Mrs. Sonali Sambhus

San Francisco

Qualification - M.S.Computer: Engineering Rutgers University


About -

M.S.Computer: Engineering Rutgers University

Masters Certificate, Project Management; The George Washington University – School of Business

B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engg:  College of Engineering, Pune, COEP


Silicon Valley Professional who has held multiple executive positions for the past decade. Driven Technologist, Product Thought Leader & Strategist!

Technology Leader with proven track record of leading large engineering teams, Scaling Engineering Organizations and Scaling Growth Stage Startups.

Currently Enabling Transformation & Growth for Mobile @ Square

Prior, Headed Consumer Engineering & Incubation for Defining Technology Strategy, Product Strategy and primarily delivering compelling consumer products across different product lines and across platforms (Desktop, Mobile, IOS & Android Native Apps).

Prior, As Head of Engineering & Site Lead @Vuclip led a team of 120+ Engineers for Vuclip’s Cloud SaaS Product. With strategic & tactical leadership & a deep-dive approach led the large engineering team towards excellence on Product, Process & People fronts.

Successfully plagued with the startup virus in the valley – did 2 startups.

  • Co-founded and successfully exited ’10jumps Inc’, a Data Analytics Product & Services company.
  • Second startup – 10jumps – which had its development center in Pune did go through a so-called successful acquisition.

Sonali  was a Founding Member of a startup in Cisco – ‘Network Collaboration Business Unit’. The business started from a mere concept of ‘network based search’ and evolved into a unique product which offered the Enterprises a Knowledge Discovery Platform leveraging the data from the networks.

Childhood / Young Days:

“Born in Barshi, Solapur I spent most of my childhood in Pune. I did my schooling in Abhinav Vidyalaya, (rarely) attended SP College and then moved onto the dream college for every Punekar – COEP.
My father was my powerhouse and biggest influence along with my mother who was and still is the backbone of support for me.”

Beginning of Career:

“I came to the US in 1997 for my Masters, settled in the US, returned back to Pune in 2011- spent an amazing 5 years in Pune and then returned back to my second home land called the bay area in 2016. Happily settled here now”

Till today:

“Started in the Telecom industry (making some use of my BE,E&TC and my Masters in Computer Networking), After spending about 8 years in Cisco, I realized I wanted to be in a more dynamic and fast paced industry and switched gears into the data analytics space. I cofounded a business unit for Cisco (called Network Collaboration Business Unit) and took this startup from 0 to 10M in revenue in a matter of 3 years. I then did a startup of my own ’10jumps’ where we built a SAP HANA based Proactive Network Management Product. 10Jumps got acquired in 2014. I then took on the role of VP/Head of Engineering for Vuclip heading their 100+ people team where my key charter was to scale the engineering at the fast paced scale of growth of the business. After Vuclip, I was Head of Consumer Engineering for and now am Heading Mobile (Product and Engineering) in a General Manager capacity for Square”


“I always think of ways to give back to the community. I am and plan to focus on elevating women in the workforce through providing coaching, guidance and inspiration. I am Yoga Teacher and plan to spread health and calmness to the world through yoga. I am also affiliated with a number of charitable organizations including American Indian Foundation and a number of others based in Pune.
I hold a dear place in my heart for Maharashtrians and would be happy to contribute to our community”


Full house with a husband, 2 daughters and my dear mother.

Author :

“I have always been a Passionate Advocate for Women in the Workforce. I decided to turn my passion into action and wrote this book to help fellow sisters in their constant tug of war of family vs career. Elle-vate is a self help book for women that enables women to reach their fullest career potential, while balancing their traditional responsibilities. Though, my biggest life lessons have been learnt parenting my 2 daughters who are now amazing teenagers. The book was launched at an International Literary Festival in India amidst a lot of fan fare. The book is a small step towards my grand goal of creating a better world for Working Women.”