Mr. Prakash Bhalerao

San Francisco

Qualification - M.S., MBA


About -

Prakash Prahalad Bhalerao Chairman and CEO of Various IT Companies. Prakash Prahalad Bhaleraois a giant in the field of Venture Capital. Today he is one of the leading Venture Capitalists working out of the US but having interests across the globe.

We have heard about Midas touch. It will not be  an exaggeration to refer to  Mr.  Prakash as  the  Midas of IT Industry. Many of his successful ventures were able to raise huge funds through their Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of shares and they were later acquired by giants in the Global IT industry. That is why we refer to him as the Midas.

Mr. Prakash Bhalerao plays role in the industry as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor and by virtue of his investments he hold top positions on the board of many enterprises. When he invests in a company, or a start-up and the company is at very early stage Mr. Prakash takes position as a CEO or Chairman. As the company makes progress and also becomes financially capable of hiring CEO then Mr. Prakash opts to get out. By this fact, Mr.Prakash’s permanent job is not a chairman or CEO. Over years he has been CEO and Chairman of many companies. Likewise he was Chairman and CEO of Verismo Networks, Inc, till the time the company was sold. At the time of this writing Mr. Prakash is General Partner at Rainbow Enterprises LP, Cupertino, LA. During past two decades as Angel Investor, Serial entrepreneur Mr. Prakash has served as a Strategic Director of AvantCom Network. He also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambit Design Systems, Inc. (synthesis solutions for chip design), till it was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in October 1998. He also served as a Director of ECTone Inc.andAvantComNetwork,Inc.andAmber Networks, Inc. He served  as  Chairman of Sapphire Design Automation Inc. and was Chairman and Director of Alopa Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup company specializing in broadband subscriber solutions for the cable, DSL, and wireless industries.

Privious Mentoring Experience -

As an angel investor and venture capitalist, Prakash has co-founded more than 40 Silicon Valley start-ups, after successful working in key management positions at Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) and C-Cube Microsystems. Mr. Prakash’s tenure with a small company known as C-Cube Microsystems which pioneered DVD digital video technology confirmed his entrepreneurial desire and acumen.