Mr. Makarand Utpat

New York

Qualification - Walchand Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering


About -

New Jersey Institute of Technology: Masters in Computer & Information Sciences

Walchand Institute of Technology: Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering

Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author *Supercharge Your Online Brand

Makarand is a renowned marketing and media consultant, social entrepreneur, speaker and a best-selling author. Makarand also acts as a mentor and advisor to the college grads, seasoned professionals and the local business owners in New Jersey/ NYC area. Makarand’s story is an inspirational one. It is about hope and optimism and coming out ahead as a winner after finding his back against the wall.

Makarand says, “I am an immigrant who came to US 20+ years back with a leap of faith and aspirations to get a higher education. I washed dishes, waited tables and delivered newspapers. Life teaches you the toughest lessons in hard times.”

“I was not the tallest dude on the block nor I bagged the gold medals by scoring high marks in the exams nor I was the fastest. While growing up, I shared 320 Sq ft tiny apartment with my parents, siblings and grandma.”

“I grew up in a town that was right next to the 3rd largest slum in the world. So, poverty was not a novelty for me. I know what it feels like to be an outcast and denied.”

“English was my 2nd language. My parents instilled virtues like respect and character. Little by little, everything adds up.”

“I believe that the scarcities I experienced and the circumstances I grew up in prepared me to achieve bigger goals. It allowed me to create unique perspective towards life, success, failure, and winning.”

Speaking Gigs, Consulting:
* Planning Your Online Business, Website Design
* Marketing Audits, Social Ads
* Become Your Own Platform
* Conquer Your Content
* Lead Generation, Traffic, Conversion Strategies
* Developing Influence and Authority
* Power of Gratitude, Abundance and Empathy
* How Success Happens