Dr. Nirmal Koshti


Qualification - PhD


About -

Dr. Nirmal Koshti was born on 8th Oct 1956. He did his schooling at Parle Tilak Vidyalaya. He got his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in 1977. He was a bright but was not a studious student.

“Till my B.Pharm, to study, to read college books was nothing but compulsion for me. None of the subjects really appealed me but for chemistry. In Pharmacy curriculum, Chemistry was just one of the many subjects. I took a bold decision and did what I should have done from first year of college. I got admitted to Institute of Science under mentorship of Prof. J.R. Merchant and shifted to pure research in chemistry. Then on till now, life is joyful ride for me” Says Dr. Nirmal.

Dr.Nirmal is a Ph. D. in organic chemistry (Mumbai University) and has several years of post-doctoral research experience in academia (University of East Anglia, England, New Mexico State University, and Texas A & M University, USA).

Dr. Nirmal Koshti has been Head of Innovation Process at Galaxy Surfactants Limited since June 21, 2010. Dr. Koshti joined Galaxy Surfactants in April 1984, set up the R&D facility and nurtured the same as Principal Scientist till May 2007. In June 2007, he was appointed as Head of Specialty Chemicals Business Creation (America) in Galaxy Chemicals Inc. where he was looking after new business creation of Galaxy innovative products in North America.

Privious Mentoring Experience -

Industrial Experience:

Over three decades in personal care industry.

Synthesis and manufacture of eco-friendly processes for surfactants and other personal care ingredients including synthetic polymers, organic UV absorbers and anti-microbial agents.

Dr. Nirmal is a lead inventor for following patents, to name a few:-

Over 30 research publications and 30 international patents.

  1. Microemulsions of lipidated glycines and phenoxy ethanol for preservation of personal care products
  2. Isotropic, flowable, skin pH aqueous cleansing compositions comprising N-acyl glycinates as primary surfactants
  3. Multifunctional hair color protector
  4. Antimicrobial Preservative Compositions for Personal Care Products
  5. Method to produce N-acyl amino acid surfactants using N-acyl amino acid surfactants or the corresponding anhydrides as catalysts.
  6. Method to produce blends of O-Acyl Isethionates and N-Acyl amino acid surfactants.