Mr. Sudarshan Siddhaye

San Francisco

Qualification - Ph.D. (Engineering)


About -

Implementation Director

Current Status:

Professional Services for a software product company (Lattice Engines, a Dun & Bradstreet company)


  1. Tabla instruction and performance.
  2. Interested in knowing more about science and math that I did not really ‘get’ in school (e.g. magnetism, dual nature of light, genetics), physics of living things, calculus
  3. Reading/listening to non-fiction: Atheism, rational thought, science
  4. Intermittent fasting and low-carb life-style

Childhood / Young Days: 

  • Was born in Karad and spent a wonderful outdoors-oriented childhood there (picking shells from the river bed, pulling sugarcane out of back of bullock carts and tractors, playing soccer barefoot, competitive kite flying).
  • Great influential teachers at Tilak High School.
  • Amazing exposure to classical music and analytical thinking, thanks to my dad.
  • Developed household self-sufficiency, thanks to my mom.
  • Moved to Pune in 10th grade. Graduated from college of engineering Pune with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 1994.

Eternally grateful to India for virtually-free education and exposure to rich musical and food traditions.

Beginning of Career:

Left India because it was common to do so and followed in some of my senior friends’ footsteps.

Got a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1999.

Had a wonderful time at Berkeley and made some great friends there. Expanded my narrow social horizons – friends, music, European cinema, wine, international politics and science.

Got the rare opportunity to study tabla with Ustad Zakir Hussain during his workshops each year for next 15 years.

Took the first job that I interviewed for (and it had nothing to do with Mechanical Engineering) and decided that I like the bay area and want to stay here.

Till today:

Remained in professional services from 1999 through now and climbed the career ladder much like most of us. Realized that you really only use 0.01% of things in your job that you learned in school – however learning the formula for volume of a cone or Eigen values and Eigen vectors in high school/college is still important – it widens your analytical thinking and perspective on things!

Also learned to work to live and not live to work.


Wish to continue to learn about things I don’t understand well (like how molecules just ‘came to life’ billions of years ago).
Wish to help my son develop a better perspective on life early on than I ever was able to develop in my younger years. Wish to learn to be a kinder person and leave the world around me better than I found it – and hopefully be able to teach my son the same values.


Live in Mountain View, CA with my son and wife. Son continues to amaze me with his brilliance and a streak of sarcasm (the latter seems to be inherited). I would love to see him blossom into a kind-hearted smart person who is able to make rational and just decisions in life.
Consider myself extremely lucky to be married to a woman who shares my streak of sarcasm, sense of humor and many interests. She is a wonderful companion and a great antidote for my laziness!


Politics getting in the way of managing climate change is worrisome. I hope that human ingenuity will eventually continue to steer the human race away from getting extinct!

It is disappointing to see people in India (and also US) paying more attention to what paparazzi say than what an economist or a historian or a scientist might say! Maharashtra Times is not what it used to be, Doordarshan has gone extinct taking its old treasure of programming with it and we are now subjected to an atrocious lineup of cable TV channels filling time with vulgar soap operas and endless crime news.

As for future for India – I think its brightness depends on how quickly India can control population, stay focused on improving infrastructure, elevate the standard of living for the poorest of poor and improve quality control everywhere.

Now to sound a bit more positive, within my own domain of interest, it is refreshing to see a wild bloom of amazingly talented young tabla players (as well as vocalists and instrumentalists).


  • Never give up (think Jaws in James Bond movies, who crawls from under a rubble under which he got buried 10 seconds ago)
  • Be kind to others (and by the way, you don’t need religion to be kind and moral. As Christopher Hitchens once said – “Humans taught religion morality and not the other way around!”)
  • Enjoy life to the fullest – time only marches in one direction!

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