Dr. Nitish Deshpande


Qualification - Ph.D.


About -

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, USA

Chem. Engg. from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, India

Currently working as PTD Module and Integration, Yield Engineer at Intel Corp, OR, USA

Dr. Nitish Deshpande says,

“My job responsibilities as a Module (process) engineer at Intel Corporation include leading scientific research to enable manufacturing of innovative semiconductor device architectures. Amongst other things, this involves, designing, executing, and analyzing experiments necessary to meet engineering specifications defined for the technology. I earned my Ph.D. in chemical engineering from OSU, under Dr. N.A. Brunelli’s guidance. My graduate work involved solving problems at the interface of chemical engineering, material synthesis & characterization, and chemistry. My expertise includes synthesis, characterization, and catalytic testing of zeolites and mesoporous silicas. As of today, I have authored/co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications and a patent application and presented at several local and international scientific conferences.”

“I was born in Mumbai in 1991.My parents, Sneha and Subhash Deshpande, with their unconditional love and faith in my abilities,have immeasurably contributed to my achievements (academic or otherwise)”.

“ICT, Mumbai’s illustrious alumni and professors inspired me to pursue a career in research and development in chemical engineering.”

“After completing my B.Chem.Engg. from ICT, I took the opportunity to pursue my Grad studies at OSU.My Ph.D. advisor, Dr. N. A. Brunelli, transformed my outlook in life to a “can-do” one, which has been instrumental in my success.”


Process engineer at Intel Corporation. Ph.D. with research experiencein solving problems at the interface of chemical engineering, material synthesis, and chemistry.Expertise includes synthesis, characterization, and catalytic testing of zeolites and mesoporous silicas. Research output includes 6 peer-reviewed articles, 1 patent application, and multiple presentations at local and international conferences.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Chemical Engineering, December 2018, Advisor: N. A. Brunelli GPA: 3.96/4.0, The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (B. Chem. Engg.), May 2013, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT, formerly UDCT), Mumbai, India GPA: 8.50/10

Publications and patents applications

  • Deshpande, N., Pattanaik, L., Whitaker, M. R., Yang, C-T., Lin, L-C., Brunelli, N. A., “Selectively converting glucose to fructose using immobilized tertiary amines”, J.Catal., 353, 205-210, 2017
  • Deshpande, N., Cho, E. H., Spanos, A. P., Lin, L-C., Brunelli, N. A., “Tuning molecular structure of immobilized tertiary amine catalysts for glucose isomerization”, J.Catal., 372, 119-127, 2019
  • Deshpande, N., Parulkar, A., Joshi, R., Diep, B., Kulkarni, A., Brunelli, N. A., “Epoxide ring opening with alcohols using heterogeneous Lewis acid catalysts: Regioselectivity and mechanism”, J.Catal., 370, 46-54, 2019
  • Olson N., Deshpande, N., Gunduz, S., Ozkan U., Brunelli, N. A., “Utilizing imogolite nanotubes as a tunable catalytic material for the selective isomerization of glucose to fructose”, Catal. Today, 323, 69-75, 2019
  • Parulkar, A., Joshi, R., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A., “Synthesis and catalytic testing of Lewis acidic nano-MFI zeolites for the epoxide ring opening reaction with alcohol”, Appl. Catal. A: Gen, 566, 25-32, 2018
  • Parulkar, A., Spanos, A.P., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A.,  “Synthesis and catalytic testing of Lewis Acidic Nano Zeolite Beta for epoxide ring opening with alcohols”, Appl. Catal. A: Gen, 577, 28-34, 2019
  • Brunelli, N. A., Deshpande, N., Parulkar, A., “ Zeolitic materials including paired Lewis acid catalytic sites”, US Patent Application, 15/815,413, May 17, 2018
  • Kane, A., Deshpande, N., Brunelli, N. A., “Impact of Surface Loading on Catalytic activity of regular and low micropore SBA-15 in the Knoevenagel condensation”, manuscript accepted, AIChE J., 2019

Awards & honors                                                                                

Awards for academic achievements:

  • University fellowship, OSU Graduate School     2013-2014
  • Supplemental department fellowship, CBE department, OSU                                           2013-2014
  • Supplemental university fellowship,OSU Graduate School     2013-2017
  • Outstanding graduate student, CBE department, OSU                                       2018
  • Travel award, Chemical and Reaction engineering division, AIChE     2018

Competitions won:                                                                                                

  • Outstanding poster award, GRS, CBE department, OSU2017
  • 2ndplace for proposing a solution to an industrial problem,Young Innovators Choice Competition, ICT2012
  • 3rdplace in Fourth Concept Test in chemistry(Intercollegiate exam), ICT2010
  • 2ndplace in Salt act(Chemistry event) at CHEMERGENCE (IntercollegiateTech-fest), TSEC, India2011
  • 2ndplace in Model making(Cooling Tower) competition in CHEMERGENCE, TSEC, India2010




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