Dr. Sham Nikam


Qualification - PhD


About -

Dr. Sham Nikam PhD

Co- Founder Chief Strategy Officer at ARTham Therapeutics, Inc


Scientific leader with more than 35 years of drug discovery and early development experiencein top-tier multinational pharmacos. Promoted innovation and entrepreneurship to deliver excellent clinical candidates and help launch several biotechs. Cofounded a biotech newco, ARTham Therapeutics.
- A global, strategic thinker, with demonstrated ability to deliver successful clinical candidates within stringent timelines and resources
- Leadership through motivation, cultural awareness and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship
- Acknowledged as a creative leader focused on advancing projects in multiple therapeutic areas
- Optimized drug discovery and early development process through external innovation, process improvements and scientific problem solving.
- Identified unique repositioning ideas that led to divestment opportunities of signficant value.
- Created entrepreneurship culture and responsible for the creation of biotech newcos as a new R&D strategy
- Cofounded a new biotech venture, ARTham Therapeutics to maximize the value of preclinical and clinical assets with high potential to be 'medicines that matter.'
- Recognized ability to lead, recruit, energize, mentor, reward and retain talent across different cultures

- Entreprenuership and External Innovation; Champion a new R&D model through launch of biotech Newcos with innovative technologies/assets.
- Identify divestment opportunities for past and current assets through strategic partnerships.
- Consistent delivery of clinical candidates and maintain a portfolio with high technical feasibility that have high potential for successful human POC;
- Discovery and early development Projects: Portfolio Management; Strategize Drug Discovery resources; Strategic partnerships in Pharma R&D, Outsourcing management; People management: Change management, succession planning and mentoring.