Mr. Sameer Kawatkar


Qualification - B.Sc.Tech, Ph.D.


About -

I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years and currently employed at a biotech company as a scientist in Cambridge, MA.

We live in Lexington, a suburb of Boston.

My family and I are regularly involved in social work such as providing home-made food at local homeless shelter and recently, making masks and donating to health care workers as well as families in need of them.

We also volunteer at New England Marathi Mandal events and at Shishubharati, a school of Indian languages and culture held in Lexington every Sunday.

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Mumbai and brought up in Thane. I graduated with B. Sc. from Thana college (B. N. Bandodkar College) in chemistry and went on to complete B. Sc. Tech. from Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT). The most influential persons I met during my undergraduate studies were my teachers Pandit Sir at Thana College and Samant Sir at UDCT. They taught me the value of dedication and ignited my interest in chemistry and drug discovery. Securing admission in B. Sc. Tech program was the most important life changing event, both personally and professionally. I met my wife at UDCT and professionally, UDCT paved a way for Ph. D. in the University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Till today:

After graduating with a Ph. D., I have been fortunate to be part of pharmaceutical industry and help develop life-saving medicines to treat infectious diseases and cancer. It is a difficult task to develop a drug but it gives immense satisfaction to see the difference it makes int he lives of people. My journey since graduation includes experience at small biotechs and a big pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. This period taught me importance of persistence and focusing on the goal of making a difference. Hopefully, I will be part of many more discoveries in coming years.


I would like to extend support to the homeless people and likes here in the US. I came across an organization, Accidental Food Bank” run by a couple of retired people in New Hampshire which distributes excess food from grocery shops to homeless, veterans etc. I would like to see if similar model can be applied to my local area. Back in India I would like to start something that can generate jobs and opportunities for disabled people.