Mrs. Sheetal Kulkarni


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Current Status: President of Inspired Outlook Inc – DBA Budget Blinds of NW Metro.

Trustee, founding board member and event manager CHANCE Foundation of Minnesota. ( A non -profit that works towards empowerment of underprivileged children in India.

Cultural, creative lead, art director on mega scale community events.

CHANCE Foundation

Chance Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota to help underprivileged children in India with their basic education, health and development needs.

Every eighth urban child in India, under the age of 6 lives in a slum. Children in the slums are left without a sense of security, stability and direction in life. Sadly, the lack of basic necessities like food, healthcare, education or even role models, rob children of any hopes of rising above the poverty. Many NGOs are working hard for this cause. However, the magnitude of this problem begs for much greater efforts.


All children deserve a fair chance for basic education, healthy environment and a bright future.


Empower underprivileged children by providing resources for education, health and life skills development.