Mr. Sandeep Padhye


Qualification - B.Tech Chemical Engineering


About -

Sr. Business Director and Head Oracle CX/CRM North America at Tata Consultancy Services.

Sandeep Padhye is an IT professional who has spent 20 plus years in serving Fortune 500 customers across the globe. His passion is to create a conducive environment for socio-commercial entrepreneurs amongst the global Maharashtrian community. He is currently engaged in building a platform for young kids to develop their entrepreneurial ability through the STEAM program. He is also a proud owner along with his wife of one of its kind food trucks called ‘Marathi Masala’ bringing authentic Maharashtrian food to the USA. Sandeep is also very passionate about bringing rural Bharat to modern India.

Sandeep Padhye as ‘trustee’ of Charlotte Marathi Mandal. Charlotte Marathi Mandal is going to host the 2012 BMM convention.