Mr. Deepak Jaware

San Francisco

Qualification - PMP, SCPM Stanfor University, Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM)


About -

PMP, SCPM Stanfor University, Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon


► Committed to getting things done by constantly promoting a motivated environment
combined with humor to reduce tension
I am a Technical Program Management leader with strong business acumen rooted in an in-
depth technical background. I possess an ability to motivate teams by cultivating trust in any
project direction.
► I bring complex business models to technical solutions. I enable technical capabilities for
new business models of product solutions for the market by accelerating programs. I build
robust and highly scalable systems by enabling the accurate entitlement of
Cisco’s services and avoid over-delivery without any negative impact on customer satisfaction.
My goal is to have a positive impact on organizational success, to achieve engineering
excellence that converts team strength into building business capabilities and development.
► I understand the bigger picture of what engineering does day-to-day. By helping to grow the
business, I make sure to assign every task to the right owner to ensure on-time completion. I
build relationships with cross functional teams, investing time and energy into effective team
building. I put the effort into understanding the task first, then identifying potential risks and
► I do not panic in difficult scenarios and always work to find the best ways to come out of
unfavorable situations. I make excellent connections with internal and external teams, gaining
insight and an accurate picture of any complex and challenging situation.
Cloud Native Applications | Elastic Search | Kafka | Web Services | Oracle Database | Strategic
Analysis| Software Development | Budgeting & Cost Control | Process Improvement | Vendor
Management | Automated Testing | Effective Collaborator| Customer Satisfaction

Positions Held:-

Sr. Technical Program Manager:  Amazon:  Sep 2019 – Present

Senior Technical Program Manager – Entitlement Base :  Cisco: Oct 2015 – Present

Senior Technical Program Manager:  Cisco- Mar 2005 – Present