Mr. Onkar Kalwade


Qualification - Owner, ‘Matrix Structures’,Wernigerode, Germany


About -

Steel Structures , Composite Structures आणि Finite Element Analysis मध्ये असलेली त्याची Matrix Structures ही कंपनी , ह्या क्षेत्रामधील जर्मनीमधील पहिल्या दहा कंपन्यां मधील एक कंपनी आहे .

जर्मनीमध्ये त्याची ८ ते १० जणांची टीम आहेच पण ह्यावर न थांबता त्यानं त्याच्या जन्मगावी म्हणजे अहमदनगर इथं कंपनीचं नवीन ऑफिस सुरु केलंय आणि २५ पेक्षा जास्ती इंजिनीअर्स तिथं काम करत आहेत .

  • Chartered structural Engineer with extensive background in Structural engineering. He has in depth knowledge and expertise with Steel structures, Composite structures and Finite Element Analysis.
  • Owner, ‘Matrix Structures’,Wernigerode, Germany

Apart from being the Structural engineering, Onkar is an expert in using and applying project management skills, tools and techniques which are required for the execution of project from its inception onwards.

  1. Childhood:

Onkar was born on 6 May 1983 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra in middle class Marathi family. He spent his childhood in Ahmednagar in a joint family. He did his primary schooling at “Navin Marathi Shala, Ahmednagar” and secondary Schooling at “Bhausaheb Firodiya Highschool, Ahmednagar”. Onkar says, “It was fun filled childhood with lots of friends and good studies at school. I was lucky to spend my childhood in “galli” culture in central part of Ahmednagar”.

  1. Influence of Parents, teachers and Spouse:

Onkar’s father Shri. Chandrakant Bhagwan Kalwade is a retired Bank of Maharashtra employee and mother Mrs. Nilima Chandrakant Kalwade is retired pre-primary school teacher. Onkar says, “My parents are my “Gurus”. They are very caring parents and they always encouraged me and taught me the right lessons to live and face life. They will always be my energy source and hope. I got married in June 2011 to Suvarna Rajesh Kenge from Yeola, Nashik.

Since then Suvarna is always standing by me in all situations. It’s because of her support that I can take risks and strong decisions”.

  1. Career at present and family members:

Onkar has rich working experience with respect to Structural Engineering for India, Europe and US Construction industry.

Shri. Onkar is a Structural Engineer by profession and is also a Chartered Engineer. After working in the industry for some years, in January 2015, he started his own company called ‘Matrix Structures’ in Germany. Matrix Structures successfully completed more than 60 projects in Germany in last 3 years which includes industrial, commercial, office buildings of well-known German clients like Deutsche Bahn, Thyssen Krupp, Novelis. Company have head office in Wernigerode, Germany with branch office in Ahmednagar and Hyderabad in India.

In his career Onkar has worked on variety of projects like Industrial, Special Projects, Museums, Hospitality, Complex Façades, Office and commercial buildings, Warehouses, Petro Chemical structures, special Villas, and Membrane Structures and etc.

Onkar is having a membership of, Institution of Engineers, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Institution of Engineers, India Indo German Chambers of Commerce

  1. Secret of success:

Shri. Onkar Kalwade says, “I trust in self and follows conscience. I am ever ready to choose different ways than standard ones. Blessing of parents, strong support of my wife and best wishes from family and friends brought me where I am standing today. I strongly believe that hard work and dedication are keys of success. Right and quick decisions at right time and right place is my motto.

  1. Hurdles and testing times:

Onkar says, “Without any resources and business background, I started structural engineering company in Germany. In Germany it is extremely difficult to establish business in structural engineering since it is a government regulated and controlled profession. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to adopt technical German language and local administrative procedures. I was very particular to maintain very high quality in my work. Germans value time and commitment. I always maintained timely delivery of my work. The quality of work and timely deliveries of the projects helped me to gain confidence from German clients. This created a good reputation for me and my company and I started getting support from them to adopt local administrative procedures and high growth of my business was charted.

  1. Future Plans:

Onkar has a well thought of future plans. He is going to start an organisation in India for civil/structural engineering and architectural students. The main goal of the organization is to guide students to become employable in India or abroad and to make them aware about current industry trends and requirements. The organization will educate young students and help them to know what companies expect from their new and young employees and how these students can achieve these requirements. This will help them in getting sustainable jobs in the industry and they will be able to contribute to the growth of the society.

  1. Advice to young readers:

Be honest to yourself and your profession. There is always need of good and qualified people in every domain. Soft skills and good behaviour plays very important role for youngsters specially in finding job or sustaining in early years of career. Try to adopt local conditions like language, etiquettes in any country you will go, by keeping your original core cultural values as it is.

  1. Social work:

Working as Project Consultant for the constructions of ‘Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple’ in Berlin on voluntary basis.