Mr. Kedar Palsule

San Jose

Qualification - M.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering


About -

My name is Kedar Uday Palsule and I'm born & brought up in Pune. I'm one of 3 brothers, one twin and a younger brother. I'm married and have a 3 year old son. My father was a captain in Merchant navy before he retired and afterwards he started several companies the last one being Spear Logistics where I  got the chance to work with him and my brothers. My mom was in banking before she had us and after we grew up she taught in Montessori schools for years.
I graduated in electronics engineering from Pune university in 2005, worked in logistics for a few years before I came to USA in 2009 to pursue my Masters in ISyE from Georgia institute of technology. I had a graduate research assistantship and worked as a lifeguard while I completed my masters. After that I worked in automotive components manufacturing industry in logistics & supply chain for several companies like Faurecia, SAS and Adient before I switched verticals to get into semiconductor industry with Applied Materials where I'm currently at where I also volunteer as an ERT (Emergency response team).

I believe in the power of continuous education and having a positive outlook on life and relationships. I feel that keeping an open mind is the best advice I got from my father. By the grace of my parents I have enjoyed the success I have had so far. I want to pay it forward and make a better future for our planet, and our children.