Mr. Vinayak Ghate


Qualification - PhD


About -

Vinayak Ghate, PhD

Founder & CEO, SafeLight

PhD Food Science and Technology National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Technology Food Engineering & Technology Institute Of Chemical Technology

Current Status: 

As the CEO of SafeLight, I am on the mission of transforming hygiene. One of the main reasons why infections spread so easily today is that current hygiene technologies are episodic in nature. In other words, they can only be used once every few hours and their effects are temporary. This allows germs, which are re-introduced easily and multiply in minutes, to return to their original levels very quickly. At SafeLight, we have developed a patented visible light technology that can kill germs while being safe to humans, enabling continuous disinfection of hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals, food processing plants, airplanes and offices.

Additionally, I am a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

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