Mr. Sudhir Kadam

San Francisco

Qualification - Venture Partner, FYDA Growth Partners


About -

Venture Partner, FYDA Growth Partners


Entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor

I am a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor with five successful exits in

  • Telecom CRM,
  • Location-based Apps,
  • Video Streaming,
  • Fraud Analytics, and
  • IIoT for Transportation.

I work with early and growth stage tech companies in US, Europe and Asia to help them scale and grow into thriving businesses with game-changing solutions. My focus areas are: growth acceleration, go-to-market, customer success, partnerships, operational excellence, funding, and exit strategy.

Current portfolio comprises of startups in

  • AI/NLP for eCommerce,
  • Body Motion Virtualization (AR/VR/CV),
  • Medical Devices (Heart Monitoring),
  • Visual AI for Medical Imaging,
  • IIoT for Industry 4.0,
  • Mobile Payments,
  • Travel Experiences and
  • Digital Signatures, etc.


My wife Tejaswi Kadam, is a filmmaker, I help her with script writing, editing, as a second-pair-of-eyes to improve the narrative.


  1. Launched a startup acceleration program for IITian Founders in the SF Bay area – did three cohorts of 12,14 and 12 startups that were presented on the three Demo Days, each demo day was attended by 45-50 investors, and 300+ other IITians and entrepreneurial aspirants. Handed over to a new set of volunteers, so that I can focus on other activities.
  2. Contribute in my own way to charitable organizations in the US and orphanages in India.

Born in Maharashtra, lived in Mumbai.

Father: Balkrishna Kadam was a filmmaker and a cine technician who worked at Raj Kamal Labs of V Shantaram. My initial understanding of filmmaking came from working with him on the sets and acting in his film as a child actor.

Mother: Pramila was a homemaker and biggest influence on my life – she was a fighter and pushed me hard to realize my dreams, and her dreams of me. Greatly indebted to what I learnt from her; I treasure learnings from both my parents even today – they haven’t faded with time.


  • School: St. Paul’s in Mumbai. Miss Silvi D’sa was the strictest teacher we had, but she was equally loving and caring.
  • College: SIES College in Mumbai one year of FY Science.
  • Degree: IIT Kharagpur, B Tech in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Professional: Tech Entrepreneurship Program from Stanford University. Many other programs from renowned institutions.

I was the Managing Director of Softplus, a Zenith Computers Company, from 1982-1998. Softplus was an enterprise software development company. In 1992, I turned the company into a Products Company and launched one of the early products built in India – it was called Executive Desk, basically a productivity tool for busy executive for better time management. It won the Best Lifestyles program award in the US in 1995, and the National Award sponsored by CSI-Infosys for the best software product in 1997. It was translated into French and German, and was digitally distributed the world over using internet services which were very primitive in those days.

I left India because, India was an IT services country, and no one believed that India could produce world-class products for the international markets. So the funding avenues for product companies were limited.

Moving to US was easy, and the timing was right with lot of Y2K activity in 1998-99. I never looked back after coming to US, great job environments that helped both with personal and career growth.

Opportunity to work with startups while at a job enabled me to hone my founder and advisor skills.

I’m now in the mode of helping entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures with my advice and guidance. That way I have the thrill of doing multiple startups in parallel and get to interact with amazing founders and techies to get a deep dive into the latest and the greatest.

I’m open to speaking sessions, or participating in panels, or mentoring sessions, to provide advice and guidance to Marathi entrepreneurs in the US.

It is my dream to take the entrepreneurship methodology and apply it to the cottage industry in India.

I live with my wife, Tejaswi, another major influence on my life with so much love and care; she stood behind every decision even when the results adversely impacted us.


India is an entrepreneurial country, but the entrepreneurship has been fragmented, due to the entrepreneur’s desire to stay in control thus compromising on the promise of building large empires. Hopefully the new wave of entrepreneurship will change that.


You are unique, realize that. Play on your strengths, and do not compromise on principles and ethics for money.  That’s being Marathi!

Advice to other Marathi: मी मराठी तर माय मराठी. Not the other way around. It starts with you! Be proud of your Marathi roots, and in your own way, help the community to make its mark in every facet of life.

SIA Award in AZ for “Best Lifestyle Application” for Executive Desk, a Personal Information Manager (PIM) authored by me, in June 1995

National Award for “Best Software Product“, sponsored by the Computer Society of India and Infosys, Dec 1997

Monthly column in PC World India on Tech Trends 1995-99

* 1997 Young Entrepreneur Award on India’s 50 yrs of Independence, presented by Cabinet Minister, Yerran Naidu.