Mr. Swapnil Ghodge

San Francisco

Qualification - PhD


About -

Senior Scientific Researcher

“I am working as a senior scientific researcher in the early discovery biochemistry department of Genentech, South San Francisco. This role allows me to explore the fundamental and exploratory biochemistry involved in the drug discovery process.I have always been fascinated by disease mechanisms and the process by which drugs targeting life threatening diseases have been discovered. Working at a large biopharmaceutical company like Genentech provides me the opportunity to contribute toward discovering and making available new life-saving drugs for patients.”

Summary of experience:

Sr Scientific Researcher, Genentech Inc.

Post-doctoral research associate, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Research and teaching assistant, Texas A&M University

LinkedIn profile:

NIUS fellowship for undergraduate research - 2006

Cotton Memorial Travel award  - 2012

IGSA executive award - 2013

Phi Lambda Upsilon travel award - 2014

Dow Chemical Scholar award for excellence in graduate research - 2014