Mr. Pankaj Daramwar


Qualification - PhD


About -

I am a PhD in Biotechnology from NCL, Pune. Currently, I am working as a Research scientist at a pharma company in Vancouver, Canada.


5+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience involving customer outreach, creating awareness of company’s business, providing solutions to clients’ challenges and generating business opportunities.
• Experienced to dwell in multi-disciplinary scientific environment with PhD in Biotechnology.
• Expertise in leading and executing CRO small molecule synthesis projects for nanoparticle assisted drug delivery, pilot plant scale synthesis in API research, with patentability knowledge and problem-solving attitude (including ~3 years of Canadian CRO industrial experience).
• Multi-tasking ability in project management, report preparations, presentations, maintaining communication with clients through teleconferencing and update discussion meetings.
• Working knowledge of analytical instruments.
• Hands on experience with natural products isolation, enzyme assay development, biotransformation with cultured cells, and gel electrophoresis techniques.
• Supervisory and leadership abilities focusing on teaching, team-building, collaborative progress.
• Excellent technical, scientific writing and verbal communication skills.