Mr. Ashok Joshi


Qualification - Doctorate North Western University


About -

Doctorate North Western University

Post-Doctoral fellow Pennsylvania University

Technopreneur, investor, philanthropist, Scientist, and Prolific Inventor

Founder and President  Microlin L. C.

Ex. Owner and Ex President Ceramatec Inc

Director at Technology Holding LLC, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Past Board Member Industrial Research institute , Arlington, Virginia

About 2 decades ago, internationally acclaimed scientist Dr. Joshi told himself, ‘Giving back will give me the biggest happiness.’ He started in India at first, funding a mobile library that relied on people with bicycles to rotate books weekly between 21 schools in rural villages. From there he began building and expanding schools, including one in Wai that serves mentally-challenged children. Dr. Joshi says, “These children are not getting learning opportunities. Well, that’s not acceptable to me. Those children are God’s children. I did what I could.”

What began in India, spilled over into Dr.Joshi’s involvement locally with colleges and their students whom he still mentors today on an individual basis. He has funded trips for students in Salt Lake City to India to help out in schools and villages, including with women for whom he helped start small businesses with microloans. He is also engaged actively in many charitable, educational and societal development endeavors, both in his home town Utah as well as in India.

Dr. Ashok Joshi returned to USA in year 1984 and took a job of an engineer in Ceramatec Inc. He progressed rapidly and in year 1996 he was CEO of the company.

As a CEO, he realized that everything was not right in the company. The company faced too many problems and often landed into troubles. There were too many lay-offs and far too many appointments. Dr. Ashok found that under the control of the then Board of Directors, the company can never function profitably. He advised the Board that they should mend their ways or sell off the company. Though Dr. Ashok was confident that he can turn around the company, the board was not. The Board told Dr. Ashok that they want to sell off the company. Dr. Ashok was given assignment of finding a right buyer. Unfortunately there was none.

Being very confident of what he can do, Dr. Ashok found an investor who had full faith in Dr. Ashok’s capability. In year 1999, Dr. Ashok himself became owner of Ceramatec Inc.

Under Dr. Ashok Joshi’s leadership, CeramatecInc. grew 300% over a short time span of 8 years. Ceramatec Inc. was acquired by CoorsTek, the largest technical ceramics company in the world.

Dr. Ashok Joshi’s Entrepreneurial activities can be summarized looking at his 8 Spin Off Companies.

  • MaxTek – Long life oxygen sensors
  • Microlin – Control release technologies
  • Activ O – Back pain relief device
  • LoTek – Low thermal expansion ceramics
  • Aplion – Positive pressure drug delivery
  • Kalypto – Negative pressure drug delivery
  • Shunt Power – Iontophoresis drug delivery
  • Technology Holding – Synthetic Biology

Privious Mentoring Experience -

Achievements and Honors:

  1. Ahsok Joshi is a well-recognized innovator and high-technology entrepreneur.
  2. Joshi has developed several technologies in the Energy, Environmental and Biotech fields.
  3. Joshi is on the Board of MIT, Pune, with responsibility to take the University to global level and recognition.
  4. He is an inventor of more than 130 issued US patents, and has over 40 pending US Patents.
  5. He was responsible for commercializing four products (two used for institutional use, one for medical use, and one for industrial use).
  6. Joshi founded six other companies of which he sold three companies and still runs with an active interest in three other companies.
  7. Joshi is a philanthropist engaged in the development and building of three schools serving 2000 under-privileged children in rural India.
  8. One of the schools focuses on mentally challenged children.
  9. He helped build a centre for learning life skills for children in Mumbai’s slum area.
  10. He has donated for scholarships for students of The Salt Lake Community College.
  11. He collaborated with Westminster College for the “Room to Read” project to be implemented in a rural Indian Village.
  12. He is one of the substantial donors for Hindu Ganesh Temple and The India Cultural Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  13. Joshi is also actively involved in community development serving on various Boards, including the national Industrial Research Institute and in Utah: Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College, and India Cultural Centre.
  14. He has many prestigious awards for his contributions including: Maxell Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award – 2014;
  15. Pioneers of Progress Award for Science & Technology, Days of ’47 State of Utah – 2014;
  16. Utah Genius Award for the recognition of creative people behind Utah’s economy – 2012;
  17. Industrial Research Institute (Washington) Achievement Award for Exceptional Work as a Entrepreneur, Scientist, and Philanthropist in the R&D Industry – 2009;
  18. Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce Award “Asian of the Year” – 2009;
  19. Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology – 2004;
  20. India’s National Small Business Entrepreneurial Award by the President of India HonorableZail Singh – 1983;
  21. India’s Parkhe Award for Innovation – 1982;
  22. Invited speaker to various international conferences including NATO Conference on Advanced Battery Technology – 1972.