations)
  • Stanford , San Jose State University
  • RatnaLinga Retreat Center
  • Partner Manager/team captain – Peace in the Park SF
  • Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills



Mrs. Archana Joglekar

New York

  • Director Archana Nirtyalaya
  • Founder-director: SAMVED Exam board of Music & Dance for North America Continent
  • Actor, Writer,
  • Kathak Dancer/choreographer/ Director & producer
  • A multi-talented versatile person who is perfectionist to the core.
  • A selfless Indian Cultural Ambassador in USA

Having lived a very high profile career as an actress, writer, director & producer of various TV serials and films and as classical Kathak dancer in India. After representing India as cultural ambassador at International music & dance festivals like Reikyawik, Iceland and performing before many Presidents and prime ministers and Ambassadors of various countries…

Archana had carved a nich for herself as a fine actor in Bollywood, since late 80s, having worked in many Hindi Movies and TV serials in lead roles. Her performances were appreciated with many Best actress and critics awards. Having worked with legendary directors like Hrishikesh Mukherjee and co stars like Rajnikant, Amir Khan, Shekhar Suman, Rekha, Raj Babbar, Jitendra and many others, Archana left her own mark in every role she played.

She was chosen to play the title role of “ Fulwanti” .. a govt. of India commissioned TV serial based on real life story of a classical dancer from 18th century. This serial was produced by Lata Mangeshkar and Usha Mangeshkar. Archana was also dance director of this epic.

Archana has worked with NTR (the Superstar of Telgu Films and twice Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) for his film “Vishwamitra” where she played the role of “ Shakuntala”.

Besides Hindi Films, Archana also did lead roles in Marathi, Oriya, Bangla and Tamil Films

Archana continued her journey in USA since 1999….

After arriving in USA on the east coast, in 1999, Archana noticed that among all the Indians, the only entertainment is Bollywood movie songs. Be it social parties or in house get together. And that had manifested into Indo-American cultural festivals too. So many times it was evident that Americans had started taking Bollywood culture and songs as Indian culture.

Despite of being part of Bollywood herself…Archana would often say to herself – ‘ it so NOT true” Our cultural heritage is so ancient , so rich, so spiritual, so deep. How can it be written off by few songs from Hindi movies. Indian Classical Art forms are and will always remain the mirror of our ancient culture.

Archana started her work right at the grass root level….

To create awareness about our true Indian  ancient culture, Indian classical art forms and motivate Indian origin children, born in US (who are so totally American in their upbringing,) Archana worked on many fronts.

  • Archana Nrityalaya – The kathak Dance Academy was founded in USA in 1999 . Here Archana offers extensive training in Kathak. It does not limit to learning Kathak, but expand to learning Sanskrit shlokas, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Krishna Charitra and so many details of our ancient culture, making all the students truly understand our culture and feel proud about it.
  • Archana formed a non-profit charity organization “ MADHYAM” to promote Indian classical art forms. Thru MADHYAM she started Gandharva festival of music and dance since 2005. She created a team of selflessly working volunteers, including herself who are classical art loves and end up giving their endless working hours to put this together. Madhyam also created another event “ Rhythm of Life” a special program where all young students present classical art forms before receptive audience. This is staged every alternate year.
  • Archana , formed SAMVED CONSERVATORY OF INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC & DANCE – A well-established exam board with highly qualitative and diligent curriculum and exams for all Indina classical art forms. Teachers across the country are affiliated and benefited due to this board. Extensive guidance, training and help is extended to all the teachers who are teaching Indian classical vocal, Tabla, Sitar, Kathak, Bhrat-natyam. Thru SAMVED  made this curriculum available, provided them with all the information and motivated them to let their students learn in a proper structured format.  There are more than 300 students of various teachers from various cities like, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pensylvania, Pittsburge, Dallas, Huston, North Carolina, Chicago.,all over USA taking exams of various art forms through SAMVED.
  • Archana was invited by Princeton University to teach Kathak in the year 2006, 2007 and  2010 . This is first time ever, the top most Ivy league University had officially launched  Indian classical art form as subject and Archana had been honored to be the first to  teach Kathak at Princeton University, besides conducting lecture-demonstrations for University students at various times
  • Archana’s own Kathak dance Academy – “ Archana Nrityalaya “ which has earned name as the most  prestigious Kathak Dance Academy on the east coast where parents wait for a period of 6 months to one year for admission of their child. Various other Kathak teachers who have limited knowledge of Kathak come down to New Jersey to take advance training from her.

Awards , Titles and Honors :

  1. Honored by New Jersey Democratic Party for her cultural contribution to society – by Governor John Corzaine & Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula —  May 2009
  1. Honored by Consule General of India, New York 2014, 2nd May, for cultural contribution to society and as an outstanding artist.



Dr. Bhuvan Unhelkar


Professor of Information Technology, Univ. of South Florida

Bhuvan Unhelkar  has more than two decades of strategic as well as hands-on professional experience in the information and communi­cations technologies (ICT) industry.

Dr. Unhelkar currently leads the IT Department at the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee campus. As a founder of Method Science and PLATiFi, he has demonstrated consulting and training expertise in big data (strategies), business analysis (use cases, BPMN), software engineering (object modeling, Agile processes, and quality), collaborative Web services, green IT (environment), and mobile business. Dr. Unhelkar’s domain experience includes banking, financial, insurance, government, and telecommunications.

Dr. Unhelkar has designed, developed, and customized a suite of industrial courses, which have been regularly delivered to business executives and IT professionals globally, including those in Australia, US, UK, China, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

He is also a specialist distance tutor for the Australian Computer Society and Australian Catholic University. Dr. Unhelkar’s thought leadership is reflected through multiple Cutter Executive Reports, various journals, and 21 books, including Big Data Strategies for Agile Business and The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for Projects and Organizations.

He is passionate about coach­ing senior executives; training, reskilling, and mentoring professionals (i.e., business analysts, Agile practitioners, testers); forming centers of excellence; and creating SFIA-based assessment frameworks to support these initiatives. Dr. Unhelkar was the recipient of Computerworld’s Object Developer Award (1995), the Consensus IT Professional Award (2006), and the IT Writer Award (2010).

Dr. Unhelkar earned his PhD in the area of object orientation from the University of Technology, Sydney. Subsequently, he designed multiple industrial and master’s degree courses in such areas as global information systems, Agile method engineering, object-oriented analysis and design, and business process reengineering and new technology alignment, which he has delivered to universities in Australia, US, China, and India.

Dr. Unhelkar has also supervised PhD research and presented/published numerous papers and case studies.

His current industrial research interests include Agile business analysis (CAMS and avoiding method friction), big data, and environmentally responsible business strategies.

  • Unhelkar holds a Certificate-IV in TAA and TAE
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP of the IIBA).
  • Engaging and sought-after speaker;
  • Fellow of the Australian Computer Society (for distinguished contribution to the field of ICT);
  • Life member of the Computer Society of India;
  • President of Rotary Club of Sarasota Sunrise (Florida)
  • Multiple Paul Harris Fellow,
  • Discovery volunteer at NSW parks and wildlife;
  • Member of the Society for Design and Process Science;
  • TiE Mentor.


Current Status:

Working on my 22nd Book – all in the areas of Information Technology

Childhood / Young Days:

Shreyas Vidyalaya, Vadodara, Gujarat. Son of Shri Krishnarao V. Unhelkar, who retired as Station Master, Indian Railways, Vadodara.

Beginning of Career:

Started as Graduate Trainee Engineer in Telco, Pune. (Information Systems). Career influence= Shri S. D. Pradhan (ex Telco Boss, Pune)

Till today:

  • 29 years in Sydney, Australia; Consultant and Academic
  • last 4+ years at USF Sarasota-Manatee, Florida.


Bring to bear the ancient wisdom of India in the field of Information Technologies; express Thought-Leadership through books, conferences and papers; Mentor next generations globally.


Wife= Asha (originally Velankar from Satara, MH). Two children.




Not limit yourself to being a Marathi or an Indian; World is your stage! Being Marathi is a starting point, not the end-point. Struggling to succeed is a waste of time and energy. Go Direct.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • Fellow of Australian Computer Society (FACS; Elected) 2002-
  • IEEE Senior Member 2017-
  • Life Member of Computer Society of India 2004-
  • Life Member of Baroda Management Association, India 2011-
  • D. Supervisions (7);
  • D. External Examinations (8);
  • Books (20; Scholarly=16, Textbooks=4);
  • Journal Papers (32);
  • Journal Editor (3);
  • Executive Reports (16);
  • Executive Updates (14);
  • Book Chapters (42);
  • Workshops & Tutorials (20);
  • Conference Papers & Presentations (94);
  • Other Publications, Interviews and Presentations (22).
  • Citations January, 2019 (1,024 – with h-index of 16, of which 8 since 2014; and i10-index of 24, of which 6 since 2014)



Mr. Vrushal Rakshe

New York

I have been certified by BioPharma Institute (NJ) for a professional designation in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Quality Control in Laboratory (GLPs) & Basic Statistics for Quality Control Laboratory. I also have industry experience which has helped me to get a head start on how things progress in the working environment.

  • • Leading and managing tech transfer of pharmaceutical products by complying with the schedule, cost and quality standards
    • Coordinating with other departments for completion of quality work and achieving the objectives of production management
    • Compiling and reviewing the documents generated during the production of tablets and capsules such as Batch Manufacturing Records, Batch Packaging Records, Process Characterization and Validation Protocols
    • Managing performance and train assigned employees using company systems, procedures, policies, practices, and other tools to meet established performance standards, productivity targets, and overall business requirements
    •Tracking Project key deliverables and reporting on progress of the project to all stakeholders See less



Mr. Sanjay Vaze


Founder and President of eSense Incorporated


  • Expert in IT governance, SDLC methodologies, process improvement with over 25 years of experience
    • Played key role on the PMO of a $1.4 billion IT business re-engineering project
    • Extensive experience in RFP development, vendor selection,vendor contract negotiations
    • Extensive experience with advanced planning documents, budget, cost allocation to secure Federal funding for State projects
    • Track record of successfully taking control of faltering projects, boosting staff morale, managing expectations & winning customer confidence
    • Effective leader who can proactively manage risk, infuse new ideas & deliver solid business results
    • Recognized for ability to partner with business & technical teams to lead complex projects to successful implementation
    • Extensive experience managing large projects & contracts involving software development, integration, process improvement in public sector and private sector

Honors , Certifications and Special Achievements:
Received numerous academic & professional certifications from eminent organizations including:
1. M.S., Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India
2. Ranked 1st in the national level Math Olympiad conducted by IIT, Bombay
3. Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI)
4. Certified Scrum Master
5. Six Sigma Gold Belt
6. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – MCSE
7. Sun Certified Java Programmer
8. IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Unified Process
9. IBM Certified Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Associate
10. IBM Certified Business Process Analyst -WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced
11. IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Requirements Management with Use Cases
12. IBM Certified Administrator for Rational Unified Change Management
13. IBM Certified Administrator for Rational ClearQuest
14. IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Test Management & Robot
15. IBM Certified Professional for Rational Portfolio Manager
16. IBM Certified Specialist for Rational Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Social and Cultural:

Sanjay Vaze is President Maharashtra Sneha Mandal Indiana, since January 2019.

eSense Inc:-

About the company:
eSense is a consulting and service firm specializing in Information Technology and Business Process Reengineering. The company partners with clients and enables them to achieve their business goals using technology. eSense enable clients to envision and implement an optimal business model to achieve their objectives, improve organizational and operational performance.
eSense Inc clients include many Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies across the US


Mr. Girish Godbole


President and CEO at Technosoft Engineering Projects Limited

Girish is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive with 25 years of experience in engineering services, engineering software, IT services, M&A advisory and strategy consulting, with a proven track record of leadership, vision, and execution skills.


Prior to joining Technosoft Engineering, Girish founded and led (2006-2013) CEO Ally, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based management consulting company that specializes in M&A advisory, and strategy advisory for growth, profitability and globalization in engineering and IT services industries.

From 1996 to 2004, Girish was the CEO of Integral Strategies, Inc. (ISI), a Pittsburgh-based software services company, which he co-founded in 1996. Under his leadership, ISI received several accolades, including the prestigious standing as “Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America”, while Girish was recognized as a finalist in the “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award”. Girish also co-founded Ventive, LLC, a software product company, and served as its President from 2000 to 2004. From 2004 to 2006, Girish served as President with UBICS, Inc, successfully executing the merger of ISI with UBICS, and leading the combined company to greater profitability and growth.

In 1994-95, Girish led a successful turn-around of ailing Salem Automation. Prior to that, he founded Adaptive Software Technologies, an engineering software services company, and served as its President from 1992 to 1994.

Girish holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bombay, an MS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Girish is a Charter Member and a former President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of TiE, a global network of entrepreneurs and professionals that fosters entrepreneurship.

Specialties: M&A advisory for technology companies, strategy advisory for growth and globalization, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, US-India business advisory


MS Computer Science University of Pittsburgh

MSChE Chemical Engineering University of Pittsburgh

Chem. Eng. University of Mumbai

Positions Held

President and CEO: Technosoft Engineering Projects Limited Apr 2013 – Present

Founder and CEO: CEO ally, Inc. Sep 2006 – Mar 2013

President: UBICS Oct 2004 – Sep 2006

CEO: Integral Strategies, Inc. Jan 1996 – Sep 2004



Dr. Sudhir Ambekar.


B.Tech Mechanical IIT Mumbai, D.Eng. UC Berkeley

Anand Ganu:  Namaste, Dr. Sudhir Ambekar. I thank you on behalf of Garje Marathi Global for sparing time to speak with us. Your exceptional journey will be truly inspirational to GMG members. Can you tell us about after leading so happening life how are you keeping yourself busy, now?

Sudhir Ambekar: I am currently retired, and tutor high school mathematics and college entrance exams SAT and ACT.  I continue to teach Marathi in the school that we started as a community service in 1986.

Anand Ganu : How was your childhood?

Sudhir Ambekar: I was born on June 7, 1944 in Mumbai.  My father was an automobile engineer and worked for General Motors until it closed down in the early 50’s.  My mother had an M.A. degree, and stayed home to raise five children.  I have an older brother.  Two brothers and a sister are younger than me.  All except me have settled in India.

When I was 10, my father took a job in Hindustan Motors near Kolkata.  I did all my high school education in Hindi High School in Kolkata.  My only exposure to Marathi was what we spoke at home and the letters that I wrote to my grandparents in Mumbai.  In the school, I studied primarily Hindi and English.  We had some excellent science, mathematics and Sanskrit teachers whom I still remember.  They have had a lasting impact on me.  After high school, I went to IIT Powai and did B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering.

Anand Ganu: Why did you decide to come to USA?

Sudhir Ambekar: After graduating from IIT, I worked as an engineer in a small manufacturing company in Thane for about a year, then came to Berkeley, California in 1966 for higher education.  Some of my classmates were already at Berkeley.  They made the transition easier.  I worked as Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant to pay for my education at Berkeley.

After completing mechanical engineering in 1970, I was married to Pradnya Wadgaonkar.  My first job was at Bell Labs in Illinois.  Later in 1978, I moved to Connecticut to work for ITT.  In 1981, I moved back to Bell Labs in New Jersey, a company I retired from in 2002.

Anand Ganu : What led you to start Marathi Vidyalaya ? How many years you are running the Marathi Vidyalaya and how was the journey so far?

Sudhir Ambekar: Our two daughters, Jyoti and Deepa who were born in Illinois, were young school age children when we moved to New Jersey.  Pradnya had spent most of her life in Pune, was instrumental in getting me back into Marathi.  We wanted our children to speak Marathi.  At Pradnya’s urging, we rounded up some of Marathi friends and started Marathi Vidyalaya in 1986 with about eight children.  For many years the venue was our home.  Later as the number of children increased we moved to our local library and then started rotating to students’ homes.  The number of students now is fifty.  The school is held in a temple in Parsippany, New Jersey on alternate Sundays.

Our Marathi school is the oldest in the U.S.  Over the years it has received awards from Marathi  Vishwa – Marathi community organization of New Jersey.  We have also received an award from BMM – Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal.  The most gratifying achievement is that two of our students got foreign language credit for Marathi in their very reputable undergraduate college – this may be a first.  They told the college management that they knew Marathi and passed the Marathi test offered by the college.

Anand Ganu: Can we talk about your family and their contribution to Marathi Vidyalaya?

Sudhir Ambekar: My wife Pradnya, deserves most of the credit for starting Marathi Vidyalaya.  She played a major role in coordinating and managing this operation and still consults with the team that manages the day to day operation of the school.  Since I started teaching, I found out that I love teaching.  As a result, after retirement, I became a certified high school teacher in New Jersey and taught for several years.  The Marathi school also got me into writing.  I quickly realized that teaching Marathi in this country needs to be quite different from the way we were taught in India.  It is like teaching Marathi to American children.  I simplified and re-wrote many stories for teaching children here.  In the early years, I wrote many short plays which our kids staged as part of Diwali celebration.  The plays were written with the ability of the kids playing the characters in mind.  The parents get a lot of credit for organizing and producing the plays.  The tradition still continues.  The plays are now written by other enthusiastic parents.  The children have a chance to learn Marathi and be on stage, an opportunity that children often do not get.

The grandparents of our kids who often visit us, compliment on our efforts to teach Marathi, especially since, they say, it is de-emphasized in Maharashtra.  Children who are reluctant to learn Marathi initially often realize the benefit of being multi-lingual.  The school is now operated by a very dedicated team of people.  I have no doubt that it will continue to flourish.

Our daughters live nearby.  Jyoti is an executive in a reputable New York bank.  Deepa is a New York state criminal judge.  They are both married and have rewarded us with two grandchildren each.

The Marathi school has formed lasting bonds among families and children – a very gratifying collateral benefit.

Anand Ganu : Running Marathi Vidyalaya must have been very demanding. Did it affect your professional career?

Sudhir Ambekar: My first job was at Bell Labs in Illinois.  Later in 1978, I moved to Connecticut to work for ITT.  In 1981, I moved back to Bell Labs in New Jersey, a company I retired from in 2002.

In my engineering career, I have presented technical papers at many professional organization meetings.  I have published two books – SAT Winning Strategies and ACT Winning Strategies.  They are available on Amazon.  I write regularly for ‘Rangadeep’, Diwali publication of Marathi Vishwa, and have received editor’s choice award multiple times.   I have published a collection of these articles in the book – Amma America Maata.

Anand Ganu: Dr. Ambekar thank you for sharing your story with GMG family. I am sure readers will learn lot from this interview.  On behalf of Members of Board of Director of Garje Marathi Global I request your guidance and blessings for our mission. Your active participation will be of immense value to GMG. Namaste.


Mr. Rahul Deshmukh


President & CEO at Flow Dry Technology Inc. Dayton, Ohio Area

Master of Business Administration:  Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School

Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering,  University of Mumbai


Rahul Deshmukh is a highly motivated and customer focused President and General Manager with a proven record of delivering long-term & sustainable profitable growth across global businesses specialized in engineered components, systems and services.

  • Leads with a sharp focus on creating value for customers, an extremely strategic and global mindset and experience to deploy a focused growth strategy with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • An authentic leader, demonstrating the ability to lead a sustained transformation through high performing management teams while leveraging skills in operational excellence, global sales & marketing using integrated multi-channels, innovation through technology and successful development & commercialization of new products.
  • Strong experience in creating value through strategic alliances and acquisition planning, execution & integration.

Rahul has served as President of two operating companies of Dover Corporation over the past 7 years, successfully transforming previously underperforming businesses. He is consistently appointed to lead businesses with complex, global business models. He thrives in the role of a GM delivering superior results as an authentic leader building high performing teams for sustainable and long-term value creation.
Key Capabilities and Demonstrated Experience:
* Strategy Creation, Strategic Planning & Deployment
* Operational Excellence Through Continuous Improvement Culture
* New Product Development & Commercialization
* Global Sales & Marketing
* Integrated Multi-Channel Global Sales Distribution
* P&L and Balance Sheet Management
* Global Acquisition Planning, Execution & Integration
* Leading Change & Building High Performing Teams

Positions Held:

  • President & CEO: Flow Dry Technology Inc. 2015 – Present
  • President: Sargent Aerospace & Defense (Operating Company of Dover Corporation) 2013 – 2014
  • President & General Manager: OPW Fueling Components (Operating Company of Dover Corporation) 2007 – 2013
  • Director, Global Marketing & Strategic Planning: Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. (A Division of Emerson) 2003 – 2007


Mr. Shailesh Manjrekar

San Francisco

Head of AI – Product, Solutions and Corporate Development

Beginning of Career: 

Digital Xformation Business Technologist for Cognitive Era, passionate about its application to various aspects of humanity – work, live, learn, interact

Till today: 

Shailesh started his career as a Research Scientist in Mumbai’s premier Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He worked on India’s 1st MST Radar developed by SAMEER – Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engg. & Research, as part of tthe Digital Signal processing group. The journey took him to work for Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC) in India and Hongkong and then moving to the Silicon valley working for a number of valley tech companies like HP, Brocade, Force10 NetWorks, Adaptec, NetApp and EMC. He has worked on several disruptive technologies and build emerging business as an Engineer, Marketer, Presales and Bus Dev enterpreuner


Mr. Ravi Apte

Fort Worth

Ravi is a creative technologist at heart and feels passionate about bringing value to people & businesses in a way that is intuitive, functional, and empowering. At Left Right Mind, he plays a hands-on role across all undertaken projects ensuring clients receive value.
He takes an intuitive approach to build capability & improving efficiency using technology & design across various technology mediums with an emphasis on user experience.
His interest in software, design, user experience & psychology culminated in the creation of Left Right Mind – a thought & execution partner to companies looking to embrace the digital medium.
Having graduated with honors with a Bachelors & Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas, Ravi has held several engineering positions and is exposed to a broad range of technologies & systems prior to heading Left Right Mind.

Positions Held:

Founder & CEO, Left Right Mind Inc. 2013 – Present

Senior Software Engineer:  KLA-Tencor,  Jan 2008 – Dec 2012

Software Engineer:  KLA-Tencor,  Aug 2004 – Dec 2007

Software Engineer:  John Deere,  Apr 2003 – Sep 2003



Mrs. Pooja Dhupkar

Santa Clara

Publications Manager

Current Status: I am a scientist with extensive research experience in the field of oncology and pharmaceuticals. Currently, I am working as a Publications Manager in the Medical Affairs at a pharma company.

Childhood / Young Days: Mumbai, India

Beginning of Career: I came to US in 2005 to pursue my higher education in research.


Mr. Viraj Phanse

San Francisco

Product Management, Strategy at Oracle
Fellow, Berkeley Angel Network

Prior to this, I led product management for the Analytics, Cloud Integrations and Marketplace initiatives at Inc., a cloud/SaaS based technology platform automating the global immigration process. Recently launched two unique and first of its kind products in the legal tech space- the Docusign-INSZoom integration transforming how law firms sign their documents and increase operational efficiency, and the Zoom DWH, a data sharing managed service transforming how law firms convert data into business assets. Here is a link on the Docusign-INSZoom integration-

  • I am a Rutgers Big Data Advisory Board member
  • I am Fellow and startup selection committee member at Berkeley Angel Network, a leading angel group by UC Berkeley alumni, and a strategic advisor at the Cloud Software Association.

For the past two years, I was invited as a panelist to join about 800 world leaders (including several heads of governments) from 70 countries at Horasis Conference to devise novel ideas to sustain and nurture our development in the future. I was also invited as a speaker at Data Driven Innovation, the largest data and innovation conference in Italy, to present his views on Data Driven Innovation in Legal Tech.

In my free time, I blog actively on product management and business strategy. Here are a few links-

In the past, I was responsible for global strategic alliances at Aerospike Inc., an NEA funded NoSQL database startup, wherein I closely worked with IBM, Amdocs, Nokia, Pivotal, Wipro and HCL, and for digital transformation initiatives, product strategy and business development at Persistent Systems Inc., a $450+ Million Norwest Venture and Intel Capital funded company that IPOed in India in 2010.

I have done my M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA and am an MBA candidate at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

In the past, my research got published in IEEE ICDM Workshop Proceedings, a leading data mining conference and was also recognized as one of the top case studies by Data Mining Case Studies and Practice Prize, an international peer-reviewed workshop highlighting successful real-world applications of data mining along with others by MITRE, Siemens Medical, VISA and others.

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Mr. Vaibhav Joshi


Graduation in Computer Science University of Pune


  • 17+ years of professional IT experience.
    • More than 10+ years in US interacting with IT and business managers at customer site,
    • Played multiple roles: Programmer, Dual Shore Coordinator / Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Scrum Master, Project Manager
    • Out of 16+ years, worked as a programmer, Project leader for about 7 years: Design, development, testing, and implementation of Software applications in various technical areas like Pocket PC, Machine Vision.
    • Worked as a Systems / Business / Technical Analyst / Solutions Architect / Onsite – Offshore Manager / Coordinator for about 8+ years.
    • Certified Scrum Master, worked as a scrum master for about 5+ years.
    • Certified Scrum Product Owner
    • Certified Business Analyst, received a certificate of completion from King Training
    • Microsoft certified professional in Visual Basic 5.0 with a score of 915/1000.
    • Well conversant with Software Quality Processes (SEI-CMM Level 5) and good project execution skills in onsite-offshore development model.
    • Strong technical background: Graduate in pure Computer science (Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction) and postgraduate in computer management with C++ and Software Engineering as specialization, strong VBA and Excel Skills
    • Worked in Telecom, Banking and Finance, Transportation, Retail, and Energy domain
    • Pre-screened BA candidates and helped client fill BA positions – interviewed more than 75+ BA’s for various projects within a time span of year, did mentoring of new BA’s, helped build / create templates used in the Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
    • Currently pursuing courses to get better understanding of Big Data​: Attending online courses on Machine Learning
    Specialties: Certified Scrum Master, Onsite – Offshore Manager/Coordinator, Worked in Agile framework, MCP in VB, Systems Analyst, domain knowledge of Railroad, Shipping and packaging, Retail, Banking, Machine Vision / Image Processing.



Mr. Ravi Joshi

Oklahoma City

Associate Engineer at Phillips 66

Current Status: I am working as an Associate (Research) Engineer in Future and Renewable Fuels area at Phillips 66

Childhood / Young Days: 

I was born and brought up in Satara and completed my education until 12th grade in Satara. I finished high school from Yashwantrao Chavan Institute of Sciences (Satara) and secured admission at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (formerly UDCT/UICT). I was among the first batch of “ICT graduates” and received my Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree in 2013.

Beginning of Career: 

In 2013, I took admission to Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA) for a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. My thesis work was focussed on heterogeneous catalysis, specifically for hydrocarbon conversion.



San Francisco

Broker Real Estate, Investment Advisor (Series 65), Medicare Solutions

On the professional work front, I am licensed to function as a Broker for real estate and mortgage financing in California, provide life and health insurances (annuities and long-term care) and licensed to provide Medicare solutions.
I am passionate about making a difference in the community in the US as well as in India. My mother is an active trustee at Vanasthali Rural Development center in Pune. I support her work by finding donations from the US.
To help local communities, I founded for increasing high school graduation rates and bridging the achievement gap. Please browse the site and reach out to me if interested in becoming involved with K12 Counts.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born in Pune but until 11th grade I was in New Delhi. For 12th and college I came to Pune and attended Brihan Maharastra College of Commerce (BMCC). My Hindi and English teachers in school noticed my flair for writing and encouraged me to write. Later on while at my first job in the US in a computer company, my father challenged me to write a book. I did and went on to co-author 8 tech books which were published by Random House, Prentice Hall and McGraw-Hill.


Advice to young folks. Study or work abroad. Changes the perspective. 

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Mr. Bhushan Dahake

San Francisco

Engineering Leader at Google

Current Status:

Engineering and Product Leader at Google – Provide, support and promote the best project and program management solutions to help Googlers achieve planning and execution excellence.

* Build enterprise program management platform across Alphabet
* Build scalable Integration between program management and other business critical systems
* Provide reporting and insight capabilities across Google’s ecosystem
* Build work management tools to support agile software development lifecycle

Childhood / Young Days:

Place of Birth –  Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Grew up in Thane as part of joint family. One younger brother and two cousins, all of them settled in USA
Completed schooling and all higher education from Thane, Mumbai


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai – 1996-1998
  • Bachelor of Engineering K. J. Somaiya Institute Of Engineering and Information Technology, Mumbai – 1992-1996
  • Associate of Science VPM’s B.N. Bandodkar College of Science, Thane – 1990-1992
  • Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane


Married to Shilpa Dahake and settled in Pleasanton, CA for past 20 years. Two school going kids – Elder son and younger daughter.

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Mr. Deepak Jaware

San Francisco

PMP, SCPM Stanfor University, Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon


► Committed to getting things done by constantly promoting a motivated environment
combined with humor to reduce tension
I am a Technical Program Management leader with strong business acumen rooted in an in-
depth technical background. I possess an ability to motivate teams by cultivating trust in any
project direction.
► I bring complex business models to technical solutions. I enable technical capabilities for
new business models of product solutions for the market by accelerating programs. I build
robust and highly scalable systems by enabling the accurate entitlement of
Cisco’s services and avoid over-delivery without any negative impact on customer satisfaction.
My goal is to have a positive impact on organizational success, to achieve engineering
excellence that converts team strength into building business capabilities and development.
► I understand the bigger picture of what engineering does day-to-day. By helping to grow the
business, I make sure to assign every task to the right owner to ensure on-time completion. I
build relationships with cross functional teams, investing time and energy into effective team
building. I put the effort into understanding the task first, then identifying potential risks and
► I do not panic in difficult scenarios and always work to find the best ways to come out of
unfavorable situations. I make excellent connections with internal and external teams, gaining
insight and an accurate picture of any complex and challenging situation.
Cloud Native Applications | Elastic Search | Kafka | Web Services | Oracle Database | Strategic
Analysis| Software Development | Budgeting & Cost Control | Process Improvement | Vendor
Management | Automated Testing | Effective Collaborator| Customer Satisfaction

Positions Held:-

Sr. Technical Program Manager:  Amazon:  Sep 2019 – Present

Senior Technical Program Manager – Entitlement Base :  Cisco: Oct 2015 – Present

Senior Technical Program Manager:  Cisco- Mar 2005 – Present




Mr. Prathamesh Khedekar

San Francisco

Prathamesh Khedekar, MS Electrical Engineering, Solutions Engineer


Contact: 2136103292

Current Status: Experienced solutions engineer currently collaborating with a robotics startup in Silicon Valley.
Specialties: Global markets, start-up experience, networking, robotics, telecommunications.


Mr. Kiran Shinde

San Francisco

CEO at Aarya Biztech – Data Analytics Company

  • Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics & Communications
  • MBA – Marketing & Advertising
  • LLB – General and Labor Law

Other Qualifications

  • Diploma – Indian Classical Vocal
    • Was professional light music singer in Gujarati Music
  • Instrumental training in Table, Sitar and Violin

Professional Qualifications

  • PMP
  • CSPO
  • CSM
  • Licensed California Esthetician

Professional Experience

  • 24+ Years Experience
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Event Management
    • Project Management/ Program Management
    • Product Management/Scrum/Agile
  • Global Delivery Management with fortune 500 companies across 13 countries

Social experience

  • Spend 9 years with MMBA till 2012. Held positions as Committee member, Secretary, and Treasurer
    • Actively did sound management for all major concerts organized by MMBA during my association
  • Worked with Junior Chambers of Commerce in Vadodara, India

Currently what I am doing

  • Salon/Spa Business
    • Running 6 successful locations in Silicon Valley Cities with revenue size of around $2.5 m.
    • Expanding business being franchiser
    • This business started from Home/Garage and today has reached almost top Indian Salon brand in Bayarea
    • Developed special commercial recipe for Sugar Wax to optimize the business cost
    • Established manufacturing facility India for back end disposable products. This model helped me to reduce cost of these products drastically compared to Chinese Products landing cost in USA. (My products ships via air route and in Smaller quantity and still maintains lower landed cost. My product 150 packets landed cost per packet is $0.80 while if Chinese Product packet costs $3 per packet if you buy min 100,000 packets). Lots of good strategies implemented to make this business successful along with my wife.
  • Massage Business
    • As on November 2019, Launching 2 locations in coming months
  • Food business
    • Partner in Restaurant business
  • Product Development Startup
    • India Based development initiative for Bankruptcy related product for federal statutory process
  • Setting up production plant for non woven shopping bags near Vadodara, India


Mr. Vishal Patil


B. Tech. Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

PhD, Organic Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Post Doctoral Research in Materials, University of California Santa Barbara

Positions Held:-

  • Senior Staff Scientist, Ashland Inc: October 2018 –Present

New product development – polyurethane adhesives for Engineering Wood market.

  • Application Scientist, Hexion Inc: November 2014- October 2018
  • R&D – New product development, pilot plant scale up, product commercialization and end customer application.
  • Technical Service – Defend, maintain and grow Hexion’s phenolic resin customers globally and address unmet market needs (direct customer interaction).
  • Manufacturing support for troubleshooting and optimization of manufacturing recipes and processes.
  • Collaboration across business functions and geographies.
  • Intellectual property generation.
  • Six Sigma Methods – Design of Experiments (DOE), FMEA and other DMAIC tools.

I was born and brought up in small village Takli PD, Chalisgaon in Jalgaon district.

I developed interest in chemical sciences during my undergraduate degree at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Pursued PhD in Chemistry at Georgia Tech focusing on design and development of drug candidates for cancer, malaria and leishmania.

For postdoctoral training at UC Santa Barbara,I worked with Materials Research Laboratory and Dow Chemical company to develop hybrid polymer system through catalysis research.

Currently, working with Ashland Inc to develop new products in polyurethane adhesive area. Prior to that, worked at Hexion Inc pursuing research and applications in phenolic chemistry


Mr. Dhananjay Marathe

New Jersey

Clinical Pharmacologist / Pharmacometrician

PhD Chemical and Biological Engineering: State University of New York at Buffalo

BS Chemical Engineering: University of Mumbai


*Professional work experience for drug development in the industry and the FDA (10+ years).

*Experience in applying Clinical Pharmacology and Physiology principles to drug development, approval and labeling decisions in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas:
-Cardio-Renal, Oncology, Bone-Reproductive-Urological, Dermal, Antiviral/Anti-infective, Hematology, and Gastroenterology drug products as a pharmacometric reviewer at FDA.
-All products covered by CDER Office of New Drugs as the Scientific Lead for QT-Interdisciplinary Review Team (QT-IRT) at FDA.

*Worked on 300+ submissions encompassing NDAs, BLAs, INDs, Pre-INDs and Biomarker Qualification to guide decision making for benefit-risk, dose selection, clinical trial design, and cardiac safety issues.

*Received several individual and team level awards for work in FDA.

*Supervised and mentored several primary reviewers, post-doctoral fellows and interns.

Positions Held:

Principal Scientist, Quantitative Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics (QP2), PPDM: Merck Nov 2018 – Present

Scientific Lead, QT-IRT: FDA   Oct 2016 – Nov 2018

Senior Staff Fellow (Senior Pharmacometric Reviewer) FDA  May 2014 – Nov 2018


Dr. Nalini Nadkarni


Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, College of Forest Resources, 1983

Honorary Ph.D., Brown University, 2014

A Forest Ecologist & a Professor of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
“People tend to compartmentalize themselves into IT people, and movie star people, and scientists, but when we share our perspectives about nature, we find a common denominator.”
“I am grateful to trees for providing so many things that all humans need, from oxygen to shade and from medicines to beauty”, says Dr. Nalini Nadkarni who is a forest ecologist by profession. Thanks to her special choice of work, she had been working at very high places, literally. She is world-recognized expert in field of tree canopies in rain forests.


Dr. Nalini Nadkarni is a forest ecologist and a science communicator. She was a faculty member at The Evergreen State College for 20 years, and in 2011, joined the University of Utah. An Emeritus Professor at The Evergreen State College, she currently is a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Utah.

Dr. Nalini’s interest was first drawn to rain forest ecology due to the contradiction offered by its plant life. There was a great abundance and variety of plant life within the rain forest despite its nutrient-poor soil, and her goal was to discover how the plant life was sustained. Her studies within the canopy revealed that the epiphytes, which are non-parasitic plants such as orchids and ferns that live on the branches and trunks of other plants, were intercepting and retaining nutrients in rain and dust, and from that, creating organic material beneath their root systems. This organic material eventually forms nutrient-rich mats. Some trees in the rain forest develop aerial roots, stemming from their trunks and branches, in order to absorb these nutrients as well. The aerial roots growing into the mats aided the rain forest trees by providing the nourishment that they did not receive from the nutrient poor soil.

Dr. Nalini’s research interests are ecology of tropical and temperate forest canopy plants, community and ecosystem ecology of tropical forests, ecological interactions of primary and human-affected landscapes, and engagement of science to underserved public audiences.

Dr. Nalini is passionate about her work and finds that academia is one pathway that fosters activities for research and also teaching the next generation about how forests work and why they are important. She has always appreciated trees and forests. Because they are under increasing pressures of deforestation, climate change, and fragmentation, she feels a strong need to better understand and help conserve them. A large part of her career has been to carry out public engagement with science, particularly forest ecology. She has devoted her life to raise the awareness of conservation of forests and established programs to convey information to “non-traditional” public audiences such as urban youth, politicians, artists, and incarcerated men and women.

Dr. Nalini was born in October 1954 in USA, and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  Her father (Moreshwar Vithal Nadkarni) was a pharmacologist from Thane, immigrated to USA to get his PhD in Pharmacology at University of Iowa in 1947. He built his career at the National Institute of Health in cancer research. Her father was the one who provided encouragement to Nalini to go into science. Nalini’s mother (Goldie Pechenuk Nadkarni), a Jew of Russian heritage, grew up in New York City and studied Romance languages. She provided Nalini with enthusiasm for languages and communication.

Her family lived in a house with a large yard, and with many trees that she loved to climb. Her four siblings and she were raised with the idea that education is very important, that contributing to the world is essential, and that they could follow their own ideas about what profession they might go into. This freedom allowed Nalini to choose a career where she could not only contribute with her brains but also with her heart.

Nalini attended the Walter Johnson High School, a public school in Bethesda Maryland. In college, Nalini studied liberal arts, with majors in biology and modern dance at Brown University, Providence, RI. She completed B.A. at Brown University: June, 1976, PhD at University of Washington, Seattle, College of Forest Resources: June 1983, and Honorary PhD in Science, Brown University, June, 2015. She undertook Fundamentals of Ecology Course, Organization of Tropical Studies, Costa Rica, in the summer, of 1979.

Dr. Nalini says she is grateful toward her mentors who guided her throughout her professional career. She was made aware of the wonderful field of ecology by one of her undergraduate biology professors at Brown University; Dr. Jon Waage (now retired), who opened up the possibility of an academic pathway to study nature. Nalini spent her year after college at a remote biology field station in Papua New Guinea, being a field assistant for an entomologist who provided her with the opportunity to see what life as a field biologist is like. In graduate school, she was inspired by one of the few women professors on the faculty, Dr. Linda Brubaker, who showed her that a woman (or man!) could be both a respected academician and a parent and spouse. Trying to balance being both dedicated to a professional career and to being a good mother has been the greatest of challenges, as both require time, head, and heart in large measure.

Dr. Nalini’s research interests include the ecological roles that canopy-dwelling plants play in forests at multiple spatial and temporal scales and the effects of forest fragmentation on community function. She is also interested in the development of database tools for canopy researchers; dissemination of research results to non-scientific audiences; partnering of scientists and artists to enhance conservation of forests. She carries out research in Washington State and in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and is supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society, the Mellon Foundation, and the Whitehall Foundation.

She has been actively involved in several research and conservation projects that have attracted extramural support grants such as from National Science Foundation, Chevron Corporation, Northrup Grumman Corporation, National Geographic Society, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Science Foundation Ecology Program, National Science Foundation International Program, Murdock Charitable Trust, Institute of Museum Services Conservation Project, California Space Institute, and Whitehall Foundation.

Dr. Nalini has been engaged in reviewing manuscripts for several renowned scientific journals such as Science, Ecology, Forest Ecology and Management, American Journal of Botany, Selbyana, Biotropica, Madroño, Journal of Tropical Ecology, Oecologia, Plant and Soil, Pedobiologia, National Geographic, Ecosystems, Lichenologist, Geoderma, Journal of Vegetation Science, Biological Conservation, Wadsworth Publishing Company, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Cornell University Press, Journal of Insect Conservation, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Dr. Nalini has been a panel member of National Science Foundation (Research Experience for Undergraduates Panel, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Panel, Biological Facilities Program, Committee of Visitors, Long-term Ecological Studies Programs); National Research Council Committee on Biodiversity, and NSF Biology Directorate etc.

Dr. Nalini has been invited to hundreds of academic seminars and workshops from 2004 until the present. She has been member of several committees of University of Utah. She has been actively engaged in Graduate Student Training and Post-Doctoral Training. She has contributed to hundreds of scientific publications from all around the globe. She has delivered numerous public lectures on ecology and conservation including two TED talks. She has written books casting light on her work of forest canopies, ecology and conservation. She also has written books for children. She has been active in several women’s leadership activities.

Science for the Incarcerated

In 2004, the Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP). program was co-founded by Nalini Nadkarni, in Washington State. In 2011, she began a similar program in the Biology Department at the University of Utah. The goal of the Initiative to bring Science Programs to the Incarcerated in Utah (INSPIRE) is to bring science and nature to the incarcerated. It involves building connections with science, scientists, inmates, and the corrections community through science lectures, workshops, and conservation projects at correctional facilities in Utah.

In 2014,  the INSPIRE program staff began working with the Utah Department of Corrections and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Programs now include a monthly science lecture series, science workshops, and conservation research projects.

Funding for this program comes from the National Science Foundation, private donations, and in-kind support from program partners.

International Canopy Network

In 1994, Dr. Nalini co-founded the International Canopy Network (ICAN).  It is a non-profit organization dedicated to forest canopy and forest ecosystem conservation through the integration of research, education, and environmental outreach activities that concern forest canopy organisms and interactions.

The ICANis devoted to facilitating the continuing interaction of people concerned with forest canopies and forest ecosystems around the world.

ICAN is a non-profit organization supported by a global community of scientists, conservation advocates, canopy educators, and environmental professionals. The organization is funded by subscriber dues, donations, and grants.

A membership with ICAN represents an investment in a rapidly advancing science for the benefit of both humans and forests. ICAN publishes a tri-annual newsletter “What’s Up?” that addresses issues concerning the forest canopy and features articles, resources, and citations pertaining to research and education.

The ICAN’s email bulletin board serves as an opportunity for researchers, educators, and conservationists to discuss the many concepts, perspectives, and objectives associated with forest canopies.

Conservation Efforts:

Dr. Nalini has made it her mission to create awareness of ecological changes and the need to conserve the forests. Over 80% of humans on Earth identify themselves as being religious or spiritual, a far greater proportion than those who consider themselves as scientists or conservationists. One avenue to promote science and conservation is to link the ecological values of nature and the spiritual and religious values of nature. Nalini approached churches, synagogues, and temples with the offer to provide a guest sermon on the topic of trees and spirituality. She emphasized both the universal spiritual symbolism of trees and the ways that trees and forests are portrayed in the sacred writings of particular religions. Since 2004, she has given over 35 talks in places of worship of many faiths, and has been able to insert conservation and ecological messages with the spiritual discourse.

Dr. Nalini uses different means to promote the cause of conservation. The Canopy Confluence is an interdisciplinary research and outreach project organized by forest ecologists at The Evergreen State College. This includes poets, dancers, and researchers alike. Dr. Nalini taught young rap singers from inner city environments to climb up to canopy platforms on the Evergreen State College campus. They produced a remarkable set of rap songs that integrate elements of the forest canopy environment and hip-hop culture. This in turn inspired a group of urban graffiti artists to create a mural about forest canopies that incorporates urban and wild-land. ‘Biome’ is the creation of a canopy confluence between dancers at Capacitor, Nalini, and forest ecologists. Inspired by a trip high above the ground to the canopy and translated into a stage performance by talented choreographers. Dr. Nalini has worked towards developing clothing accessories in Forest Fashion, depicting biologically accurate pictures of nature, to raise awareness of their beauty and to incite informal conversation about nature and trees on a daily basis! She promotes Tree Art. She has been featured in Poetry Magazine, with her poem, ‘Green I Love You Green’.  She has also worked in conjunction with poets from the Wasatch Wordsmiths and Salt Lake City Slam team to develop and inspire poems that were published in a CHAP Book as a part of community outreach events. With a student graphic artist, she has developed a skateboard logo that depicts a tree intertwined with the Web site of the International Canopy Network.

Dr. Nalini also carries out exploratory research to understand how STEM professionals can engage publics with the excitement of science, science knowledge, and identification with the scientific enterprise, and how STEM professionals can gain valuable input from the public they engage.


·        Forest canopies. Lowman, M. L., and N. M. Nadkarni. 1995. Academic Press, San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Forest Canopies is the first synthesis of research into this previously unchartered forest region. It details innovative techniques for the study of the canopy and describes the structure, function, and biodiversity of canopy ecosystems. Ideal reading for botanists, naturalists, ecologists, and zoologists, or anyone interested in preserving the beauty of these great forests.

·        Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest. Nadkarni, N. M., and N. T. Wheelwright. 2000. Oxford University Press, New York, New York.

Roughly 40,000 ecotourists visit the Cloud Forest each year, and it is often considered the archetypal high-altitude rain forest. This volume brings together some of the most prominent researchers of the region to provide a broad introduction to the biology of the Monteverde and cloud forests in general. Collecting and synthesizing vital information about the ecosystem and its biota, the book also examines the positive and negative effects of human activity on both the forest and the surrounding communities.

·        Between Earth and SkyOur Intimate Connections with Trees. Nadkarni, N. M. 2008. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

World-renowned canopy biologist Nalini Nadkarni has climbed trees on four continents with scientists, students, artists, clergymen, musicians, activists, loggers, legislators, and Inuits, gathering diverse perspectives. In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, art, and photography, she becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that illuminates the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of goods and services they provide, and the powerful lessons they hold for us. Nadkarni describes trees’ intricate root systems, their highly evolved and still not completely understood canopies, their role in commerce and medicine, their existence in city centers and in extreme habitats of mountaintops and deserts, and their important place in folklore and the arts. She explains tree fundamentals and considers the symbolic role they have assumed in culture and religion.

·        Tra la Terra e il Cielo. La vita segreta degli alberi. Nadkarni, N. M. 2011. (translation into Italian). University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

·        Rain Forest (Kingfisher Voyages). A book for children

Dr. Nalini is deeply committed to public engagement with science. Her work has been featured in Natural History, Glamour, Playboy, and others, and she has appeared in many television documentaries, including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Good Morning, America, National Geographic, and CNN’s The Next List. She has given two TED talks, and over 25 endowed lectures around the world.

Radio program:Dr. Nalini has given a radio program for Earth and Sky Science Reports, Canadian Public Broadcasting (1998).

Television programs: She has contributed to the creation of several TV programs and films.

The Infinite Voyage, WQED (1988);

The Second Voyage of the Mimi, Bank Street College of Education (1989);

Good Morning, America (1992);

Oregon Coast Guide (1994);

Bill Nye the Science Guy, PBS (1997);

Living in Tall Trees, TV Asahi (1997);

Anyplace Wild, (1998); NBC Dateline (1999);

National Geographic Today (2003);

Dragonfly TV for Kids (2003);

Wild Chronicles 2006,

KCTS Connects, 2008, 2010;

CNN’s The Next List, 2012


Tropical Rainforests — IMAX movie produced by the Minnesota Museum of Science (1992);

Heroes of the High Frontier (National Geographic Society Television Special, 1999;

Emmy Award for Best Documentary Film, 2000).


Dr. Nalini is not just a multifaceted multi-talented Academician and ecologist; her indomitable spirit is the greatest feature of her soul. That is why after a near-fatal accident in 2015 (at an age of 61), she managed to fully recover and still is going as strong as ever. Read it in her own words, “In July, 2015, I fell out of a tree while carrying out research in the temperate rainforest of the Olympic National park, in Washington State. I fell 50 feet to the forest floor, and was helicoptered to a trauma center in Seattle. I sustained life-threatening injuries (broken neck, thoracic vertebrae, pelvis; lacerated lung, burst spleen, nine broken ribs, fractured fibula, and traumatic brain injury). Thanks to great medical attention, and the love and support of my family and many friends, I have been able to recover completely in the last two years. I am now once again climbing trees, snowboarding, hiking, swimming, and being grateful to be alive.”

When asked about the values she respects most, Dr. Nalini says, “I value collaborations that are based on trust and respect; on acknowledging contributions of those I work and live with, be they undergraduate students, my children, or senior academics. She believes in contributing to the world; to be creative; to be aware of the ordinary magic of lifeI She values listening to people who are outside of the academy, as they so often have much to teach me, even though we (as professors) tend to think of ourselves as being the ones to teach others.”

To the younger generation she wishes to say, “Be assured that if you encounter an obstacle or must make a decision to turn down an opportunity, other such opportunities (perhaps in different forms) will appear in the future”.

“I’ve done everything I have wanted to do. I would just like to continue”, says she.

Dr. Nalini is proud of her Indian roots, which provided her with a different cultural lens to learn about the world. She says, “We grew up with many Indian customs – eating with our hands, sleeping on mattresses on the floor, saying Namaste to Ganapati when we travelled. My father sent funds to his ‘Bhataji’ throughout my childhood, and we would regularly get packets of sacred leaves that he put in our hair. I am grateful to my parents for having raised my siblings and me to understand the underlying universality of human beings. I am grateful that they taught us that a Hindu from a small village in India and an Orthodox Jew from New York City can live in love and harmony even though their backgrounds are very different”.


2015-present: Professor of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

2011- 2014: Director, Center for Science and Mathematics Education, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

1991-2011: Member of the Faculty, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

1989–91: Director of Research, The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida

1984–89: Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Adjunct Appointments:

Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Washington, School of Forest Resources

Associate Research Staff, The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Research Associate, Missouri Botanical Garden

Professional Societies:

Ecological Society of America, Vice President for Education and Diversity, 2015-2018

Association for Tropical Biology, President, 2002; Council Member 2000-2001

International Canopy Network, Co-founder and President, 1994–present

Advisory Boards:

Member, Advisory Committee, Biology Directorate, National Science Foundation (2010-present)

Member, Committee for Public Understanding of Science and Understanding, AAAS (2007-2010)

Member, The Nature Conservancy Board of Trustees, Washington State (1990-2012); Utah (2011-present)

Member, Center for Advancing Informal Science Education Advisory Board (2012-present)

Member, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation Advisory Board (2013-present)

Member, National Geographic Explorer’s Council (2014-present)

Member, International Union for Forestry Research Organizations, Planning Committee, 2014

Steering Committee Member, National Alliance for Broader Impacts, 2015-present


Dr. Nalini has been endowed with numerous awards and honors. Some of the more recent ones are:

·        Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Impact, University of Utah, 2018

·        WINGS Worldquest Women of Discovery Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018

·        Ecological Society of America Fellow, 2016

·        TIME Magazine names Nadkarni’s bringing nature imagery to prisoners in solitary confinement as “One of the Best Inventions of 2014”

·        The William Julius Wilson Award for the Advancement of Social Justice, Washington State University, 2015

·        Archie F. Carr Medal for Conservation, 2013

·        Artist in Residency, Columbus College of Art and Design, 2012

·        University of Utah Woman of Note, 2012

·        American Association for the Advancement of Science Award for Public Engagement 2011

·        Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron Foundation’s “Monito del Giardino Prize for Environmental Action, Florence, Italy, 2011

·        National Science Foundation Board Public Service Award, 2010

·        Education Award, Washington Correctional Association Conference, 2010

·        Evergreen State College Faculty Achievement Award, 2010

·        Playboy Honor Roll (Top 20 most innovative college professors in the USA, Playboy Magazine) 2010

·        Award for Canopy Ecology, 5th International Canopy Conference, 2009

·        Distinguished Alumni Award, Univ. of Washington College of Forest Resources, 2008

·        Grace Hopper Lifetime Achievement Award, 2007

·        Visiting Scholar, Helen Whiteley Center, University of Washington, 2006, 2007

·        Robert Hefner Endowed Lecture, Miami University, 2005

·        Pettigill Endowed Lectureship, University of Michigan, 2005

·        Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, 2004

·        Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Miami, 2003-2004

·        John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2001–02

·        Association for Tropical Biology, President, 2001–02

·        Board Member, The Nature Conservancy, 1998–200

·        Stirling Morton Award, The National Arbor Day Foundation, 1997

·        Alice and Rolla Tryon Endowed Lecture in Tropical Botany, University of South Florida, 1996

·        Council Member, Association for Tropical Biology, 1994–97

·        Jane and Whitney Harris Lectureship, International Center for Tropical Ecology, University of Missouri, 1994


Dr. Nalini met her life partner John T. Longino (married 33 years) in Costa Rica. They were both doing fieldwork for their dissertations. He is an entomologist who studies ants. Nalini was climbing trees to learn about the forest canopy. He visited Nalini’s field station and told her that he wanted to know if there were ants in the canopy; so Nalini taught him how to climb with her ropes. They fell in love and have been together ever since. Myrmecologist John Longino is also a professor at the University of Utah.

Dr. Nalini and John are blessed with two children, Her son, August, was born in August, 1989 and daughter, Erika, was born in September 1992.

Dr. Nalini says, “I am grateful to my husband for supporting my professional aspirations, and to my children for giving me such joy and teaching me the importance of patience and allowing other people to be who they are and not what I want them to be. I am grateful to my friends for support during hard times.”

 A Tribute by a Daughter: The May Apple Trees



To a child, a father is mostly just a father, not a professional. In this column, I have the opportunity to describe his contributions to cancer research. As the third daughter of Dr. M.V. Nadkarni, a career pharmacologist with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), my job each morning was to iron his white shirt before he went off to work, a formal figure in his suit, tie, and briefcase. He returned each day at 6 pm, his suit, tie, and briefcase looking just as tidy as they had that morning. Only seldom did he speak of his work, but I came to understand that he was helping to find cures for cancer through the use of plants, and, later in his career as a Program Director, he helped others to do the same.

My father was born on July 18, 1918, the second son of a family from the village of Thane, India, near Mumbai. He received his Bachelors of Science in chemistry from the University of Bombay. He was one of the early waves of Indian scholars to arrive in the United States for higher education, his boat sailing beneath the arches of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1945. He received a scholarship from the Indian government to study pharmacology, and completed his PhD in 1947 at the State University of Iowa.

That is where he met my mother, Goldie Pechenuk, an Orthodox Jew of Russian parentage, from Brooklyn, New York who was studying Romance languages. Although their union was initially frowned upon by both families, they married and raised five children in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. At that time, Indians were rare, even in our nation’s capital, and mixed marriages even rarer.

My parents decided to raise us in a home that was as Indian as possible, so my mother cooked Indian food, which we ate with our hands while sitting on the kitchen floor. A small ivory carving of Ganapati sat on an alter in our pantry – right next to the Menorah. If a family member were sick, or about to take a journey, we would gather to say “Namaste” and receive the sweet-smelling prasad that my father obtained from the bhattaji in his home village, and which arrived in fragrant envelopes to our house several times a year. On Sunday mornings, my father would read to the five children from the writings of Jarwarlal Nehru. In the dark of winter, we celebrated Diwali as well as Christmas and Chanukah.

I grew up to become a forest ecologist, and now carry out research on tropical rainforest ecology with the support of grants from the National Science Foundation. It is only now, as an adult and as a scientist myself, that I can better appreciate the professional work of my father in cancer chemotherapy and grants administration at the NCI. Looking over my father’s Curriculum Vitae, I now understand that he did not just go to and from work with his tidy briefcase, but that he contributed strongly in the search for tools against cancer.

Although my father went back to India immediately after getting his doctorate to look for a professional job, he ended finding his dream position carrying out cancer research in the United States. He began his career as a Post-Doctoral Fellow, at the NCI, in Bethesda, Maryland.  As a young investigator, he explored the components of podophyllin, an isolate from the plant Podophyllum emodi, the Himalayan Mayapple native to India. He also explored other aspects of cancer chemotherapy, including the excretion of alkylating drugs in cancer patients and the toxicology of phthalanilides.  From 1954-1958, he joined the faculty in the Department of Pharmacology at George Washington University, but then returned to the NCI as the Head of the Pharmacology Section in Drug Evaluation Research.

As he progressed forward in his career, he moved up into the higher levels of administration. The position he held when he retired was as the Chief of Extramural Research in the Developmental Therapeutics Program at the NCI.  His patient and deliberate nature, his attention to detail, and his insistence on the highest integrity of work based on science rather than politics, made him the right person to provide oversight for the awarding of grants.

From my current perspective, I see that he contributed greatly as an Indian-born scientist at a time when there were few other Indians in his professional and personal arena. Although we had a few Indian families as our friends, the culture and customs that my family practiced were not the norm for suburban Maryland. When I look at the group pictures taken at the Gordon Conferences and other meetings he attended, his is the only brown and unmistakably Indian face in those groups.

My father died of a sudden stroke on August 9, 1995, at age 79. He enjoyed his last years with Goldie, his wife of 44 years; his five children — Saroj, Susheela, Nalini, Vinay, and Mohan — and his many grandchildren. To the end, he worked in his beloved garden, enjoying especially the native May apple plants that bloomed there each spring



Mr. Rohit Shelar

Los Angeles

Current Status: Rohit is currently working as a Sr. Project Manager (Applications) with a financial services company in Los Angeles. Bachelors with Information Technology, he comes with great experience in IT industry in various domains and overall 12 years of experience.

He also contributed in social work with Art of Elysium. Rohit is active member of Ma Durga Temple community in Pasadena and volunteers in many social activities and festivals

Childhood / Young Days: Born in small town of Khalapur (Raigad), Rohit grew up in Panvel (Navi Mumbai) with his grand parents. He quotes “Inspiration was really a situation rather than a person. I grew up with my grandparents so I guess wisdom of matured behavior came early. Needed to earn money right after collage was the priority so I guess situation was the important teacher. I have great friend circle, loving people around me, and i am thankful to god for that”

Beginning of Career: Always wanted to test myself taking next steps, started job right after college, went through the ladder reached here in US

Future: Get better health every day, do something substantial for my people, start my own business in next 3 years, travel as much as I we can and stay human

Family: I am married and kid on the way. Saloni is one of those people for whom I keep doing better in my life. Give better lifestyle, happiness and health


Mr. Ameya Pawaskar


Master of Science – Information Systems, Engineering & Management : Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Master of Science – Mechanical Engineering: Texas Tech University

Post-Graduate Program in Business Administration (PGPBA):  Indo-German Training Centre

Current Status: I work in the software industry as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the past 4 years. My journey began as a Mechanical Engineer with Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and later transpired into Software Engineering with Master’s is Information Technology.

Childhood / Young Days: I was born in Thane, Maharashtra and completed my schooling from SES High School, Thane. I later completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai. After that, I received my internship with ElringKlinger Automotives India Pvt Ltd during which I completed my Post Graduate Program in Business Administration from the Indo German Training Center.

Beginning of Career: Post my IGTC days, I received a full scholarship from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas from where I completed my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating from Texas Tech, I started working as a Quality Assurance Analyst in the Digital Media Signage industry. While working on this position, I pursued my Master’s in IT engineering and graduated from the Harrisburg University of Science & Technology in December of 2018.

Till today: Today, I am based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and work for a software company as a QA Analyst.

Future: My future plan is to grow as a software architect in this position and thereby work on new technologies of the future.

Family: My family consists of my parents and my wife. My wife has been instrumental in this journey with her support for me while moving ahead in this journey.

Outlook: The world is advancing at a very high pace and my personal opinion is there will be new kinds of jobs which will replace the traditional job market in the future.

Advice: Adapting quickly to the continuous changes will help young professionals survive in the future. Theoretical knowledge needs to be converted into practical application to survive in the future.


Mr. Sagar Lonkar


Process Engineer at Intel

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Chemical Engineering PhD advisor: Dr. Mark Holtzapple Texas A&M University
  • Bachelor’s Chemical Engineering Institute Of Chemical Technology
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification: Intel Corporation

Positions Held:

Intel Corporation: Process Technology Development Engineer: Apr 2017 – Present

Drug Product Process Development Intern NOVAVAX INC Jun 2016 – Aug 2016

Chemical Engineering R&D Intern Georgia-Pacific LLC May 2015- Jul 2015

My wife, Archana Mahavir Jakkannavar is a consultant at EY. She holds MIS degree from University at Buffalo.



Los Angeles

Global Delivery Head, Media and Entertainment Business, Tech Mahindra

Senior Management Programs (IIM Calcutta and Ross Michigan University),

B.E. (Computer Science),

Current Status:

I am Hands On Leader who loves to be close to technology and people. I also strive to be a change agent for the organization by bringing in new ideas for enhanced customer experience, efficient operations and new business models.


Am leading a Multi-Million Dollars Business in Media and Entertainment Vertical. Managing Globally.
In this business model – I work as in a capacity of Business Group Leader responsible for multiple business unit operations in terms of Topline, Bottomline, CSAT, ESAT, Finance with Revenue, EBIDTA, CSAT and ESAT targets. This role gives me the experience of scale and building large businesses from scratch.


I have in the past :

  1. I have led a 2000+ people business unit to drive Digital transformation programs in Telecom space. My KRA’s were CSAT, ESAT, Leadership development, Innovation, Revenues and Margins.
  2. Co-Founded a Digital Startup i.e. Maker’s Lab focussing towards building business on Digital Transformation solutions and Innovation initiatives. Key focus areas in Digital Solutions – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Next generation Mobility, Cloud and Big Data. Also focus on alliance partnerships with Product Vendors, Start ups and Academia.
    In this business model – I worked as a Startup Owner – who needs to get his hands dirty on technology and projects and also continuously work towards funding the group by presenting our work to internal stakeholders. The unit focuses on product, platform and technology solution development. It is small unit of 50+ people with product engineering focus. The typical size of the project is 5-10 people working on digital solutions for the customers. Deal Sizes are very small but very interesting and challenging from technology perspective. This role gave me exposure to run technology startup. Here the focus is to be hands on with the team to solve their problems.

Date of Birth: 1972-08-12

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born and brought up in Mumbai.

My father retired as Outstanding Scientist from NPCIL.

My mother was an accomplished Hindustani classical singer with degrees of M.A. (Music) and Sangeet Visharad.

I had a wonderful childhood with an excellent eco-system to develop the value system of appreciating power of education, value for money and importance of discipline.

Beginning of Career:

I joined as Media Analyst and Product Manager in Indian Market Research Bureau in the Media and Panel Division and then moved to Mahindra British Telecom after more than 3 years of Service. MBT transferred me to Leeds, UK as a CRM Consultant. This was my first assignment abroad. The experience was very interesting as we had no idea of Leeds, the accent of the people, I was the first one from my company joining the customer site and the customer was also new to working with an Indian. Overall the stint was excellent and by the time we returned back to India after 6 years (with interim stay in India) – we had lots of friends in the UK, we loved Leeds and we also made good connects at the Temple in Leeds. It gave us the confidence to live anywhere in the world and succeed in our purpose.

Till today:

Very interesting journey in my career and thanks to my family to support me.
I have had experience to work in Mumbai, Leeds, London, Mysore, Bangalore, Pune, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Had the fortune to work on different roles and wear different hats – Product Manager, Customer Engagement Manager, Developer, Consultant, Offshore Delivery Head, Onshore Delivery Head, Transition Manager, Innovator


I continue to focus on growing my experience in my new role of Global Delivery Head.

I wish to contribute by sharing my experience, create platforms for young entrepreneurs, people who are either in IT services or plan to be. I was to encourage Creativity in the education system.


We are a family of 4, my wife Shilpa, works as Administration and Sales Analyst. We have two twin daughters Ira and Isha, who are in their Junior High School


We have been part of a massive transformation in our lives due to technology. I see that the world and India will continue this change in our lifestyles with new technologies. What India needs is – more creativity in the education section, more insights to our scriptures and platform that celebrates failure.


Those who are abroad – please learn and adapt. Keep the focus on the high level purpose and plan to achieve it. Also please contribute back to India and whatever ways possible.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • Rewarded 2nd Position in 2 Years Global Leader Program – GPMD from Ross Michigan Business School
    • White Paper published in Wall Street Journal on The Digital Revolution – An Irresistible Pie for Telecom
    • Represented Tech Mahindra in Digital Transformation Summit organized by Economic Times.
    • Recipient of ACE Award three in a row – this award is given those who have highest performance rating
    • Co-Authored a Paper on “Agile-Colocation Model” in European publication – Testing Experience
    • Leading the Digital Transformation and Innovation Labs – pioneering cutting edge technologies
    • Spearheaded Core Strategic Domain Verticalization Theme in Infosys for Telecom Domain
    • Successfully completed IIM Calcutta – Senior Management Program (SMP-09)
    • Leading current unit in two major transformations – Agile Transformation and Mobility Transformation
    • Presented lectures in University of Pune and Pune Institute of Technology
    • Member of Tie-Pune and Pune Startup Community
    • Member of Rotary Club
    • Business Mentor for a startup in Corporate Communication on voluntary basis.




Regional Category Manager – Turned & Machined Parts Hydraulics America

Current Status:

Procurement Leader working with over 25 years of progressive leadership experience. Currently working for Eaton Corporation at their Southfield Office in Michigan, USA.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. Elder son of Suresh and Madhuri Joshi. From 1st till 10th studied in N.M.V. High School, Pune and passed out my SSC in year 1988. After 10th, did my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune and passed out in 1991. After that, got admission directly in 2nd year engineering at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune and completed my B.E. Mechanical. While working completed my PGDBM & MBA in Finance from Pune University. Also, completed my leadership training courses at Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore (IIMB).

Beginning of Career:

Started my professional career with Tata Motors (that time it was known as TELCO – TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited) in 1994 as Graduate Trainee Engineer. Worked for TATA Group for around 8 years. FIAT India for 2 years, Boart Long Year in Australia for 2 years (with family based in Perth, Australia). Working with Eaton Corporation for last 14 years.

Till today:

I was leading Global Procurement of Eaton Corporation for South Asia and based in India. Eaton moved me to United State of America on another leadership role so I can help the organization here.


I am a social person and is completely aware that in whatever way, I can share my knowledge and experience for our society, I will feel good about myself.


My parents are living in India. My brother and his family is based in Nashville, TN. I am living with my wife here in Troy, MI. My son is a Sophomore doing Computer Engineering at Michigan State University.

Important Link:



Mr. Ketan Chitre

New York

Vice President (Systems, Storage & Database Group) Natixis North Americas – New York ,NY

Current Status:

Leader in Technology Infrastructure / Engineering , Windows / Cloud – Architecture & Service Delivery

Have been in New Jersey for 20 + years but still a Mumbaikar at core !

Childhood / Young Days:

Born and brought up Mumbai, Maharashtra . Completed my Engineering in Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Engineering – Shegaon

Enjoyed lot outdoor activities like Trekking and Mountaineering – Certified Himalayan Trekker !

Great fan of Music, Traveling and Technology.

Beginning of Career:

Worked in Mumbai for 5-6 years Started my career as a Telecom Service Field Engineer and grew to a regional country service manager in Global Telesystems LTD which gave a lot of exposure to realities of life . Then changed field to Technology Computing by becoming EDP Manager for B Braun Medical . The curiosity of learning new technologies and realizing the career growth potential decided to pursue opportunities to relocate to US

Till today:

Engineer at heart 22 + years’ of successful track record in technical arena mainly worked for financial power houses like Goldman Sachs , J P Morgan Chase , Natixis by leading teams , providing technology solutions and quality services by running and managing multiple projects.


Would like to dedicate more time for community and social work , by volunteering helping , caring & sharing knowledge to uplift the ones who need help.


Grew up with 2 elder sister , had a major influence on my life from my parents , specially Father was very technical and motivated to get me involved , teach so many life lessons which cannot be found in any text book of world . Mother being the most caring and compassionate person in the world raised us with the best values and ethics . Having such wonderful parents is one of the best gift one could ask for to give us such a head start in life to make us who we are today.

Currently loves spending quality time with my wife & 2 daughters guiding them with their education , activities , also spending family and friends and building networks .


Stay true to yourself and your core personality, always believe in doing the right thing! Life is always of challenges, but there is always something to be learnt from the situation which make us even stronger . Stay positive !

Important Link:


Mr. Mukul Dakwale

New York

Seasoned IT leader with more than 20 years in Enterprise IT experience. Currently Principal Consultant for Luceats consulting with key focus on AI enabled Robotic Process automation and IT digital transformation. Passionate cricketer and involved with recreational cricket in NJ. Socially very engaged with local Marathi community and actively volunteering at all possible venues.


  • A strategic and transformation leader with more than 20 years of Global experience in the field of IT consulting and advisory services.
  • Experience of selling and delivering IT and NexGen services to Enterprise clients in North America.
  • Proven track record of transforming IT services into cost effective and scalable environment using proven Automation, Cloud and Digital Strategies.
  • 15 Years of experience of delivering large and complex strategic engagements for Fortune 100 Customers

Areas of Expertise

  • Consulting and Advisory Services – Digital, Application, RPA, Intelligent Automation, Bots, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Core Infrastructure and Cloud Strategies
  • Service Delivery for large and complex strategic engagements
  • Revenue, Market & Service Line Expansion IT Transformation Projects

Childhood / Young Days:

A Marathi out of Maharashtra. Born in Vidisha, a small city of Madhya Pradesh and raised at Indore (MP), a city with large Marathi community. Graduated with Business Management degree.

Beginning of Career:

Professional career started with Wipro Infotech in India and after few years got an opportunity to move to USA and started working as Consultants for IT transformations before working in corporate America for more than decade. Currently one of the principals for a startup Luceats consulting and assisting enterprise clients with their IT Transformation, business process automation initiatives.


Always look for and explore avenues to engage and give back to the society.


Living in Central New Jersey with wife and 2 kids.


Important Link:



Mrs. Prajakta Paradkar


Senior Compliance & Risk Management Analyst

Bachelor’s degree Economics/ Politics,  University of Mumbai

Masters degree International Politics , University of Mumbai


Results driven and committed professional with over 9 years of versatile experience the banking industry in various roles such as Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), credit card service analyst, project manager and teller.

Successfully implemented multiple projects working extensively with vendor and various departments of the bank. Extensive experience and knowledge in BSA/AML, USA PAtriot Act, OFAC, SARs, fraud detection, vendor management, auditing, customer service, operations and process improvement.

Positions Held

  • Senior Compliance & Risk Management Analyst: Elements Financial Indianapolis, Indiana Area Apr 2019 – Present
  • Compliance & Risk Management Associate: Elements Financial Indianapolis, Indiana Area Sep 2017 – Mar 2019
  • Credit Card Service Analyst: Elements Financial Indianapolis, Indiana Area Mar 2012 – Aug 2017


Social/ Community Work:

Vice President Maharashra Sneha Mandal Of Indiana Jan 2009 –Dec 2009


Mrs. Preeti Shrikhande


MS Computer Science, MA Statistics

Founder & CEO, Vivensity.


Certified Integral Coach ,  Coaching New Ventures West

Computer  Science.  Purdue University

MA Statistics University of Missouri-Columbia

Bachelor of Science (BS) Computer Science and Application University of Pune

BS Statistics Fergusson College

Patanjali International Yoga Institute

Positions Held:

Founder & CEO Vivensity Palo Alto California,  Jul 2016 – Present

Integral Coach – Executive/Leadership/Life coaching Jan 2015 – Present

Vice President Technology and Market Development,  Compubahn Jan 2013 – Jan 2015

Senior Operations Excellence Specialist,  PayPal San Jose, California. Nov 2009 – Dec 2010

Director Marketing Excellence, Certified MBB. Sun Menlo Park, California. Feb 2003 – Aug 2007

Senior Engineering Manager: Menlo Park, California Sep 1997 – Jan 2004

About Vivensity:

Vivensity has created a unique solution to address the rapid increase in anxiety, depression and stress among youth.  Their comprehensive product, ImSparked”, empowers middle and high school students with essential life skills. Just launched in Sept 2019, they already have 3 Bay-area school customers (Castilleja, Summit Denali and Eastside College Prep) and several pilots in the pipeline (including Harker and Saratoga High School). The ImSparked platform, available in app form, helps students find timely solutions to everyday stressors with short engaging videos and experiential activities called “sparks”, using a process of introspection and self-discovery. For teachers and school administrators, it provides a quick way to assess the health of their school with comprehensive dashboards. This student centric platform has received overwhelming response with impactful testimonials from all the stakeholders. Requiring no training for the teachers, this SaaS platform provides extensive scalability and easy adoption by students and schools. No other product uses a holistic and comprehensive strategy with contenttechnology and data analytics in this innovative and impactful way! Preeti Shrikhande


Mr. Satish Chavan


President at e-Zest Solutions


Closely involved in account management activities for key accounts. Goal is to help customers in building successful software products with delighted product customer base.
Specialties: Pre-sales, Business Development, Solution Architecture, Software Project Estimation, SaaS enablement, Mobile and Cloud Strategy Consulting, SaaS Revenue Models, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Agile Methodologies, SCRUM, Product Engineering Services, Project Management, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Frameworks, software product support, digital marketing, venture funding and Private Equity,angel investment, seed funding

Satish is President of e-Zest, a fast-growing IT services company focusing on enterprise digital transformation.

He’s played pivotal role in growth of e-Zest business in north America. He’s a certified scrum-master, with broad experience in digital transformation, process consulting organizational development and mentoring technology startups. He is currently senior adviser for sweet spot analytics, startup focusing on cloud-based focus group research and analytics platform.

Born in small village Vardhangad in Satara district. Mother has been major influence who recognized importance of education in early stage and moved to Pune for education of kids and father is retired army officer who helped in instilling discipline and strong values

Satish has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and postgraduate in management from Pune University. He spends his free time attending technology community activities in Detroit and Ann Arbor. He lives with his wife and two young daughters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also enjoys reading, contributing to community causes, and writing poetry in Marathi.

Positions Held

  • President and Executive Board Member : e-Zest Solutions Dec 2015 – Present
  • VP-Product Engineering Services: e-Zest Solutions May 2013 – Present
  • VP, Solution Consulting: e-Zest Solutions May 2011 – Present
  • Founder : Startups 2.0 – Global Startup Community Jul 2008 – Present :- Community for technology start-ups. Discussing start-up stage challenges, sharing experiences, acquiring funding, pitching VC’s, building solutions and strategies for acquiring and retaining customers.

-Private equity or fund of funds programs

~Private equity and venture capital fund due diligence

~Management of all aspects of a private equity fund of funds

~Legacy private equity portfolio analysis

~Private equity allocation strategy and modeling

~Investor relations and marketing services for venture capital and private equity funds

~Management and consulting services for companies seeking private capital investment

Important Links:


Mrs. Manisha Lad

New Jersey

Current Status: Success driven visionary with 15 years of experience in making difference in families, creating hope and educating autism community.Impressive history of visionary leadership: Highly dedicated and resourceful Foundation Executive Director with significant experience in all aspects of non-profit. Proven record of fostering organizational growth. Respected for helping organizations innovate, thrive and grow. Known for optimizing resources to achieve core mission by establishing a positive and enthusiastic cooperate culture. Verifiable success in global initiatives, creating value-added programs, improving health and stability of operations, increasing organizational visibility and exceeding financial goals.Lead revenue initiatives and create funding models and marketing strategies: Dedicated to enhancing performance by analyzing existing processes and implementing effective systems, strategies and policies.
10 years Innovation leadership,For-Profit and Non-Profit Experience,Operational & Financial Strategy
High Profile Spokesperson/Advocate.Nutrition Consultant for autism Researcher. A proud parent of an individual recovering from autism and a passionate worker.

Childhood / Young Days: Mumbai India, born and brought up in Mumbai Maharshtra schooling, college in Andheri West. One younger sister now in Houston Texas. We residing in NJ USA since 1998 now with our only son Akhil Lad who is recovering from AUTISM.

Beginning of Career: Quit 10 years of Information Technology career for diving into world of autism for helping her son. With no background in medical and any health industry was able to educate herself in various field Nutrition, Biomedical, Sensory integration and other education methods and interventions. As a Nutrition Consultant was able to guide parents, educate and help them implement different types for special diets. Identified successful interventions and treatments programs in autism community, brought in awareness in NJ and India. Building relationships with health care professionals for making treatments available at an affordable cost. Founded Akhil Autism Foundation to accomplish a bigger mission, generate funds and make grants available for families with lower income in USA and India. Generated research opportunities with leading universities. Creating autism awareness in community, hospitals and other centers internationally.
Our journey started with Applied Behavior Therapy(ABA) and after 1.2 yrs of intense therapy we learned its was not enough. Our view of Autism is that it’s a medical disorder with brain mind body disconnect. Every autistic individual has unlocked potential, one has to presume intelligence, respect the belief system and it starts with accepting the child. Unconditional love and relationships are the first building blocks. Autism is a whole body condition and every individual needs following treatments
• BioMedical Intervention
• Sensory Integration
• Communication methods
• Behavior plans
• Social Skills
• Community Based Education

Till today: In 2008 started Akhil Autism Foundation (AAF) as a 501(c)(3) organization in NJ with a mission “Every autistic individual deserves treatment and every parent and professionals needs education. Make all the treatments affordable and accessible to every individual”. Our vision is to “Help Autistic Individuals lead an independent & functional life”. By the numbers: Since 2008, AAF has
• Provided treatment to over 1000 children
• Sponsored over 1500 hours of education to parents & care providers.
• Facilitated over 20 treatment workshops in USA & India

Future: Make our Akhil Autism Foundation sustainable, making sure grants and workshops are available to as many individuals as possible. Using my technology career and working towards bringing in Digital Transformation in AUTISM field. Would like to work with likeminded professionals who are willing to team up , provide skills to our AUTISM cause and help us make a difference.

Family: My husband Mahesh Lad Services Program/Project Management – Senior Manager, PMP, Certified Scrum Master at Sales Force.Highly enthusiastic, charismatic and experienced CRM professional with extensive Leadership and Management skills. Around 24 years in the IT industry with the career focus centered towards Management and CRM (17 years). Excellence in Techno Managerial roles, have lead some major projects and success stories towards CRM solutions Delivery and Implementations. Music being in passion has his own singing group Kalamaanch USA ,


Mr. Akshar Awalgaonkar


Senior Director, Category Management @ AbbVie Inc.

  • BE Production, VIT, Pune, India.
  • MS Industrial Engineering & Management, Oklahoma State University, USA.
  • Executive MBA, Kellogg School of Management (Graduating on December 2020)


  • Project Management Professional.
  • Black Belt

Birth Place: Nashik, Maharashtra, India.


Father: Dr. Ramesh W. Awalgaonkar, Retired Principle at Saraswati Mandir, College of Commerce & Arts, Pune. Renowned & Award Winning Author and Researcher of Marathi Sahitya and Mahanubhav Pantha.

Mother: Dr. Sameeksha R. Awalgaonkar Renowned Author of Marathi Sahitya & Vangmay.

Akshar is a Senior Executive Leader in Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing with years of Global Experience with Fortune companies such as GE, Whirlpool Corporation, Walgreens Boots Alliance and AbbVie where he is currently serving as Senior Director, Category Management.

Akshar has an innate passion to build high performing teams & has a clear focus on brand enhancement for people & teams. He believes in creating a climate in which people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve & exceed its objectives. He strongly believes in collectively taking on various business challenges with his team and has a proven track record in regularly exceeding expectations while promoting & growing his team members.

In addition to his experience in Strategic Sourcing &Supply Chain; Akshar has also led Program Management Office (PMO) as well as Business Productivity Office at GE.

A graduate of Whirlpool Corporation’s GSCLDP (Global Supply Chain Leadership Development Program); Akshar holds a PMP and Six Sigma – Black Belt Certification. He served as the Executive Advisor to Walgreens Asian Network (WAN) affinity group.

Currently he is pursuing Executive MBA from Kellogg with focus on Strategy & Marketing. Akshar holds a MS degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Oklahoma State University & a BS degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Pune University.

Akshar says following are the Life Changing Incidences,  

“1. Birth in a Family that values education and self-improvement.

  1. Venturing into VIT’s cultural group and participating in Firodiya and Purushottam Karandak. I won Best Director, Best Versatile Actor, Best Writer Awards.
  2. Meeting Prachee, my wife in 11th standard who I have the fortune of being with for the last 19 years since we met.
  3. Arrival in US for MS. It opened avenues that I didn’t even know existed.
  4. Selection in Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Supply Chain Leadership Development Program which helped me lay a solid foundation of my professional life in US.
  5. My 8 years with GE where I had the fortune of doing 5 roles, 4 of them being vertical promotions. Travelled to 17 countries, led global teams, had an Expat assignment in Asia, Africa.
  6. Decision to pursue Executive MBA at Kellogg School of Management, #1 Ranked university for executive MBA.
  7. Most important one – Birth of Prachee and my two children, Aahan (son) and Amyra (daughter) in 2014 and 2019 respectively.”


Prachee Kale – Awalgaonkar. Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and currently working at Walgreens Co. Head Quarters as Senior Accountant in their shared services department.

Akshar says, “ Prachee has been the backbone of our family for the last 10 years since we got married. She has been the biggest positive influence I have had since the time we started dating which was 19 years ago. I attribute all the success and status we have reached as a family as well as individually to her leadership, support and kind and encouraging personality she possesses. “

Akshar plans to

  • Continue professional growth as planned.
  • Start association with local universities in Chicago Area as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership, Supply Chain.
  • Continue Mentoring talent and help them to realize their dreams.
  • Continue Charity Work back home.


Mr. Pushkar Sane


Cyber Security Specialist for Bell Canada

Current Status: Working as a Cyber Security Specialist for Canada’s biggest Telecommunication provider with experience in Network Administration and Quality Assurance.
I have worked as volunteer in Pittsburgh Muslim Association and actively contribute to local charities.


Master’s graduate from University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA specializing in Telecommunication and Networking. While studying, I realized my passion was not only to learn as much as possible about network and system administration (I’ve just scratched the surface!) but also to impart that knowledge to people in a way that they could benefit. My excellent documentation skills help me organize my work efficiently and my determination has helped me meet tight deadlines in the past

In addition to creating and maintaining complex enterprise system, I am interested in keeping technology secure. I am updated about latest developments in the tech industry and always strive to beat my personal best. I run a blogsite ( as a personal goal to educate people about security issues and try to bridge the gap between security experts and users to better protect their privacy and confidentiality.

Place of Birth – Agra,UP, India
Education – Maharashtra Institute of India, Pune.
Father – Dr. Pradeep Sane
Mother – Dr. Smita Sane


Mr. Viswas Ghorpade


Sr Director, Beyond Meat

Ph.D. Nutrition and Food Sciences: Utah State University

Master’s degree Food Science and Technology: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth

Graduated from Utah State University with PhD in Nutrition and Food Sciences in 1992. Worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska. Then worked in CPG companies like Heinz, Colgate and Kellogg. Currently, working for Beyond Meat, creating plant protein based meat alternative products for the vegan market. Currently living in Torrance, CA.


Born in Kolhapur

Experienced emerging market leader with 23 years of broad based experience in areas of plant start-up, working with JV’s, developing large scale facilities and localizing vendors. Specific skills include extrusion processing, breakfast cereal processing, dry pet foods, project management, ingredient functionality, product development and process development. Experienced team leader with excellent interpersonal skills and team building experiences. Working relations with major food co-packers, ingredient suppliers and equipment vendors to develop projects on an accelerated time line in emerging markets.

Worked for African, Asia Pacific, Latin American and EU divisions and have knowledge of food regulations, suppliers and co-manufacturers for various food forms.

Selected to administrative services of Govt of India in 1984 and served as Assistant Secretary to Govt of Maharashtra 1984-89.

Innovation Product development:

  • Delivering Cost Savings
  • Developing and Implementing Strategic Initiatives
  • Developing Business Relationships – Building Partnerships
  • Commercializing Customer Solutions


Mr. Sachin Joshi


Regional Licensing Director at Sulzer GTC Technology US Inc.


  • Professional with 17 years of diverse experience in the petrochemical and refining industry.
  • Experience in business development and licensing of process technologies globally.
  • Experience in design, development and optimization of individual process and process complexes.
  • Expertise in Naphtha and Pygas upgrade technologies for petrochemicals production and refinery-petrochemical integrated complexes.
  • Worked at World’s Largest Refinery and Petrochemical Complex at Reliance Jamnagar.
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional.


Mr. Ashish Kulkarni


B.Tech (Institute of Chemical Technology)

Ph. D. (University of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Postdoctoral Fellowship (Harvard University)

Assistant Professor,  Department of Chemical Engineering: University of Massachusetts, Amherst


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

  • Assistant Professor Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty, Institute for Applied Life Sciences
  • Faculty, Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program


Instructor in Medicine :Department of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Boston  2015 – 2017

Division of Engineering in Medicine Bio-engineer:  Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston  2015 – 2017


Immuno-Therapeutics: Focal manipulation of the immune contexture with minimal systemic side effects is important for effective immune response. My goal is to develop novel nanomedicine platforms for therapeutically modulating immune response.

Immuno-Theranostics: Accurate monitoring of clinical efficacy of immunotherapy is challenging. My aim is to develop stimuli-responsive nanosystems for monitoring immunotherapy response.

Immuno-Engineering: My goal is to develop innovative platforms such as microfluidic systems, microscale and nanoscale systems, scaffolds etc. for probing immune cell interactions.

Dr. Kulkarni is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Prior to this, he was an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Bioengineer at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

He obtained his B. Tech. in Chemical Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai and a PhD from University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School and MIT. During his postdoctoral training, his research efforts were focused on the development of structure-activity relationship-inspired nanomedicine for cancer therapy.

He currently directs the Immunoengineering Research Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he is working on the development of tools and platform technologies for cancer immunotherapy applications.

  • His work has been published high impact journals including Advanced Materials,Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Communications, PNAS, ACS Nano, Biomaterials and Cancer Research, and featured in several science media outlets (BBC, Boston Globe, The Hindu, Economic Times, Deccan Herald, Yahoo News etc.).
  • He was recently selected as one of the top 12 rising researchers (‘Talented 12’) by American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Chemical & Engineering News,
  • ‘NextGen Star’ in Cancer Research by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
  • ‘Young Innovator’ in Cellular and Molecular Engineering by Biomedical Engineering Society.

He is a recipient of several prestigious awards including

  • American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award,
  • Melanoma Research Alliance Young Investigator Award,
  • Cancer Research Institute Technology Impact Award,
  • Hearst Foundation Young Investigator Award,
  • Harvard Cancer Center Career Development Award,
  • AACR Scholar-in-training Award,
  • American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) Young Scientist Award
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital Junior Faculty Mentor Award.

Important Links:

Department website:

Lab Website:

CV Link:

Youtube/Video links:




Mr. Ravindra Sadaphule

San Francisco

  • Senior Engineer Manager at Adobe in Bay Area.
  • Search, NLP and AI leader
  • Expertise in Machine learning and information retrieval.

Place of Birth: Kolhpur
Education in Mumbai: Attended DG Ruparel College in Mumbai and VJTI, Mumbai BE (Electronics)
MBA (information Technology) from American Public University

Beginning of Career:

Left India to pursue career in state of art software.

Till today:

Started as software developer and rose to lead and manager.
Worked at Microsoft.
AT present  working at Adobe in Machine Learning and information retrieval area.


Engineering Leader with many years of R&D experience in the software industry. Years of SaaS, enterprise/web search, mobile, Machine learning , Deep Learning, nlp, data platform, web and desktop consumer software development experience. Results-oriented, decisive leader who excels in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Passionate about leadership excellence, employee engagement, product quality and customer experience.

Career highlights:

  • Currently leading Search and NLP engineering teams at Adobe to power search experience in Photoshop, Creative Cloud and .
  • Led development of highly scalable SaaS applications that includes ,, office 365, , iOS and android Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel (1 Billion users with sub-second latency) apps.
  • Led product growth by analyzing user behavior using machine learning and deep learning models.
  • Recipient of 2 Gold Star awards at Microsoft
  • Transformed Quickbooks Online technology by decomposing monolith into AWS public cloud-based micro-services architected to achieve greater scalability, availability, and productivity.


  • Build, mentor and grow large geographically distributed teams
  • Provide clarity, direction, and vision
  • Work with cross-disciplines, senior leadership, and partners
  • Creating startup culture, empowering team members and encouraging bottom up innovation.


  • Finance, Web & Enterprise Search, recommendation services, machine learning, big data, e-commerce.


  • Approaches product development with MVP, self-healing, metrics driven mentality.
  • Creating startup culture and adopt data driven decisions.
  • Develop machine learning based predictions, analyzers, recommendations and anomaly detection
  • Validating concepts using “agile methodology”​ and “fail fast”​.
  • Effective driver of engineering excellence processes (Scrum, Kannan) to improve agility and quality in large engineering teams (3000+ engineers).

Technologies: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, LSTM, elastic search, Spark, Java,aws, azure, Python, C#, Hadoop, REST, Spring


Mr. Aditya Ranade


  • Climate Entrepreneur

  • Founder: Two Degrees Adapt

  • Founder: Aerio Technologies

Current Status:

I am a founder and partner for Two Degrees Adapt- a climate resilience technology advisory firm, and a founder + director of business development for Aerio Technologies- a decision analytics software company enabling renewable natural gas development. I am also an adjunct professor at University of Saint Thomas teaching a class titled “Global Energy Landscape”

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Pune and brought up in Rajapur, Dist- Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. After 10th standard I came to Pune and attended Fergusson College for my 11th+12th and MIT, Pune for Polymer Engineering.

Beginning of Career:

I left India to pursue a Ph.D in Materials Science. I received my PhD at Case Western Reserve University in 2006 with a focus on micro and nano-scale layered polymeric systems and studying their mechanical and optical properties.

Till today:

My first job out of grad school was at Saint-Gobain, developing photovoltaic solar panel materials. This catalyzed my interest in sustainable energy and sustainability broadly. Since then, I have worked in Venture Capital, Consulting, Market Research and R&D across Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Agriculture. Most recently, I led global R&D in Connected/Smart Grid for 3M.

My work over the past 14 years has taken me to 22 countries across four continents


Enable a better Anthropocene for the planet through science and technology


My wife- Aditi Velankar is a Physical Therapist with Regions Hospital. She has Masters in Health Sciences from University of Indianapolis and a Geriatrics Specialist Certificate from American Physical Therapy Association. She is also an aspiring Yoga teacher.


If we develop a humanist and rationalist viewpoint, we can overcome the various challenges facing our planet


Be Original, Be Bold, Work Hard, Create

Important Link:

While it is imperative we reduce our impact on the environment as a society we must also consider how we will respond to the impacts of our emissions to date. Investments in adaptation strategies will be crucial to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and to provide an opportunity for regenerative economic growth.

We have developed a proprietary process for analyzing economic impacts of climate change, identifying climate adaptation strategies, and quantifying the potential economic opportunity. While others may stop there, we take the much needed extra step of connecting investors, technology providers, businesses, and cities who will benefit most from the adaptation strategies.

We envision adaptation strategies implemented in every sector and geography impacted by climate change, resulting in economic growth and the avoidance of the worst effects of climate change.


Two Degrees Adapt promotes economic growth and asset resilience in spite of climate change by accelerating the deployment of climate adaptation technologies in the private and public sector. By mapping adaptation strategies to sectors and geographies as well as developing partnerships between the private and public sector Two Degrees facilitates the implementation of adaptation strategies which improve our cities and society.

Data driven decision making for Renewable Natural Gas industry

Aerio Technologies provides data driven decision analytics to convert methane from distributed sources to low carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).


Mr. Rohit Vaze

Virginia Beach

Master’s in Supply Chain Management

Assistant Planner at Essel Propack in Danville, Virginia


I came to the United States in Fall 2017 for the Master’s in “Supply Chain Management”, soon after completing the Bachelor’s in “Mechanical Engineering” from the ‘University of Mumbai’ in India in Summer 2017

I completed the Master’s program in May 2019 from the ‘Illinois Institute of Technology’ in Chicago, Illinois. My academic record throughout the Master’s program was good and as an appreciation of that I was awarded the department scholarship for the 2 consecutive years. During the tenure of my Master’s, along with the curriculum, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work at 4 different on-campus positions at my university and to work as an intern at 2 different companies within the United States –
Internship 1 – Logistics Intern at Machinery Marketing International in Chicago, Illinois
Internship 2 – Supply Chain Coordinator Intern at TrueChoicePack Corp. in Mason, Ohio

Since July 2019, I am working as an Assistant Planner at Essel Propack in Danville, Virginia
Phone: +1 434-688-1479

Important Link:



Mr. Sachin Nerurkar


IT Development Manager at General Motors


Sachin has more than 19 yrs of Industrial Experience and more than 17 yrs of Information Technology Experience. Sachin is a certified project manager with more than 9 yrs of Program/Project management/ Portfolio planning experience.
Specialties: Program management/ Project management, Global Delivery model, Java, J2EE, mainframe technology.

Positions Held

  • IT Development Manager:  General Motors, Detroit.  Jul 2019 – Present
  • IT Portfolio Manager :  General Motors, Detroit.  Nov 2012 – Jul 2019
  • Program Delivery manager: GalaxE Solutions. Mar 2011 – Nov 2012


  • Master’s degree Data Analytics Penn State World Campus
  • MBA Strategy & Finance: University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Software Technology: National Center of Software Technology
  • Bachelors of Engineering: University of Mumbai


Mr. Sudhanwa Dewasthale


Associate TS&D Engineer | Chemical Engineering | Innovation | Project Management | Technical Sales

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Chemical Engineering Michigan State University (Thesis : “Engineering Biobased Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Based on Plant (Soybean) Oil and Polysiloxanes”.)
  • Bachelor of Technology – Institute Of Chemical Technology


With a solid background of successes in Product Development and Customer Management, I have built a reputation as a leader in product innovations for adhesives and resins used in a variety of commercial applications. I have experience providing expertise and consulting to global, industry leading corporations on packaging innovations that enable cost controls, revenue generation and manufacturing efficiencies. My success is driven by my ability to align project and program strategy with business and financial goals through the establishment of effective policies and procedures. I leverage a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning the effort of strong teams with project objectives.

Positions Held:

  • Associate TS&D Engineer, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics The Dow Chemical Company Freeport, Texas: Jul 2017 – Present
  • Senior Engineer, Dow Packaging and Speciality Plastics: Dec 2014 – Jun 2017
  • Research Assistant Michigan State University Sep 2010 – Sep 2014


  • Biobased interpenetrating polymers networks derived from silylated soybean oil and water soluble polysiloxanes
  • Water Soluble Polysiloxanes
  • Silylation of Non-Terminal Double Bonds of Natural Oils
  • Biobased interpenetrating polymers networks derived from oligomerized soybean oil and polydimethylsiloxane
  • A spectroscopic method for hydroxyl value determination of polyols
  • Interpenetrating polymer networks derived from silylated soybean oil and polydimethylsiloxane
  • Reactive extrusion of glycerylated starch and starch–polyester graft copolymers.


  • Hydrophilic polysiloxane compositions containing carbinol groups
  • Interpenetrating polymer networks derived from silylated triglyceride oils and polysiloxanes



Mr. Sameer Bhide


Brain Stroke Survivor, currently on Long Term Disability

Current Status:

Sameer Bhide is a Brain Stroke survivor and currently on long term disability and writing his memoir through a ghostwriter which will focus on the many lessons learned and experiences in his ongoing recovery journey. Before, he worked for 23 years working in and consulting with big and small companies in many industries globally. He is highly experienced in leading and managing strategic and operational business and technology transformation and change initiatives in structured and matrix organizations by applying emerging business strategies and technologies to solve business problems. He has strong experience in influencing executives, middle management and staff employees within business units and IT.
Key areas of experience:
– Knowledge Management & Collaboration
– Digital Workplaces
– Management Consulting
– Client Relationship Management/Account Management

Childhood / Young Days:

Place of birth – Pune
School and College – Mumbai
Badminton player

Beginning of Career:

Left India after BCOM to pursue an MBA in the US 30 years ago.

Till today:

1993-2000 – Ernst & Young, Cleveland, Ohio
2000-2002 – Kana Software, Boston, Mass
2002-2009 – Ellucian, Fairfax, Virginia
2009-2010 -Wilmerhale LLP, Washington DC
2011-2014 – TCS, New York
2014- 2016 – 3Pillar Global, Fairfax, Virginia
2016-2018 – Grant Thornton LLP, Alexandria, Virginia


India’s future is bright. So is for many other developing nations.


Don’t let anything or anyone tell you that you cannot do it. It is totally up to you.


Mrs. Vineshwari Kulkarni

San Jose

Current Status: Currently working as QA Automation Engineer located in San Jose California. I have completed MS in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University CT.

Childhood / Young Days: From the childhood I was in Nashik till my Bachelors. I Completed BCA from BYK college of Commerce. I have one elder brother. We both and his wife stays in USA.


Mrs. Meeta Pradhan


  • Senior Data Scientist : Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, Indianapolis [Primary Affiliation]
  • Adjunct Faculty : School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

I am in the field of Bio and Health Informatics. Presently I am working as Senior Data Scientist at Indiana Biosciences Research Institute and have additional appointment with School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI).

“People don’t die of Diabetes but due its comorbidities”,

  • Worldwide Diabetes is becoming an epidemic. In my current role, I am involved in understanding the diabetes scenario in the State of Indiana and also United Kingdom.
  • I also teach and supervise/co-supervise master’s and PhD Students School of Informatics and Computing, IUPUI.
  • I am actively involved in promoting STEM education, teaching/ career development/ hands-on application to under-represented High SchoolStudents.
  • I am also, actively involved in training college in-terns in the field of Data Science.
  • I am active member of Maharashtra Sneha Mandal a non-profit organization in Indianapolis and have served in the executive committee as Vice President.

Childhood/ Young days

I (Maiden Name: Meeta A Phadnis) was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and raised in Bhilai (Steel City) Madhya Pradesh.

My father Late Shri A.K.Phadnis was Finance Executive in Bhilai Steel Plant and my mother Mrs. S.A. Phadnis was a homemaker and a tutor of Mathematics.  I am eldest of three sisters and my middle sister Mrs. Mona Mokashi is an associate Director with Cognizant at Charlotte, NC USA and my youngest sister Mrs. Leena Chitanvis is a home maker lives inPanvel, India.

My schooling was in Bhilai(Senior Secondary School Sector X), undergraduate in Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT, Nagpur), M.Tech and PhD.Tech from Institute of Chemical Technology(formerly UDCT), Matunga, Mumbai. Master in Cheminformatics from IUPUI, USA. Growing up the township life and schooling system in Bhilai and my mother’s love for mathamatics influenced me to pursue engineering. My higher education i.e. master’s and PhD are due to the encouragement and support from my Mother-in-law (Mrs. Sulabha P. Pradhan), my advisor Professor Jyaestharaj B. Joshi (Prof. J.B. Joshi) and my husband Prashant Pradhan.

Beginning of Career

My husband (Prashant) opted to pursue his career in US and moved to US in 1997. After completing my Ph.D (Tech), I joined him with our daughter in early 2000. Prashant moved to Indianapolis to work for Eli Lilly and Company.  Though I had opportunities to pursue my post-doctoral in Chemical Technology from different Universities in US but wanted to stay with family so started my visiting research fellow in computational biology at (IUPUI) and also enrolled for a Master’s in Cheminformatics and minor Bioinformatics. As Bioinformatics was very new in early 2000, it paved an entirely new career option. I moved to University of Missouri, Columbia to do another Post-doc in Computational Biology in 2006 and finally in 2007 came back as faculty at IUPUI. Since then I am working in the field of Bioinformatics and Data Science.

Till Today

After undergraduate I worked for year and half at National Environment Engineering Institute (NEERI), Nagpur as technologist, was involved in waste management project for Ganga Action Plan and Organic Industries in India.  Joined ICT to pursue higher education and complete Master’s& PhD Tech under the supervision of Professor J. B. Joshi.  After PhD Tech moved to USA and pursued another Masters in Cheminformatics, followed by Post- Doctoral Study at University of Missouri, Columbia in the field of Bioinformatics. For nearly 10 yearsvcserved as Faculty in School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI teaching, researching and advising master’s and PhD students in the field of Bioinformatics and Health Informatics, worked on Human Genome Analysis and Machine Learning for Cancer Informatics. In 2017, moved to Indiana Biosciences Research Institute a newly set-up Non-Profit Organization as a Senior Data Scientist. Presently, collaborating with different Industries and Academia in USA/ Europe to understand the Global Diabetes Problem. Using and developing Multi-disciplinary machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models to understand the Diabetes and its co-morbiditiesepidemic.


Not much thought about the next steps in life or career. But every year try to give back to society in Indianapolis by getting involved in the food pantry, volunteering in the hospital, Indian Community. Recently, started visiting the girl’s orphanage in Thane, Maharashtra India and also got involved in understanding the needs of the under-represented schools in Mumbai Municipal Corporation.


My husband Prashant P. Pradhan is engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai and management degree from Welingkar Institute, Mumbai. He has a Master’s in Computer Science, IUPUI, USA. Presently working as software consultant.

We have one daughter Pranoti Pradhan, who has completed Bachelors in Biochemistry and Master’s in Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. She completed her second Master’s in Public Health from Cornell University, New York and now is in first year PhD program in Cancer Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

Few years back my mother moved to stay with us at Indianapolis and we have a 10-year Golden Retriever. Now staying in Indianapolis for last 20 years “Friends are my Family”.


With the advent of modern technology, we are presently in a good position to use the technology for betterment of humankind. As my research is in discovery of new targets for complex diseases. My goal is to use this knowledge to help common man to take care of his/her family health. Presently research is my passion and teaching the master’s and PhD level students gives me lot of pleasure and joy.

I always think life is not easy, but everything happens for a purpose. So be passionate, sincere to your beliefs and do hard-work things will happen.


We are lucky to be born in this era with of technological developments. “Fear not to Learn New Things”. Work with full heart and charter the unknown territories. Once you overcome these unknown’s life is beautiful.

Important Link

Major Achievements& Honors

  • Most Innovative Technology, Chemical Engineering Science (don’t remember the year)
  • Best Ph.D Tech Thesis 2001, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Best Paper Award, ISMB 2013
  • Best Paper Award, IEEE 2015


Mr. Sanjay Wadge


Founder, Eternity Systems, Inc., USA.

Ex-President, Silicon Valley Indians Professional Association (SIPA), California

Current Status:

Entrepreneur running my IT Services company – Eternity Systems, Inc.

Childhood / Young Days:

Coming from remote village in Maharashtra, had wonderful fun filled village/urban life. Studied in local college in Nasik district up to Bachelors degree. Then later moved to Mumbai for job and subsequently continued in Pune till 1995. Move to USA in 1996.

Beginning of Career:

Started career in IT/Software in mid 80’s and continued till mid 90s. Then moved to USA in 1996.

Till today:

Had a challenging, but wonderful journey. Enjoyed initial first 5+ years in USA before .com burst showed us the realities of US life. Moved on to start independent consulting from that point on wards which continued for next few years before turning it into small IT services company.

While pursuing professional career, I am involved in few nonprofit organizations like SIPA, Tie and some others.


Sanjay is an Entrepreneur and founder of Eternity Systems, Inc. Sanjay has over 25 years of global IT Services experience. Sanjay has successfully delivered to a charter to scale the companies he worked for, build the culture of thought leadership and foster innovation as the primary differentiator to create benefit to the customers. Sanjay has spent most of his professional life in front of the customers and is very passionate about working with customers, creating simple and innovative technology solutions to complex business problems. With his deep understanding of current, future, technology and design trends, and excellent ability to evaluate their relevance in context of the problem domain, he has repeatedly displayed proven problem solving abilities, mentoring and coaching abilities to build high performance technical teams, ability to persevere and persuade development teams on technical visions/solutions, and commitment towards ensuring that the technical visions are successfully implemented.

Prior to starting Eternity Systems, Sanjay served a global premier IT/Product Engineering Services firm, Xoriant Corporation where he successfully managed CRM practice and implemented complex solutions for fortune 500 customers such as Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, 21st Century Insurance, APL etc. Before joining Xoriant, Sanjay worked as Scientist at National Informatics Center, Govt. of India.

In addition to his day to day responsibilities, Sanjay is also associated with multiple non-profit organizations. He has been voluntarily serving Silicon Valley Indian Professional Association (SIPA), a prominent non-profit professional organization as a board member for last 10+ years and served as President from 2007 till 2009.


Will continue on entrepreneurial journey along with other social activities.-


Wife with 2 children. Wife is school teacher in Child Development Center. Elder son pursuing MBA after completion of BS in Comp. Sci. Daughter pursuing MS after completing BS in Cognitive science.

Advice: Certainly will be interested in advising youngsters.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

President, Silicon Valley Indians Professional Association (SIPA), California from 2007 – 2009.


Mr. Prasad Paradkar


B.E., Computer Science And Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University

Technology Manager, State Of Indiana

Current Status:

An accomplished Technology Management Professional with 21+ years of demonstrated expertise in IT with proven track record in leading software research, development and operations, strategic IT planning and road map, staff development, team leadership, people and project management.

Demonstrated ability in establishing vision and leading Development and Operations (DevOps) department, process optimization, IT infrastructure, budget maintenance and development, off-shore resource management, planning, enterprise support/service delivery.

Proven track record of developing strong business and vendor relationships, strategic thinking and methodical execution to not just meet, but exceed customer expectations and needs.

Major Acheivements & Honors:

President Maharashtra Sneha Mandal Of Indiana (MSMI), 2014 – 2015


Mr. Mangesh Wadegaonkar


Product Strategy | Lifecycle Marketing | Go-to-market | Sales Activation | Evangelizing | Partnerships | Educator & Mentor

  • MBA General Management & Entrepreneurship Cornell University
  • MS Computer Science Northern Illinois University
  • BE Electronics Engineering University of Mumbai

Mangesh Wadegaonkar is a senior executive and founder at several high growth startups at different stages, from pre-revenue all the way to PE-backed $200MM firm, running product, marketing, sales, governance, operations & raising money.

Over the last 20 years, he has consistently built strong teams, strategic partnerships, effective direct & channel sales and marketing, and bundled solutions to persistently generate double-digit percentage growth.

As the CEO of Cayuga Growth Partners, Mangesh has executed many successful projects. He is currently working on an international distributor deal for a collectables protectors business. More recently, Mangesh helped a contextual wearables mobile IoT company successfully launch commercial business. Before this success, he restructured a global SaaS company, and launched new AI-enabled platform & mobile apps as part of his global growth strategy.

Mangesh has been engaged by the board of a digital marketing services company to lead business transformation for faster market growth and higher exit multiples. Previously, he was hired by investors to help with higher valuation at a direct marketing company serving hundreds of national brands & several thousand SMBs.

As part of CEO’s elite squad, Mangesh successfully architected and implemented full digital transformation and omni-channel strategy along with refreshing marketing, sales & customer success playbooks resulting in rapid EBITDA increase.

Mangesh co-founded a digital healthcare company for web & mobile diagnosis and care. He started his career in telecom where he pioneered agile product development and led the first ever VoIP mission critical platform generating $350MM.

Mangesh deeply believes in “people do business with people” and “right education for every individual” and enjoys coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs & high performing teams to succeed at different stages of their career. To that end, he is a co-founding board of director at Startup Leadership Program, a global startup accelerator and advises at University of Maryland & George Washington University innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Mangesh has a B.Eng. in electronics engineering, an M.S. in computer science, and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.

Outside of his busy work schedule Mangesh enjoys playing the Tabla, membranophone percussion instrument (an Indian Drum).

Positions Held:

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland Global Campus: 2019 – Present
  • Executive (CMO) Industry Advisor, BIA/Kelsey: 2019 – Present
  • CMO (during transitions). Cayuga Growth Partners Gaithersburg, MD: 2012 – Present
  • Head of Commercial Products & Marketing, SignalFrame Washington D.C. Metro Area: 2017 – 2018
  • Head of Growth, EventBank Vienna, VA: 2016 – 2017
  • Head of Product & Evangelism, Surefire Social McLean, VA: 2015 – 2016
  • Head of Digital Solutions, Mspark Birmingham, Alabama Area: 2014 – 2015
  • Head of Partnership Marketing, EveryScape Inc. Newton, MA: 2010 – 2013
  • Interim CEO, Dragonfly Product Company, Inc. Providence, Rhode Island Area: 2009 – 2010
  • Co-Founder (Marketing & Business Development), Marveluz Technologies, LLC Ithaca, New York Area: 2006 – 2009
  • Marketing Strategy Consultant, Intel Santa Clara, CA: 2006 – 2007
  • Product Leader, Motorola Schaumburg, IL: 2000 – 2006




San Francisco

Vice President & General Manager, Firmware & Software (Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group) at Intel Corporation.

Mr. Upendra Mukund Kulkarni is the Vice President and General Manager of Software division for Intel’s Non-volatile memory Solutions Group. In this capacity, he leads over 700 engineers to develop the firmware and software for Intel’s 3D NAND Flash and 3D XPoint chips.

In addition, Upendra is the Chief Technical Advisor to Absentia VR Pvt Ltd (a Bengaluru based virtual reality company) and Senior Advisor to the CEO of a non-profit organization in California.

Upendra is an innovative, people oriented leader who blends business and technical acumen to lead a large organization to build cutting edge computer products. He is highly accomplished in the field of computer engineering, is an analytical thinker, creative problem solver and effective people leader.

Born in March 1963, Upendra hails from a highly educated family from Miraj, Maharashtra.  Upendra’s grandfather was a graduate from 1890. He gave up his high paying job and joined the struggle for India’s independence. Upendra’s father, Mukund Raghavendra Kulkarni, was 5th of nine children, but in his life he became a central figure for the entire family due to his personality, stepping up to help others and leadership skills. All the siblings of Upendra’s father educated themselves with the help of scholarships without any help from their father. Upendra’s father, Mukund Kulkarni graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and supported the M.B.B.S. education of his two younger brothers. Upendra’s father started his own pharmaceutical business, Ajit Labarotaries Pvt. Ltd., which is now managed by Upendra’s elder brother Mr. Uday Kulkarni who graduated from Shivaji University (B. Pharm.) with a gold medal and from UDCT Mumbai with Master’s in Pharmacy. Upendra’s mother, Rama Kulkarni, comes from a small town in northern Karnataka. His one elder sister, Mrs. Veena Sant retired from SNDT University Pune as the Principal, and other elder sister Mrs. Vidya Chikte teaches children with special needs at the Vidya Valley high school in Pune.

Both his parents have been huge influence on Upendra in developing qualities like commitment, discipline, compassion, confidence, perseverance, public speaking, leadership, taking the high road, integrity and helping others. Upendra says he wouldn’t have been who he is today without their teachings.

As a kid, Upendra was very inquisitive, wanting to learn how everything worked. He used to read “Understanding Science” magazines end to end learning about science. Curious as he was, he used to dismantle clocks, pressing iron, scooter breaks, bicycle chains, electric fan, and mixer etc wanting to learn about their mechanisms and how to fix them. However, he says he would most often leave them broken and get in trouble.

Upendra studied at a small public school in Miraj named Balavantrao Marathe Vidyalay of which his father was a founding member. Most of his fellow students came from lower income families and they usually struggled with mathematics and science. So he used to teach them those subjects after school. He usually stood first or second in exams every year. Some of his high school teachers made a big difference in his life – Mr. Hulyalkar (English teacher), Mr. P. H. Kulkarni (Marathi), Mr. Parchure (Math), Mr. Joshi (Science), Mr. Apte, Mrs. Deshpande, Mrs. Phadake (Languages), and Mr. Ghorpade (Principal).

Upendra studied 11th and 12th grades at Willingdon College Miraj. At 12th grade exams, he scored so well that he could get admission for medicine as well as for engineering. However, he chose to be an engineer due to his passion and aptitude. Upendra did B.E. (Instrumentation and Control) from College of Engineering Pune, and then went to USA to do Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech (USA) in 1988.

Upendra’s father was the reason why he went to USA for studies. Upendra’s father himself coming from a family that valued education and most of his siblings achieving advanced degrees from reputed universities in India and abroad, was keen on sending Upendra to USA for master’s degree.  Initially, Upendra did not have scholarship. After achieving top scores in first semester, he was able to qualify for teaching assistantship. That made further studies easier. Prof. Dr. Van Landingham was a huge help for Upendra as he noticed Upendra’s talent and supported him by giving him a teaching assistantship.

However, while Upendra was studying for M.S. program in U.S., his father passed away in India. He took 3 months’ break from studies to visit home and be with his mother. It strained the financial situation, but he was able to pull through with the help from the family.

After completion of M.S., Upendra joined Intel corp. as a fresh graduate. He excelled in everything he did by thinking outside the box and kept getting multiple management promotions along the way. He believed in taking risks wherever necessary to deliver the results. At Intel, he had some good managers/mentors – Randy Wilhelm, John Barton and Jon Khazam who helped shape Upendra’s career. He proved himself to be a dependable leader and became the Vice President, Intel Corp. in 2012.

Upendra’s work in Intel from 1988 to 1999 was mainly technical and research oriented. During that period, he has to his credit 6 patents registered in his name. After 1999, he assumed managerial roles and his independent research work took a back-step. As a new and young recruit, Upendra used to be very observant and gave suggestions for better output and results both. This was getting noticed by his seniors. In 1989, Upendra used to work with another employee of Intel, Mr. Perlmutter who was stationed in Israel and showed ways to improve the output. The same person Mr. Perlmutter later became the Executive Vice President of Intel. He gave Upendra an early break in the managerial role. Upendra shifted from technical work to people and management.

In his current role as VP & GM of Firmware and Software division, Upendra’s team is responsible for architecture, development and validation of firmware and software for Intel’s SSD and Optane™ product lines. 14 years prior to this role, Mr. Upendra was vice president and director of Graphics Software Development and Validation at Intel Corporation. He was responsible for the worldwide team that developed high-performance and power-optimized 3-D, media and display drivers for the Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android operating systems to support Intel’s media servers, entry workstations, client PC/Ultrabook, tablet and smart-phone product lines.  Before his role with graphics, Upendra held various senior management roles in system validation, architecture and product engineering on chipset, graphics, CPU and math co-processor products over a span of 14 years. The teams he led at Intel have delivered more than 15 high-volume integrated graphics products, the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor line of CPUs, several PCI/AGP chipsets and the 80387 math co-processor, achieving numerous technology firsts for Intel and the industry. Carving new ground for Intel, his teams developed breakthrough methodologies for graphics driver development using simulation and emulation platforms for predictable execution in post-Si phase for large-scale and high-cadence products. Upendra has also played a key organizational role, expanding and developing new teams and capabilities at sites in South Carolina, Penang (Malaysia), Poland and China.

Upendra excels in building and leading multi-geo teams to deliver results – competitive products on time, under budget and high quality. He possesses a high blend of business acumen, technical depth, and organizational and people leadership skills. He has ably shouldered financial and budget management responsibilities for $220M annually with organizational responsibility for up to 1,600 employees and 1,200 outsourcing work-force across multiple geographies.

When asked what it takes to lead huge teams, Upendra said, “my leadership style is a blend of business acumen and technical knowhow. Business acumen involves knowledge of your business, revenue/profits, your customers, competitive landscape and the core strengths of the company. Technical acumen involves your knowledge of the cutting edge technology. This knowhow of technical aspects is absolutely necessary to become an effective leader. Without technical knowledge, one can become people’s leader but not an effective technical leader. A leader must have passion for innovation, achieve excellence in everything that is being done, attend to minutest details, open communication, persevere through hard difficult times, have vision and most importantly trust and respect for co-workers”.

Giving it back to society:


Upendra’s father had founded a school in Miraj- ‘Balavantrao Marathe Vidyalay’. This school was established in early ‘70s and had new teachers. The school students mainly came from lower income families. Upendra’s father Mr. Mukund Raghavendra Kulkarni was criticized and asked whether he would send his own children to such a school. Mr. Mukund Kulkarni responded affirmatively by sending his own son to that school. By then, Upendra’s all other siblings had already completed their school education. So, Upendra was the only child his father sent to the school he founded.

Upendra used to teach math and science subjects to other students in his class during his school years. Coming from a highly educated family, Upendra used to find math and science very easy to learn and teach. He drew tremendous satisfaction from helping his classmates. He used to tutor them sitting under a tree.

Mr. Mukund Kulkarni, Upendra’s father lived a life full of helping and inspiring others and being a role model for many in the family and society. He became a strong proponent of higher education and encouraged his four children to earn postgraduate degrees. He was known as ‘man of marks’ in his family circle as he would encourage children of all ages to earn high percentage of marks.

Mr. Upendra had seen his father helping poor deserving students, and he always wanted to do the same once he gains financial stability. Now, Upendra and his brother Uday have set up a scholarship of Rs. 48000 per year in his father’s name (M.R. Kulkarni scholarship) to sponsor deserving students from Miraj/Sangli region. The students’ applications are scrutinized by Upendra’s elder brother. This scholarship is administered by ‘PAPAS Trust’, Shanivar Peth Pune.

Ritwij Sase Memorial Donation

In addition to the Kulkarni scholarship, in memory of his late nephew, Ritwij Sase (1987-2010), Upendra has set up a scholarship for the Robotics or Science Olympiad winning team that qualifies for National level competition with participation from Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, CA, where Upendra’s children studied. Ritwij was a huge fan of robotics, and built an all terrain vehicle with his college mates for Indian National level competition. By making this donation in the amount of US $500.00 to the winning team, Upendra hopes that bright and engineering-oriented minds will be inspired by Ritwij’s story and will work towards achieving their own dreams.

In June 2016, Upendra had retired from Intel corp. after 28 years of service. In April 2017, Intel called him back offering him a higher post.

Meanwhile, during those nine months after retirement Intel sponsored his services to an NGO – Stand Up Placer based in northern Sacramento. Upendra says Intel has a great sense of social responsibility and participates in helping the community in many ways.

Stand Up Placer:

This is an NGO that supports the victims of domestic violence. Stand Up Placer firmly believes that everyone – regardless of sex, race, religion, or occupation, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender – deserves to live a life free from violence. They provide victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Placer County with a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

Upendra always wanted to help people in every way he could, so he liked the idea. Initially he was not sure how he can help the NGO. But the chief administrator of the NGO said that Upendra can teach them leadership skills which are Upendra’s forte. At the NGO, the managers were new and needed help in running the institute. Intel requested Upendra to devote his time for the NGO.

For nine months, Upendra helped the NGO— studied their annual budget plan, removed inefficiencies, and trained the entire management team for effective communication, effective leadership, and team work etc. Upendra says he taught the managerial team of Stand Up Placer NGO key managerial skills he learnt at Intel for 28 years. The NGO has now become more efficient and the staff has become more focused and involved. They are proud of their work. The NGO is funded by State Government and the team has become more accountable, and more connected with the local authorities for better coordination. Upendra says he got the same satisfaction as teaching his classmates at school and he is ready to offer his services to any other Indian NGO also if he is asked to.


The qualities Upendra values most are integrity, focusing on the results, respect for others, and desire to help others.

Upendra recognizes the contributions of Dr. Prakash Amte to a great social cause. He is inspired by the CEOs of companies like Intel, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Infosys, Wipro etc for their contributions in technology. He also admires the excellence achieved by persons like Amitabh Bachchan and P. L. Deshpande in their respective fields. In general he says he admires and is inspired by anyone, young or old, man or woman, who excels in their field.

Cultural activities:

Upendra performs stand-up comedy as a hobby and passion. He has hosted several functions as master of the ceremony. Presently, he is actively involved in programs of local Maharashtra Mandal. Though he has stopped being the master of the ceremony, no matter how busy his calendar is, he always finds time to perform in dramas. He has acted in plays like ‘Trikoni Choukon’, ‘Hasawa-fasawi’, and ‘Moruchi mavshi’.


Upendra’s wife Smita has a post graduate degree in Library Science and works at an elementary school as a librarian. She has worked for nineteen years at the same school. She is passionate about her work and encourages the students to read books through creative means, such as offering them incentive of a free pass to a Theme Park if they read certain number of books. Nearly 9000 students are benefited from her initiative in past 19 years.

Upendra and Smita are blessed with two brilliant sons.

The elder son Rishikesh has completed his  PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkley.   ( )

The younger son Kedar has graduated in business management from UC Berkley. (

Upendra and Smita also have two dogs, black Labradors, and Upendra enjoys running or hiking with them.


  • 6 patents on microprocessor technology in microprocessor technologies in the areas of microcode execution and cache coherency protocols.
  • Several Intel awards for high performance and innovation
  • Vice President promotion in 2012


April 2017 onwards             VP & GM, Firmware & Software (Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group) at Intel

2012-June 2016       Vice President, Intel

2003-2012    Director of Graphics Software Engineering, Intel

1998-2003    Director of Systems Engineering, Intel

1988-1998     Various engineering and project management roles, Intel


Mr. Anurag Mairal


Innovator, Entrepreneur, Professor, Strategy Advisor

PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder

MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.

MS in chemical engineering from the Indian Institution of Technology in Mumbai

BS in chemical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Raipur.

Dr. Mairal was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Twente, Netherlands and at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

At BerkeleyHaas, he was a founding co-Chairman of the South Asia Business Conference and Chair of the Biotech Panel for the Asia Business Conference.

His work has been published in more than 30 publications, and he has seven issued patents.

  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine and the Director, Global Outreach Programs at Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, Stanford University.
  • Adjunct Professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business
  • Faculty Fellow and Lead for Technology Innovation and Impact at Center for Innovation in Global Health.

In these roles, he leads initiatives focused on applying the biodesign process to resource-constrained settings globally.

Further, he facilitates opportunities for students, faculty and fellows at Stanford to work on global healthcare needs.

He is part of the founding faculty team for MED 232, Global Health: Scaling Health Technology Innovations in Low Resource Settings and BIOE 371, Global Biodesign: Medical Technology in an International Context, graduate-level courses offered to engineering, business, and medical students at Stanford University.

Earlier, he served as Associate Director for the Stanford-India Biodesign and Singapore-Stanford Biodesign programs. He serves as the Founding Chair of BME IDEA APAC, a community of medtech innovation programs in Asia Pacific, partnering closely with the industry and academia in the region. He is also an Honorary Professor at University of Cape Town, South Africa. Concurrently, he is a co-founder and Executive Vice President of Orbees Medical, a SF Bay Area-based strategy consulting firm serving global healthcare industry, with a focus on medtech, pharmaceutical, and digital health industry.

Dr. Mairal has an extensive background in medical technology development and commercialization, collaborating with partners in the U.S., India, China, and other emerging markets to advance product development, manufacturing, and distribution.

Recently, he took a sabbatical for two years to take a senior leadership role at PATH, a major global health nonprofit based in Seattle. In this role, he oversaw research and development, commercialization, and implementation of technologies in PATH’s medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health divisions.

Previously, he held several positions at Johnson & Johnson, including Business Development Director and Product Director for structural heart, cardiology, and peripheral vascular products at Cordis.

Before joining J&J, he was a Group Leader and a Process Development Manager at Membrane Technology and Research (MTR). At MTR, he was responsible for business development, strategic alliances, and product development in the bioseparations area.

An active mentor to entrepreneurs and industry professionals, he serves as the chair of PATH’s Bay Area Leadership Council, board member at EPPIC Global Network and IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation and advisory board member at D-Rev and Sewa International.

Academic Appointments

Administrative Appointments

  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Innovation in Global Health, School of Medicine (2017 – Present)
  • Senior Advisor, Global Health, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign (2016 – Present)
  • Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa (2015 – Present)
  • Senior Advisor, Singapore-Stanford Biodesign, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign (2011 – Present)
  • Director, Global Exchange Program, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign (2010 – Present)
  • Associate Director, Stanford-India Biodesign Program, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign (2007 – 2010)

Positions Held:

  • Director, Global Outreach Programs : Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign: Aug 2017 – Present
  • Chair, BME IDEA APAC Stanford, California Jan 2016 – Dec 2019
  • Director, Global Exchange Stanford, CA Jan 2011 – Jul 2017

In this role, Dr, Anurag has been responsible for developing an extensive network of partners from the industry, academia, regulatory bodies, and investors in Asia and the U.S. He also advises students, faculty, and fellows at Stanford who are developing medtech solutions for global health. From January 2013 through February 2015, he spent most of his time at PATH as the Global Program Leader, a responsibility that was complementary to his role at Stanford. During this time, Dr. Anurag remained available at Stanford for advising and for the Global Biodesign course he teaches every Spring.

  • Chair, Indian Medtech Summit Delhi Nov 2007 – Dec 2011
  • Associate Director, Stanford-India Biodesign Oct 2007 – Dec 2010
  • Member of The Board of Advisors SEWA International USA Dec 2019 – Present
  • Board Member IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation Dec San Francisco Bay Area 2019 – Present
  • Chair, PATH Bay Area Leadership Council San Francisco Bay Area 2019 – Present
  • Member, PATH Bay Area Leadership Council San Francisco Bay Area Jan 2017 – Nov 2019
  • Adjunct Professor Stanford University School of Medicine Aug 2017 – Present
  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Innovation in Global Health Stanford, California Mar 2017 – Present

Launched in 2015, the CIGH Faculty Fellow program is a network of over 140 Stanford affiliated faculty across the Stanford campus. CIGH Fellows represent an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians across schools and over 25 departments at Stanford who play an integral role in global health research, education and clinical care at Stanford. The program aims to foster community and collaboration across the Stanford campus and provides affiliated members with support at various junctures in their careers.

  • Adjunct Professor Stanford University Graduate School of Business Sep 2013 – Present
  • Executive Vice President Orbees Medical San Francisco Bay Area Mar 2015 – Present

Orbees Medical provides market research and strategy solutions to the healthcare industry, with focus on medical devices and diagnostics and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Founder: Orbees Medical San Francisco Bay Area May 2008 – Present

Orbees Medical provides knowledge-intensive consulting services to innovative medical device and biopharma companies, helping them reduce risks and help them expedite a successful product launch at a reasonable cost. From January 2013 to February 2015, Dr. Anurag took time off from Orbees Medical to work with PATH, a leading global health NGO, but remained an advisor to the firm.

  • Honorary Professor, Department of Human Biology University of Cape Town SA, Mar 2015 – Present
  • Member of the Editorial Board IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine USA, Jul 2013 – Present

The IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine (JTEHM) is a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal and community forum that premiered in July 2013.

  • Board Member Start Ups and Industry Orgnizations Jan 2008 – Present
  • Board Member (since January 2018) and Charter Member; EPPIC Global Network January 2010 – Present (
  • Advisor, Advent Access January 2017 – Present
  • Advisor, D-Rev January 2018 – Present
  • Member, Strategic Advisory Board; WinVivo September 2009 – Present
  • Member, Board of Directors; Stealth Mode MedDvice Co May 2009 – Present
  • Co-founder, South Asian MBA Association ( January 2007 – August 2009
  • Global Program Leader, Technology Solutions PATH Seattle, WA 2013 – Feb 2015

Dr. Anurag oversaw research and development, commercialization, and implementation of health technologies in the areas of maternal and neonatal health, nutrition, water and sanitation, digital health, reproductive health, vaccine-related technologies, and diagnostics for infectious and noncommunicable diseases.

  • Associate Editor, Special Issue: Point-of-Care Healthcare Technologies IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering Mar 2012 – Apr 2013
  • President and CEO Gurome, Milpitas, CA Jan 2005 – Dec 2012

Gurome (previously TestPundit) offers GMAT Test Prep, MBA admissions, and career advising solutions. This position involves corporate strategy and partnership development. Additional responsibilities include recruiting, sales management, and product development. TestPundit became Gurome in Jan 2009.

  • Product Director Cordis Mar 2005 – Jan 2008
  • Business Development Director, Product Director Johnson & Johnson Mar 2005 – Jan 2008
  • Development Director, Business and Emerging Technologies, NDC, Johnson & Johnson Mar 2005 – Jan 2007


  • MBA Marketing University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business 2001 – 2005
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Porous Media University of Michigan 1997 – 1998
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Membrane Science University of Twente 1997 – 1997
  • D. Chemical Engineering University of Colorado Boulder 1993 – 1997
  • S. Chemical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 1990 – 1993
  • S. Chemical Engineering National Institute of Technology Raipur 1985 – 1990


  • Ultrafiltration process
  • Ethanol recovery process
  • Natural gas dehydration apparatus
  • Treatment of shipboard-generated oily wastewaters
  • Zein recovery using non-porous membranes
  • Thin-film nitinol based drug eluting stent
  • Separation process using pervaporation and dephlegmation


  • Current and Future Challenges in Point-of-Care Technologies: A Paradigm-Shift in Affordable Global Healthcare with
  • Guest Editorial: Special Section on Point-of-Care Healthcare Technologies
  • Can Collaboration Resuscitate Global Health Funding?
  • Stanford-India Biodesign: Outcomes from an eight year collaboration with the government of India to promote medical technology innovation in India
  • Translating Innovation: How to Deliver New Technologies in Global Health


Mr. Neelkanth Deshpande

San Francisco

Current Status: I am heading Hi-Tech Industry vertical at QuEST Global, a leading product engineering and lifecycle services partner to Fortune 500 companies ( (OEMs, Tier-1s, Technology Providers & Operators) QuEST Global has around 13000+ Engineers across 69+ delivery centers.

Prior to QuEST Global, I was in Wipro Technologies for 19 years and has managed different functions in India and US


Extensive professional experience in Global Account Leadership, P&L Management, IT Services Sales, Product Engineering Services Sales, BPO Sales, and Presales Marketing.


Executive Selling & Relationship Building

P&L Management – Profit Improvement and revenue growth

Sales Team Leadership and Training

Account Mapping and Strategic Planning

Complex Negotiations and Sales Cycles

Strategic Account Growth

Account and Relationship Turnarounds

IT and Product Engineering solutions and Consultative Sales


Cyber Security and Risk Services

Global Teams and Global Customers

Multicultural and Multinational Teams

Influencing Business in Matrix Organizations

Professional experience in Global Account Leadership, P&L Management, Product Engineering Services, IT Services, and BPO Services.

Based in Mountain View, California. Currently responsible for Strategic Initiatives in the Technology Business Unit which is $1B + in Revenue

Won awards from CEO and Chief Executives of the Strategic Business Unit


Mr. Amit Gaikwad

San Francisco

Senior Manager, Wireless Design at Amazon

Manager, Wireless Systems at Apple

  • A serial IEEE researcher in the field of Electromagnetics.
  • Technical Committee Member/Judge/Reviewer for Asia Pacific EMC Consortiums

Social Work: I am a big believer in Spirituality and role it plays in developing out mind in achieving sustained success. I support Divine Harmony organization which is helping to spread Love, Knowledge and Happiness across the globe. I live to give back to the community and actively mentor aspiring engineers from India to develop their careers in field of hardware engineering.

I am most inspired by my guru”: JagadguruNarendracharya Maharaj and my mentor Shreekalp who has taught me the value of “self-prosper and helps others prosper”

I left India in 2005 to pursue my Masters in Electrical Engineering from NYU Poly and Columbia in New-York.

My spouse:  Pooja Jadhav has a MBA in HR and is a Human Resource professional who runs her own start-up named ”FlexIR” offering HR services to small business and start-ups who cannot afford the overhead of HR while they are focusing on their core-business development needs, however cannot avoid/ignore HR value for their organizations.

My Children: I have a 5 year old daughter “Kimaya” and a 5 month old daughter “Nitara”.

My wife Pooja has truly been a role-model for me who has articulated her passion, professional and family callings in the most inspiring way that has led me do what I am good at without me ever worrying about my family. Her endurance and grit to stand-up from every small setback is awe-inspiring.

Future Plans:

1)            Want to tour the world (especially explore all the natural life wild-safari’s around the world)

2)            Spread Love, Happiness and Knowledge to every soul one at a time.


Best EMC paper award 2019:


Mrs. Shubhangi Kapatkar

San Francisco


Experienced team coach and skilled technology professional with more than 15 years of demonstrated success in leadership directing enterprise-wide strategy and managing key initiatives in the design, development, implementation, and delivery of innovative technology solutions.
• Leadership & Talent Development: Proven ability to motivate, energize, and lead top talent by inspiring excellence, creating team cultures based on performance and innovation, and achieving innovative transformation. Well versed in building cross-functional global teams that successfully resolve strategic goals in challenging, highly technical environments.
• IT Strategy & Execution: Talent at defining technology strategies and solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency, advance organizational goals, and maximize talent and technology investments. Skilled in building, optimizing, and expanding business-aligned technologies. Strategic analyst, planner, and problem solver with superior communication skills.
• Business-Technology Partnership: Valued strategic partner adept at partnering with business sponsors and stakeholders to effectively analyze needs and implement successful technology solutions. Skilled in planning, sourcing, and delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions that support business growth and evolving organizational goals.
Organizational Leadership & Development | Employee Coaching | Servant Leadership, Mentoring & Training | Executive Consultation & Collaboration | New Product & Service Development | Strategic Planning | IT Change Management | Business Administration & Improvement | Cost Reduction & Avoidance | Risk Management


  • Doctor of Management Organizational Leadership University of Phoenix
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Technology Management University of Phoenix
  • Certificate Project and Program Management University of California, Santa Cruz
  • BE Computers University of Pune


Mrs. Tanvi Marathe



My interests like at the intersection of Marketing, Technology & Design – helping businesses transform & scale in the digital ecosystem. My strengths lie in using strategic insights & implementing data-driven decisions to build optimised web & mobile properties.

• Product Management
• Adobe Site Catalyst and Test & Target
• User Testing & Research: Click Tale, Radian6, Design Thinking
• Google Analytics, Search 360, Campaign Manager
• A/B Testing
• Data Visualisation: Tableau & Power BI
• Digital Marketing and Strategy
• Lead Generation: Marketo
• Web & Mobile Analytics
• Content & Email Marketing: CMS
• Balsamiq
• Programming Languages: SAS, SQL, Hadoop & C++

Passionate about Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, Music, Sustainability, Gender equality, Food, child rights, conservation & youth leadership.

Positions held:

  • Digital Platform Manager Fidelity Canada Jul 2019 – Present
  • Credit Cards Digital Performance – Marketing & Strategy BMO Financial Group Toronto Jul 2018 – Jun 2019
  • Digital Analyst – Digitization of Services & Strategic Re-Engineering Fidelity Investments Boston, Massachusetts Feb 2017 – May 2018

Current Status: Passionate about social entrepreneurship, sustainability and consumer behaviour. My interests lies at the intersection of Business, Technology and Sustainability. Currently working as Digital Experience Manager at Fidelity Investments in Toronto

Childhood / Young Days: Mumbai born, brought up in Bangalore – my family has been based out of Bangalore for the last 40+ years. I did my Industrial Engineering & Management in Manipal University during which I also worked for with an International non-profit organisation. Post which I went on to do a graduate program in International Business and Economics at Harvard University. Graduated in the year 2015, with a Masters in Integrated Marketing at New York University.

Beginning of Career: My interests like at the intersection of Marketing & Technology – helping businesses transform & scale in the digital ecosystem. My strengths lie in using strategic insights & implementing data-driven decisions to optimise web & mobile properties. I bring digital marketing experience from international companies, such as Verizon Wireless, Ernst & Young and Fidelity Investments.

Upon graduating with a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing from NYU, my digital marketing experience spans across e-commerce, mobile/app marketing, big data analytics, reporting, data visualisation, A/B testing, and Digital personas identification and targeting.


Dr. Aruna Patki


  • YOGA TEACHER(Private ,Online consultant)
  • Director & Founder of Ayurveda Healing Spa .
  • Ayurvedic Physician,
  • International Motivational Ayurvedic Speaker ,
  • Ayurvedic Consultant at Integra Wellness Center ,Indian Land ,SC

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • Honorary Jugde for Asian Beauty Pagent .
  • Honorary Judge at Art of Living Foundation held by AAPNA .
  • Director of Panchkarma(Detox) at the SWAMI RAMA YOGA CENTER in NYC.
  • Presented Ayurveda on New York Radio Show.
  • Published articles for Charlotte Taste Magazine.
  • Health Awareness through Ayurved and Yog at Natural Awakening Magazine
    Invitations by Swami Satchidanad Ashram to propagate ‘Ayurveda: The Art Of Nutrition’.
  • Austria Invitation to present Ayurveda For PCOD


Dr. Nandkishor Nere


Director/ Senior Principal Research Engineer, AbbVie Inc. North Chicago, Illinois


  • Adept techno-strategic team leader with people first leadership style in the area of both the drug substance and drug product process engineering with demonstrated creation and leadership of various cross-functional teams in CMC organizations.
  • Proven experience in late stage development through commercialization of multiple API/drug product process and control strategy development, NDA filing; clinical and commercial manufacturing and successful on first pass tech transfer (in-house and to TPMs) in cGMP setting.


  • Research Scientist: Purdue University

Crystallization, Milling, Linear Operators, Stochastic Modeling

  • Post doctoral research associate: Purdue University

Population Balance Modeling, Crystallization

  • D. Chemical Engineering: Institute Of Chemical Technology

Multiphase Flows; Turbulence; Mixing and Fluid Mechanics

  • Chem. Engg: Institute Of Chemical Technology

Positions Held:

  • Director/Senior Principal Research Engineer AbbVie North Chicago, IL Nov 2018 – Present
  • Lead, CoExIST and CMF (Principal Research Engineer/Associate Director) AbbVie North Chicago, IL Apr
  • Principal Research Engineer AbbVie North Chicago, IL Oct 2016 – Mar 2018
  • Senior Scientist III, Engineering AbbVie North Chicago, IL Nov 2014 – Oct 2016
  • Senior Scientist II, Engineering AbbVie North Chicago, IL Jun 2013 – Nov 2014



Mr. Aditya Khandekar

New Jersey


  • CFA charter holder Finance, Investment management CFA Institute
  • MBA Finance/General Management Iowa State University
  • BS Computer Science Poona University

Positions Held:

  • President (India) Corridor Platforms New Jersey & Bangalore Jul 2019 – Present
  • Chief Analytics Officer Scienaptic Greater New York City Area Nov 2016 – Jun 2019
  • Managing Director Analytics Zafin Bangalore Feb 2014 – Oct 2016
  • General Manager Analytics Advisory Service Fiserv Bangalore, India Jun 2010 – Jan 2014
  • VP Head of Research SG Analytics Pune, India Apr 2008 – Jun 2010


Aditya is a Technology and Analytics leader with 20+ years of experience spanning multiple product firms, providing marketing, fraud & risk analytics platforms for banks, retailers & healthcare. He started his career at Talisma and held leadership roles in cloud delivered call center and knowledge management solutions. He also built ground-up analytics businesses at Fiserv (as GM of Analytics Advisory Services) and Zafin (relationship & loyalty platforms) and Scienaptic as its Chief Analytics Officer. Aditya’s primary charter at Corridor is to build and scale the India delivery model for R&D and client delivery teams, a critical asset for success of Corridor. He has a strong product perspective having built decision science based big data products at Fiserv, Zafin and Scienaptic.
Prior experience in developing and monetizing cutting-edge analytics driven products and currently Chief Analytics Officer for Scienaptic, building a suite of AI driven credit underwriting products for retail banks that find credit worthy applicants leveraging structured and unstructured data.
Bring strategic consulting experience to articulate analytical objectives driven by business issues leveraging deep domain knowledge. Ability to strategize with the clients with “business speak”​ on how analytical solutions can be leveraged and interact in “analytics speak” with the data science team to deliver analytics solutions with tangible ROI.
Ability to build high performance data science teams and engage hands-on with them to design rigorous analytical solutions (descriptive & predictive) and bridge the gap from insights to action.
Strong grounding in relational and big data technology and data visualization skills to build near-realtime and realtime decision systems.
Very passionate about applying predictive & prescriptive analytics to business problems and ability to conceptualize offerings/solutions and monetize them leveraging skills in engineering mathematics, strategy, consultative sales, and finance/operations.
Led a high energy team of analytics professionals at Fiserv that were selected in 2013 as one of the top three finalist by INFORMS for its unique price optimization work in the merchant acquirer space.
Specialties: Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, R Programming, Decision Optimizations, Big Data, Data Scientist, Strategic Business Consulting, M&A Advisory, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Analytics Technology


Mr. Ajay Bam

San Francisco


  • MBA (Olin Scholar) Entrepreneurship Babson College – Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business
  • MS Software Engineering – Magna Cum Laude East Tennessee State University
  • B.E Computer Engineering with Honors University of Mumbai

Ajay Bam, the speaker, has gone from a shy person to a successful networker to expand his professional and personal life over 17+ years of his professional life.

Ajay is currently CEO and Co-founder of, a San Francisco based VC funded startup founded at U.C.Berkeley, that helps brands and retailers increase revenue and find new customers by training machines to watch videos and leverage user generated video content such as video reviews, unboxing, how to videos etc posted by consumers on social media and web for insights, demand-generation, licensing and content marketing.

Prior, Ajay is a proven and accomplished entrepreneur, product management professional, thought leader, and innovator with 15+ years of experience with startups and world class brands and companies such as Nokia, Lehman Brothers, U.C.Berkeley, and Modiv Media. Ajay’s expertise is digital marketing, e-commerce, retail, mobile, payments, innovation and developing startup ecosystems. He has had a successful prior exit with his 1st startup – Modiv Media, a mobile retail shopping app that was acquired by Catalina Marketing. He successfully led product teams at many companies to generate new customers and revenue, and holds several patents in e-commerce and mobile marketing domain. Outside professional life, Ajay has travelled extensively to more than 80+ countries to understand cultures, build listening skills, develop cultural empathy, capture different points of view, hike, bike and is a linguist.

Positions Held:

  • CEO and Co-founder Vyrill Inc. San Francisco, CA May 2015 – Present
  • Advisor eCurv Inc. ( ) Jul 2009 – Present
  • Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley May 2012 – Dec 2016
  • Advisor Padloc LLC Boston, MA Jan 2012 – 2016
  • Co-founder and Head of Product! San Francisco Bay Area Aug 2013 – Jan 2015
  • Global Product Management Leader – Themepack Promotions and Campaign management Nokia Oct 2010 – Jan 2012
  • Senior Global Product Manager – Mobile commerce & billing Nokia  May 2008 – Oct 2010
  • Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, Director Product Management Modiv Media prev. MobileLime (Acquired by Catalina Marketing) Greater Boston Area May 2001 – Mar 2008


Mrs. Shweta Kulkarni Gode


Teacher, Author,  IT Professional


– Digital/Viral Marketing
– Language translation and training/teaching – French, Spanish, Swedish, English, Marathi, Hindi
– Bid Support, Operations Support – sourcing, knowledge management, RFP response, coordination
– Business Analytics
– MS Office, Google Chrome


  • Business analytics Harvard Business School Online
  • Master of Management Studies (MMS), Marketing University of Mumbai
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Marketing & International Finance University of Mumbai


  1. Mystery of Mia (2017) › Mystery-Mia-Shweta-Kulkarni
  2. City cousins visit the village (2015) › City-Cousins-Visit-Village-Shweta
  3. Working on creating a book for NRI Marathis who wish to learn the language in a simple and fun way.

Special Interests:

  1. Author
  2. Blogger:
  3. SEO Content
  4. Viral marketing
  5. Contagious content
  6. Social Media marketing


Mr. Hemant Habbu

San Jose

  • General Counsel at Xebrium Inc., Iotied Inc, Expersis Software Inc.
  • Principal and Partner: Habbu & Park (A Law Corporation) San Jose, California, 1993 till present

Sphere of Expertise


  • Incorporations-Forming LLCs-Negotiate and draft Term Sheets, strategic partnership agreements,employment/consulting agreements, licensing agreements.
  • Trademark filings-Business issues-Employment issues-Financing agreements, etc.
  • International transactional matters including mergers/acquisitions, technology transfer issues, funding arrangements, complex sales and marketing arrangements, etc.


  • Applications/petitions filed include H-1B, L-1, E-1, O-1, P-3, R, etc.
  • Employment-based Green card applications.
  • Family-based petitions, etc.


  • M. Tulane Law School, New Orleans
  • B. (JD) Government Law College
  • MA, French Literature), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
  • BA, English, French, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy (+ Computers, Mathematics) Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, India


English, French, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Tamil


Mr. Tanmay Jog


Current Status: Currently Pursuing Masters in Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Actively looking for internship opportunities in the US

Childhood / Young Days: Spent my childhood in Thane, Maharashtra

Beginning of Career: Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (Chembur). After engineering, worked in an IT company ‘Larsen & Toubro Infotech’ as a software engineer

Till today: Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (Chembur). After engineering, I worked in an IT company ‘Larsen & Toubro Infotech’ as a software engineer. Currently Pursuing Masters in Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Actively looking for internship opportunities in the US

Important Link:


Mr. Abhijeet Bagade

San Francisco

Current Status:

  • Work in Business development for a Software company working with HiTech Clients.
  • Working to be a Entrepreneur creating income generating assets in the Information Age.
  • Help families, like minded individuals generate income

Childhood / Young Days:

Born in Hyderabad but brought up in Pune. Studied in Loyola High School Pashan Pune and graduated from College of Engineering Pune in Electronics & Telecommunications. Spend most times in academics.

In Engineering, authored a white paper on Digital Signal processing winning 3rd place.

Beginning of Career:

Job brought me to USA. Initially as a Java developer before I moved to Business development. Have worked in Media, HiTech, Entertainment industry

Till today:

Took on different roles like building teams, providing client solutions. Working on Entrepreneurship, was able to create income source to provide my wife an option to give up her job which she gladly took. It’s about creating a better mindset and skill set to design a better life


Working to expand and create additional sources of income. Helping several families helping them create additional income in the US and around the world


Wife, Architect by profession, now running a Business.

2 daughters, 8 and 13.

Support my parents back in Pune.


Writing this in the background of COVID19, I believe that we are on cusp of explosive growth in terms of opportunity led by technology


Be compassionate. Believe in self and not media. The greatest wealth on earth will be created in next 5 years. Important that we adopt to Information age learning which includes Self learning, finding your tribe and immersion


Mr. Ninad Pimparkar

San Francisco

B.Tech. IIT Bombay graduate, Electrical Engineering

PhD in Nanotechnology from Purdue University

Current Status:

I am a motivational speaker and a life coach for kids from 4th grade to 11th grade. I teach speed reading, memory techniques, how to get great @ things you hate and how to access inner breaks among many other things.

Childhood / Young Days:

It was the summer of 1994, just after my 9th grade when I got my first jolt with a score of paltry 47/100 in Marathi (my mother tongue). After that, my father and I invented and reinvented and perfected all kinds of techniques to improve my performance. So much so, that the following year in all-important 10th grade, I stood first (82/100) in my entire school in Marathi and got into Maharashtra state board merit list. In the media interview of the 13 people, who achieved that honour from my small town Solapur, they asked us one key question. Which coaching class did you go to? All 12 of them answered with one of the two famous names and I just sat there dumbfounded thinking, “Oh my god, what am I going to say now? I didn’t go to any” I timidly said “None” and the whole room just exploded, entire media attention turned towards me. How can a small-town boy from Solapur get into the merit list without any coaching? The answer was the performance improvement techniques my father and I invented really worked!

Beginning of Career:

I went on to IIT Bombay for B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and then to Purdue University for PhD in Nanotechnology. I have published journal papers in prestigious magazines such as Nature and Nature Nanotechnology as a cover story. Currently, am working in Global Foundries which is a semiconductor company. But all this while, from that day after my 10th-grade results in 1995 till now, I have never stopped guiding / mentoring / advising students and Inner Labs is just the natural extension of the same passion. A passion to see my students becoming world champions in whatever they choose to do.

Till today:

I have over 200 students in Bay area of all ages. I have met with almost half of those families one on one and closely know how their inner structure works. I try to help my students or their parents using the TIKADAM techniques that I have built over the years.


I have but one dream. I am a teetotaler, I don’t even drink tea or coffee. I want to drink my first cup of coffee, flying 35000 feet in Bay Area’s skies in one of my students private jet. Did I tell you that the parents will be invited on that ride too? My question to you is, are you going to be the parents who will join me on that ride?


I live in Fremont with wife and 2 boys. My parents live in Solapur Maharashtra. Mr sister is a gynaecologist and lives in Delhi.


The world is going to value adaptability and ability to motivate others as machine learning, artificial intelligence etc take away all the jobs that exist today.


Build a strong community where you are. Invest time and effort in building relationships so that your kids have favourite uncle or aunt to rely on. What I have observed through my interactions with various families is that kids listen to everyone except 2 people in this world.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

Maharashtra SSC board 10th grade merit list.

B.Tech. IIT Bombay graduate, Electrical Engineering

PhD in Nanotechnology from Purdue University


Mr. Niraj Dhote

New York

Global procurement, Supply Chain, M&A Integration, Strategy, General management, Marketing


  • MSIA Management Purdue University Krannert School of Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Nagpur University


Visionary, analytical and transformative strategy thought leader with 20+ years of experience that includes leading creation and implementation of high impact regional and global growth strategies for an multi billion dollar multinational. Track record leveraging strategic insights to turn around underperforming functions and develop business cases for geographic expansions and new market entries. Skilled at forming astute, data-driven recommendations to optimize critical executive decision making. Insightful and motivating business partner able to consistently achieve consensus between diverse functions. Strong strategy leadership background in USA, China, Korea, India and Thailand with a familiarity across industries that include Steel, Chemical, Electronics, Energy, and Food and Medical Devices. Impressive career progression marked by promotions to positions of increasing influence, authority, and accountability with demonstrated history of success in driving top-line and bottom-line growth. Adept at working in highly matrixed organization structure and vertical line hierarchies as well.
Core Competencies:
Strategic Planning • Management Consulting • Marketing • Corporate Strategy • Mergers & Acquisitions
General Management • Business Development • Data Analysis • Business Cases • Due Diligence
P&L Administration • Cross-Functional Alignment • Transaction Structuring & Execution
Post-Merger Integration • Business Turnaround • Competitive Market Analysis • Market Entry
Regional Expansion • Product Management • Supply Chain • Procurement • Contract Negotiations
Joint Ventures • Process Improvements • Market Research, Sales, Multicultural Team Building & Leadership

Positions Held:

  • Head of Procurement for Americas (North, Central and South America) Linde, Danbury, CT Nov 2018 – Present
  • Director, Global Procurement & Merger Integration Linde Danbury, CT Dec 2016 – Nov 2018
  • Director, Product Management / Product Strategy Linde Danbury, CT, USA Jun 2014 – Dec 2016
  • Region Vice President (Praxair India. Headed Industrial gases & Healthcare business) Linde Mumbai Jul 2012 – May 2014
  • Head of Global Procurement for India Feb 2012 – May 2014 Bangalore, India
  • Director, Strategy & Marketing, (Praxair Asia and Praxair Electronics) Shanghai City, China Jan 2010 – Jun 2012
  • Manager / Associate Director, Strategy & Marketing (Global) Danbury, Connecticut, USA Feb 2007 – Dec 2009
  • Associate /Sr. Associate (Strategy, Management Consulting) Adayana Indianapolis, Indiana Area 2003 – 2007


Mr. Gaurav Patwardhan

San Francisco

  • High Tech Professional mostly into IT Services and Management.
  • Activist dedicated to promote the philosophy of Integral Humanism by projecting correct and positive image of India in the US and Foreign Media.
  • Associated with Think Tank organizations for policy studies, advocacy, and awareness related to India and Indian Diaspora.
  • Engaged with various Indo-American and Marathi Organizations to promote culture and community based initiatives.
  • Actively involved in social projects like Madhav Netralaya in Nagpur, India—


Mrs. Swapna Ambegaonkar


RPT, Certified Trainer, International Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker.
CEO, Your Profound Solutions Inc.

Current Status:

Swapna Ambegaonkar is the Award-winning Author, Professional Speaker and Certified Trainer and Mentor who is very passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world by inspiring, encouraging and empowering individuals to transform and create the life they desire.

She has been involved in personal development for many years, and truly understands the importance of having the right mindset to be successful in life. She truly believes that the power is within you and that you can achieve all the goals you have ever wanted to achieve.

Swapna conducts trainings and workshops and has been invited to speak on various occasions at different organizations in the Greater Toronto Area where she helps individuals expand their creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, and manifest their goals so they can create the life they deserve.
She has had speaking roles across the World alongside leading public speakers like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Raymond Aaron.


To have a great life you need to create that life. It starts with your decision and the willingness to demonstrate your abilities so that you can tap into your unlimited potential. You have to first decide, believe, plan and then act upon your goals with persistence to create the life you want. Success is a journey and it starts with the right mindset, a burning desire and focused action steps in the direction of your dreams and desires.


Mr. Nachiket Paratkar

New Jersey

Co-founded LearningMate (, an education technology company in the year 2001. The company today has grown to 1000 employees.

Currently I am based out of Princeton, New Jersey and head the Higher Education business of LearningMate in the North America market.


Mr. Sameer Kawatkar


I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years and currently employed at a biotech company as a scientist in Cambridge, MA.

We live in Lexington, a suburb of Boston.

My family and I are regularly involved in social work such as providing home-made food at local homeless shelter and recently, making masks and donating to health care workers as well as families in need of them.

We also volunteer at New England Marathi Mandal events and at Shishubharati, a school of Indian languages and culture held in Lexington every Sunday.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Mumbai and brought up in Thane. I graduated with B. Sc. from Thana college (B. N. Bandodkar College) in chemistry and went on to complete B. Sc. Tech. from Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT). The most influential persons I met during my undergraduate studies were my teachers Pandit Sir at Thana College and Samant Sir at UDCT. They taught me the value of dedication and ignited my interest in chemistry and drug discovery. Securing admission in B. Sc. Tech program was the most important life changing event, both personally and professionally. I met my wife at UDCT and professionally, UDCT paved a way for Ph. D. in the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Till today:

After graduating with a Ph. D., I have been fortunate to be part of pharmaceutical industry and help develop life-saving medicines to treat infectious diseases and cancer. It is a difficult task to develop a drug but it gives immense satisfaction to see the difference it makes int he lives of people. My journey since graduation includes experience at small biotechs and a big pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. This period taught me importance of persistence and focusing on the goal of making a difference. Hopefully, I will be part of many more discoveries in coming years.


I would like to extend support to the homeless people and likes here in the US. I came across an organization, Accidental Food Bank” run by a couple of retired people in New Hampshire which distributes excess food from grocery shops to homeless, veterans etc. I would like to see if similar model can be applied to my local area. Back in India I would like to start something that can generate jobs and opportunities for disabled people.


Mr. Shrikant Nistane

New York

आव्हानांना संधीत रूपांतरित करणारा उद्योजक
Digital Transformation Architect at Crave InfoTech
CEO of Crave InfoTech – Manage Software product company
Director of HARP Capital Group – A Commercial real estate investment and operating company
Land & building donor, and running a home for more than 50 poor and underprivileged children in India.


Born in the year 1970, Father Ramrao Nistane and Mother Sudhatai Nistane. Shrikant says, “They gave me gift of hard work, honesty and empathy”

Family Wife: Vrushali Nistane- “True second half supporting during all times” says Shrikant Son1: Dhruva Nistane , Son 2: Arya Nistane

Shrikant founded Crave InfoTech to apply his expertise and relationship with SAP and Zebra in a manner appropriate to the scale and needs of all industry segments through Digital Transformation, enterprise mobility, Analytics, AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, S/4 HANA and Business One.
Shrikant wants Crave InfoTech to be a touchstone for the IT industry. He motivates his team to tackle problematic challenges that come with each new wave of disruption.
“My 27+ years of industry experience has guided Crave InfoTech to produce mobility and UI_UX solutions which help our customers achieve improved efficiency. We understand mobility enterprise transformation, including connections with ERP, middleware, mobile hardware, user interface, radio networks, and connectivity systems.
“Our Enterprise 50+ pre-packaged solutions including Asset Management (EAM), Warehouse Management (WMS) and Direct Solution Delivery (DSD) integrate advances in mobility computing using SAP’s Cloud Platform, Leonardo and Digital Core. These specialized solutions for Life Sciences, Manufacturing, O &G, Logistics, Distribution and Utilities sectors companies include built-in workflow and offline capabilities that improves the efficiency and eliminates papers.
Crave InfoTech’s combine expertise in SAP ERP and Zebra Hardware along with 50+ pre-packaged apps provides an unique opportunity to serve customer needs for transitioning from Windows to Android, simplified User Interface and simplified system architecture – all in one go.
Shrikant believes his Crave InfoTech team is making a difference in digital transformation, but he has also set as priority his firm’s striving to better the global community by helping to run a home for more than 50 poor and underprivileged children in India.

Positions Held

  • Private Investor: Sonnet BioTherapeutics, Inc. Jan 2020 – Present
  • Patron Member with INDIASPORA.ORG Indiaspora Forum USA Jan 2020 – Present ; Indiaspora is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization established to transform the success of the Indian diaspora into meaningful impact worldwide.
  • Digital Transformation Architect Crave InfoTech New Jersey May 2007 – Present: As founder and Solution Architect of Crave InfoTech, Shrikant Nistane serves businesses of all sizes and industry segments as a trusted provider of digital transformation and mobility services that enable competitiveness and reduced costs.
  • TIE Charter Member NJ-Philadelphia Jun 2019 – Present
  • Director HARP Capital Group Greater New York City Area Dec 2018 – Present: HARP is a professionally managed corporation specialized in real estate investment in undervalued assets across major metropolises of United States of America.

आव्हानांना संधीत रूपांतरित करणारा उद्योजक: श्रीकांत निस्ताने

  – डॉ. रवींद्र जोशी

‘२०२० हे आव्हानांचं वर्षे राहील, जे कमजोर असतील ते संपतील आणि जे बळकट व नियोजनात्मक असतील ते टिकतील. करोनाचे उद्योगावर दुरोगामी परिणाम होत आहेत. आम्ही आमचे प्रॉडक्ट, कार्यपद्धतीत बदल करून पुनर्स्थापित करत आहोत. पूर्वीपेक्षा जास्त काम करुन पुढील दहा वर्षाचे नियोजन व त्याप्रमाणे कार्य चालू आहे. करोनासारख्या परिस्थिती आव्हानात्मक असतात  आणि त्यातच संधीसुद्धा तयार होत असतात. सुदैवाने आमचे काम ‘वर्क फ्रॉम होम’ आहे. कोणालाही ताळेबंदी केली नाही किंवा पगार कपात केला नाही, याउलट आम्ही पगार वाढ देण्याच्या प्रयत्नात आहोत. आमची टीम बळकट आहे आणि आव्हानांचा सामना करण्यासाठी तत्पर आहे,’ असे क्रेव्ह इन्फोटेकचे सीईओ आणि हार्प कॅपिटल ग्रुपचे संस्थापकीय सदस्य श्रीकांत यांनी सांगितले. आव्हानांना संधीत रूपांतरित करणारे, जागतिक उद्योजक श्रीकांत निस्ताने हे एसजीजीएस अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय नांदेडचे १९९१ बॅचचे इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स विभागाचे माजी विद्यार्थी आहेत.

 तो मूळचा वर्ध्याचा आणि शेती हा कुटुंबाचा मूळ व्यवसाय. आजोबांनी महात्मा गांधींसोबत वर्ध्यात काम केले होते. तसेच अनेक वर्षे ते गावात सरपंच होते. लोकांना मदत करत राहणे, तंटे मिटवणे, हे श्रीकांत जवळुन पहात होता. त्यामुळे त्याच्या बालपणात आजोबांचा प्रभाव खूप होता. वडील कृषी अधिकारी असल्यामुळे नांदेड, हिंगोली येथे नोकरीला होते. श्रीकांतचे सातवीपर्यंतचे शिक्षण शारदा भवन संस्था नांदेड येथे झाले. वडिलांची बदली वर्ध्याला झाली, तेव्हा गांधीजींची विचारसरणी असलेल्या शाळेत वर्ध्याला आठवीत प्रवेश दिला. तिथे खादी पोशाख, गांधी टोपी व गांधींच्या विचारसरणीत बारावीपर्यंत शिक्षण झाले. परत १९८७ साली एसजीजीएस नांदेडला इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स इंजिनियरिंगला प्रथम वर्षात प्रवेश मिळाला.

 कॉलेजला फीस कमी आणि राष्ट्रीय प्रावीण्य शिष्यवृत्ती जास्त मिळायची, त्यामुळे इंजिनिअरिंगचे शिक्षण जवळपास मोफत झाले. कॉलेजला वसतीगृह नसल्यामुळे भाग्यनगरमध्ये रूम घेऊन राहत होता. ते घर सुद्धा वसतीगृहासारखेच मोठे होते. गेटच्या जवळील रूममध्ये सर्वजण खाण्याच्या डब्यावर तुटून पडायचे. शेवटी आलेला बाकीच्या रूममध्ये डबा शोधत फिरायचा, अशी दंगामस्ती, हसीमजाक सुद्धा खूप केली. बालपणी आजोबांसोबत गावातील राजकारण पाहिले असल्यामुळे कॉलेजच्या राजकारणात त्याला आवड होती. श्रीकांतच्या सोबत मित्रांचा एक गट असायचा, ते त्याला महाविद्यालयीन विद्यार्थी संघटना व इतर अनेक उपक्रमात अग्रगण्य भूमिका व प्रतिनिधित्व करण्यासाठी प्रोत्साहित करायचे. तंत्रज्ञाना व्यतिरिक्त कॉलेजमध्ये खूप काही शिकायला मिळाले. लोकांशी संपर्क साधणे, लोकांना एकत्रित ठेवणे, लोकांशी कसे जुळवून घ्यायचे, लोक व्यवस्थापन, आव्हाने स्विकारणे, या कौशल्यात्मक मूळ गोष्टींचा विकास विद्यार्थी दशेत झाला. त्यामुळे जागतिक पातळीवर उद्योग करण्याची पायाभरणी येथे झाली होती. कॉलेजमध्ये तलवार सर, कामठाणे सर आणि इतर आदरणीय शिक्षकांचे विद्यार्थी जीवनात सातत्याने मार्गदर्शन लाभले.   इंजिनिअरींग झाल्यानंतर सुरुवातीचा काळ कठीण होता कारण १९९१ साली इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स अभियंत्यांना नोकरी मिळणे कठीण होते. अनेक महिने श्रीकांत हा आमदार निवासात राहायचा. काही दिवस येलो पेज जाहिरातींमध्ये काम केले, त्यामुळे मुंबईला राहण्याचा खर्च भागत होता. संधीचा शोध चालूच होता. जाहिरात आली आणि व्हिनायल केमिकल्स प्रायव्हेट लिमिटेड महाड जो पिडिलाइट गटाचा एक भाग आहे, त्या अत्याधुनिक प्लांटमध्ये इंजिनिअर म्हणून नोकरी लागली आणि त्याच्या स्वप्नांना भरारी मिळाली. सुदैवाने नोकरीच्या सुरुवातीला, श्री मोहंती हे चांगले बॉस व मार्गदर्शक मिळाले. त्यांना माणसे ओळखण्याची कला होती आणि त्यांनी श्रीकांतमध्ये नेतृत्वगुण पाहिले. ते महाड इंडस्ट्री असोसिएशनचे अध्यक्ष झाले. श्रीकांत हा त्यांचा खास विश्वासातला, त्यामुळे सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन व इतर कामे, तो नोकरी करून आवडीने करायचा. त्याची प्रकल्प विभागाला बदली झाली. पिडिलाइटच्या प्रोजेक्ट निमित्त अनेक ठिकाणी भेटी दिल्या. सरांचा विश्वासु असल्यामुळे अनेक संधी व मोकळीक मिळाली. पुढे मोहंती सर इन्स्ट्रुमेंटेशन सोसायटी ऑफ अमेरिकाचे अध्यक्ष झाले आणि श्रीकांतला ऑल इंडिया सेक्रेटरी पदाची जबाबदारी त्यांनी दिली. कमी वयातच उच्चस्तरावरती काम, मोठ्या लोकांशी संपर्क, कॉन्फरन्सचे आयोजन, भारतात अनेक ठिकाणी प्रवास, यामुळे त्याचा दृष्टिकोन व्यापक झाला आणि पाच वर्षे काम केल्यानंतर जागतिक संधीच्या शोधात होता.      श्रीकांतला नैतिकतेने उद्योगांमध्ये भरीव प्रगती करायची होती. व्यापक दृष्टिकोन मिळालेल्या महत्त्वकांक्षी अभियंत्याला कुवैतमध्ये एका अमेरिकन कंपनीत पहिली परदेशी संधी मिळाली आणि १९९५ साली त्याने भारत सोडले. अत्याधुनिक महाकाय असा तो कारखाना होता. दीड वर्ष मन लावून खूप काम केले आणि कमी कालावधीतच तो तिथे चमकला. एसएपी शिकण्याची संधी त्याला मिळाली, संधीचे सोने करणाऱ्यांपैकी तो एक. १९९५-९६ च्या काळात ‘सॅप’ हा शब्द उच्चारला की नोकरी मिळायची. त्यानंतर तो ऑस्ट्रेलियात स्थलांतरित झाला. स्वतःची कंपनी सुरू केली, चार-पाच वर्षे तो चांगल्यारितीने प्रगती करत होता, २००० साली जागतिक मंदी आली आणि त्याला ती कंपनी बंद करावी लागली.


     तो नवीन संधीच्या शोधात होता, तेव्हा सिंगापूरला जॉइंट व्हेंचर सोबत काम करण्याची संधी मिळाली. त्यानंतर हॉंगकॉंग, न्यूझीलंड येथे काम केले. अमेरिकेत चांगल्या कंपनीसोबत चार ते पाच वर्ष काम करण्याची संधी मिळाली. त्या दरम्यान स्वतःच्या उद्योजकता विकासासाठी, जगातील नामांकित बॅबसन कॉलेज बोस्टनमधून एमबीए  केले. त्यानंतर २००७ साली क्रेव्ह इन्फोटेक नावाची कंपनी सुरू केली, तो या कंपनीचा संस्थापक व सीईओ आहे. आज या कंपनीचे न्यू जर्सी अमेरिका, नायजेरिया, भारतात नागपूर आणि पुणे येथे कार्यालये आहेत. यात १२५ कर्मचारी कार्यरत आहेत. सुरुवातीचा काळ कठीण होता, ९७% प्रॉडक्ट फेल गेली, परंतु ३% यशस्वी झाली आणि २०११ पासून या कंपनीने व्यवसायात भरारी मारली. श्रीकांतला आनंद वाटतो की त्याने आपल्या कुटुंबीयांच्या मदतीने व्यवसायात छान प्रगती केली आहे. त्याची पत्नी वृषाली आणि बहीण कल्पना (एसजीजीएसची १९९८ बॅचची माजी विद्यार्थिनी) सुद्धा या व्यवसायात भागीदार आहेत.  

       यशोशिखरे गाठत असताना चिन्मय मिशनचे स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वतीच्या सानिध्यात तो आला, त्यामुळे अध्यात्माचे व वेदांचे मार्गदर्शन लाभले. अमेरिकेत श्रीकांतची दोन्ही मुले लहानाची मोठी झाली असली तरीही त्यांना भारतीय संस्कृतीचे  संस्कार मिळाले. समाजासाठी आपले काहीतरी देणे लागते, यासाठी तो नेहमीच धडपडत असायचा. ‘एम फॉर सेवा’ या धर्मदाय संस्थेअंतर्गत, वर्धा येथे जागा घेऊन वसतिगृह बांधून दिले. वंचित कुटुंबातील ५२ मुलं दत्तक घेतली आहेत. ती मुले येथे राहतात आणि वर्ध्यात शाळेत शिकतात. त्यांचा सर्व खर्च श्रीकांत उचलतो. समाजसेवेची आवड असणारी त्याची पत्नी सर्व नियोजन पाहते. ‘सामाजिक कार्य आणि अध्यात्म यामुळे मनाला शांती मिळते’, असे तो सांगतो. श्रीकांतचा असा विश्वास आहे की अवास्तव अपेक्षा व खर्च या निराशेच्या मूळ कारण असतात, त्यामुळे तो सुखी व आनंदी राहण्यासाठी साधे, सरळ आणि कमी खर्चाचे जीवनमान जगतो.

      उत्तरोत्तर प्रगती चालू होती. २०१८ साली जागतिक अव्वल सात ते आठ व्यावसायिक एकत्र आली. यांनी हार्प (एचएआरपी)  कॅपिटल ग्रुपची स्थापना केली, यात श्रीकांत हा संस्थापकीय सदस्य आहे. हा ग्रुप तोट्यात असलेली तारांकित हॉटेल्स विकत घेतो आणि त्यांना नफ्यामध्ये परावर्तित करतो, त्यामुळे या ग्रुपची अवघ्या दोन वर्षात वार्षिक उलाढाल १०० अमेरिकन मिलियन डॉलरच्यावरती आहे आणि ३०० पेक्षा जास्त कर्मचारी काम करत आहेत. यशोशिखरे गाठत असताना मध्यंतरीचा काही काळ खडतरीचा होता. तरीहीपण समांतरपणे व्यवसायाची उभारणी व प्रगती पण चालू होती. अध्यात्मामुळे आणि सत्कार्यामुळे कुटुंबाची प्रगती सुद्धा संस्कारित झाली आहे. यात पत्नीचे फार मोठे योगदान आहे. दोन्ही मुले अमेरिकेतील अव्वल क्रमांकाच्या निवासी शाळेत शिकली. मोठा मुलगा वॉर्टन बिझनेस स्कूलमध्ये पदवीला शिकत आहे.

 शारीरिक, मानसिक स्वास्थ्य चांगले राहावे, यासाठी नित्यनियमाने वॉकिंग, व्यायाम श्रीकांत करत असतो. आहारावर उत्तम नियंत्रण आहे. कुटुंबीयांसमवेत वेळ घालवणे, प्रवास आणि गोल्फ या त्याच्या आवडीच्या गोष्टी. एसजीजीएस मधून उत्तीर्ण झाल्यापासून मागील तीस वर्षांच्या कालावधीत सात देशात नोकरी व व्यवसाय केला आहे. जवळपास जगभरात प्रवास झाला आहे. तो ‘मल्टी इन्कम सोर्स’ वर भरोसा ठेवतो, एका बास्केटमध्ये पैसा कधीच ठेवत नाही, हेच त्याच्या यशाचे गुपित आहे. रियल इस्टेट, शेअर मार्केट, सॉफ्टवेअर कंपनी, हॉटेल्स अशा अनेक क्षेत्रात त्याची गुंतवणूक आहे.

     श्रीकांत हा एसजीजीएस महाविद्यालय व माजी विद्यार्थ्यांना आवाहन करतो,  ‘माजी विद्यार्थ्यांनी एकत्रित येऊन एक बळकट संघटन तयार करण्याची आज फार आवश्यकता आहे, जेणेकरून या नेटवर्कचा भविष्यात तयार होणाऱ्या अभियंत्यांना उपयोग होईल. यातून विद्यार्थ्यांना प्रशिक्षण देणे, प्लेसमेंटसाठी मदत करणे, औद्योगिक प्रोजेक्ट देणे, स्टार्टअपसाठी मार्गदर्शन करणे, माजी विद्यार्थ्यांना सुद्धा व्यवसायात एकमेकांना मदत करणे, गरजू विद्यार्थ्यांना व तसेच माजी विद्यार्थ्यांना सुद्धा आर्थिक मदत करणे, असे अनेक उपक्रम हाती घेता येतील. उत्तर अमेरिकेतील माजी विद्यार्थ्यांना एकत्रित आणण्याचा माझा पहिला प्रयत्न, माझ्या वैयक्तिक अपेक्षांपेक्षा कमी झाला आणि त्यासाठी मी सदैव प्रयत्नशील राहील.  हे नेटवर्क एकत्रितपणे जोडण्यासाठी व अनेक महत्त्वाची कामे करण्यासाठी महाविद्यालयाने महत्त्वाची भूमिका बजावणे, अत्यंत गरजेचे आहे. जेणेकरून संस्थेच्या वाटचालीत माजी विद्यार्थ्यांचे सुद्धा महत्त्वपूर्ण योगदान राहील आणि आपण सुद्धा संस्थेला गिविंग बॅक केला, याचा आम्हाला सुद्धा अभिमान वाटेल.’

        यशोशिखरे गाठलेला श्रीकांत तरुणांना सांगतो, ‘आज जिथे मी आज आहे ते पालकांच्या परिश्रमांमुळे, मित्र आणि नातेवाईकांच्या शुभेच्छांमुळे.  ज्यांनी आपल्याला आयुष्यात मदत केली, त्यांना नेहमीच लक्षात ठेवा.  नेहमी गरजूंना मदत करा कारण उद्या ती व्यक्ती दुसर्‍यास मदत करेल आणि मदत श्रृंखला वाढेल. आज आयटी युगातले तुम्ही; पैसा, तंत्रज्ञान, सुविधा, आधार देणारे आई-वडील, अशा अनेक गोष्टींनी संपन्न व आशीर्वादित आहात. त्यांची किंमत ओळखायला शिका. जगात हुशार व श्रीमंत माणसांची कमतरता नाही, आज चांगल्या माणसांची जगाला आवश्यकता आहे. करोनाने सिद्ध करून दाखविले की तुम्ही करोडपती असाल तरी सामान्य आहात. हुशार आहात पण कमजोर असाल तर संकटसमयी तुम्ही संपणार, बळकट असेल तरचं टिकणार. चांगली माणसे आयुष्यात यशस्वी होतचं असतात. आयुष्यात संघर्ष आपणच तयार करतो कारण आपल्या अपेक्षा व गरजा मोठ्या असतात, त्यांची पूर्तता नाही झाली की त्याला आपण संघर्ष समजतो, त्यामुळे तणाव घेऊन निराश होतो, तो संघर्ष नसून एक व्यवहार असतो. त्यामुळे स्वप्न व ध्येय मोठी ठेवा, परंतु अपेक्षा व गरजा मर्यादित ठेवा, जेणेकरून सुखी व आनंदी आयुष्य तुम्हाला जगता येईल. चांगलं व्यक्तीमत्व बना, त्यामुळे आयुष्यात आपोआपच शिखरावर पोहचाल.’


(एसजीजीएस आयकॉन या पुस्तकातील एक लेख. लेखक, डॉ रविंद्र जोशी, प्राध्यापक वस्त्रतंत्र विभाग, एसजीजीएस नांदेड)


Mr. Parag Joshi


Director – Business Strategy at RadiumWhite Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Masters International Business Grenoble Ecole de Management
Bachelors Chemical Engineering University of Pune


A global business leader with over 13 years’ international experience in strategy and operations. Experienced leading large P&L impacting responsibilities across America, Europe and Asia. Strong focus on digital business models and experience of deployment across sectors.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) effectiveness to define solutions around customer acquisition & retention in turbulent market
  • Study of hydraulics over distillation trays and design of Bubble Cap Trays

Positions Held:-

  • Director – Business Strategy RadiumWhite Toronto, Ontario, Canada Nov 2019 – Present
  • Director – Digital Partnerships and Strategy ClearPier Toronto, Canada Area Feb 2013 – Nov 2019
  • Director – Business Development, ClearPier Pune Area, India Feb 2013 – Aug 2015
  • Advisor RadiumWhite Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Mr. Manoj Jadhav

New York

Founder and CEO ISHA Therapeutics
Therapeutics Translational Clinical Pharmacologist

Current Status: 

Passion statement: Contribute to the spirit of drug development

Brief Bio:
Dr. Jadhav is a translational clinical pharmacologist with extensive experience in drug development across variety of therapeutic areas e.g. infectious diseases, CV, CNS, dermatology and Oncology. He has been involved in design of regulatory strategies, clinical development plan, target product profile etc. for communication with US-FDA through pre-IND, IND meetings with CDER, CBER for NCE and repurposed drugs. He is an excellent communicator with impeccable leadership qualities.
Dr. Jadhav is fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and one of the founding members of the South Asian College of Clinical Pharmacology (SAC-ACCP), Mumbai, India. Dr. Jadhav has published his research work in peer-reviewed high impacted research journals.
Dr. Jadhav did his Ph.D. from KEM Hospital and Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai, University of Mumbai, India and Post-Doctoral fellowship from the School of Pharmacy and Medicine at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.


Focus and clarity is critical to be successful!
Keep trying until you achieve what you have dreamt of !!

Important Link:

ISHA Therapeutics is a unique organization with its primary location based out of New Jersey, exclusively focused on supporting clinical and translational development programs spanning from very early on to late-stage developments. We provide consulting services to our esteemed clients who aspire to develop safe and efficacious new drugs, devices, and biologicals. We also have our in-house innovative drug development pipeline.


Mr. Milind Kanitkar


  • I am currently a Vice President at an Asset Management Firm, Eaton Vance Management in Boston.
  • Prior to current role, I have been associated with Asset Management space providing IT services to enable automation and Product Analytics Solutions.
  • As part of Diversity Operating Council at my firm, I participate in corporate initiatives like, Intern opportunities, Mentor-Mentee programs and such.
  • I have been judge for the Speech and Debate programs at local universities like Bentley University for undergrad students as well.

My family has been my biggest influencing factor. My mother and brother were influential in education and early part of professional career while my father influenced me from social aspect of my life.

Till today:

  • I have been associated with various social organizations like BigHelp for Education, New England Marathi Mandal, Indian Society of Worcester.
  • We (me and my wife) were named Volunteer of the year 2018 for various fund raisers that we initiated for BigHelp for Education. As a BigHelp Volunteer, we have completed various projects in Maharashtra to help setup science lab for the school, distribution of school kits, sponsor a child or food drives in economically challenging sections of society.
  • We also volunteer at various programs organized for Marathi community by New England Marathi Mandal (NEMM)
  • Volunteer at cultural school at India Society of Worcester (ISW) on a regular basis.


  • Executed major strategic initiatives to streamline business processes utilizing modern technology.
  • Directed business transformation efforts that transitioned into increased capabilities, scale, and efficiency gains.
  • Skilled at communicating to stakeholders at all levels of the organization and across all departments.
  • Managed multiple teams / applications across business areas like Front Office, Back Office, Digital Marketing & Performance and Risk Management. Brought Scale and operational efficiency by implementing Data Management and enterprise reporting platform
  • Provide mentorship to students, interns, team members
  • As part of Diversity council, I have provided support to corporate initiatives like, College recruitment drives, Mentorship to interns, team members alike, Involved as Judge in events like Speech and Debate at local universities.


strategic and tactical planning, business process improvement, performance measurement, data analysis, market data, Portfolio Management, client reporting, sales and marketing, pitch books & fact sheets development and automation.


I like to think outside the box and share ideas across. I like motivational global personalities and innovators like Elon Musk, Bill Gates / Melinda Gates who go against the normal current in search of innovative solutions for industry or social cause.

I like to mentor students and I do that at my work place by hiring Interns in my team. I also mentor young family members or children of my friends in Maharashtra, who are looking to find opportunities to study abroad and help guide them in decision making process.


We have been living in Boston area since 1999 and have participated in various social causes both directly and indirectly.

Through our initiatives and participation in various social causes, we want to set an example for our daughters and raise them as Global Citizens. 


Mr. Sanjay Bhandari

San Francisco

Semiconductor industry Executive with over 27 years of Industry experience in building and managing global development teams. Exemplary track record of delivering commercially successful products leading to high volume shipment in fast paced environments.

Positions Held:

  • CTO & Senior VP mCube, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area Aug 2016 – Present
  • Vice President of Engineering mCube, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area Feb 2011 – Jul 2016
  • Vice President of Engineering GTronix Inc Aug 2007 – Jan 2011
  • Senior Director Ikanos Communications 2000 – Aug 2007
  • Design Engineering Manager Philips Semiconductors Dec 1995 – 2000

Major achievements/ Special Mentions:  

  • Published over 20 papers in International journals and conferences
  • Specialties: Building & managing global engineering teams for leading edge technologies,
  • IC & MEMS product development from concepts to high volume production, Deep Learning, ANN/CNN, AI, Sensors and IoT
  • Expertise in successful M&A of companies and heading integration, Start-up companies, Corporate IP management
  • Innovator in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, (ANN/CNN), Sensors, High speed communication, Audio, computers, disk drives
  • 58 patents granted & pending
  • Guest lecturer at Universities in India& USA
  • Advisor to entrepreneurs, Mentor to organizations on Public speaking
  • Active in Indian classical music, learning classical vocal music

Family :

Sanjay was born at Latur, Maharashtra. Father: Manohar Bhandari (Civil Engineer) Mother: Sulochana Brother: Vinay (B.Chem, Ph.D. Chemical Eng. Chief Scientist at NCL), Sisters: Vijaya & Jayashree

Wife: Anuradha Chowdhary (BE, ME Civil Eng) Son: Ameya (BS Economics, CS, Business) Daughter: Anika

Reasons for leaving India

Received offer from the coveted Philips Research Lab in the Netherlands to work with some of the top professionals in the field of Integrated Circuit (IC) design. That work extended as we moved to Philips Semiconductors at USA. The opportunities and the work being done in early 90’s in Europe & USA in the field of Microelectronics, IC design was much ahead of the work being done in India in those days.

Bucket List:

Travel to all 7 continents (so far visited 26 countries), Hike Mt. Kilmanjaro (have summitted Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji & others)


Mrs. Pratibha Aphale


Global Director of IT
Current Status:   

  • I currently work for a medical device organization as Global Director of Information Technology.
  • I actively participate in Marathi association programs and volunteer as possible.
  • I have recently joint Vibha group but haven’t been able to contribute much due to lockdown.
  • Looking to actively network and participate in interested activities.

Childhood / Young Days:

I come from a humble background in pune and my dad and teachers were early influencers to help me strive harder as well as find “solutions” to any problems.

At every step, I have been fortunate to find mentors, my spouse, lifelong friends and superiors that have helped and supported my goals and helped shape my professional and personal life.


I would love to get connected into any projects where I can contribute in educational, children education, technology fields. I will be looking for opportunities through here as well.


My Spouse Rahul works as Principal Program Manager and we are raising a son and a daughter together.


India has so much talent….very proud of where it is today and its only growing. With additional discipline, only sky is the limit.


Mr. Santosh Salvi


Serial Entrepreneur,
Current Status:
Santosh Salvi is the founder of multi-million dollars global corporation “UNIQUE System Skills LLC “.

He is an industry leader in providing Global IT Training in 52 technical skills through license technical institute in Boston, USA and Pune, India. Value added IT training certificate courses are provided through instructor led training by industry professionals.

Corporation is engaged in career counseling of college graduates and IT/Non-IT working professionals in USA and India.

Corporation is leading IT staffing provider engaged in Direct Hire Placement, Temporary/Contract Staffing, Temporary to Direct Hire Employment to 16 clients in United States, 2 clients in Mexico, 2 clients in Italy , 1 client in Dubai and 40 clients in India.

Corporation is also engaging providing consulting services as a combination of onsite and offshore model to multi-billion dollars organizations in United States mainly in functional/automation testing projects in web and mobile applications. In addition to this corporation also support ERP implementation projects in Oracle and QAD projects.

Santosh Salvi is also a successful founder of his real estate venture, Salvi Enterprise LLC which owns multi-millions residential properties in United States.

Santosh Salvi currently serving as President of New England Marathi Mandal (NEMM.ORG) with approximately 1000 members in and around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra and blessed with very hard working father (Shri Dinkar R Salvi) and mother (Smt. Vijaya D Salvi). My mom completed her education after marriage and helped dad completing his education. Mom was retired as a school principle and dad retired from Life Insurance of India. I was raised with One eldest sister, two elder brothers and one younger brother. My role model throughout my life is mom, she raised our family so effectively in adverse conditions and made all of us successful by making us work hard and stay honest all the time.

I have learned lots of my organizing lessons in young age when I started organizing all society programs throughout year that experience really taught me how to bring different background people together to deliver successful programs throughout year.

Beginning of Career:

When we bought the apartment in Mumbai after marriage, due to financial commitments, we had to take assignment in United States. Once you are in USA, country is so welcoming, you ended up extending your stay and by that time kids grows and adapt USA culture within no time. We always stayed connected with India by going to India every year, our kids used to go by themselves and stayed with siblings, so we never ever disconnected from India. My kids got graduated from Shishubharati with “Marathi” language, so they never away from Marathi culture and language at all.

In order to stay connected with Maharashtra, India and giving back to the country we came from, I have opened my office in India and started creating employment in India, guiding/counseling young generation in their careers, create opportunities for them etc. This really gives me flexibility to visit India 3-4 times in a year.

Till today:

Very happy with whatever I have achieved as a very supportive husband, good father, Serial social entrepreneur and serving communities throughout my life all over the world.


Make Unique System skills LLC grow globally by providing excellent IT Training, Staffing and Consulting services.

Keep connecting with the community and help others by mentoring and bringing likely minded people together.


My wife name is Shweta , she is the true supporter, good mother and good wife. She keeps the whole family together, we all like to eat good food, so she make use of our weak point very well. She works a Senior program manager in healthcare industry. We have two lovely kids, daughter’s name is Siddhi and she is Economics Graduate and works as a Manager in big consulting company, son’s name is Sumeet, he got the admission into the medical school and will be a doctor in 4 years.


I am very positive in nature, I see lots of growth in education, Information technology, healthcare and energy sectors globally. India’s population is very young; education system is very strong and affordable as compared to other countries. I am expecting India to make major role is science, technologies, infrastructure and logistic related businesses globally


Maharashtra States needs to have user friendly policies for the international businesses. Needs to invest in land, infrastructure , transport so it will be easy for foreign businesses to setup offices in India. Needs to develop hubs in biotech, pharma, new technologies in various parts of Maharashtra.

For young entrepreneurs, my advise is stay focused, be practical , work hard and dream big

Important Link: Unique System Skills LLC

Major Acheivements & Honors:  Unique System Skills LLC

ICIC 100 winners (3 years in a row)
USPAACC Fast 100 Asian American company winner
INC 5000 winners ( 3 years in a row )


Mr. Abhijeet Kaulgud



Current Status:

I am working as a software developer in a company called Dun & Bradstreet based in greater Boston, USA. I have over 15 years experience as a professional software developer with strong record of delivering high quality enterprise software applications.

Outside of work whenever I get some free time I like to participate in online hackathons and contribute towards open source software community.

I like to develop small non-commercial software applications and distribute freely on open source platforms.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born in Kolhapur and grew up in the beautiful industrial town of Kirloskar Wadi. My father worked at Kirloskar Brothers. It was a very special childhood with lots of memories to cherish. We moved to Pune in 1997 due to father’s transfer while I was studying engineering at Shivaji University. Pune is my new hometown since then.

Beginning of Career:

I got the opportunity to move to US while I was working for Tata Technologies limited. I still remember the day when I, along with my wife, landed in Detroit Michigan. It was 14th of January 2006, peak winter! We had never experienced so much snow and such a freezing weather in our life so it was bit challenging in the beginning, but slowly got accustomed to the place and the new country. We moved to Boston in late 2007 and since then it’s our home in US.

Till today:

First 4 years, that is from 2006 to 2010 were very exciting and challenging. Most of it went by in exploring the new country and experiencing the new culture. In between I changed couple of jobs and moved from Michigan to Connecticut and finally settled down in Boston. We were blessed with our first child Arjun in 2010 and then the second one Anay in 2013. Since then it has been a complete joy ride. It feels like the last decade went by even faster than the first four years in this country.


Dr. Makarand (Mak) Jawadekar


Independent Pharma Professional

Dr. Mak Jawadekar  worked at Pfizer, Inc. based in Groton-New London Connecticut for 28 consecutive years.

In 2010, he was a Director, Portfolio Management at Pfizer Inc. During his career at Pfizer, he was responsible for Drug Delivery Technology Assessment function involving external ‘Drug Delivery’ technologies. He has extensive experience in creating and cultivating external partnerships and alliances for Drug Delivery Technologies. He began his professional career at Pfizer Central Research in early 1982, after having completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, under Prof. Ed Rippie at the University of Minnesota.
His 28+ years of experience with Pfizer Global R&D specifically includes Solids R&D, Drug Product formulation/ Dosage Form/ Drug Delivery development, Clinical Trials Supply Manufacturing, Scale-up and Technology Transfer & Research Pharmacy functions. He helped create various Pharma R&D Partnerships, JVs, and Collaborations. He managed several functions/groups within R&D for many years. As a bench Scientist, he worked on many challenging commercial formulations which became multibillion-dollar products for many years for Pfizer Inc. These R & D formulations & Product development programs included ZOLOFT, ZITHROMAX, VIAGRA faster onset, DIFLUCAN ODT and EXUBERA pulmonary delivery system. He also worked on many “Life Cycle Management “projects for Pfizer’s existing products.

Post Pfizer career, he worked with KKR, a Private Equity group in New York, for acquisition of Capsugel division from Pfizer which Pfizer divested later in 2011. Mak has presented at many professional meetings and has participated in various Panel Discussions/Round Tables around the globe.

He was invited to join President George W. Bush’s delegation to India in 2006.

During February 2018, he worked with Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, Chairman, Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A. from Italy in creating Strategic Collaborations in India, working through India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister, D. Phadanavis.

Currently, he serves on various company Strategic & Scientific Advisory Boards:
• Actinium Pharma, New York city
• Applied DNA Technologies, Stony Brook, NY
• Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, California
• Tonino Lamborghini SpA, Italy.
• NMBT, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
• Sonnet Bio Therapeutics Inc., Cranbury, NJ
• Saama Technologies Inc., Campbell, California
• Atossa Therapeutics Inc, Seattle, Washington
• MResult Inc., Mystic, Connecticut
Serving on the Board of Directors: (Public Companies)
• Preveceutical Medical Inc., Vancouver, Canada
• Cardax Pharma, Honolulu, Hawaii
• Nanoviricides Inc. Shelton, Connecticut
Member of the Board of Directors at Abilities Inc., Non-Profit organization,

Childhood / Young Days:

Birth Place Nasik, India
Two younger sisters, Nalini and Nandini
Father worked as the Joint Secretary at the Secretariat (Sachivalaya, Mumbai).

Beginning of Career:

Immigrated out of India in 1976, Joined University of Minnesota and did Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics.
Joined Pfizer Global R & D as a Research Scientist and retired as a DIRECTOR Portfolio Management, worked with the President of Pfizer Global R & D .

Till today:

Enjoying the best period of my Life in Connecticut, USA.
Love playing tennis every day in competitive USTA Circuits. Played for Pfizer, Played for the Tennis clubs.
Traveled with India’s Davis Cup National Tennis team with Ramesh Krishnan, Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi and Harsh Mankad to New Zealand for a Davis Cup Tie.


Been there and done that..:-) ! Now, the mission is help the society at large through Pharma R & D & Healthcare!


Bright Future ahead of us!


Globe has become smaller and networks are all joined together through Social Media!

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Major Acheivements & Honors:

Congressional Address at the US Congress:
In the House of Representatives

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend the good work being done by Dr Jawadekar

I want to recognize Dr. Mak Jawadekar. Dr. Jawadekar will be recognized this Friday by RAYWA with the Inspirational Achiever award. Dr. Jawadekar spent nearly thirty years at Pfizer, Inc., where he held a number of senior leadership positions, working on drug product delivery, drug product formulation, and supply manufacturing. He was an integral part of the development of a number of drugs at Pfizer, and worked frequently with senior leadership at the company. He has also been recognized globally as a leader in the business world. In 2006, he was asked by then-President George W. Bush to be a part of a trade delegation to India.

Dr. Jawadekar represents the very best of America. His dedication to the discovery of new drugs are the main reason why Americans are able to live fuller and healthier lives. It is why the rest of the world looks to America for leadership, and why so many companies invest in areas that are less fortunate. I want to recognize Dr. Jawadekar for his outstanding career and leadership.

I yield back.



Mrs. Yogita Parulekar

San Francisco

Yogita is a security and technology executive with more than two decades of experience in leading and advising companies both large and small in the technology, AI, healthcare, education, banking & finance sectors.

She has been in various roles including Head of Security at and Advisor to various companies including Suki AI, Pear Therapeutics, ThreatMetrix, Oracle, as well as Invi Inc. and Ernst & Young customers such as Stanford University, Upwork, and so on.

Yogita is a security thought leader, and has spoken at various US and international conferences.

She has been recognized as a Security Veteran by SC Magazine, and honored for her contributions to ISACA Silicon Valley as its President.

Yogita is also a Mentor to startups in the Tech for Good program at the Alley Accelerator in the SF Bay Area.


Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar

New York

Research Scientist at the NOAA CESSRST Center at The City University of New York.

Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar obtained his Doctoral Degree from the City University of New York (CUNY).  He worked as NOAA-Post-doctoral scientist at The Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) at Colorado State University from 2006-2008. From 2008, Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar received Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Civil-Water Management from SGGSIE&T, Nanded and M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur.

Dr. Lakhankar’s research experience includes use of advanced mathematical and statistical methods (neural network, fuzzy logic, and machine learning) for data processing, mining and web communications from environmental satellite remote sensing and meteorological datasets and field observations.

He designed and execute an operational remote sensing based field campaigns for snow and soil moisture for calibration and validation to support NOAA and NASA’s satellite missions to enhance forecast algorithm used for climate and hydrological applications. The objectives of these projects to develop satellite based system for monitoring impact on sustainable environmental development through soil moisture, snow, vegetation and precipitation.

Dr. Lakhankar worked on several research projects including: satellite based flash flood warning system, snow characterization and product development, urban hydro-meteorological testbed, and climate adaptation strategies for human and livestock population.

Dr Lakhankar is principal investigator of several remote-sensing based field campaigns for snow and soil moisture including: CREST-SAFE, CREST-SMART, and NY-uHMT.

He also CO-PI on projects funded by US-AID on developing climate adaptation strategies for human, livestock and preserving biodiversity.

Dr. Lakhankar took lead and coordinated and organized international and national level conference and meetings related to Climate and Remote Sensing.

Dr. Lakhankar is an active member of multiple international professional organizations and have also been selected as chair and co-chair in International Conferences. He is actively involved in reviewing proposals (NSF, NASA, NSERC, etc.) and served as Guest Editor for international journals and reviewed manuscripts several journals including: (1) African Journal of Agricultural Research, (2) African Journal of Business Management, (3) Computers and Geosciences, (4) IEEE Transaction on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, (5) International Journal of Digital Earth, (6) International Journal of Remote Sensing, (7) International Journal of Water, (8) Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS), (9) Journal of Applied Geography, (10) Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheric, (11) Journal of the American Water Resources Association, (12) Journal of Flood Engineering, (13) Journal of Mountain Science, (14) Remote Sensing (MDPI), (15) Scientia Agricola, (16) Scientific Research and Essays, (17) Vadose Zone, (18) World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development journal (WRSTSD), and (19) Water Resources Research (AGU).

Dr. Lakhankar’s teaching interests are in the areas of core of civil engineering, water resources and environmental engineering, including: remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) applications for hydrology, agriculture, and water resources.  He believes that integrating Remote Sensing and GIS concepts into civil engineering education is very important not only to meet the urgent needs of GIS professionals in engineering, but also to teach students relevant skills in spatial analysis, reasoning, and data processing.  He also interested in teaching courses in advanced computational and statistical applications which will enable graduating students to easily transition to the workplace.


Mrs. Neha Joshi – Vishe


Dual Qualified Attorney (New York & India),
Company Secretary (ICSI)
Commercial Contracts Counsel in the pharmaceutical industry in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Dombivli, Maharashtra (at heart, still a proud Dombivlikar). I studied in Marathi medium schools from Dombivli and graduated with B.Com from the University of Mumbai. Coming from a family of lawyers (with my father, brother, and sister-in law being Company Secretaries and Lawyers), I also followed in their footsteps and completed my professional degrees of Company Secretary and LL.B. After passing the Bar Exam, I worked as a M&A Lawyer with one of the top corporate law firms of India.

Simultaneously while pursuing my legal career, I was also an active member/volunteer of “Chaturang Pratishthan”, an organization working in social, cultural and educational field in Maharashtra. I have compeered many events for Chaturang and few other cultural organizations.

Beginning of Career:

After marriage, I moved to the US, in 2016, along with my husband, Dr. Mahesh Vishe (who is a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and currently, pursuing post doctoral research at Harvard University).

In US, I had to start my legal career from scratch and hence, decided to pursue a US law degree. In 2017, I graduated from Vanderbilt Law School with ‘Master of Laws (LL.M.)’ and ‘Law & Business Certificate’. I am now a New York licensed Attorney.

Family: It goes without saying that I would not have been able to make it this far without the continued support of my loving family.


I would be happy to talk to anyone desiring to pursue a corporate legal career.

Important Link:

Major Achievements & Honors:

‘Dean’s List’ honor and ‘Vanderbilt Scholastic Excellence Award’ during LL.M. at Vanderbilt Law School


Mr. Sampat Ingale


Current Status:

I am employed as a Scientist at leading biopharmaceutical company in Cambridge, MA. Prior to current role, I have been involved in laboratory-based biopharmaceutical research for multiple years.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in a very small village with less than 100 houses named Laxminagar in Satara district. My journey from that village to Cambridge, MA has been very interesting and challenging. It started with being raised in a traditional farmer’s household with no or non-existent resources for formal education. I completed elementary school in same village and commuted on bicycle ~ 10 kms to the neighboring village for grades 5th-10th. By circuitous route, I graduated with B.Sc. in Chemistry with distinction from B.N. Bandodkar college (Thana college) and went on join Technology of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals program at Institute of chemical technology (aka, UDCT). I graduated as academically top candidate in BSc. Tech program. My journey would not have been possible without unwavering support of family members, many mentors/advisors, and friends.

Beginning of Career:

I always had an ambition to earn a professional degree but like many in my situation, I was forced to earn. Through campus recruitment, I got an opportunity to join Hindustan Unilever as R&D Associate in their Oral Care Center. After earning enough money for application process and airplane ride, I joined The University of Georgia for PhD program. I completed PhD at University of Georgia, Athens GA and carried out Post-doctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla CA. During PhD program I met and got married to my wife Jidnyasa Gaewkad (originally from Baroda, Gujarat). After post-doctoral stint, we decided to move back to Mumbai and I joined multinational pharmaceutical company as a Senior Manager in Global drug discovery at Andheri, Mumbai. However, through company acquisition along with strong desire to innovate and discover novel medicines we landed back in La Jolla CA. Over the years I have co-authored well cited multiple scientific articles and patents.

Till today:

My journey till now is extraordinary, eventful and nothing short of adventures. This has been a fun ride and couldn’t have asked more. Being part of a small, medium, and now large biopharmaceutical company have provided me an ample opportunity to learn and innovate.


I would like to extend or continue my support to my native village through inspiration or a good role model. I do have desire to help many others like me to fulfill their dream.


I have been gifted to have a large family. Parents, a late brother and two sisters. My wife who holds PhD degree is a Scientist in biotech company here at Cambridge, MA. We have two kids, daughter Ananya and son Advait.


Being a Scientist, I am an optimist who tries to see positives in every situation, person.


Every individual is different and there is no one size fits all. However, there is no short-cut to hard work. Never give-up. Stay focused and follow your dreams. Do not be afraid to navigate your own story.


Mr. Mandar Gaitonde

San Francisco

Director of Engineering @Checkr
MBA Finance & Strategic Management The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business
MSEE Electrical Engineering. The University of Alabama at Birmingham


  • Working as a Director of Engineering in a start-up called Checkr in San Francisco, CA.
  • Also running a ed-tech start-up in Kolhapur, India with 2 other individuals.
  • Apart from that mentoring a couple more young entrepreneurs as they are building their ventures.


I would like to give back to my people. I am particularly passionate about building skills in under-served students. Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities in India are still not developed with respect to the exposure that new graduates need. Skill assessment, skill development, and mock preparation for improving the probability of employment is upmost important and I would like to do that through product and services that I can build or be a part of organization that is already doing this.


Mrs. Urmila Diwekar

Crystal Lake

President and Founder, Vishwamitra Research Institute, Crystal Lake, IL
Vishwamitra created an alternate universe; so did Dr. Urmila create Vishwamitra Research Institute (VRI) as her alternate universe.
Dr. UrmilaDiwekar carries out research in the areas of energy, environment, and sustainability.  Recently, she has also started working on biomedical engineering.

Dr. UrmilaDiwekar is the president of the Vishwamitra Research, a non-profit research institute that she founded to pursue multidisciplinary research in the areas of Optimization under Uncertainty and Computer-aided Design applied to Energy, Environment, and Sustainability.  From 2002-2004, she was a Professor in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Bio-Engineering, and Industrial Engineering, and in the Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  She has a special formal arrangement with UIC where she remains as the main advisor for her Ph.D. and M.S. students and teaches a course on optimization.  From 1991-2002 she was on the faculty of the Carnegie Mellon University, with early promotions to both the Associate and the Full Professor level..

Dr. Urmila is the recipient of AIChe national ward 2018, for separations research for her batch distillation research.

Dr. Urmila says, “This is my third national award and I am morehappy about it because it is related to my Ph.D. work which I did it in India.   There are very few who got 3 national awards from AiChE.”

(The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a professional organization for chemical engineers.[1] AIChE was established in 1908 to distinguish chemical engineers as a profession independent of chemists and mechanical engineers).

Clarence (Larry) G. Gerhold Award 2018

Recognizes an individual’s outstanding contribution in research, development, or in the application of chemical separations technology. Starting in 2010 the award will be presented in even years to nominees from industry or non academic entities, and in odd years to nominees from academia. Nominees can indicate in which category they want to be considered. The criteria used for selection shall be consistent with the category.

The Energy and Sustainability Award 2015

The Energy and Sustainability Award shall be given to individuals in industry, teams from industry, or entire companies who have accomplished significant energy savings, improved the sustainability of chemical processes, or developed innovative technologies for energy generation or delivery that hold significant promise of favorable economic or environmental impact.

Cecil Award for Environmental Research 2011

This is the most prestigious environmental award within AIChE and is given by the Environmental Division in recognition of an individual’s outstanding chemical engineering contribution and achievement in the preservation or improvement of the environment.

This award recognizes an individual’s outstanding chemical engineering contribution and achievement in the preservation or improvement of the environment. The recipient must be a member of AIChE, have 15 years of chemical engineering experience in the environmental field, and demonstrate leadership in research, teaching, engineering, or regulatory activities in either the public or private sector.This award recognizes an individual’s outstanding chemical engineering contribution and achievement in the preservation or improvement of the environment. The recipient must be a member of AIChE, have 15 years of chemical engineering experience in the environmental field, and demonstrate leadership in research, teaching, engineering, or regulatory activities in either the public or private sector.


Dr. Srikant Mane


Professor of Genetics,
Executive Director of Yale Center for Genome Analysis,
Director, Yale Center of Proteomics,
Principal Investigator, Yale/NIH Centers of Mendelian Genomics, Yale University School of Medicine, Connecticut, USA
Dr. Mane’s work involves the discovery of genes and genetic changes responsible for various human diseases, and to develop appropriate genomic technologies necessary to make these discoveries.

Coming from a low-income family of sugar-cane farmers in a small village called Rahimatpur near Satara, Dr. Shrikant Mane has established himself as a leading geneticist in USA. He founded Yale Center of Genome Analysis, one of the most renowned and scientifically accomplished genome centers in the world, that has attracted more than $300 million funding to carry out genomic research at Yale.

Dr. Shrikant Mane did his PhD from Tata Cancer Institute, Mumbai and went to USA as a post-doctorate fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. After the fellowship, he was offered a junior faculty (instructor) position at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. But in those days, federal funding for research was getting scarce and he ended up moving to a biotechnology company. He worked there for four years and received three patents for growing bone marrow stem cells outside the human body and development of a replacement of blood vessel using ePTFE (Teflon) material.

However, he was not content with the industrial environment as there was a lack of freedom to pursue his own research ideas. He decided to pursue research and accepted an offer from Yale University, Connecticut. At Yale, he was hired to establish a then cutting-edge microarray technology to support genetic research.   Looking back, he feels that Yale provided him with the best possible support and they also believed in his abilities.  He had total freedom and full financial support.  He worked very hard and immersed himself completely in research.  His group published the first article in 2005 discovering a gene for age related macular degeneration.  This publication received an instant recognition as the landmark study that started the beginning of current genomic and precision medicine era.   Later that year,he also received a prestigious and extremely competitive $7.5 million grant from the National Institute of Health to establish a national Center to study the genetics of neuroscience.

To understand the research work of Dr. Mane, let us understand what is ‘Genomics’ and what its role in ‘Precision Medicine’ is. In his own words, as Dr. Mane explains, “Genomics is the study of genes and how they function.  We all know that the genes control our development and bodily functions.  Genes are made of DNA and are the basic physical and functional units of heredity. A complete set of DNA, including all of its genes is called a genome. Our genome contains approximately 20,500 genes and is passed by parents to their kids from generation to generation, which explains why children tend to look like their parents and have similar tendencies.  Genes act as a set of instructions, directing our body to make all the proteins that control and perform all our bodily functions. The information in DNA/Genes is stored as a code made up of four different kinds of chemical bases. Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The less than 1% differences or variations in the DNA make each individual unique.  The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and sentences. The DNA sequence of a gene can be altered or mutated in a number of ways. Some of these genetic mutations result in faulty genes, causing it to alter the function of proteins leading to many human diseases.  By ‘sequencing’ or ‘reading’ the human genome, we have opened a goldmine of valuable information about the faulty genes that give rise to certain diseases”.

Dr. Mane says, “The current medical practice is a “one size fits all” practice. It is identical to what doctors would hand over to essentially anyone with the same illness. That is because medicine as we know it today revolves around “standard care”, the best course of prevention or treatment for the general population.  However, the same treatment may not work for everyone and the side effects of the medication vary from person to person depending on his specific genetic code. But slowly, we are now entering the new era of “Precision Medicine” that tailors medical care to individuals based on their genetic makeup. New innovations in genomics will allow us to more precisely predict, diagnose, and treat conditions in individual patients, instead of having to settle for the current one-size-fits-all approach. This is more useful in case of early diagnosis and treatment of the diseases like cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and cardiac diseases. For example, a person’s genomic information could indicate a higher than average risk of developing diabetes or particular form of cancer. Armed with this information, that person could make life style changes or take prescribed medication to better regulate the aspects of health and wellness, which will help counteract the genetic risks. This is where my research of Genomics comes into picture”.

After receiving the extremely competitive and prestigious grant from the National Institute of Health in 2005 to study the genomics of nervous system, Dr. Shrikant was interviewed by the Associated Press.  His interview appeared in major newspapers in the US as well as around the world. Later in 2008, he was probably the first scientist to receive a $ 1.2 million grant to purchase Illumina Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.  His collaborative efforts were paid big time when Yale received more than $45 million funding through President Obama’s stimulus package.   Yale also recognized Dr. Mane’s contribution by honoringhim with the task of founding the Yale Center for Genome Analysis with generous $10 million funding from the Provost.

Dr. Shrikant Mane reached another mile stone in 2009 when his group published the article describing the development of whole exome sequencing technique that is now being used all over the world for both research and clinical applications. This was also the first report describing the use of powerful NGS technology for the clinical diagnostic purpose.  These studies strengthened the precision medicine approaches he had initiated in 2005. The precision medicine is the future practice that will completely revolutionize the way medicine is practiced today. President Obama announced the precision medicine initiation with more than $250 million funding and empowered Dr. Mane’s mentor and ex- supervisor Richard Lifton to implement it in the United States.   It is already being practiced for cancer and few other diseases.

In 2011, Yale Center for Genome Analysis thatDr. Mane founded was awarded another prestigious $11.5 million grant by NIH to study Rare/Mendelian Disorders. The studies conducted through this funding identified genetic factors for several human disorders including, congenital heart diseases, skin disorders, abnormal brain development, kidney and immunological disorders.  These studies led to the publications of more than 25 articles in prestigious journals including Science, Nature, Cell, New England Journal of Medicine and Nature genetics.  This success led to another successful award of $12 million in 2015 by National Institute of Health(NIH) to continue his studies with rare disease.  The Genome Center founded by Dr. Mane has emerged as one of the most scientifically productive genome centers in the world and has attracted more than $300 million funding to carry out genomic research at Yale.

Dr. Shrikant feels, “I suppose my leadership at Yale has enabled me to establish a world-renowned genome center that has discovered genes responsible for numerous human diseases, attracted millions of dollars of funding and achieved worldwide recognition for both myself and my university.”

Dr. Mane says from an early age of 8, he wanted to be a scientist and go to America to do the research. That is why even if his parents wanted him to be a medical doctor, he kind of rebelled and went for pure science and did PhD and later postdoctoral research in USA. He says, “My parents were not very pleased with my choice of my professional career. They very much wanted me to become a medical doctor. Despite feeling the tremendous pressure and burden of their expectations, I rebelled and decided to follow my dream of becoming a scientist.  They continued to be very displeased with me for most of my early career until I received a $7.5 million grant from the National Institute of Health in 2005 to study the genomics of nervous system.  .I value this achievement most in my life because then on, my parents realized the importance of work I was doing and were proud of my achievements”.

Childhood and Schooling:

Shrikant was born in March 1957 in a small village called Rahimatpur near Satara in India. Despite his family’s humble beginnings, Dr. Shrikant Mane’s parents were dedicated to making things better for their children. His family had a strong belief in the importance and power of education. His grandfather was a principal of a primary school and used to teach him arithmetic in the evenings. His father was a dedicated and accomplished high school math teacher who not only taught during the day, but also participated in his farming duties before and after school hours. He actively promoted education for girls, poor and minority students in particular during a time and place when addressing the needs of these vulnerable groups was not common. Shrikant’s father made sure that most of the girls in their extended family received at least a bachelor’s degree. Both of Dr. Shrikant’s uncles were educated abroad and set a good example for him. His sisterSanjivani completed her master’s degree in languagesand herself became a driven and caring principal of a girls’ high school in another town. HisbrotherSudhir received a civil engineering degree and has now risen to a high position in the agriculture department of state of Maharashtra. Shrikant’s mother Shankuntalawas a house wife who helped his father with the farming and of course looked after her kids.  Shrikant’s both parents were very hardworking, honest and principle-minded.  Above all, they focused on their children’s education and wellbeing by sacrificing almost everything in their own lives to save money for kids’ education. They also instilled in them good values such as respect for teachers, honesty, and the importance of hard work over material wealth. His father was very active in the Boy’s Scout’s equivalent in India and earned medals for the school at the state level in various activities. He also taught swimming and math to many interested children during summer vacation. In addition to academics, his parents exposed Shrikant to extracurricular activities such as sports, drama acting and exercise- they taught the very important lesson of not being ashamed to work hard and play hard. On weekends and summer holidays, Shrikant used to assist his parents in various farm activities.

Dr. Shrikant says, “My childhood was very happy since I was the first grandchild in a large family of 25 people and thus, I received a lot of attention. I was very witty and was very inquisitive. Due to my curiosity, I used to ask lots of questions almost about everything.  Since I was the eldest in the family my parents and close family members and also some townsfolk used to call me “Dada” which means “elder brother” which they still do. As a child, I was very mischievous and used to get into many fights with other school children.  Hence, I got another nickname- ‘Bhim” (From Mahabharata). Thankfully, as I grew up I lost my combative nature and actually became rather shy and quiet”.

“My uncles tell me that even at the age of 10, I somehow knew that I would be doing research and one day be in the United States.  Looking back at my life I think this trajectory/road opened for me automatically, as if it was my destiny”.

“I attended primary school and high school in Rahimatpur.  Every morning I used to go the teacher’s room and bow to each and every one of them. The teachers were fond of me because I was an obedient and diligent student. Thanks to the many schoolyard fights I was involved in,I received lots of scolding and beating from the teachers as well as from my parents. One of my earliest memories of primary school involves collecting cow-dug every Thursday morning, and spreading it on the classroom floors to smoothen them”.

“My parents wanted my siblings and me to excel in academia and more importantly learn life-long good habits.  Since I was the eldest in the family, they particularly focused on my studies and behavior. They specifically instructed my teachers to be strict with me and to not hesitate to punish me for my inappropriate behavior.  Due to all this attention and discipline, around the age of 7, I turned into a very quiet and shy person.  I was respectfully frightened of my parents. Sadly, this came at a price, as fear of my parents caused me to lose the opportunity to become close to them”.

“I attended AdarshHigh School in Rahimatpur.  This was a brand new high school and I was in the first batch of 8th grade students.  The school had no funds and hence no facilities.  Our first class was conducted in an abandoned chicken wire cage.  People who had large houses offered rooms to conduct classes.  Despite poor conditions, I was very content as a student since teachers were loving and dedicated.   The school had a hard time finding a good English teacher in particular – the one the school hired had a history background and was making efforts to teach us English, but it was not adequate. When my father realized this, he requested one of the retired English teachers in next town to teach me three days a week.  My love of knowledge and school, combined with my natural ability were recognized and special attention was paid towards my education.  I loved science and math especially and excelled in my studies as well as sports – I was a captain of the school cricket team.  Despite my talent in sport, my parents did not provide much encouragement since they wanted me to focus on my studies instead. My father was our math teacher, and he was a very dedicated and good one.  However, he was very strict and all students, including me, were afraid of him.  At that time, fear was the mantra and catalyst that motivated students to learn. My father and most of the teachers utilized fear unapologetically to make sure students paid attention and behaved well”.

“I used to always stand first in the class and was therefore respected by my teachers.Yet, during my high school days, I was very quiet and inhibited from expressing myself since I was afraid of my father. I felt that he and other teachers were constantly watching me since they had lots of lofty expectations from me.   To make things worse, I was honored in tenth grade with the title of the “ideal student” of the entire school.  Despite receiving this accolade, I was not thrilled with this honor since it put even more pressure on me to never deviate from my father’s expectations. This childhood fear and pressure never truly left me, and I feel it robbed me of the spontaneity and fun of a childhood. Now looking back, I feel a good life is not one that exclusively focuses on studies and awards; it is equally (if not more) important to cherish the fun, the adventures, and more loving aspects of family and life”.

“My leadership qualities were evident during my school days.  I was interested in sports, especially cricket. I convinced a few of my friends to form a team. However, we were poor and had no money to purchase an expensive cricket bat.  I came up with the idea that we should collect donations from the wealthy town members.  None of my friends believed in me. However, I went door to door and convinced several people to donate enough money to purchase all of the required cricket accessories.  These efforts led to the formation of a formal cricket club in my town which conducted several matches with neighboring towns”.

University Education:

Shrikant’s bachelor’s studies were completed at the Science College at Karad, affiliated with Shivaji University. Going to college was a big step for him, as he had to leave his small hometown behind and move to a large, metropolitan city.  The first six months of college were thus difficult; he struggled being away from home for the first time and found it challenging to adjust to all-English lectures. However, he recovered after a few months mostly due to the company of good friends.

He was an outstanding student in college.  He was also a great cricket player and was the captain of the college team. During his third year of college, he came in close contact with one of his Zoology ProfessorsProfessor RameshChandak who was an exceptionally good genetics teacher.  He recognized Shrikant’s potential and introduced him to the research world and gave him Scientific American and other journals to read.  He was mainly responsible for developing Shrikant’s interest in genetic research. Dr. Shrikant says, “I will never forget his contribution to what I am today and have kept in touch with him over the past 40 years”.  Shrikant graduated from the Shivaji University with distinction and ranked in the first three in the university.

Shrikant wanted to do his masters at the same university. But one of the professors, who later became the vice chancellor of the university, suggested that he should join the Institute of Science in Mumbai instead.  With his recommendation Shrikant was admitted at the Mumbai University to study animal physiology at the well-known institute of Science. He also was able to secure a prestigious Daxina fellowship for the master’s program.  This fellowship offered a generous allowance that covered all of his expenses. He secured a master’s degree with distinction.

It was Shrikant’s childhood dream to specialize in cancer research and become a biomedical scientist in the United States. He applied for PHDprograms at the Mumbai University and at the Tata Cancer Research Institute.  While he was waiting to know the outcome of his PHD applications, he worked at the Khalsa College in Matunga as a lecturer in genetics and cytology.  He quit this job after six months when he secured an admission for PhD program at the Tata Cancer Institute. Due to his position as one of the university’s top students and his keen interest in research, he was selected by the director of the instituteDr. Deo as his protégée.

Dr. Shrikant says, “I think this was my true lucky break since my PhD advisor was an incredibly talented and devoted scientist. Importantly he had a very positive attitude and provided lots of encouragement and support to me during my PhD work. During my first year at Tata I was very fortunate to come in close contact with Dr George Kohler, who went on to win a Nobel Prize for developing monoclonal antibodies. He was a PhD student when he visited my institute. My PhD advisor asked me to pay special attention to Dr Kohler; the two of us spent two weeks together during which he taught me the technique of raising monoclonal antibodies. I was very impressed with Dr Koehler’s simplicity and his passion for science.  From Dr. Kohler, I learned the very important lesson of being humble and true to science”.

“During the course of my PhD, I discovered a growth factor that was later identified as the Transforming Growth Factor (TGF). TGF plays a very critical role during development and several physiological processes in human body.  My research work was so impressive that I was honored to present an annual institutional seminar even though I was still only a first year graduate student”.

Dr. Shrikant left India in 1985 immediately after receiving a Ph.D.  At that time, it was very difficult to get a research scientist position in India.  Moreover, funding was not adequate for the type of research he wanted to do.   Besides, it was his lifelong dream to go to USA to do the research.  He got an opportunity to do a post-doctoral fellowship at one of the best universities-Johns Hopkins- in the world and he felt like the destiny was inviting him to USA.

However, Dr. Shrikant’s life journey was not always smooth. He did face setbacks a few times. He said, “I suffered a major depression attack when I was in the last year of college. These attacks continued on and off for the next 20 years turning me into a helpless person on occasions.  Medication was not an option since they did not work for me. I studied psychology and meditated regularly to cope up with it.  Today, with the help of meditation, I am completely depression free”.

Another struggle was for funding of his research in USA. He said, “Due to funding challenges I kept losing job after job for few years. In order to make a living I was separated from my family for a long period of time.  I missed my family and struggled with loneliness. Instead of getting depressed, I focused on my work with more determination and passion to make an impact on human life. During these times, I was touched by the compassion and support from many of my American and Indian friends”.

Later while Dr. Shrikant was establishing a genome center at Yale in 2009, his both parents fell seriously ill and needed frequent hospitalization.  For a period of four years, Dr. Shrikant ended up spending 3 to 4 months every year in India taking care of them.  He had a demanding and high-profile job at Yale. Besides, taking care of two sick people was physically and mentally exhausting for him.  He used to spend his day time taking care of his parents and did his work and attended conference calls during night. He recalls, “Several Indian doctors and friends rushed to help me.  My superiors and colleagues at Yale were also supportive and understanding. Many of my doctor colleagues went out of way to evaluate my parent’s health and suggested new treatment options.Even though it was extremely challenging for me to take care of my parents while maintaining my high stressjob in USA, I was and am very happy and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to take care of my parents”.

Dr. Shrikant feels grateful towards his parents, grandfather and his teachers who not only gave him the immense knowledge but also helped him develop his character and attitude. He wishes to thank his wife, children and uncle who believed in his abilities and provided constant encouragement, especially during his down periods. He says, “My lovely two daughters have provided me the strong incentive for not succumbing to the depression and made me focus on my work”.

Dr. Shrikant is still in constant contact with his roots. In his own words- “I am still in contact with all my relatives, friends and teachers from my home town.  I still enjoy being in my home town and spend time at my father’s farms.  It makes me feel at home.  During my trips to India I make efforts to meet the people and teachers who believed in me and provided inspiration.  In the past few years I have been visiting India several times a year to give seminars and share my knowledge.   The incidence of some rare diseases is very high in India due to marriages between close relatives.  I am trying to develop collaborations with Indian scientists to identify causes of these diseases. I am also trying to develop several collaborations with the prominent hospitals to bring them up to date with the genomics and its clinical applications”.

“Since 2010, I have been trying to transfer exome sequencing technology to India.  I met with DrPratap Reddy, Apollo Hospital several times to make this happen.  I also interact with the Indian Council of Medical Research, prominent geneticists and several hospitals to share my experience and offer to provide training to clinical geneticists and scientists.  I participate in several international conferences in India to give seminars and share knowledge.  After I retire I am planning to volunteer for teaching and improving health practices. I also offer guidance to young students who are trying to come to USA for further studies”.

Dr. Shrikant is very optimistic about his outlook towards India. “Indian economy is growing at a very high rate now.  I think India has a great future since significant resources are now available to do the research in the areas that matter the most.  Theinfrastructure is being built and most importantly public attitude towards corruption is changing.  India is going to be one of the superpower very soon due to these changes.  The world has always recognized the spiritual leadership of India.  Recent research effort is providing more insights into meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. Indian doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs shine in the western countries due to the opportunities and environment.  India’s environment is changing and more opportunities are being created due to large amount of investments. Because of these activities I am confident that India will provide a scientific/technological and spiritual leadership to the world.”

Advice to Youth:

Dr. Shrikant thinks, “Passion, dedication and perseverance were the key for my success.   Be patient, do not get discouraged by setbacks since everything goes in cycles- good days follow the bad days.  Proper attitude and positive thinking surely result into a big success”.

His advice to youth is, “Don’t give up. Persevere! Does not matter how small you begin and how often you feel knocked down, dust off, stand up, believe in yourself and move on!”


Dr. Shrikant Mane is married to Suneeti who was also a doctoral student with him at Institute of Science and at Tata Cancer Research Institute. He says it is a funny story how he met his life partner.

“It’s a funny story. After graduating from an out of town university, I attended the University of Bombay for my Master’s degree. It turned out that the students from Bombay Uni. did not think much of us outsiders!This fact became very obvious when one day after one of my classes at the Institute of Science; as I a class at Institute of Science as I was walking out of the building I heard someone call my name. I looked back and found a girl trying to catch up with me. She asked me if I just took theadmission for MSc and asked me what my score was.  She was surprised to see me in that class. When I told her my score she was not convinced and atfirst asked me which university I got my education from.  Then when she came to know that I received these good grades from a university other than University of Bombay, she just said, ‘Oh that University!’ and left!

Obviously, there was no reason for her to linger.  We were classmates for two years and I believe she did not think much of me.  As luck would have it, we met again in the same graduate school as Ph. D students. Thankfully she changed her opinion of me when she heard me give a talk about my research.  She was also present at this seminar. However, after witnessing my seminar performance she eventually changed her opinion.  This led her to fall and fell in love with me.

Many years later, I found out that she had thought of me simply as the villager’s simple son and a small-town guy lacking in sophistication. Of course, according to her the two years doing Masters in Bombay University had significantly ‘improved’ me! Even today, she lovingly takes a stick in the hand to correct my English.

Dr. Shrikant and Dr. Suneeti are blessed with two daughters.

My elder daughter, Aparna received a law degree and now is working as a public defender in Arizona.  My younger daughter, Aditee completed her Master’s in Business from University College London and is now working as an account manager in a  private video technology company in London, UK.  My wife completed her PhD at Tata Cancer Hospital and moved to US with me in 1985. She is currently working at Roche Pharmaceutical as a project leader.


Dr. Sham Navathe


Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering (University of Michigan),
M.S. Computer Science (Ohio State University),
B.E. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1968

  1. Sc. University of Pune, 1965.

Professor of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Head of Database Systems Research Group, Georgia Institute of Technology,
Co-Author “Fundamentals of Database Systems” (First edition 1989, seventh edition 2016)
Connoisseur and Organizer of ShastriyaSangeet (Indian Classical Music)
Outstanding achievements as a student:


  • Stood second in Maharashtra at SSC , 1961
  • First rank at examinations in Hindi – one and two – (Maharashtra RashtrabhashaSabha), 1959,1960.
  • First rank,German Language Examinations– one and two (Univ of Pune), 1963, 1964.
  • First rank at B.Sc. (Physics) – Univ of Pune, 1965
  • Gold Medal, Indian Institute of Science, (Electrical Communications Engg) – 1968.


Mr. Sanjay Jejurikar


Co-Founder & CEO of an Ed-tech company, InPods

Shri. Sanjay Jejurikar has always followed his passion and taken different path in his life rather than conventionally following the path pursued by his parents and siblings. Now, he wants to help the gen-next to follow their hearts and realize their dreams!


•             Co Founder of Northwest Construction Pvt Ltd. (2007 – present). This is a real estate development company looked after by Sanjay’s cousin.

•             Co Founder of Indibite – an Indian grill (2007 – 2012). In USA, Italian or Mexican food is available and served in a very professional manner at number of high end places, malls etc. There are few Indian outlets like Kailash Parbat etc but second generation Indian Americans do not get Indian food outside. Indibite is a quick service restaurant. It was managed professionally with standardized recipes and all processes documented.

•             Life Science Instructor at Bellevue College. (April 1994 – Present). He is involved in curriculum designing, teaching, assessment and E- learning.

•             An Advisor and Investor for many IT companies like:

A Four Technologies Pvt Ltd., Pune

Unify Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Health services company – Bengaluru

•             On board of trustees of ‘Forest Ridge School’, 100 year old girl’s school run by Sacred Heart Society.

•             On steering committee of BMM in 2007 in Seattle, USA.

•             He and his work was acknowledged by –

Silicon India – ‘Educational and Technical Startup’ of the year with focus on learning analytics.

Business Week – Featured a cover story on InPods

OS Seattle Times – Covered a story on ‘Disha’.


Dr. Rajeev Raje


Rajeev R. Raje is a Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) and is currently serving as an Associate Dean in the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Dr. Raje’s research interests are in the fields of distributed and service-oriented software systems, programming languages, and software engineering. Dr. Raje is a Senior Member of the ACM and IEEE and co-directs the software engineering and distributed systems (SEDS) group in the CIS department.

*Author/co-author of 130+ research papers. Research selected for an entry in the 2016 Compendium Industry-Nominated Technological Breakthroughs for the NSF (National Science Foundation)

Dr. Rajeev Raje is passionate about education and Computer Science, and is committed to his research and his students. He is also committed to his family and friends.

On India and world future. Take on Mankind

Dr. Rajeev thinks India does have a bright future. If it can get rid of its vices (e.g., corruption, lackadaisical attitude, stagnant educational system, etc.) and enforce the scientific thinking in its population, specifically young generation, then it can reclaim its glorious position in the world.

Dr. Rajeev is also very optimistic about the future of the world – despite the current uncertainty and chaotic scenarios all across the globe, he thinks the human spirit of “never-giving up” and ingenuity will prevail. Many exciting innovations in science and technology, when properly merged with arts and humanity, will lead for a much better tomorrow for the entire human-kind. In his words, “the problems that we are going to face (e.g., water and food shortage, climate change, super-bugs, etc.) are going to require a multi-pronged and cooperative approach for us to succeed. We all will really have to go back to the philosophy of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the concept that the whole world is my home) to be able to not only survive but to achieve success of unprecedented scales.”

Dr. Rajeev’s words of advice to fellow Indians and young generation: “We should never forget our roots and traditions.Any civilization that tries to only imitate others (perhaps as a fad or due to onslaught of the never ending marketing gimmicks!) is a rudderless ship! Do learn and imbibe good things (e.g., scientific thinking, discipline and cleanliness from the western world) from other cultures and try achieving a symbiosis of these new things with your own roots.”

He always remembers and is dedicated to the path shown to him byhis teacher and mentor Prof. Kulkarni:Athato Brahma Jijnasa – now is the time to inquire about the absolute/ ‘Here starts the quest of Truth’.



Mr. Prashant Ranade


Co-Chairman, Syntel.

Engineer at heart, health and sport enthusiast, passionate about Leadership Development, Community Social Responsibility and social entrepreneurship and also Co-Chairman at Syntel

Syntel having 22,000+ employees and $924Millions revenue as of FY 2017, is a leading global provider of Information Technology and Knowledge Processing services. The company helps global enterprises evolve their core IT applications, infrastructure and business processes by leveraging intelligent automation, scaled agile development and cloud computing solutions. Their digital services enable clients to engage their customers, discover new insights, and create more connected enterprises.

Prashant Ranade is an experienced corporate leader that has risen up through the ranks — from entry level to top leadership roles — due to his diligence, dedication and thirst for new learning and experience.

Giving Back

The value of education was deeply ingrained in Prashant from his earliest days, and today it is the area to which he devotes most of his free time.

Both he and Seema are dedicated to working to advance the work of S’Prayas, a Syntel CSR initiative where volunteers provide quality educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.

Enactus is also close to Prashant’s heart. It is a global community of students, academics and business leaders who use entrepreneurship to transform lives and make a difference. Enactus India is one of the largest Enactus country operations, and works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

Participating students form teams and apply business concepts to develop projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Through the Enactus India National Competition, teams present the results of their projects, which are evaluated by business leaders serving as judges.

“It’s the perfect blend of leadership and social responsibility,” says Ranade.

Prashant also plays a part in supporting the Marrow Donor Registry of India (MDRI) through Syntel. MDRI drives spread awareness which can help people suffering from life-threatening diseases, a cause he believes we should all contribute to.

Tinkerers’ Laboratory is an innovative idea that enables students with theoretical knowledge to get the practical experience they need for the future. The lab is set up so students can go in and play around with the resources available, to build or create whatever they wish without a specific project at hand. He and many of his IIT batch-mates support the very successful lab at IIT Bombay, and they are looking at rolling it out to several other engineering colleges.


Mr. Prakash Bhalerao

San Francisco

Prakash Prahalad Bhalerao Chairman and CEO of Various IT Companies. Prakash Prahalad Bhaleraois a giant in the field of Venture Capital. Today he is one of the leading Venture Capitalists working out of the US but having interests across the globe.

We have heard about Midas touch. It will not be  an exaggeration to refer to  Mr.  Prakash as  the  Midas of IT Industry. Many of his successful ventures were able to raise huge funds through their Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of shares and they were later acquired by giants in the Global IT industry. That is why we refer to him as the Midas.

Mr. Prakash Bhalerao plays role in the industry as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor and by virtue of his investments he hold top positions on the board of many enterprises. When he invests in a company, or a start-up and the company is at very early stage Mr. Prakash takes position as a CEO or Chairman. As the company makes progress and also becomes financially capable of hiring CEO then Mr. Prakash opts to get out. By this fact, Mr.Prakash’s permanent job is not a chairman or CEO. Over years he has been CEO and Chairman of many companies. Likewise he was Chairman and CEO of Verismo Networks, Inc, till the time the company was sold. At the time of this writing Mr. Prakash is General Partner at Rainbow Enterprises LP, Cupertino, LA. During past two decades as Angel Investor, Serial entrepreneur Mr. Prakash has served as a Strategic Director of AvantCom Network. He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambit Design Systems, Inc. (synthesis solutions for chip design), till it was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in October 1998. He also served as a Director of ECTone Inc.andAvantComNetwork,Inc.andAmber Networks, Inc. He served  as  Chairman of Sapphire Design Automation Inc. and was Chairman and Director of Alopa Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup company specializing in broadband subscriber solutions for the cable, DSL, and wireless industries.


Mr. Nikhil Deshpande


Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia
As Chief Digital Officer for the state of Georgia, USA, Nikhil Deshpande leads the Office of Digital Services Georgia under the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA).

Nikhil envisioned and led state government’s transition to an enterprise web-publishing platform based on Drupal, an open source content management system hosted in the cloud. The platform currently supports over 80 state agency websites. Under his direction, Georgia became the first state in USA to use Drupal across its enterprise and meet special needs of constituents with a range of disabilities affecting vision, hearing, motion and cognition.

Nikhil strongly advocated the use of social media for when using social media for government was not common, and established a presence for the state on Facebook and Twitter to quickly address citizens’ questions and concerns.

Nikhil has scaled great heights at very young age. There is no doubt that future holds great accomplishments and honours for him. He is going to make Maharashtra and India very proud. The story of this young man in his own words:

“I am honored to be included in this edition of Garje Marathi and am thankful to Shri Anand Ganu. He requested me to write a few inspirational words about my career path for the aspiring youth. I remembered a challenge I faced a couple years ago. In 2016, the Atlanta Business Chronicle honoured me with their prestigious “40 under 40” award. Every year they select 40 people, under the age of 40, from a pool of about 800 nominees. These awardees have made significant contribution in their field that benefits society. At the awards ceremony, I was asked what advice I would give my 20 year self. I’m not professional at giving life or career advice but I’d love to share what helped shape my journey.”

“In my school days, I heard an ancient Chinese saying. “If you make two bucks for a living, spend a buck on food, and spend one on flowers. Food will keep you alive and flowers will give you a reason to live”. I heard this at a tender age and didn’t understand the depth of the message until I went through the next couple decades of my life. As a school kid, I was more interested in life lessons than academia. I did not fit the proverbial persona of a “studious” student. Someone who excelled in academics, and aspired to be an engineer or a doctor. Instead I loved drawing and illustrating solutions for visual problems. The creative space appreciated by very few people fascinated me. I am a big believer in the school of hard knocks. When I wasn’t selected for our school’s “special computer class”, I taught myself basic programming through books and by watching the person who developed my father’s business applications. He gave me the needed guidance and made me go through hundreds of lines of code across several files. I found it amusing that I could help my friends in our school’s computer program with their homework. My parents were appreciative of my passion for art and always showered unconditional love. They also worried about my future knowing I am not a mainstream student. They provided a caring environment to pursue any career and supported me when I decided to get into visual art.”


Dr. Milind Dhamankar


Senior Clinical Affairs Specialist at Siemens Healthineers

Current status:
As a Clinical Affairs Specialist, I align product development and regulatory strategies for marketing new MRI scanners. I support clinical trials involving investigational devices and new clinical claims for existing products for Siemens Healthineers in the USA. To expand my leadership role beyond my company, I am the Vice Chair for MR Section MITA (Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance), (2016-2018) – an industry consortium for MRI vendors.
For the past 25 years I have been with Siemens Healthineers. I started my professional career with Siemens India, relocated to Siemens Headquarters in Germany before finally settling in the USA in Wayne, PA.
I travelled extensively around the world, training healthcare professionals with the drive and expertise to establish clear, effective communication on complex innovative technologies that help advance medicine. I supported hospitals, radiologists and technologists training them to use MRI systems.
I played a key role in product launch teams for more than a decade. As Sr. Director MR Marketing USA, I oversaw 5 new MRI system introductions in 5 years. My education, experience and creativity helped me define product specifications relevant to customer needs, execute marketing strategies that beat the competition, train my team to ensure high performance, and successfully carry out marketing campaigns. I was a part of the team that innovated and introduced cutting edge MRI scanners, that has made Siemens Healthineers the market leader in MRI.

Childhood/ young days:
• Date of Birth: June 1966, Mumbai
• My childhood was spent in Phirojsha Nagar, in Vikhroli, Mumbai. I studied at Udayachal Schools. Self-esteem and patriotism are some of the qualities imbibed in Udayachal students. I learnt “Batik” from my Art teacher Mrs. Kothari when I was in fourth grade and I have continued with that art till date.
• My father Mr. Dwarkanath Narayan Dhamankar and mother Mrs. VijayalaxmiDwarkanath Dhamankar worked in Godrej & Boyce Ltd.
• My parents allowed me and my sister (Mrs. ManaseeBhaskar Javdekar) to experiment and be independent decision makers. Importantly, they instilled into us values such as respect, open mindedness, hard work and trust by setting an example themselves.
• They provided insights into Santa-Vangmay and influenced my philosophical comprehension. Simple messages given by the saints in Maharashtra have been of immense support to me in various stages of my life. Dasbodh by SamarthaRamdas and “HachiSubodhGuruncha”-Shri GondavalekarMaharaj, Gondavale are two significant examples.
• I studied at LokmanyaTilak Municipal Medical College and after completing my M.B.B.S. and internship, I enrolled for M.C.A at V.J.T.I., Matunga, Mumbai. I secured first position with distinction at the University in 1993.
Beginning of Career :
Back in 1990s I had a unique combination of medicine and computer applications. I started as MRI Applications Specialist for S.E. Asia with Siemens Ltd., India. Soon, I was promoted to be in a research project in Germany and I relocated in Erlangen, Germany. Working hard in R&D, contributed to launch a new generation of MRI scanners in 2003. I lead marketing efforts for the product I help build. This opened my doors for opportunities in Siemens USA.


Being detail oriented, collaborative and a contributor thru quality work has helped me in my career. I am a life-long learner and I keep up with developments in Medicine and MRI technology while learning corporate and social leadership skills. Business Certificate course from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (2010), gave me good insight into HR and Finance to coach and guide my team. This helps me be a better leader.

On the personal side – I support social and educational institutions locally. Bhutanese American Organization in Philadelphia (BAOP) is one such organization where I work with high-school students and refugee women to make Diwali kandils and sell them across the USA. I am an Advisory Board member for a local non-profit – Foundation for Learning In Tredyffrin Eastown (FLITE) to help reduce the resource gap for financially challenged students in Tredyffrin Easton (T/E) School District. I teach batik and art projects at the local Art Club and Tredyffrin Public library.

I married Minal Manohar Talekar in 1997. She had done her M.B.B.S. After completing her diploma in Ophthalmology from K.E.M, Pune we moved to Germany in 2000. Mihir was two years old when we moved to the USA. Minal requalified, passing USMLE exams and E.C.F.M.G. certification. She is now Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and Hematology Board Certified. She is a practicing Hematologist and Oncologist. While both of us were striving to better our professional life, our parents supported Mihir. I am indebted to my in-laws for their dedication. That was a great way to keep Mihir grounded to Marathi and Maharashtrian culture while being brought up in the US. “One of the significant benefits of being collaborative within the family – “Unity” a characteristic that needs to be fostered much more if we need to progress.

Outlook :
“Humans are unique in terms of their ability to make conscious choices. India has given the world so much for self-awareness, for finding ones purpose of life and to be happy, yet so many Indians look outwards for happiness. Many are not aware of the treasure they can tap from. It is critical to not forget who you are. That insight will help you comprehend your connection to your roots and then everything starts falling in its place. Self-esteem and inner peace are critical and the rising stress levels are having negative impact on these important traits. India has challenges with infrastructure, technology and basic education. Media has significant impact on people’s mind and it will take some conscious effort on each individual’s part to sort the clutter and focus. I don’t see any systematic approach to help the youth to handle chaos. Strong value system, effective parenting and basic life skill education is a need. There is no point in bathing in past glory. Things are changing and we all need to adopt in order to progress. Unity, sharing and supporting one another is a mandatory requirement for collective progress.


Dr. Kedar Hardikar

New York

Ph.D. Solid Mechanics Brown University

M.S Mechanical Engineering Syracuse University

B.E Mechanical Engineering Mumbai University


Professional with experience in Semiconductor capital equipment Industry, Solar Industry and Consumer Electronics Industry.

– Experienced researcher and organizational leader with structured problem solving as core strength.
– Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems with structured approach and lead projects in previously unfamiliar domains.
– Continued academic involvement as an adjunct faculty member pursuing teaching as passion and positively influencing student careers.
– Demonstrated contribution to product development, product design, product reliability and intellectual property in semiconductor capital equipment industry, solar industry and consumer electronics industry.
– Demonstrated contribution to product reliability, product improvement and process development through analysis, participation in task forces and consulting in the form of suggesting experiments and collaborating on them.
– Experience in development of new processes in R&D through collaboration and transitioning them to production.
– Demonstrated leadership in establishment and management of offshore team as well as management of outsourced projects.
– Expertise in computational modeling with significant experience in stress analysis, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics and applied mathematics.

Specialties: Bringing structure to seemingly unstructured complex problems, Establishing processes enabling operational and technical excellence in an organization, Exceptional teaching skills, Development of new test methodology for product reliability, Stress, Flow and Heat transfer modeling, Analysis of fracture and delamination in thin films, Feature-Scale modeling, Development and implementation of computational methods. Project management, Process development through collaboration.


Dr. Gauri Naik Gholap


Dr. Gauri Gholap is a serial entrepreneur having expertise in building businesses in digital healthcare. She was the co-founder & Principle Scientist of BioImagene Inc., which was acquired by Roche Diagnostics for 100M USD.

Govt. of India and Maratha chamber of Commerce felicitated Dr. Gauri with prestigious “Women Entrepreneur Award ”. Rotary International club awarded her“ Women Achievers Award”.



Mr. Dinesh Keskar


President, Boeing India; Sr. Vice President (Asia Pacific), Boeing International.

21st July 1969, 1.48 am, India time!  The entire world was listening on radio to the greatest drama of human history being unfolded. Man on moon! Neil Armstrong walking on moon was a giant leap for mankind. A small high school boy of 15 was all ears while listening to that thrilling radio commentary in a small town of Amravati in India. He was of an impressionable age, and this event made such a deep impact on him that he decided to become an Aerospace Engineer, and meet Neil Armstrong one day. Well, he didn’t just meet his Hero, but studied under him, and is proud that he is mentored by his hero, Neil Armstrong.

Dinesh was born in Rajkot in a middle-class familyin July 1954.  Dinesh’s grandfather too was a brilliant academician, and had written books on the subject of Statistics. Dinesh’sfather Mr. AchyutYashwantKeskarwas an educationist teaching Chemistry in DharmendraSinghjiCollege in Rajkot.Dinesh was the second born of the three sons of Nalini and AchyutKeskarWhen Dinesh was five, Sri Achyutdecided tomove to some place in Maharashtra and chose Amravati over Mumbai as the place to settle, so that his sons could study in Marathi, their mother tongue.

Dinesh went to ManibhaiGujrathi high Schoolin Amravati. He was thetop merit student in his final year of high school, and stood 8th rank in entire Maharashtra. His father bought a two-wheeler scooter for Dinesh in appreciation of his excellence in the final year of his school education. Then a sad tragedy befell Keskar family when Dinesh’s father died in an accident while he was in Mumbai. Dinesh was only 16 years old boy; and the family underwent a trauma, but eventually managed to get by. Dinesh’s mother looked after the family and educated her three sons very well. Dinesh fondly remembers among other memories how he and his father had kept awake at night and had together listened to the radio live-narrating Neil Armstrong’s moon-landing. He feels saddened that his father wasn’t there to see the good things Dinesh did in his life.

Dinesh joined VishveshwarayaRegional College of Engineering at Nagpur and received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a Gold Medal in 1975. He was the Best Scholar, the Best All-rounder, and the Magazine Secretary. He stayed in the hostel for five years.He made some life-long close friends and he still is in regular touch with them. His friends visit him when he is in India for work.

After his B.E., Dinesh wanted to study further in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Unfortunately at that time there wereno colleges in India offering any such course. Dinesh wanted to go to USA to pursue further studies. Because of his Gold Medal excellence, he could get admission in many universities in US, but he chose University of Cincinnati mainly because Neil Armstrong taught there.Young Dinesh took this decision all by himself as there was nobody to guide him. He received Tata Scholarship, known as J.N.Tata Endowment Scholarship which was basically a student loan to be returned after completion of studies and when one starts working. It was a prestige to get this scholarship.

Neil Armstrong was not only an expert Space-Mission Commander, but he was a great human being as well. Dr. Dinesh reminisces that his classes in the University used to be very interesting. Armstrong used to teach flight testing. At that time, there were no text-books on this subject and no internet. He just used to talk from his experience as a flight test pilot. Students would find references from some books in the library. Dinesh received his master’s and doctorate degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 1976 and 1978, respectively, under the guidance of Neil Armstrong. To complete master’s degree in one year although somewhat rare is still not so uncommon. However, to complete PhD. in two years under the age of 25 is absolutely an outstanding feat. And to have Neil Armstrong as one’s mentor is definitely the most unique feat anybody can boast of.

Because of Neil Armstrong, Dinesh could do the practical training in Flight Test and Control System Design etc. at NASA during his PhD candidature. This is where he was spotted and was offered a job at Boeing Co. after completion of his PhD. At Boeing, from 1980 to 1986, he was responsible for research and consultation in the areas of system identification, digital signal processing and modern control theory. Dr. Dinesh developed the techniques to conduct flight tests and analyze flight test data to obtain airplane math models for the Boeing 737, 747, 757 and 767 flight simulators.


Mr. Dilip Jeste

San Diego

A global thought leader in the fields of psychiatry and aging,

Pioneering a new clinical approach to medicine, called “Positive Psychiatry”

Geriatric neuro-psychiatrist, who specializes in successful aging, neurobiology of wisdom as well as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in older adults.

Senior Associate Dean for Healthy Aging and Senior Care

Estelle and Edgar Levi Chair in Aging

Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences

Director, Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging

University of California San Diego

Trustee for the Dr. N.S. Vahia Foundation, Mumbai


Dr. Ashok Khandkar


Inventor, Entrepreneur, and an accomplished medical device executive. Founder of start-ups of ground-breaking medical devices. Avid mountaineer and marathoner.

Dr. Ashok Khandkar is currently the CEO of two companies: Xenocor, Inc. that has launched the world’s first disposable HD laparoscope and second company Elute, Inc. that is developing the world’s first bone void filler with controlled and sustained release of therapeutics.

Core Belief:

Dr. Ashok says, “I believe that we each have unique talent and ability: we therefore should harness that to make the world a better place.  For me that comes in the form of [1] being an optimist and envisioning a better world, [2] being creative and thinking of solutions that might make the world better, and [3] having the discipline to bring the solution to reality.  This may require collaboration with others”.


1985-1999   - VP Technology Ceramatec, Inc.

2000-2009  - Founder, President & CEO of Amedica Corporation

2006-2009  - Chair, State Advisory Council on Science & Technology

2010-2014 - Founder, CEO and CTO, Bloxr

2015- till date  - CEO of Xenocor Inc.

2016- till date - CEO of Elute, Inc.


Mr. Ashok Joshi


Doctorate North Western University

Post-Doctoral fellow Pennsylvania University

Technopreneur, investor, philanthropist, Scientist, and Prolific Inventor

Founder and President  Microlin L. C.

Ex. Owner and Ex President Ceramatec Inc

Director at Technology Holding LLC, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Past Board Member Industrial Research institute , Arlington, Virginia

About 2 decades ago, internationally acclaimed scientist Dr. Joshi told himself, ‘Giving back will give me the biggest happiness.’ He started in India at first, funding a mobile library that relied on people with bicycles to rotate books weekly between 21 schools in rural villages. From there he began building and expanding schools, including one in Wai that serves mentally-challenged children. Dr. Joshi says, “These children are not getting learning opportunities. Well, that’s not acceptable to me. Those children are God’s children. I did what I could.”

What began in India, spilled over into Dr.Joshi’s involvement locally with colleges and their students whom he still mentors today on an individual basis. He has funded trips for students in Salt Lake City to India to help out in schools and villages, including with women for whom he helped start small businesses with microloans. He is also engaged actively in many charitable, educational and societal development endeavors, both in his home town Utah as well as in India.

Dr. Ashok Joshi returned to USA in year 1984 and took a job of an engineer in Ceramatec Inc. He progressed rapidly and in year 1996 he was CEO of the company.

As a CEO, he realized that everything was not right in the company. The company faced too many problems and often landed into troubles. There were too many lay-offs and far too many appointments. Dr. Ashok found that under the control of the then Board of Directors, the company can never function profitably. He advised the Board that they should mend their ways or sell off the company. Though Dr. Ashok was confident that he can turn around the company, the board was not. The Board told Dr. Ashok that they want to sell off the company. Dr. Ashok was given assignment of finding a right buyer. Unfortunately there was none.

Being very confident of what he can do, Dr. Ashok found an investor who had full faith in Dr. Ashok’s capability. In year 1999, Dr. Ashok himself became owner of Ceramatec Inc.

Under Dr. Ashok Joshi’s leadership, CeramatecInc. grew 300% over a short time span of 8 years. Ceramatec Inc. was acquired by CoorsTek, the largest technical ceramics company in the world.

Dr. Ashok Joshi’s Entrepreneurial activities can be summarized looking at his 8 Spin Off Companies.

  • MaxTek – Long life oxygen sensors
  • Microlin – Control release technologies
  • Activ O – Back pain relief device
  • LoTek – Low thermal expansion ceramics
  • Aplion – Positive pressure drug delivery
  • Kalypto – Negative pressure drug delivery
  • Shunt Power – Iontophoresis drug delivery
  • Technology Holding – Synthetic Biology


Mr. Ashish Mahabal

Los Angeles

Astronomer and Senior Computational Scientist at Center for Data-Driven Discovery, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California, USA.

Astronomer, Data Scientist, Science Fiction author.

Converting data to knowledge using machine learning, whether it is at the scales of galaxies or cells.

Dr. Ashish Mahabal is a Senior Research Scientist at the Astronomy Department of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in Pasadena, USA. He got his PhD at IUCAA, Pune in 1998, and after a one-year postdoc at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmadabad, he moved to Caltech.  He has participated in several large area sky surveys. His main area of expertise is data-mining for and classification of transient astronomical sources. He actively collaborates with astronomers in several continents for follow-up observations. He was one of the founder members of the US National Virtual Observatory (NVO) and continued to be involved in the Technology Assessment and data-mining aspects of the Virtual Astronomy Observatory (VAO) into which NVO evolved. More generally, he is interested in informatics, virtual worlds and educational outreach.

Ashish has a PhD in astronomy. He has been working on data from large sky surveys for close to 20 years starting from Digitized Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, Catalina Real-time Transient Survey, and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope etc. He was part of the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS). The parent survey - Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) has been looking for Near Earth Asteroid, asteroids that could endanger Earth. The survey has discovered thousands of asteroids. To recognize his work in the field, an asteroid has been given his name, Mahabal(discovery name 90472 - 2004 CT99).

Besides the scientific papers and popular science articles, Dr. Ashish has been writing science-fiction in Marathi for the last few years. He writes short-stories, mostly hard sci-fi, and they have been published in leading Marathi magazines as well as well-known online sites, and a few anthologies. He has also written some travelogues, including a few that are predominantly picture-based.

Dr. Ashish has served on the Maharashtra Mandal Los Angeles (MMLA) committee, and was a founder trustee. The mandal ran a Marathi library for several years that Ashish helped initiate with the help of few others, including Anu.

He is a founder member of LAMAL, a group that has been meeting once every two months for over ten years where members write in Marathi on a predefined topic.

He is also part of sci-fi katta, an online group of Marathi sci-fi authors (mostly from Maharashtra, only 2-3 from outside). He fondly talks of the feedback received from this group that has helped his fiction writing, and thanks Meghashri Dalvi for keeping the group on its toes. Dr. Bal Phondke introduced him to the group. Niranjan Ghate has encouraged him to write more, and Subodh Jawadekar has helped him through various discussions.

Dr. Ashish has dabbled in creating music through software, and is interested in watching and identifying birds wherever he travels. This hobby, interestingly, started in Ahmedabad. Though an arid region, the Navrangpura area that they lived in was like an oasis and attracted tens of species.


Mr. Anirudha Sumant


(Electronic Science), University of Pune 1998, M.Sc. (Electronic Science), University of Pune 1993

Materials Scientist at Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory.


Current Status:

Dr. Anirudha Sumant is a Materials Scientist at Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory and leading the research on nanocarbon materials including CVD-diamond, carbon nanotube, graphene as well as other 2D materials.

He is a leading expert on energy-efficient systems based on nanocarbon materials. His recent work on demonstrating superlubricity (near zero friction) at engineering scale opened a new era in solid lubrication technology and is expected to revolutionize the existing lubricant industry.

He has more than 25 years of research experience in the synthesis, characterization and developing applications of carbon based materials. His main research interests include electronic, mechanical and tribological properties of carbon based materials and other 2D materials, surface chemistry, micro/ nano-scale tribology, and micro-nanofabrication.

He is the author and co-author of more than 120 peer reviewed journal/proceedings publications, 2 book chapters, and has 23 granted patents, 15 pending.

The list of his awards include :


  • Diamond proves to be useful material for growing Graphene
  • Four R&D 100 awards, NASA Tech Brief Magazine Award, and
  • Three TechConnect National Innovation Awards.
  • He is the first researcher in the history Argonne National Laboratory to receive two R&D 100 awards for two different technologies in the same year.

    He recently co-developed a nanotechnology educational kit “Next Gen STEM kit” for high school students in collaboration with United Scientific Supplies Inc. which is now available to high schools across the nation, that gives students introduction to nanotechnology and first-hand nanofabrication experience right in the their classroom. He was recognized by Pinnacle of Education Award from Board of Governors of UChicago/Argonne LLC for this achievement.


Dr. Abhay Satoskar



Professor and Vice-Chair, University Pathology Services Endowed Anatomic Pathology Professor
Departments of Pathology and Microbiology, Wexner Medical Center
The Ohio State University; USA

Dr. AbhaySatoskar has developed a vaccine for a deadly disease ‘black fever’. The parasitic disease, also known as ‘Kala Azar’ is associated with high mortality; it kills more than 100,000 people each year.  Dr. Abhayhopes that black fever disease will one day get completely eradicated just like small pox.


Patents:  (a) Naturalantileishmanial compositions extracted from Pentalinonandrieuxiifortreatment of parasitic diseases such as leishmaniasis (b) Isoxazoline compounds in type 2 diabetes and other maladies.


2015 – to date Visiting Professor, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan
2014 – to date University Pathology Services Endowed Anatomic Pathology Professor
2014 – to date Expert Educator, Lead Serve Inspire Foundation Program, OSU College of Medicine
2014 – to date Visiting Scientist, School of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
2013 – to date Vice-Chair for Research, Department of Pathology, Wexner Medical Center, OSU
2010 – to date Professor, Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology & Medical Genetics            (MVIMG), The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
2010 – to date Professor (tenured), Departments of Pathology and Microbiology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


Mr. Rajeev Patgaonkar

East Lansing

Professional working Chef, working kellogg Hotel & Conf. center at Michigan State University.

ACF (American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef.

1st Indian as member of the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque,

member of AAC (American Academy of Chefs- honor society of ACF),

Local /national volunteer with chef related issues and within the community.

Board member of local Maharashtra Mandal, promoter of our culture with Indian cuisines of India.

Childhood / Young Days:

Born in Radhanagari, Kolhapur to a teacher/farmer father and homemaker mother. At earlier age core values of humanity, culture, religion, openness, instilled by both sides of grandparents and parents, and also by other elders in the family. Grew up with joint family, also on-farm took care of animals such as cow, water buffalo before and after school, travelled different cities for education after 9th grade, 10th grade (10+2) first batch at lonavala with Mama and family, 11th, and 12th in Kolhapur with mavashi & family- Rajaram College and New College then Dadar catering college (IHM Mumbai) graduated in 1980,

Beginning of Career:

interned at hotel Oberoi in 78-79. started a career as a management trainee at Ambassador's sky chef under the mentorship of the grate Chef Rajan Mantri for almost 3- 1/2yrs, traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a chef then next Chef job in Oman, as the opportunity came traveled and took a job on Cruise lines based in Miami USA . then worked with private dinner-only restaurant and cider mill, in the suburb of Detroit, then joined Hilton Hotels for 2-1/2 yrs, then joined Current job at Kellogg Hotel and Conf. Center at Michigan state university since August 1994

Till today:

in between jobs studied, took different classes, achieved executive-level certification, and other professional certifications, joined local national organizations to promote our own culture via food. got recognized with local national awards. active within the local community, local Indian and also Marathi community


future– like to be involved in some capacity within the local/national level Food/Chef community as a mentor, even as a job if comes along. also within Marathi community here in the USA and back home in India

Outlook: open– love to help younger generations.


get involved within the local community, local Indian community/temple, or other social/cultural activities.
Volunteer when the opportunity comes, give back, help the needy, and also students or new families or similar.
Promote our culture and good values. Stay focused and positive. Be helpful without expectations.

Important Link: Google for more – Chef Rajeev Patgaonkar

Major Achievements & Honors:

numerous local /National chef related awards- twice Local chapter Chef of the year, Certified Executive chef, inducted as AAC member 2002, Inducted in 2018 in the Honorable Order of Golden Toque- (1st Marathi and also as Indian chef, only 100 living chefs in the USA), AAC Chairs medal, ACF national presidential medallions 2019, 2017,2006 and many more. advisory board member on couple culinary programs approved culinary certification evaluator. inducted into couple other prestigious memberships- Disciple of Escoffier International, and L’Ordre des Canardiers, etc



Mrs. Vibha Godse Gore


Executive leader spearheading Enterprise applications portfolio to transform and empower Real Estate industry

Childhood / Young Days:

Born and Brought up in Pune

Beginning of Career:

Started IT career in India as a Software developer, career progression in IT and grew up as an Executive. Left India for better opportunities and better access to the resources


A passionate leader with 28+ years experience in software design and implementation

7+ Years experience in Real Estate industry implementing solutions for the enterprises

Led Cloud based Enterprise SaaS platform development, implementations and cloud migrations

Facilitated adoption of Lean and Agile principles for companies, creating a culture of innovation and increasing competitive advantageCoached and trained leaders and teams impacting career growth, team morale and productivity

Please refer to the linkedin profile:


Continue to participate in the community-related forums such as Garje Marathi as well as communities and groups related to Technology and Real Estate World


2 kids, Son in IT and daughter studying at UT Austin, Influenced by how they grew up and experienced how they grew in this culture and how we were able to provide the best of both worlds and how they are better educated in this diverse world. Inspired by the husband's logical thinking and attention to detail. Parent's open-mindedness and how they adapt and still true to their core values and how they give utmost importance to health, fitness, and nutrition, has shaped my personality a lot!




Mr. Lalit Shinde


  • MBA , NYU Stern School of Business.
  • MS Computer Science from IISc, Bangalore
  • BS in Electronics and Telecommunications VJTI, Mumbai

Lalit is an incisive, results-driven, and visionary executive with an exceptional record of developing breakthrough products and driving introduction to generate significant revenue, competitive advantage, and market share.

He is an Industry Leader with over 28 years of expertise in Technology, Product Management, Product Development, Marketing, Channel Partnerships and Business Development.

  • He currently leads the strategic channel partnerships, product management/marketing and business development for Seceon: an innovative cybersecurity company.
  • Before joining Seceon, Lalit was in leadership roles with Juniper Networks in Strategy Planning, Product Management and Product Development.
  • Prior to Juniper, Lalit has worked with Cadence Design Systems and Texas Instruments as a lead architect in developing industry-recognized and award winning products.

His technology expertise includes Cybersecurity, Network Security, Automation, Control and Data plane APIs, Network Orchestration and Controllers, SDN/NFV, Broadband and Business Edge Services, Routing, Switching and Security Products.

His Key strengths include:

  • Business Vision, Acumen and Strategy: Demonstrated record of developing highly profitable, disruptive technologies with identified annual revenue potential of over $1 billion. Key contributor to a leading technology company’s forward strategy leading to multiple critical new business initiatives and increased enterprise value. Sound business judgment and contribution including product development, marketing and sales strategy, capital fund raising through VC/PE investor engagement, financial valuation, M&A, business P&L with international exposure.
  • Leadership: Establishes and articulates a clear vision and strategy for the group. Exceptional interpersonal and persuasive communications skills, process development and management skills, project management skills to recruit, train, mentor and energize high-performance teams. Sets high standards and then leads by example to inspire teams to exceed the goals.
  • Business Revenue Generation: Led the product and go to market strategy with crossfunctional teams of engineering, channel partners, customers, sales, marketing and business development. Focused on customer and partner win-win and grew the channel partnerships and revenue. Created various playbooks for channel partnerships and multiple industry verticals. Selected as the top Channel Chief two years in a row because of developing award winning SecuRIGHT partnership program. Participated in marketing, branding, conferences and worked with industry thought leaders to grow revenue of new products to $100M+.
  • Technology Foundation/Expertise: Quickly learns and understands the implications of technology advances. Broad knowledge of the cloud, networks and cybersecurity trends and standards, understanding of hardware/software integration and optimization, Devops and agile methodology, compliance standards, SDN/NFV, SDWAN and 5G trends, Cybersecurity trends in SIEM, EDR, XDR, UEBA, ML and AI.
  • Engineering Operations/Execution: Led cross-functional teams on several key customer accounts to execute on product strategy to enter the service provider networking solutions or cyber security platforms gathering the requirements, executing on product deployment and product delivery, and generating $100+ million in revenue working with the GTM.


Mr. Mahesh Vishe


Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Harvard University

Till today:

Mahesh says, “I come from a small village (Kambare, Shahapur) in Maharashtra and was born into a hardworking farmer family. Due to our humble background and the lack of good schools around, my parents, Shobha and Narayan Vishe took the tough but wise decision of sending me away to Aurangabad (to my Aunts') and then to Dombivli (at my grandparents') for school and college education. I graduated with B.Sc. from V. G. Vaze College and completed M.Sc. from S.I.E.S College securing first rank in the class.”

“My elder brother Avinash took on the responsibility of supporting my family financially and hence, I could have the liberty to pursue higher education.

  • During my M.Sc., I got an opportunity to do a research project at IIT Bombay where later I continued my research in the total synthesis of natural products there for a year.
  • Subsequently, I moved to the University of Geneva in Switzerland for a Ph.D. in organic chemistry where I spent 5 wonderful years doing research, traveling across Europe, and meeting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I also decided to learn the local language of French which enhanced my European experience.”
  • After Ph.D., I chose to do postdoctoral training in asymmetric organocatalysis at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.
  • Currently, I am at Harvard University pursuing research in the field of drug discovery and medicinal chemistry.”


I am grateful to have the experience of working in different fields of organic chemistry. I intend to conclude my post-doctoral research within the next few months and transition to the Pharma Industry. I would like to do research for drug development which is a very challenging area but when successful can benefit millions of individuals across the globe.


I am thankful to my parents, brothers, and my wife Neha Joshi-Vishe (Dual-Qualified Attorney – India and NY) who have been a great support to me throughout my journey.

Important Link:

Linkedin profile:

Harvard profile:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

■ Société Académique de Genéve Fellowship, 2013
■ Ernst et Lucie Schmidheiny fellowship, 2012
■ Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)-DSM prize for the best poster, 2011
■ 1st Rank in M.Sc. in Chemistry Department of S.I.E.S College, University of Mumbai, 2009



Mr. Milind Kopikare


Current Status:

I head the North America business for Great Learning.
I am also a Professor at the University of Utah.
I am the author of an upcoming book 'Art of Product Management'
In earlier roles, I was the Head of Product for Qualtrics (acquired by SAP), McKinsey, and Google.

Childhood / Young Days: Born and grew up in Mumbai.

Beginning of Career: Got hired by Deloitte Consulting to work in the US.

Future: I would like to invest in great companies and start one.
I plan to continue teaching and mentoring students.



Mr. Kuldeep Kelkar

Santa Clara

  • MS Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Engineering Department, Clemson University
  • BE Industrial Engineering Nagpur University


  • User Experience leader with track record of translating business strategy and user needs into proven solutions for 20+ years.
  • Design leader & mentor with proven ability to manage geographically distributed design teams to deliver product vision across platforms and devices. Passionate about hiring, retaining & developing design talent. Speaker at Design & Usability conferences.
  • Metrics driven leader with executive presence (C level, SVP); Great collaborator with Product & Marketing, Engineering, Quality, Experience & Design professionals.


Important Link:


Dr. Ashwini Valimbe

New Jersey

  • I am a Health technology SME for the last 12 years.
  • I started with EMR software product development and developed expertise in building clinical applications.
  • Currently, working on data science projects especially in the real world data pharma informatics space. The current focus is oncology and genomics. Basically analyzing clinical data generated at the point of care, various diagnostic modalities, devices, and IoT.

My background training includes working as a physician and cardiac sonographer for 7years. Also, completed my MBA in Health Administration.

Childhood / Young Days:

I am born and brought up in Mumbai, schooling was in IES English Medium School, Hindu Colony, Dadar.

I have completed my training in Hindustani classical music with assessments by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.

Also, completed 6 years of training Bharatnatyam dance form.

I was a volunteer at Vivekanand Kendra with my mother who was dedicated to this work.

Beginning of Career:

I have been in the US for a year and a half. I worked in clinical space for 6-7 years and then transitioned to the health technology field since 2007.

Till today:

The journey has interesting and exciting! I am very passionate about my health technology work. Currently, working in personalized medicine which is very futuristic and will improve patient care and outcomes for coming generations.


I have been associated with educational NGOs like eVidyaloka. I want to take this work forward. Also want to work in space of patient advocacy.


I have a lovely family. My husband Kaustubh is self-employed with long experience in IT services and his firm now also specializes in financial portfolio management. My son is a teenager and currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at State University of New York. My mother-in-law is a homemaker, a very healthy, and voracious reader and a great cook. She has been a great support and inspiration. We all love to exercise and keep us fit and positive.


Lots to write in this space! But would just summarize saying that ' there is a lot to do to make the world a better place'. We should all contribute in some way, giving back to society. Being optimistic is the key!


Stay healthy and happy!

Important Link:



Mr. Sangram Raut


Current Status:

I am employed as a Clinical Development Scientist at a mid-size biopharmaceutical company in Dallas, TX. My previous role was at an academic institution here in TX as a research faculty

Childhood / Young Days:

My parents started in a small village in Satara district and did my schooling there till the 3rd standard. My both parents were teachers (now retired). Later, my parents decided to move to a nearby town (Phaltan) thinking we will have a better atmosphere for our education. When I was in a village, I was in a bad company and had started using curse words inside our house regularly without any regard to who I was talking to and that could be another reason for the move to a nearby town. I remember once I had thrown a large stone at a moving State Transport (ST) bus and had broken a glass window.

Later on, I did my high-school at a reputed Marathi medium school named Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan established by an American Scholar (Dr. Maxine Bernstein) who has written many Marathi books for early childhood education and recipient of many awards. My time in this school really helped me in terms of developing into a person I am today as they focused on many other aspects apart from traditional academic teachings. I am grateful to all the opportunities, my teachers and mentors I found/met there.

Along with my school, my father played an important role as well. One thing he always did was to give me books to read of well-known personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, or many other Marathi authors like Vyankatesh Madgulakar. That shaped my thinking and habit of reading became a hobby that I still possess. Moreover, he told me small stories of other scholars India produced who went on to other countries to get higher education which was highly inspiring for me at the time as well. So somewhere I had that in my mind as I was growing up and also wanted to go abroad someday to pursue higher education.


Beginning of Career:

After my 12th like many others had gotten admit into Medical Program (BAMS) and attended the college for about 6 months. When I came home after a semester exam I told my parents that I did not like it as it’s not going to help me go abroad and do research or were limited opportunities in Ayurvedic medicines (At least at the time that was my thinking and did not know many countries who were open to such ideas). My parents agreed and then I decided to drop out of that program and then next year decided to join a Pharmacy undergraduate program at Govt. College of Pharmacy, Karad. I thoroughly enjoyed my college courses and did many other extra-curricular activities, small research projects, and reading research literature during that time that helped me develop some basic research skills. During that time I realized very few students from the non-metro areas were going abroad for higher education due to many reasons (lack of information, fear of unknown and financial situations).  But I decided to go for MS (which was supported by my parents) and started preparing for it in the 3rd year, cleared all the required exams, and got an admit to St. John’ University, New York into a non-thesis program. Anyway, I came to the US in Aug 2007, did my coursework, and along the way convinced my professor to help me change track to research thesis and was successful in doing that and completed my MS in 2009. Initially faced a lot of difficulties in adjusting to the new culture and had language issues that I worked on and got better with time. 2009 was a difficult time for the job market and did not bother looking for one. After that, I joined the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth for my Ph.D. in Biophysics laboratory as I was upgrading my skill sets and pharmaceutical science to basic research. I learned a lot about academic basic research and the overall drug development process through these years. I joined Postdoc at a small university (Texas Christian University) in the same town as my wife had joined me in the US as a student so decided to stay at the same town. My Ph.D. and Postdoc time was academically very prolific as it leads to more than 50 research publications which were a huge help later on in obtaining a Green Card via the EB1A category. After finishing my Postdoc, I took a Research Faculty position at a place where I did my Ph.D. and stayed there for about 3 years before joining my current position at Reata Pharmaceuticals in Clinical Development.

Till today:

My journey has been a roller-coaster ride similar to any other student immigrant to this country. I am grateful to all the opportunities I have gotten over the years, people I have met, and countless blessings!


Since this is my first industry position so hoping to grow and gain more experience. Along the way, would like to upgrade me not only professionally but as a human being as well.


I had wonderful grandparents who spent a lot of time with us as kids. They were our ‘parents’ when both my Mother and Father were fulfilling their roles as teachers during the day. And my wife (Bhakti) also did her MS here staying in the Dallas area.  Actually we both graduated (my Ph.D.) and her MS at the same time. She works for an IT firm and has been a great supportive partner. We have a toddler son who is growing by the day.


My outlook has always been positive in my life. Of course, there were difficult times but as Sunil Gavaskar once said ‘Cricket chya ya Khela made thambla to sampla..’ So I always keep that in mind to ‘keep playing….’ When time is difficult to focus on ones and two’s. Don’t forget to bring in ancient Indian wisdom of yoga and spirituality into your daily lives.


Life is a process and everyone’s story will evolve slowly. I have realized we tend to fast-track our lives and in the process make it stressful. So my advice to youngsters is to take whatever opportunities you have and mold your story, be brave, take risks, be grateful, and helpful to as many as you can and you will become a beautiful life.



Mr. Vivek Patil


Current Status:
I am finishing up my doctoral research focused on creating biodegradable plastics precursors from plant waste at Auburn University (Alabama, USA).
I live here with my wife and like to enjoy the slow-paced life of this small town filled with lakes, greenery, and southern hospitality.
After finishing my doctoral degree, I would like to help manufacturing industries in making their operations more sustainable and energy-efficient.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Ambernath, an industrial town on the outskirts of Mumbai. My father used to work in a bank in Mumbai. My mother used to work as a teacher, but later she decided to focus on the upbringing of her two children- my brother Nikhil and I. Although, my childhood was spent playing cricket with friends and participating in every extracurricular activity in school, the only hobby I retained from those days is that of (occasionally) writing an article or a blog post. My parents always encouraged me to start reading books and to learn a musical instrument, but I did not start both of these until recently!

Beginning of Career:

After finishing my bachelor's in chemical engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), I worked in petrochemicals at Reliance for two years, where I became interested in the chemistry behind polymers and decided to enhance my knowledge in this area. After taking a year-long research experience at IIT-Mumbai, I started my doctoral program in the USA in 2016.

Till today:

For the past four and a half years that I have been in the USA, I have presented my research at international conferences on five occasions. I have won several awards for both technical and non-technical communication around my research topic. I have been a part of ~10 research studies, either published or in the process of being published.
Apart from my work, I have also been involved in creating sustainable changes to campus lifestyle, been a member of Hispanic society in the town, and have also performed on stage on several occasions.


I believe that if one can inspire and support the changemakers working in small communities, it will be the best way to create long-lasting change in the world. I would like to help communities achieve their goals related to achieving a sustainable lifestyle. My wish is to use my research and communication skills to make this happen.


My wife Mrunmayee, and I decided to make all the efforts necessary to have a deeper connection between the two of us. We knew each other for quite a few years before our marriage, but after she joined me in the US, it was an even more exciting experience to live together and take care of each other every day. We have always been supportive of each other during the tough times and are always willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on each other's faces!


I am highly optimistic about the future of our civilization, as modern values and a new era of science and technology has an enormous potential to change the world. India, with its young population, will be a key player in the progress of the world towards creating solutions for the future related to disease prevention, sustainability, and overall human flourishing.


I have not understood the world enough to give advice. But speaking from my own experiences, I would say that patience is really very important to achieve certain milestones in life. You will not regret trying too much, but you will definitely regret giving up too early.

Important Link:

Major Achievements & Honors: Recipient of 'Woltosz Fellowship' at Auburn University




Mr. Samir Sakpal


With over 15 years as a strategy consultant, Samir has led growth innovation projects for tier-1 telecom and technology companies globally.

He describes himself as living on the intersection of business and technology, where his expertise and knowledge are sought to influence critical growth decisions by organizations and their executives. The different challenges and problem statements each project introduces is something that encourages and excites Samir to find unique solutions that drive winning strategies for client organizations.

Samir continues to enjoy his career as a management consultant through his several interactions with decision making executives in the various areas of ICT. The growing convergence and influence of society, human behavior and technology keep enthusing him to think about the new challenges and opportunities that come along with it. His fervor for the subject has allowed him to work across segments of technology such as network strategy, broadband, media and video strategy, and several other exciting growth strategy projects with some of the most interesting organizations.

Prior to his current role at Frost & Sullivan, Samir has worked in various boutique strategy consulting firms and held independent consulting roles with large telecom organizations.


Mr. Sameer Padhye

San Jose

Sameer Padhye, Founder and CEO of FixStream Networks Inc., founded Fixstream Networks Inc. in May 2013. FixStream Networks Inc. is an Operational Analytics and Visualization platform company that focuses on visualizing an end-to-end datacenter/Cloud environment thru “Single Pane of Glass” and real-time assurance capabilities.

In his previous role, Mr. Padhye, served as Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Service Provider Line of Business, was responsible for driving services and support business and strategy across worldwide Service Provider market for Cisco Systems Inc. He was also Lead council member of Service Provider Business council and Chairman of Service Provider Services Board within Cisco. In this capacity, he was responsible for over $ 5B in revenue and profitability for Cisco’s Services Provider business.

Prior to that he worked as Vice President of Service Provider Marketing, and was responsible for marketing Cisco Systems® products, services, and solutions to a worldwide base of service provider customers.  In addition, he was the company’s primary spokesperson for the service provider market when addressing Cisco’s customers, members of the press, industry analysts, and investors.

Mr. Padhye joined Cisco in 1993 and has developed a broad base of cross-functional, cross-geography experience during his tenure.

He has held many key positions as Customer Engineer, Critical Account Manager, Business Development Manager for Japan, Director of Field Operations and Solutions Engineering for APAC region while he was based in Singapore, Vice President of Service Provider Line of Business and Sales in the Cisco Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region while he was based in London.

Currently he is based in Cupertino, California, where he is responsible for FixStream Inc.


Mr. Sandeep Padhye


Sr. Business Director and Head Oracle CX/CRM North America at Tata Consultancy Services.

Sandeep Padhye is an IT professional who has spent 20 plus years in serving Fortune 500 customers across the globe. His passion is to create a conducive environment for socio-commercial entrepreneurs amongst the global Maharashtrian community. He is currently engaged in building a platform for young kids to develop their entrepreneurial ability through the STEAM program. He is also a proud owner along with his wife of one of its kind food trucks called ‘Marathi Masala’ bringing authentic Maharashtrian food to the USA. Sandeep is also very passionate about bringing rural Bharat to modern India.

Sandeep Padhye as ‘trustee’ of Charlotte Marathi Mandal. Charlotte Marathi Mandal is going to host the 2012 BMM convention.


Mr. Niteen Joshi


Shri. Niteen Joshi has been a strong supporter of Garje Marathi since its inception. Niteen has lived in the USA for the last 33 years. Socially and culturally a very active personality, he has served Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago for the last 18 years. He was the chief convener of Burhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (BMM) convention in 2011 and the President of BMM during 2015-2017. Niteen has been an all-rounder throughout his high school and college life. He has received the best student awards at both these levels. He has been a leader since his college life. He was the chairman of the Students’ Council of Ruparel’s New Law College in 1983. Acting, public speaking, writing, Marathi & Urdu poetry, classical music & Gazals, harmonium, and table tennis are his hobbies and passions. A lawyer by profession in India, he now works as a Chief Financial Officer in Chicago. Niteen has an urge to explore his contacts and resources for all the initiatives of “Garje Marathi”.


Mrs. Anita Kant

San Francisco

Anita is a Senior Scientist from Fluidigm; a biotech company that focuses on single-cell genomics and proteomics.

She focuses on supporting CyTOF, a Mass Cytometry platform that has been used widely in major health-related research areas like Cancer Immunotherapy (For example; By Nobel Prize winner Jim Allison’s lab), AIDS research; Allergy and Autoimmune diseases; Diabetes.

Anita did her PhD from Tata Cancer Center, Mumbai, India where she studied the molecular biology of the development of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.

She joined Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in 1997, where she studied the role of SHIP phosphatase in regulation of myeloid response under the guidance of Dr. Don Durden. Later, she joined Dr. Bob Seeger’s group that was developing novel immunotherapies for neuroblastoma. Her work focused on the autologous transfer of immune cells, enriched from patients along with humanized antibody as a potential therapeutic platform for neuroblastoma.

Before joining Fluidigm, Anita worked for Neomarkers, Inc. (a Thermo fisher company) as a research manager and then at Molecular Devices, Inc., A Danaher company for 8 years as a Scientist and then as a Product Manager. She also started classroom and online versions of Molecular Devices University.

  • Anita has been a chair for her local school’s special needs committee for the past four years working towards bringing this special group of parents together. She puts in efforts to bring educational and special accommodation resources to them and acts as a liaison between parents and School’s educational/administrative team.
  • Anita is very active in Sewa International’s Bay area chapter and is the lead for their Girls Hygiene project. Anita has arranged many fundraisers to build toilets in schools from villages and slums of India.
  • Anita is a founder member of East Bay Marathi Mandal and Marathi Shala in the Tri-Valley area near the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • She is very active in Boy scout troop conducting merit batches; Eagle Board reviews and being a chaperon during boy scout camps as a trained adult leader.
  • Anita has arranged many cultural events in the Bay area and is the current secretary of Swar Sudha, a cultural organization that brings musical concerts, dance performances, theatrical plays, and motivational speakers to the audiences of the Bay Area.

Anita is on the board of Garje Marathi Global.


Mrs. Suneeta Ganu

San Francisco

Founder and Chief Administrator: Garje Marathi

Suneeta Ganu is responsible for all activities at Garje Marathi. She is particularly involved in the upkeep, maintenance, and promotion of Garje Marathi. She manages the contents of Suneeta has prior experience working in Zambia, Africa at Chipata General Hospital (1980-84). She was also taught Pharmacology at the Nursing School of Chipata General Hospital. She has been the proprietor of a pharmaceutical company, ‘Apothecar’s’ (1987-97). She has worked as a Director, ‘Sunand Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd’ manufacturing injectables. (1992-2006). She was an honorary lecturer at Nallasopara Ayurvedic Medical College (1996-2006).

It’s all about Members


Mrs. Pankaja Karnekar


I am the Founder of Brand Castle, its an Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and eLearning service provider based in the UK. The main work of immersive technology is conveying a true-to-life process / experience to the user. For an organisation, these experiences can improve employee training, internal processes, risk preventions, etc. Hence, I help learning and development divisions of various sectors to capture value from these technologies in their organisation.


Ms. Kirtimalini Gadre

8965 Berikon

I am Kirtimalini gadre, originally from Kalyan , Maharashtra moved to Europe first to Munich in 1999 and then to Zurich in 2006.By profession I worked 23 years in IT companies as a Programmer (Specialized in Data warehouse technology).

Creative cooking is an integral part of my personality and extreme passion too. I have served as a volunteer basis to various organisations for cooking since 1999 till today.. Bulk yet soulful and tasteful cooking is my strength. Have helped a lot to marathi community (Municha nd Zurich) to bring or stay together. Out of this passion towards cooking I started kirtis kitchen, my initiative to feed good food to working people from mainly IT and Corporate and needy indians. By god's grace I didn't have to return to the IT field. My mother told me always not to just live for myself and do something for others. This cooking initiative helps me to achieve that !



Mr. Digambar Barve


I am from Pune but currently working with IBM  in Berlin to manage projects wuthin Oil and Gas industry. 

I like idea and the purpose  of this group and global collaboration intended through Marathi professionals worldwide. Would like to be a part of the group. 





HR Strategist/ Advisor,

Winner Mrs India UK 2017,

Blogger/Writer, Model/Fashion Icon,

Fitness and Travel enthusiast

“Give the world the best you can and the best will come back to you”. Pradnya strongly believes in this wonderful quote and makes every effort to live by it.

This is her story in her own words:

“I feel truly blessed to be born as a woman. I represent the 21st century woman;where I embrace tradition with contemporary;where I value historic and modern both;where I dream big, fly around the world but stay rooted with my values and roots.”

“I was born in 1984 to a set of well-educated and kind hearted parents Meera Karguppikar and Sunil Karguppikar who are my back bone. Born in the city of Nippani (Karnataka-India) and brought up in the City of Belgaum(Karnataka-India). I lived in a village named Kakati (extension of Belgaum),a place where my mother and father continue living even today, in their ancestral owned home which is about 150 years old.  Inspite of having lived in a village, I was imparted one of the best education and given a good exposure to world, the credit of which goes to my parents. But at the same time, I had my own struggles of travelling from Kakati village to Belgaum city to pursue my education. I would travel for about 30kms each day. My parents and my great grandfather Narasimha Joshi motivated and inspired me each day. Their motivation helped me to come out with flying colours. I graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration degree in 2005 from Karnataka University. Thereafter I pursued Master’s degree in Human Resource and Marketing from Karnataka University in 2007.”

“I had a wonderful childhood and it was made all the more wonderful by my younger brother Onkar Karguppikar. Growing up I was a very studious student at school and one of the toppers during my Graduation and Post-Graduation days. While education was the most important aspect of my life, I was also much interested in pushing the cause of women in society and was looking at various platforms that helped me champion the cause of women,as a result of which, I participated in Miss Belgaum beauty contest in 2002, and went on to win the crown and title that year. This win gave me a great platform to create more visibility to the causes I believed in.”

“As a winner of Miss Belgaum I was eventually invited to participate in Miss Karnataka and later would have represented at Miss India. But having born in a liberal Brahmin family meant that there was a lot of emphasis given on pursing higher Education. My parents emphasized that I stay focused on education.”

“After completing my Master’s degree I was blessed to get married to a well-educated, extremely supportive and motivating husband Amol Punekar and we got married in 2007. He currently works with Thoughtworks UK as a Client Director. He is the reason behind my various achievements in life.”

“Post getting married I moved to Bangalore along with Amol. The same year 2007, I got my first career break in one of the biggest global Technology Company named, HCL Technologies Ltd. From there on my career as a HR professional began to grow. My initial career building days involved immense amount of hard work, right from working long and late hours to travelling for hours in the traffic of Bangalore. HCL technologies formed the base of my career learning. I not only learnt about HR but also got exposure to bigger systems, policies and processes. After spending 2 years with HCL technologies I then moved to a start-up IT company named Sigma Infosolutions. Sigma Infosolutions gave me great exposure and helped me build entrepreneurial skills. From there on I got my next big career break with Flipkart. My career stint with Flipkart helped me grow as a HR professional and sharpened my overall HR, Organizational and Entrepreneurial skills. Just when my career was at its peak I was going to be a mother.”

“In 2013, we were proud and happy parents to a wonderful son named Arjun, who has turned 5 years this year. In 2014 my husband got his next big career opportunity in London and we moved to London. The beautiful motherhood journey made me take a career break for couple of years. I then resumed back to work in London and I am currently working with one of the biggest Infrastructure projects in London named Thames Tideway.”

“Life got busy and busier as my family and career grew but amidst the busy life that dream of being a role model in championing the cause of women in society was alive somewhere deep down in my heart. Finally the time arrived in 2017, when I decided to participate in Mrs India UK 2017. Given my past experience, winning on international platform would be the best opportunity for me to do the same. It wasn’t easy. The journey was quite challenging and demanding. Managing home and my career and alongside following my heart to fulfil my dream was like a roller coaster ride. I went through most challenging days. But my positive mind, determination to work hard and a will power to never give up kept me going. I received immense support from my family and friends right from my husband, my in-laws Surekha Punekar and Arun Punekar, my parents and brother to my entire extended family and friends. Their continuous motivation brought along glorious results and I won the crown and title of Mrs India UK in 2017.”

“Post winning Mrs India UK 2017, I have received many accolades. To name a few, I have been featured as “Queen in Style” in a couple of leading fashion magazines namely, Lifestyle Magazine in India and Queens Magazine in UK. I was also selected as one of the finalist for Inspiring India Woman Awards in UK and have been recognized as the Elite face of India by the Elite Club based in India. I have been recognized and interviewed by some of leading newspapers, TV shows and Radio shows in UK and in India. I have recently been selected and awarded as woman of the month by Anje Warrior Woman, a leading fashion and lifestyle website in Singapore. I am also working as mentor with Mrs India UK organization and mentoring women across various areas.”

“All these accolades just provide me with more opportunities to continue to work on various causes I am close to and to champion the potential of womanhood. This is just the start of a journey and I am taking small steps in that direction. I aim to use these opportunities to do more in the coming years. ConcurrentlyI have been actively involved in supporting couple of charities in UK and actively working with differently abled people to create work opportunities for them at work place. This work has been extremely fulfilling and satisfying.”

“Today, being a successful career woman, a winner of Mrs India UK 2017, a blogger/writer and a proud mom of 5 year old, I aspire to lead and inspire women through my portfolio of work that will embody the free spirit and celebrate the unique identity of every woman. And lead by example and represent the modern woman who contributes and makes a difference in her own way to make this world a better place for all”.

HR Strategist/ Advisor,

Winner Mrs India UK 2017,

Blogger/Writer, Model/Fashion Icon,

Fitness and Travel enthusiast

“Give the world the best you can and the best will come back to you”. Pradnya strongly believes in this wonderful quote and makes every effort to live by it.

This is her story in her own words:

“I feel truly blessed to be born as a woman. I represent the 21st century woman;where I embrace tradition with contemporary;where I value historic and modern both;where I dream big, fly around the world but stay rooted with my values and roots.”

“I was born in 1984 to a set of well-educated and kind hearted parents Meera Karguppikar and Sunil Karguppikar who are my back bone. Born in the city of Nippani (Karnataka-India) and brought up in the City of Belgaum(Karnataka-India). I lived in a village named Kakati (extension of Belgaum),a place where my mother and father continue living even today, in their ancestral owned home which is about 150 years old.  Inspite of having lived in a village, I was imparted one of the best education and given a good exposure to world, the credit of which goes to my parents. But at the same time, I had my own struggles of travelling from Kakati village to Belgaum city to pursue my education. I would travel for about 30kms each day. My parents and my great grandfather Narasimha Joshi motivated and inspired me each day. Their motivation helped me to come out with flying colours. I graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration degree in 2005 from Karnataka University. Thereafter I pursued Master’s degree in Human Resource and Marketing from Karnataka University in 2007.”

“I had a wonderful childhood and it was made all the more wonderful by my younger brother Onkar Karguppikar. Growing up I was a very studious student at school and one of the toppers during my Graduation and Post-Graduation days. While education was the most important aspect of my life, I was also much interested in pushing the cause of women in society and was looking at various platforms that helped me champion the cause of women,as a result of which, I participated in Miss Belgaum beauty contest in 2002, and went on to win the crown and title that year. This win gave me a great platform to create more visibility to the causes I believed in.”

“As a winner of Miss Belgaum I was eventually invited to participate in Miss Karnataka and later would have represented at Miss India. But having born in a liberal Brahmin family meant that there was a lot of emphasis given on pursing higher Education. My parents emphasized that I stay focused on education.”

“After completing my Master’s degree I was blessed to get married to a well-educated, extremely supportive and motivating husband Amol Punekar and we got married in 2007. He currently works with Thoughtworks UK as a Client Director. He is the reason behind my various achievements in life.”

“Post getting married I moved to Bangalore along with Amol. The same year 2007, I got my first career break in one of the biggest global Technology Company named, HCL Technologies Ltd. From there on my career as a HR professional began to grow. My initial career building days involved immense amount of hard work, right from working long and late hours to travelling for hours in the traffic of Bangalore. HCL technologies formed the base of my career learning. I not only learnt about HR but also got exposure to bigger systems, policies and processes. After spending 2 years with HCL technologies I then moved to a start-up IT company named Sigma Infosolutions. Sigma Infosolutions gave me great exposure and helped me build entrepreneurial skills. From there on I got my next big career break with Flipkart. My career stint with Flipkart helped me grow as a HR professional and sharpened my overall HR, Organizational and Entrepreneurial skills. Just when my career was at its peak I was going to be a mother.”

“In 2013, we were proud and happy parents to a wonderful son named Arjun, who has turned 5 years this year. In 2014 my husband got his next big career opportunity in London and we moved to London. The beautiful motherhood journey made me take a career break for couple of years. I then resumed back to work in London and I am currently working with one of the biggest Infrastructure projects in London named Thames Tideway.”

“Life got busy and busier as my family and career grew but amidst the busy life that dream of being a role model in championing the cause of women in society was alive somewhere deep down in my heart. Finally the time arrived in 2017, when I decided to participate in Mrs India UK 2017. Given my past experience, winning on international platform would be the best opportunity for me to do the same. It wasn’t easy. The journey was quite challenging and demanding. Managing home and my career and alongside following my heart to fulfil my dream was like a roller coaster ride. I went through most challenging days. But my positive mind, determination to work hard and a will power to never give up kept me going. I received immense support from my family and friends right from my husband, my in-laws Surekha Punekar and Arun Punekar, my parents and brother to my entire extended family and friends. Their continuous motivation brought along glorious results and I won the crown and title of Mrs India UK in 2017.”

“Post winning Mrs India UK 2017, I have received many accolades. To name a few, I have been featured as “Queen in Style” in a couple of leading fashion magazines namely, Lifestyle Magazine in India and Queens Magazine in UK. I was also selected as one of the finalist for Inspiring India Woman Awards in UK and have been recognized as the Elite face of India by the Elite Club based in India. I have been recognized and interviewed by some of leading newspapers, TV shows and Radio shows in UK and in India. I have recently been selected and awarded as woman of the month by Anje Warrior Woman, a leading fashion and lifestyle website in Singapore. I am also working as mentor with Mrs India UK organization and mentoring women across various areas.”

“All these accolades just provide me with more opportunities to continue to work on various causes I am close to and to champion the potential of womanhood. This is just the start of a journey and I am taking small steps in that direction. I aim to use these opportunities to do more in the coming years. ConcurrentlyI have been actively involved in supporting couple of charities in UK and actively working with differently abled people to create work opportunities for them at work place. This work has been extremely fulfilling and satisfying.”

“Today, being a successful career woman, a winner of Mrs India UK 2017, a blogger/writer and a proud mom of 5 year old, I aspire to lead and inspire women through my portfolio of work that will embody the free spirit and celebrate the unique identity of every woman. And lead by example and represent the modern woman who contributes and makes a difference in her own way to make this world a better place for all”.


Mr. Subhash Gajare


Current Status: Vice-Chair – TDE WG3, oneM2M (Standards for Machine 2 Machine and Internet of Things)
Technical Solution Architect, Spirent Communications, Berlin, Germany

Important Link: Linkedin:


Mr. Manish Udas

Ulm Area

Master of Business Administration (Systems), University of Pune, India

Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade, University of Pune, India

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication) , University of Pune, India

Siemens Coach@Med (coach for young managers)

Fellow Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)

Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


Date and place of Birth:  24th April 1972. Pune, India


Shri. Manish Udas says,”To work in a challenging senior leadership function where I can use my abilities to bridge people across cultures, experience in diverse functions and motivate people to achieve success.”

Manish is a competent leader with more than 18 years of experience in diverse management functions in Service, management consulting, Supply Chain Management, Strategic procurement, reporting and controlling, Program mgmt. etc.

  • Proven experience leading multiple teams both directly & virtually in a global context.
  • Management style is influenced by the value system inherited from his family and  the Indian culture.


  • October 2018 to now, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Germany: VP & Head Global Service
  • March 2018 to Oct 2018, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Germany: Vice President – Service concepts
  • October 2016 to March 2018, Siemens AG, Germany: Siemens Management Consulting
  • October 2013 to Oct 2016, Siemens AG, Germany: Director Commodity Management IT
  • 2009 to Oct. 2013, Siemens AG, Germany: Director Supply Chain Management – IT
  • 2011 to Jan. 2013, Siemens AG, Germany Director Supply Chain Management – Logistics
  • 2009 to Apr. 2011, Siemens AG, Germany Director – (Strategy) Healthcare Syngo
  • 2007 to Oct. 2009, Siemens AG, Germany Director Special Projects – Healthcare
  • 2006 to Dec. 2007, Siemens AG, Germany Director Strategic Projects – Healthcare

Language Expertise: English (native), German (expert), Marathi (native), Hindi (conversational)


Mr. Arpit Wankhade


Tech Chemical Technology, ICT Mumbai

MBA,  Ashridge Executive Education -London,

Hult International Business School

Activities and Societies:

  • Member of Hult Marketing Club
  • Worked for Mercedes Benz (Daimler Ag) as a part of Hult Business Challenge to create Future of Mobility
  • PwC Pitch Challenge
  • Specialization in Marketing

I remember the day when I was in my class in the “chemistry of surfactants” lecture. The professor was talking about Germany and chemistry. He was explaining, “How German become expert in chemistry” and started various industries and institution. I was so mesmerized by innovation and how people can create a successful product from pure imagination into physical reality. I was in an external dimension with mixed emotional something like Doctor Strange movie when he first met The Ancient One. But let me tell you how I reached there.

I was born in a middle-class family  in October 1992 at Jabalpur. I grew up in various cities. My father  C.V. Wankhade (M.A.) worked in a bank while my mother Meena Wankhade (B.Com.) was a homemaker. From a young age, I was an explorer. I liked to learn new things. The fact that there is so much to learn and explore has always motivated me. When I discovered about rockets and outer space, then I decided to be an astronaut. My fantasy about space and finding what’s out there has persuaded me to science.

I always excelled in science during my school years. As I grew up, my dream of being an astronaut looked far-fetched. But the side-effect was a passion for engineering. As I finished my State board exam (Maharashtra Secondary School Exam) in 2009, I decided to become an engineer. I was privileged to join one of the best engineering schools in India in August 2009. I was doing B Tech degree in Chemical Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai.

And this is how I got in the “Chemistry of Surfactants” class. Now this passion and mixed emotions had helped me graduate from ICT with distinction in June 2013.

From that day, I tried to be creative and think out the box. I graduated from ICT Mumbai with distinction. A proud moment for me after graduation and I had a good feeling about something new happening. I joined Galaxy Surfactants Ltd as a graduate trainee in August 2017. I worked in various roles developing products and managing innovative projects. The explorer inside me helped me to be creative to learn more things. As a result of which, I excelled at everything I did at Galaxy. I took more and more responsibility as I got promoted every year. In fours year, I co-authored five patents. I never felt successful until one day when my manager at Galaxy described me as “Innovative, Independent and Industrious”.

By the time I was managing large commercial projects, I acquire a few business management skills. Now to learn more, I decided to pursue an MBA. I believe that my MBA abroad will help me gain a better perspective of the global business and culture. I made my decision to leave the Galaxy Surfactants in 2017 and go to London and get an MBA. I got in the Hult International Business School in London on 3 September 2017. At Hult, I met people from various countries (more than 34 nationalities) and had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. It was a cultural shock for me living in London but soon I learned the way of living in London.

At London, I worked with various companies on consulting projects. I had the opportunity to work on a strategy consulting project with Mercedes-Benz. I also worked with an innovative startup called Horizons for their marketing strategy. Horizon creates experiential learning for entrepreneurs in London. I also worked with other companies like Philips and PwC. To put my knowledge in practice, I worked to on marketing strategy for Galaxy Surfactants. I developed expertise in marketing/sales and strategy. One year in London was an incredible experience for me. On 30 August of 2018, I graduated with distinction.

As of now, I am doing freelancing working in India and looking forward for other opportunities.

I am interested in the Fintech and how it is helping to create the systems responsible for growth. Organizations are using new technologies to create optimal solutions. From Vodafone’s M-Pesa in Africa to Revolut and Transferwise in Europe, technologies are impacting everyday lives.

Fintech and Finance will enable communities to be far more efficient in India. Earlier it was difficult to send money to people in different parts of the country. Now you can do it with a phone.

Digitalization in India is playing an important role. People are adopting technologies and using them in their day to day life. The digital technology will play a crucial role in defining the future of communities.

Once Steve Jobs said in an interview, “The most important thing is that if you are gonna start something new, you have to feel passionate about it because it’s hard, It is so hard to start a new company. You have to work so hard that if you not passionate about it, you’ll give up “.

I think that to achieve something in life, you have to be passionate about it. Passion is the fuel that keeps the engine running. You can achieve anything in life with a growth mindset.


Dr. Rahul Gore

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Dr Rahul A. Gore
Medical Advisor, Excel3D healthcare solutions, India 

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist from India and currently working in NHS trust hospital, UK as Senior clinical fellow, obstetrician and gynaecologist. 
15+ yrs of experience in medical practice.
An invited international faculty to ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction), ESGE (European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopists) Brussels, Belgium and also presentations in BSGE (British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopists) London, AEPU (Association of Early Pregnancy Units, Cardiff) and RCOG world congress (Royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists). 
Examiner for Kings College London (UK) and RCOG (Royal college of obstetricians and Gynecologists ) (UK).
Also, an invited faculty for TCT show for talk on Additive manufacturing in healthcare.
Winner of first prize award from Indian Physics Association, India for electronic science project.
Winner of first prize for best scientific paper presentation in an international conference, IAGE ( Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists)
Received special appreciation from former President of India Hon’ble Dr. Abdul Kalam Sir during tenure as Magazine Secretary, Government Medical College, Miraj, India.


Mr. Sourabh Narkar



Mr. Rohit Bhosale


Senior Executive with CxO experience across the globe (CEO in US, CMO/CTO in EU, Advisory Board Member in Asia).

worked in Venture Capital for last few years and now acting as mentor to upcoming startups and supporting them in their needs for growing the startup and raising capital.

besides work, passionate about Maratha History! Hobbies: Golf, Motorcycles, Rock climbing


Mr. Ajay Wagh


Myself Ajay Wagh, from Navi Mumbai living in Germany from January 2016. I wanted to pursue Masters & later do Research in my field and that was the reason to come to Germany. After completing my bachelor's from VIT, Mumbai I have worked as a service engineer of medical equipment like Anesthesia & Ventilator. After coming to Germany, I learned the German Language because it was part of my admission. I learned till C1 level and in 2018 joined Masters Program in another University. Learning a language (i.e also outside India) was a great experience for me. Now, I am going to finish a Masters's in the upcoming year and wanted to pursue a Ph.D in the field of Tissue Engineering.

While enjoying my academic & professional life in Mumbai, I lead a public action group in Navi Mumbai for a renowned NGO "Child Rights & You (C.R.Y)" from 2011 to 2016. I am fond of kids and always wanted to contribute something to society. We did various campaigns, Teaching, Summer Camps, Workshops, etc. In a slum area as well as in municipal schools in Navi Mumbai. I enjoy guiding school children. On the personal front, I enjoy reading books, playing chess & badminton listening to music and traveling.


Dr. Gaurav Nanajkar

United kingdom

Dear team,

Thanks for the opportunity to join this platform. 

My short introduction is as follows. I am from Pune and staying in Loughborough, UK since 8 years. I am a final year PhD student in Loughborough University working on the development of a novel solar thermal collector having operating temperature as 150-200 degC. And I am keen on commercialising the product as it has a huge market potential in Europe for water, space heating and industrial process heat applications. In India it can be used for process heat as well as cooling applications. 

Currently with my PhD work as a response to covid 19, I developed a low cost ventilator and established a company called Shifa Technologies with my colleagues from Nigeria. We have registered a company here and in Nigeria and I am looking forward to do it in India. 


Mr. Chinmay Korhalkar

Frankfurt am Main

Application Manager, Global Processes & Digitalization  at INEOS Styrolution


Current Status:

Currently working as an SAP Solutions Architect at INEOS Styrolution – Manufacturer of Styrenics that’s a key ingredient in Commercial grade plastics. Based out of their global headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • I am actively involved in cultural activities in and around the Frankfurt region.
  • I have had the privilege of performing in various Indian musical concerts in a private and professional capacity.

Apart from this, I am an active blogger and write on light topics that are strictly non-political and non-religious.



Mr. Pankaj Kharche


Current Status: Pankaj Kharche is an IT Consultant with 18+ years of experience working in the industry mainly into Supply Chain,Telecom/Media and Finance/Banking.
Pankaj is very passionate about films/music & Arts/culture and moved to UK in 2005.He is also co founder & Steering Group Member for London Indian Film Festival which promotes South Asian Independent Cinema. Through Garje Marathi Pankaj would like to help back to the homeland and also explore/help to mentor the young & bright students who need help in their career building.This is particularly to the students from rural India who most of the times remain behind due to lack of guidance.


Mr. Nikhil Deshpande


Research Scientist: Researcher and Project Leader at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genoa Area, Italy

  • PhD Electrical Engineering North Carolina State University’ : mbedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Optimization Methods along with Statistical Pattern Classification

  • MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering, North Carolina State University

  • BE Electrical Engineering. College of Engineering Pune

Current Status: As a Research Scientist in the Advanced Robotics department at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genova, Italy, I am currently leading the Advanced Robotic Teleoperation project dedicated to the development of novel, collaborative, robotic teleoperation hardware and software systems for operating in hazard-prone industries. The project is supported by INAIL, the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Injuries. My main focus in the project is the development of immersive perception interfaces using virtual & augmented reality, machine learning techniques for real-time 3D reconstruction, environmental sensing, etc.

Previously, I led the design and development of new surgical devices and tools as well as surgeon-machine interfaces for transoral microsurgeries. As part of the EU-funded MicroRALP project, I was involved in the clinical implementation of an automated laser phonomicrosurgery system.


Mr. Bhushan Bonde


Head of IT-Early Solutions Innovation Development at UCB

Ph.D. Metabolism and Bioinformatics, Oxford Brookes University

M.Tech BioProcesss/ Chemical Eng Institute Of Chemical Technology

B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Technology University of Pune


Bhushan Bonde is the Head of Innovation Development at IT-NewMeds, UCB. He received PhD in Systems Biology and Mathematical Modelling, with an interdisciplinary background of Computing, Biology and Mathematical Biology from Oxford (2006). He also had an interdisciplinary M. Tech in Bioprocess technology/Chemical Eng. (2001) and Bachelors in Pharmacy (1998) and had been working across Industry, University and Government Research Institutes with 15 years of experience in Computational Biology.

In 2014 he joined UCB in the New Medicines IT team, currently leading the data integration, Image and ‘omics’ based data management and analytics. His research interest involves biological data mining and visualization, mathematical algorithm design, High Performance Scientific Computing and simulation modelling of biological systems. In addition, he is always looking for disruptive technologies such as next generation sequencing and post NGS target validation (e.g. ENCODE), NoSQL techniques for Data Integration (Neo4j, SAP-HANA, SciDB, MongoDB), Gene Signature based mapping for Drug repurposing and Causal Reasoning for target identification, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for RWE, digital/sensors data and biological imaging.

Current Status:

Bhushan Bonde is the Head of Innovation Development at IT-Early Solutions, UCB. In 2014 he joined UCB in the New Medicines IT team, leading the data integration, AI and Machine learning on Image and ‘omics’ data, Research data management.
His research interest involves biological data mining and visualization, mathematical algorithm design, High Performance Scientific Computing and simulation modelling of biological systems. In addition, he is always looking for disruptive technologies such as next generation sequencing and post NGS target validation (e.g. ENCODE), NoSQL techniques for Data Integration (Neo4j, SAP-HANA, SciDB, MongoDB), Gene Signature based mapping for Drug repurposing and Causal Reasoning for target identification, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for RWE, digital/sensors data and biological imaging.

Childhood / Young Days: Bhushan received PhD in Systems Biology and Mathematical Modelling, with an interdisciplinary background of Computing, Biology and Mathematical Biology from Oxford (2006), an interdisciplinary M.S. Tech from ICT (formally UDCT) in Bioprocess technology/Chemical Eng. (2001) and Bachelors in Pharmacy (1998) from Pune University and had been working across Industry, University and Government Research Institutes with 15 years of experience in Computational Biology.

Important Link:





Director , Ocean Governance Limited

  • Independent Consultant in Ocean and Environmental Governance. Ocean Governance Oct 1988 – Present
  • Fellow, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (The RSA) London, United Kingdom Jan 2012 – Present
  • Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 2011 – Present

Sunil is a consultant, expert and speaker in Ocean and Environmental Governance. His work has been sought after by a range of organisations in the UK and overseas and at international symposia and workshops.

An enthusiastic exponent of his expertise, he taught Marine and Environmental Policy at the University of Hull from 1994 to 2018.

He travels extensively and is well-known in international conference circuits. His passion for Pacem in Maribus (Peace in the Oceans) emanates from his association with Elisabeth Mann Borgese from 1982-2002. He has since made it his mission to speak about ocean/environmental governance issues through his MasterClass.

The MasterClass is developed around what Sunil calls the ‘Seven Pillars’ (title borrowed from T E Lawrence). These are, respectively, Science and technology, Geopolitical economy, Institutions and Organizations, Legislation and implementation, Role of Civil society, Financial initiatives and, crucially, Education and awareness: a unique approach to the problématique. The delivery of material, replete with case studies and anecdotes is flexible and may range from oneoff lectures tailored to specific needs to a fullyfledged post-graduate university-level module or mid-career (CPD) training.

Sunil’s motto for everything he professes is ‘Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do’.

Holder of the National Merit Scholarship in India, Sunil graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur in 1977 where he subsequently conducted research in blasting physics for ICI (India) Limited and taught Mining Engineering at his alma mater until 1984.

This was followed by a stint as Ocean Engineer with MECON (India) Limited where he worked on ocean mining, marine geotechniques and offshore energy.

  • He was trained in Ocean Resource Management at the International Ocean Institute (IOI) Malta through their training programmes at the Foundation for International Studies Malta and Aachen Technical University (RWTH) Germany in 1983
  • He also trained at Dalhousie University (Dal) Canada in 1984 with scholarships from the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). I
  • n 1988, Sunil came to study Sea-Use Law, Economics and Policy-Making at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he held the ODA-SSS (DFID), SuntoryToyota, Vera Anstey, Canadian IDRC and LSE 1980s Fund Scholarships until 1994.
  • In 1996, he was awarded scholarships by IOC/UNESCO and the EMECS in Kobe Japan to train in Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis at the Harvard University’s Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) at the Kennedy School of Government (HKS) in 1996.

Sunil has served, inter alia, on the Specialist Group on Ocean, Coasts and Corals of the Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) of the International Union for the Conservation of the Nature (IUCN), the International Committee on International Law for Sustainable Development of the International Law Association (ILA), the UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Marine and Coastal Issues, the Working Group on Integrated Coastal Zone Management of the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), the Inter-Sessional Correspondence Group on Deep Sea Marine Protected Areas of the Oslo and Paris Commission (OSPAR), and the Ocean Resources Committee of the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT). Sunil has served as a trustee, governor and director on several public bodies as well as on the Council, Court and Senate of the University of Hull. A committed Rotarian, Sunil has been a Past President of the Rotary Club of Scarborough Cavaliers in 2007-08, Assistant Governor East North of Rotary District 1040 during 2015-2017. He was ceated a Paul Harris Fellow in 2016.

He was born in India in 1955 and has lived in the United Kingdom since 1988 with his wife Smita and their son Sumedh, also a graduate of the LSE.(


  • Analytical and research proficiency with a strategic, policy and governance focus
  • Consummate public speaking with first-rate communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough understanding of the university sector with a passion for internationalisation
  • Internationally acknowledged competency in ocean and environmental governance


  • October 1988 to Present – Consultant: Ocean Governance

Providing consultancy – advice and advocacy, education and training – to a wide range of public

and private sector institutions and organisations worldwide

  • December 1994 to January 2018 – Academic: The University of Hull

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Marine and Environmental Policy, Faculty International

Partnerships, Member of the University’s Council, Court, Senate and other key Committees

  • October 1988 to November 1994 – Researcher: The London School of Economics

Graduate Student and STICERD Scholar in Marine Policy and Ocean Management

  • December 1984 to September 1988 – Consultant: MECON (India) Limited

Concept to commissioning of National Lead Projects in Deep Seabed Mining, Ocean Renewable

Energy and Marine Geotechnical Engineering

  • February 1981 to December 1984 – Academic: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Mining Engineering, Founder Senate Working Group on Ocean

Resource Management

  • August 1977 to February 1981 – Researcher: IIT Kharagpur and IEL/ICI Limited

Research in Blasting and Applications of Explosives in Terrestrial and Marine Operations


  • 1996 – Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) USA: Postgraduate Certificate –

Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis

  • 1989 – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): Master of Science (Economics) –

Sea-Use Law, Economics and Policy-Making

  • 1984 – International Ocean Institute (IOI) Malta and Dalhousie University Canada: Postgraduate

Certificate – Ocean Resource Management (Exclusive Economic Zone)

  • 1983 – IOI Malta and Aachen Technical University (RWTH) Germany: Postgraduate Certificate –

Ocean Resource Management (Ocean Mining)

  • 1977 – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur: Bachelor of Technology (Honours) – Mining



  • 2002-17 – Rotary International: Paul Harris Fellow 2016, Assistant Governor (District 1040) 2015-

2017, President Rotary Club of Scarborough Cavaliers 2007-2008

  • 2016-18 – Commonwealth Argosy Foundation Limited: Deputy Chairman, Director and Trustee
  • 2010-18 – Ferens Education Trust (Education and Training): Member and Trustee
  • 2007-18 – The Greenwich Forum (Think Tank): Member and Trustee
  • 2008-18 – IIT Alumni Association UK Trust: Member Executive Committee and Trustee
  • 2016-17 – Pocklington School Board and Trust: Governor and Trustee
  • Widely travelled, 70 countries and counting, mostly with work
  • Continually endeavour to attain a 10% annual ‘Giving’ target

Mr. Mayur Apte


Clinical Data Operations manager, Six Sigma GB Certified Paris Area, France

Six sigma Green belt , TCS domain academy

M Sc Clinical Research ICRI, Mumbai

  • Experienced Data manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
  • Skilled in Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Data Validation, Medidata, and Oncology.
  • Strong operations professional with a

six sigma focused in green belt from TCS domain academy.


Dr. Ravi Mawale

Pardubice Region

Post-doctoral researcher ,University of Pardubice Czech Republic


Analytical chemistry. Material chemistry, Nanotechnology; nanomaterials, characterization, mass spectrometry, chalcogenide glasses, etc.


1. Process development at pilot plant-scale production of chemicals.
2. Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization.
3. Mass spectrometric analysis of biological, organic and inorganic materials.
4. Chalcogenide glasses synthesis and characterization for optical applications.


Dr. Nanasaheb Thorat


Marie Curie Fellow, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland and University of Zurich, Switzerland

  • Research Scientist at Samsung Biomedical Research Institute South Korea 2014-15,

  • Irish Research Council Research Fellow 2015-2018.

  • European Commission Marie Curie Fellow 2018-2022.

Dr. Nanasaheb Thorat is an outstanding Experienced Researcher who has already demonstrated extraordinary ability of independent thinking, leadership, time-management and communication qualities throughout his academic and research career.

Dr. Thorat is a strong team player and his current activity involves a truly international span in terms of researchers. His research is underpinned by the philosophy that “nobody is perfect but a team can try to be”. Hence he has engaged and excelled in bridging nanoscience with cancer therapeutics in internationally reputed groups in Asia, USA and Europe. This, in return, has enabled him to develop as a competent and highly skilled investigator in medicine for cancer and infectious diseases.

Dr. Thorat’s contribution in the area of nano-biotechnology cancer nanotechnology and theranostics have been recognised internationally through invited and keynote lectures in prestigious and exclusive scientific symposia and fora and many awards.

Place of Birth:  Mayani, Satara, Maharashtra
Graduated from Shivaji University Kolhapur and PhD from D.Y.Patil University, Kolhapur.

Important Link:

Major Acheivements & Honors:

  • Young Scientist Awardee by Lindau Nobel Laureate Foundation in the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, 25th -30th June 2017 in Lindau, Germany.
  • Young Investigator Award (Keynote Speaker) European Materials Research Society (EMRS) in Symposium K, Bioinspired and biointegrated materials as new frontiers nanomaterials, 22nd -26th May 2017, Strasbourg, France.
  • Young Investigator Award European Materials Research Society (EMRS) in Biomaterials field. EMRS-Fall Meeting under symposium Bioinspired and Biointegrated Materials as frontiers Nanomaterials 19th-22nd Sept 2016, Warsaw, Poland
  • Marie-Curie Seal of Excellence Award by European Commission for the project NANOCARGO Feb-2017.
  • Gold Medal for Ph.D. D.Y.Patil University, India, 2014.
  • Excellence in Research Award 2013-2014, D. Y. Patil University, Maharashtra, India, 2014
  • Young Scientist Travel Award by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India 2012
  • Young Scientist Travel Award by Centre for International Co-operation in Science (CICS), Govt. of India 2012


Read More :


Mr. Madhav Dabke

Frankfurt am Main

 Master’s in Management Accounting and International Economics, Mumbai University

• Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

• Certified SAFe Agile Professional, SAFe Agile Institute

• Certified in Advanced Program Management – eCornell University

• Certificate in Strategy Management – I.I.M., Ahmedabad

• Certificate in Design Thinking

Madhav is currently associated with Infosys Limited, based out of Frankfurt, Germany as a leader responsible for delivering IT transformations and consulting for various clients across Europe and North America. His expertise in the banking domain, however not limited to. He has been managing large transformations across geographies including APAC, LATAM, Europe, and the Americas. His consulting engagements have proven useful to many clients, he practices design thinking principles to bring innovation and user experience to the next level for organizations. He was also associated with Tata Consultancy Services, AXIS Bank, and other reputed organizations in India with total experience over 24 years.

Madhav has been guiding his clients and teams to drive innovations in banking. He has also been leading teams to drive incremental innovations and strategies using design thinking techniques and approaches to find the problems. He was recently invited to deliver a speech on “innovation and digital trends in banking”, organized by one of the public sector banks in India. He was also a keynote speaker at “Innovate IT”, a regional conference for bankers held in Jordan. Madhav has been guiding management students on the topic of innovations as a guest faculty at various institutes. In the early days of career, he was also associated with Chanakya Mandal’s, an organization that is instrumental in developing young professionals with national characters. For a brief period of time, he was a lecturer in one of the leading colleges in Mumbai.

He is a motivational speaker and has been mentoring young professionals in their careers. Regular trekker, cyclist, passionate about fountain pens (and tuning them), a certified advanced motor driver (rally sports) is a personal side of this professional. A super optimistic approach to life, high energy levels, ability to empathize with others and a ‘friend in need’ makes him approachable and well-networked human.


Mr. Girish Kote


MBA Information Systems, BE Electrical
Project Manager-Group Credit Models at Rabobank Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Accomplished senior business analyst and project manager with M.B.A. degree in Information Systems and more than 16 years of proven track record in designing as well as implementing strategic and effective solutions for global financial institutions. Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills coupled with ability to translate complex and abstract requirements into practical and profitable solutions. Rare blend of client and service side experience with management/leadership capabilities.

Specialties: – Business analysis, Requirements Management (Requirements gathering, specification, use case definition),Transformation Projects
– Agile Project Management for Fixed Date and Fixed Price projects
– Effort estimation, delivery planning, UAT and change management
– Product development and management
– Response to RFI/RFP’s, client presentations, pre-sales activities


Mr. Sushil Gaikwad


Dear Sir,

My self Sushil Gaikwad, born and brought up in Budlana, Maharashtra and currently present and settled in the United Kingdon since 2005. I am dual-qualified lawyer (India and UK) and run my own law firm and Venture Capital firm FCA registered I have been advising companies and entrepreneurs to set-up business in the UK.

At my law firm we cater to a diverse portfolio of clients advising on different legal matters. We strive to deliver the best possible service at all times, making sure they are tailored to the needs of every individual client. We offer an extensive list of legal services for private individuals, Businesses, companies and other organisations ranging from commercial law, business law, property acquisition and management to intellectual property, immigration, employment and family law. Apart from this, we also assist non-resident Indians with different aspects of residence and immigration in the UK.

As a Maharashtrian, I am proud to be a member of OMPEG in the United Kingdom and Maharashtra Mandal. In terms of social activities, I was one of the committee members who organised the first time in the United Kingdom - Maharashtra Day Celebration at Indian High Commission at London on 1st May 2019. 

Also, I contested the last years General Election for Member of Parliament form Greenwich constituency as an Independant Candidate.  




Mr. Abhay Pandit


BE, MS, MPH, PhD Biomaterials , University of Alabama at Birmingham

Scientific Director, SFI Research Center for Medical Devices

Established Professor, National University of Ireland Galway

Director of the largest medical device centers in Europe:-Area of expertise is in regenerative medicine.

Positions Held:

  • Chair-Elect: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, Inc. (TERMIS)-EU Jun 2019 – Present
  • Established Professor in Biomaterials :NUI Galway, 2015 – Present
  • Council Member: European Society for Biomaterials, Sep 2013 – Present
  • Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Director, Network of Excellence in Functional Biomaterials: National University of Ireland, Galway, May 2007 – Jan 2015
  • Council Member—EU: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, Inc. (TERMIS), Jun 2010 – Dec 2012
  • Senior Lecturer: National University of Ireland, Galway, Jan 2002 – Apr 2006
  • R & D Manager: St. Jude Medical, 2000 – 2001

Social work/ Philanthropy

  • Serves on several academic and industry advisory boards and government panels.
  • Amnesty International,
  • Human Rights,
  • Science Advocacy

Important Links:




Dr. Dinesh Dhumal


Researcher and Pharmacist

Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), ICT Mumbai

CNRS Post-doctoral : Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CINaM), Marseille, France
Research area: Design and synthesis of biomaterials for biomedical applications

A motivated researcher with hands-on experience in design and synthesis of Amphiphilic Functional Biomaterials and expertise in their biomedical applications.

Married to Dr. Mrunal Unmesh Patil Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics), ICT Mumbai

Currently research engineer : Aix-Marseille-Université, Marseille, France


Important Links:


Mr. Onkar Kalwade


Steel Structures , Composite Structures आणि Finite Element Analysis मध्ये असलेली त्याची Matrix Structures ही कंपनी , ह्या क्षेत्रामधील जर्मनीमधील पहिल्या दहा कंपन्यां मधील एक कंपनी आहे .

जर्मनीमध्ये त्याची ८ ते १० जणांची टीम आहेच पण ह्यावर न थांबता त्यानं त्याच्या जन्मगावी म्हणजे अहमदनगर इथं कंपनीचं नवीन ऑफिस सुरु केलंय आणि २५ पेक्षा जास्ती इंजिनीअर्स तिथं काम करत आहेत .

  • Chartered structural Engineer with extensive background in Structural engineering. He has in depth knowledge and expertise with Steel structures, Composite structures and Finite Element Analysis.
  • Owner, ‘Matrix Structures’,Wernigerode, Germany

Apart from being the Structural engineering, Onkar is an expert in using and applying project management skills, tools and techniques which are required for the execution of project from its inception onwards.

  1. Childhood:

Onkar was born on 6 May 1983 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra in middle class Marathi family. He spent his childhood in Ahmednagar in a joint family. He did his primary schooling at “Navin Marathi Shala, Ahmednagar” and secondary Schooling at “Bhausaheb Firodiya Highschool, Ahmednagar”. Onkar says, “It was fun filled childhood with lots of friends and good studies at school. I was lucky to spend my childhood in “galli” culture in central part of Ahmednagar”.

  1. Influence of Parents, teachers and Spouse:

Onkar’s father Shri. Chandrakant Bhagwan Kalwade is a retired Bank of Maharashtra employee and mother Mrs. Nilima Chandrakant Kalwade is retired pre-primary school teacher. Onkar says, “My parents are my “Gurus”. They are very caring parents and they always encouraged me and taught me the right lessons to live and face life. They will always be my energy source and hope. I got married in June 2011 to Suvarna Rajesh Kenge from Yeola, Nashik.

Since then Suvarna is always standing by me in all situations. It’s because of her support that I can take risks and strong decisions”.

  1. Career at present and family members:

Onkar has rich working experience with respect to Structural Engineering for India, Europe and US Construction industry.

Shri. Onkar is a Structural Engineer by profession and is also a Chartered Engineer. After working in the industry for some years, in January 2015, he started his own company called ‘Matrix Structures’ in Germany. Matrix Structures successfully completed more than 60 projects in Germany in last 3 years which includes industrial, commercial, office buildings of well-known German clients like Deutsche Bahn, Thyssen Krupp, Novelis. Company have head office in Wernigerode, Germany with branch office in Ahmednagar and Hyderabad in India.

In his career Onkar has worked on variety of projects like Industrial, Special Projects, Museums, Hospitality, Complex Façades, Office and commercial buildings, Warehouses, Petro Chemical structures, special Villas, and Membrane Structures and etc.

Onkar is having a membership of, Institution of Engineers, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Institution of Engineers, India Indo German Chambers of Commerce

  1. Secret of success:

Shri. Onkar Kalwade says, “I trust in self and follows conscience. I am ever ready to choose different ways than standard ones. Blessing of parents, strong support of my wife and best wishes from family and friends brought me where I am standing today. I strongly believe that hard work and dedication are keys of success. Right and quick decisions at right time and right place is my motto.

  1. Hurdles and testing times:

Onkar says, “Without any resources and business background, I started structural engineering company in Germany. In Germany it is extremely difficult to establish business in structural engineering since it is a government regulated and controlled profession. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to adopt technical German language and local administrative procedures. I was very particular to maintain very high quality in my work. Germans value time and commitment. I always maintained timely delivery of my work. The quality of work and timely deliveries of the projects helped me to gain confidence from German clients. This created a good reputation for me and my company and I started getting support from them to adopt local administrative procedures and high growth of my business was charted.

  1. Future Plans:

Onkar has a well thought of future plans. He is going to start an organisation in India for civil/structural engineering and architectural students. The main goal of the organization is to guide students to become employable in India or abroad and to make them aware about current industry trends and requirements. The organization will e