Mr. Bhalchandra Kulkarni

New Jersey

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I'm from Mumbai, studied Economics at the Sydenham college at Churchgate and got into Banking, moved to IT and M & A divisions. I'm based in the US since 2001, presently live in Lyndhurst (NJ). During my M & A & consulting days, I saw many startups with incredible ideas and brilliance (increasingly well-funded too) and it was always gut-wrenching to see so many of them crash and burn. While everyone's story was different, some patterns started forming in my mind and I started helping, mentoring (& even investing in a few) startups and it was a highly rewarding experience to take them, quickly and efficiently, to a place where they could mitigate resistance, fly faster, and minimize energy usage. In 2014, I set up my own startup advisory firm, 

Our essential contributions are on the product (ideation to maturity), governance (to build a sustainable organization that will pass the muster of your customers and auditors), product mix and portfolio management, preparing for due diligence by customers and investors, and partnering/ecosystem/exit strategies. 

Among my pro-bono activities are advisory board positions with universities for curricula development, setting up and running incubators, mentoring (one-on-one and group settings) and always happy to help young entrepreneurs in any corner of the world realize their dreams.