Dr. Vijay Gosavi


Qualification - M.B.A. Ph.D


About -

Dr. Vijay Gosavi is an international consultant on projects idea to implementation ,and management. Also specialized in marketing research,marketing strategies and corporate planning ,project management ,entrepreneurship development, global strategies development for international business. over 35 years of expertise and visited over 150 countries globally for business consultancy

worked as vice president of Kirloskat organization in corporate and global consultancy work on various projects and setting collaborations over 18 years and then was invited by Oman Government as an Expert Advisor to Government of Oman Muscat in the Ministry. to develop non oil sector in Oman ..he was awarded Gold Medal for Oman Economic Development in the non-oil sector by AIB USA. he was felicitation by then Prime-Minister of India Dr Man Mohan Sigh during his visit to Muscat in year 2012 for extra-ordinary work put up as the best NRI.

Privious Mentoring Experience -

D Vijay Gosavi has travel over 150 countries for project consultancy wok ,set up various collaboration conducted several market studies on various technologies and products In Oman he promoted agriculture with hydroponics, water utilization, famed OMAN salination arrest project ,plantation program planning for one million date palms under the
His Majesty direction in sultanate of Oman Also implemented 6000 acres fodder project
cultivation entire development right from feasibility at Nejd most praise worthy project in Oman. As a turnkey consultant, he was key member of master plan for salination arrest OSS .