Mr. Vivek Patil


Qualification - Ph.D.


About -

Current Status:
I am finishing up my doctoral research focused on creating biodegradable plastics precursors from plant waste at Auburn University (Alabama, USA).
I live here with my wife and like to enjoy the slow-paced life of this small town filled with lakes, greenery, and southern hospitality.
After finishing my doctoral degree, I would like to help manufacturing industries in making their operations more sustainable and energy-efficient.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Ambernath, an industrial town on the outskirts of Mumbai. My father used to work in a bank in Mumbai. My mother used to work as a teacher, but later she decided to focus on the upbringing of her two children- my brother Nikhil and I. Although, my childhood was spent playing cricket with friends and participating in every extracurricular activity in school, the only hobby I retained from those days is that of (occasionally) writing an article or a blog post. My parents always encouraged me to start reading books and to learn a musical instrument, but I did not start both of these until recently!

Beginning of Career:

After finishing my bachelor's in chemical engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), I worked in petrochemicals at Reliance for two years, where I became interested in the chemistry behind polymers and decided to enhance my knowledge in this area. After taking a year-long research experience at IIT-Mumbai, I started my doctoral program in the USA in 2016.

Till today:

For the past four and a half years that I have been in the USA, I have presented my research at international conferences on five occasions. I have won several awards for both technical and non-technical communication around my research topic. I have been a part of ~10 research studies, either published or in the process of being published.
Apart from my work, I have also been involved in creating sustainable changes to campus lifestyle, been a member of Hispanic society in the town, and have also performed on stage on several occasions.


I believe that if one can inspire and support the changemakers working in small communities, it will be the best way to create long-lasting change in the world. I would like to help communities achieve their goals related to achieving a sustainable lifestyle. My wish is to use my research and communication skills to make this happen.


My wife Mrunmayee, and I decided to make all the efforts necessary to have a deeper connection between the two of us. We knew each other for quite a few years before our marriage, but after she joined me in the US, it was an even more exciting experience to live together and take care of each other every day. We have always been supportive of each other during the tough times and are always willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on each other's faces!


I am highly optimistic about the future of our civilization, as modern values and a new era of science and technology has an enormous potential to change the world. India, with its young population, will be a key player in the progress of the world towards creating solutions for the future related to disease prevention, sustainability, and overall human flourishing.


I have not understood the world enough to give advice. But speaking from my own experiences, I would say that patience is really very important to achieve certain milestones in life. You will not regret trying too much, but you will definitely regret giving up too early.

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Major Achievements & Honors: Recipient of 'Woltosz Fellowship' at Auburn University