Dr. Atul Sagade


Qualification - PhD Energy Engineering


About -

Dr. Atul Sagade graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Post-graduated in Energy Technology and done PhD research in Energy Engineering. He involved in teaching, entrepreneurial and administrative works at Engineering Polytechnic and the engineering level for more than fourteen (14) years. After completing the early career stage of 7 years in teaching, he accepted a challenging role as Principal/Director of the engineering polytechnic institute for more than seven (7) years.

Along with the teaching and research in the field of renewable energy and mechanical engineering, as a principal, he has administrative experience in overall campus administration, laboratories establishment and development, curriculum and course development, management of students and faculty of various engineering disciplines, facing and handling of administrative, quality education and assessment and accreditation committees of different academic and government bodies, students and faculty grievances.


He has research experience in solar thermal systems focus on the development of innovative designs of solar cookers, geysers, air heaters, high-temperature solar water heaters and steam generators. He has expertise in the design and development of solar geysers and air heaters with the help of concentrating collectors for instant water and air heating for diverse low-temperature industrial heating processes in laundry, restaurants, and hotels.

            Based on his research projects, he published more than 30 research papers in the internationally reputed journals/books published by the publishers such as Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Springer and several conferences such as ISES solar world congress, IEA-SHC heating and cooling, supported by IEEE and Springer.       

During the tenure of Principal/Director, he worked as a chief officer for the admission receipt center and examinations and actively involved in admission and exam related works. He had experience in Industry-Institute interaction and played a vital role in various MOUs with industries for different educational, training and placement activities. He contributed to organizing several student and faculty centric activities such as workshops, seminars, training and faculty development programs, fundraising proposals and scientific meetings etc. He played a vital role in diverse faculty and student development activities over the years.

In 2015, Dr. Sagade established his research laboratory named Solar Energy Research Laboratory (SERL) in India and tried to contribute his experience and research knowledge to the community and societal development. Also, this lab provides testing services of solar thermal devices especially solar cookers, dryers and water heaters. Under this lab, Dr. Atul and his team conducted several awareness and training programs on different areas, such as dissemination of science and technology to the rural communities, solar cooking and other solar and renewable technologies to the diverse community groups of women, school students, and uneducated and non-technical background people. Also, several technical and entrepreneurship workshops and programs had planned and conducted successfully for the engineering students and faculties under this lab.

Dr. Sagade was invited and involved in workshops on the development of Technology Roadmap of solar heating and cooling 2050 by International Energy Agency under its Solar Heating and Cooling Program (IEA-SHC). This roadmap was published in 2012. Also, he is active member of European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP) and other several international institutes and societies.