Mr. Sanjay Wadge


Qualification - Founder, Eternity Systems, Inc., USA.


About -

Founder, Eternity Systems, Inc., USA.

Ex-President, Silicon Valley Indians Professional Association (SIPA), California

Current Status:

Entrepreneur running my IT Services company – Eternity Systems, Inc.

Childhood / Young Days:

Coming from remote village in Maharashtra, had wonderful fun filled village/urban life. Studied in local college in Nasik district up to Bachelors degree. Then later moved to Mumbai for job and subsequently continued in Pune till 1995. Move to USA in 1996.

Beginning of Career:

Started career in IT/Software in mid 80’s and continued till mid 90s. Then moved to USA in 1996.

Till today:

Had a challenging, but wonderful journey. Enjoyed initial first 5+ years in USA before .com burst showed us the realities of US life. Moved on to start independent consulting from that point on wards which continued for next few years before turning it into small IT services company.

While pursuing professional career, I am involved in few nonprofit organizations like SIPA, Tie and some others.


Sanjay is an Entrepreneur and founder of Eternity Systems, Inc. Sanjay has over 25 years of global IT Services experience. Sanjay has successfully delivered to a charter to scale the companies he worked for, build the culture of thought leadership and foster innovation as the primary differentiator to create benefit to the customers. Sanjay has spent most of his professional life in front of the customers and is very passionate about working with customers, creating simple and innovative technology solutions to complex business problems. With his deep understanding of current, future, technology and design trends, and excellent ability to evaluate their relevance in context of the problem domain, he has repeatedly displayed proven problem solving abilities, mentoring and coaching abilities to build high performance technical teams, ability to persevere and persuade development teams on technical visions/solutions, and commitment towards ensuring that the technical visions are successfully implemented.

Prior to starting Eternity Systems, Sanjay served a global premier IT/Product Engineering Services firm, Xoriant Corporation where he successfully managed CRM practice and implemented complex solutions for fortune 500 customers such as Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, 21st Century Insurance, APL etc. Before joining Xoriant, Sanjay worked as Scientist at National Informatics Center, Govt. of India.

In addition to his day to day responsibilities, Sanjay is also associated with multiple non-profit organizations. He has been voluntarily serving Silicon Valley Indian Professional Association (SIPA), a prominent non-profit professional organization as a board member for last 10+ years and served as President from 2007 till 2009.


Will continue on entrepreneurial journey along with other social activities.-


Wife with 2 children. Wife is school teacher in Child Development Center. Elder son pursuing MBA after completion of BS in Comp. Sci. Daughter pursuing MS after completing BS in Cognitive science.

Advice: Certainly will be interested in advising youngsters.

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Major Acheivements & Honors:

President, Silicon Valley Indians Professional Association (SIPA), California from 2007 – 2009.