Dr. Balaram Takale

Santa Barbara

Qualification - PhD


About -

Through GMG, I am looking forward to meeting you all, sharing ideas, and transferring any skill which could be useful for the community, and most importantly, learning from all of you!

-I am originally from a small village located 10 km away from Panvel-Mumbai, on Mumbai-Goa highway. I belong to a farmer family, and in fact I was involved in farming until my PhD in ICT, Mumbai. 

-As a son of a farmer, one of the things that I was always curious about was ingredients or chemicals involved in agricultural products as well as in life saving medicines.

-The curiosity shaped in pursuing PhD in this field, and ultimately becoming a scientist in making molecules.

-After PhD, and spending a year in Japan, I learned that chemistry is more than making molecules, it's my motivation, energy booster, you call it! It is one of those things that kicks me out of bed to go to work. 

-What excites me about my current role as a project scientist at University of California, Santa Barbara is how we can make medicines, in highly efficient, faster and cost effective ways so that every human on the planet could access it, if need be.

-Apart from this, I enjoy investing (market), running, biking, and putting a tent in wild California.