Dr. Milind Dhamankar


Qualification - M.B.B.S., M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application)


About -

Senior Clinical Affairs Specialist at Siemens Healthineers

Current status:
As a Clinical Affairs Specialist, I align product development and regulatory strategies for marketing new MRI scanners. I support clinical trials involving investigational devices and new clinical claims for existing products for Siemens Healthineers in the USA. To expand my leadership role beyond my company, I am the Vice Chair for MR Section MITA (Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance), (2016-2018) – an industry consortium for MRI vendors.
For the past 25 years I have been with Siemens Healthineers. I started my professional career with Siemens India, relocated to Siemens Headquarters in Germany before finally settling in the USA in Wayne, PA.
I travelled extensively around the world, training healthcare professionals with the drive and expertise to establish clear, effective communication on complex innovative technologies that help advance medicine. I supported hospitals, radiologists and technologists training them to use MRI systems.
I played a key role in product launch teams for more than a decade. As Sr. Director MR Marketing USA, I oversaw 5 new MRI system introductions in 5 years. My education, experience and creativity helped me define product specifications relevant to customer needs, execute marketing strategies that beat the competition, train my team to ensure high performance, and successfully carry out marketing campaigns. I was a part of the team that innovated and introduced cutting edge MRI scanners, that has made Siemens Healthineers the market leader in MRI.

Childhood/ young days:
• Date of Birth: June 1966, Mumbai
• My childhood was spent in Phirojsha Nagar, in Vikhroli, Mumbai. I studied at Udayachal Schools. Self-esteem and patriotism are some of the qualities imbibed in Udayachal students. I learnt “Batik” from my Art teacher Mrs. Kothari when I was in fourth grade and I have continued with that art till date.
• My father Mr. Dwarkanath Narayan Dhamankar and mother Mrs. VijayalaxmiDwarkanath Dhamankar worked in Godrej & Boyce Ltd.
• My parents allowed me and my sister (Mrs. ManaseeBhaskar Javdekar) to experiment and be independent decision makers. Importantly, they instilled into us values such as respect, open mindedness, hard work and trust by setting an example themselves.
• They provided insights into Santa-Vangmay and influenced my philosophical comprehension. Simple messages given by the saints in Maharashtra have been of immense support to me in various stages of my life. Dasbodh by SamarthaRamdas and “HachiSubodhGuruncha”-Shri GondavalekarMaharaj, Gondavale are two significant examples.
• I studied at LokmanyaTilak Municipal Medical College and after completing my M.B.B.S. and internship, I enrolled for M.C.A at V.J.T.I., Matunga, Mumbai. I secured first position with distinction at the University in 1993.
Beginning of Career :
Back in 1990s I had a unique combination of medicine and computer applications. I started as MRI Applications Specialist for S.E. Asia with Siemens Ltd., India. Soon, I was promoted to be in a research project in Germany and I relocated in Erlangen, Germany. Working hard in R&D, contributed to launch a new generation of MRI scanners in 2003. I lead marketing efforts for the product I help build. This opened my doors for opportunities in Siemens USA.


Being detail oriented, collaborative and a contributor thru quality work has helped me in my career. I am a life-long learner and I keep up with developments in Medicine and MRI technology while learning corporate and social leadership skills. Business Certificate course from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (2010), gave me good insight into HR and Finance to coach and guide my team. This helps me be a better leader.

On the personal side – I support social and educational institutions locally. Bhutanese American Organization in Philadelphia (BAOP) is one such organization where I work with high-school students and refugee women to make Diwali kandils and sell them across the USA. I am an Advisory Board member for a local non-profit – Foundation for Learning In Tredyffrin Eastown (FLITE) to help reduce the resource gap for financially challenged students in Tredyffrin Easton (T/E) School District. I teach batik and art projects at the local Art Club and Tredyffrin Public library.

I married Minal Manohar Talekar in 1997. She had done her M.B.B.S. After completing her diploma in Ophthalmology from K.E.M, Pune we moved to Germany in 2000. Mihir was two years old when we moved to the USA. Minal requalified, passing USMLE exams and E.C.F.M.G. certification. She is now Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and Hematology Board Certified. She is a practicing Hematologist and Oncologist. While both of us were striving to better our professional life, our parents supported Mihir. I am indebted to my in-laws for their dedication. That was a great way to keep Mihir grounded to Marathi and Maharashtrian culture while being brought up in the US. “One of the significant benefits of being collaborative within the family – “Unity” a characteristic that needs to be fostered much more if we need to progress.

Outlook :
“Humans are unique in terms of their ability to make conscious choices. India has given the world so much for self-awareness, for finding ones purpose of life and to be happy, yet so many Indians look outwards for happiness. Many are not aware of the treasure they can tap from. It is critical to not forget who you are. That insight will help you comprehend your connection to your roots and then everything starts falling in its place. Self-esteem and inner peace are critical and the rising stress levels are having negative impact on these important traits. India has challenges with infrastructure, technology and basic education. Media has significant impact on people’s mind and it will take some conscious effort on each individual’s part to sort the clutter and focus. I don’t see any systematic approach to help the youth to handle chaos. Strong value system, effective parenting and basic life skill education is a need. There is no point in bathing in past glory. Things are changing and we all need to adopt in order to progress. Unity, sharing and supporting one another is a mandatory requirement for collective progress.

Privious Mentoring Experience -

Advice to young:
Take control of your own progress. Try and understand yourself -What are my strengths? How do I perform? How do I learn? What are my values? Once you are aware of these details, reach out and get feedback from others and you will recognize where you truly “belong”. Find yourself sooner. The earlier you know who you are and what you want, the easier it is to invest energies, potential, time and money. Youth has its own power. Harness that sooner. Be simple and authentic.

Major achievement and honors: Topped Mumbai University at M.C.A 1993 with distinction.