Mr. Amit Waikar


Qualification - B.Sc., B.A., MBA.


About -

Mr. Amit is an active social organizer who is friend of everybody, and treasures the friendship with everybody. He was President India Association, Shanghai for two terms and now he is Senior Board Member.

India Association, Shanghai was founded in 1997 as a way for Indians living in Shanghai to meet each other and organize events and charity functions as a community. Amit’s first interaction with the Indian Association was relatively innocent, the result of meeting some Indian expats. He then met some more Indian people and attended events such as Diwali, the festival of lights. Amit was immediately struck by how well everything was done with close to 800 people in attendance. After several years working in a volunteer capacity with the association, he got the opportunity to run for election. With enough backing, and the much-needed support of Aparna; his wife, Amit ran and won in 2012, humble in his victory. While the association had around 700 members at the time of the election, Amit was far from satisfied. He points to the Indian Association’s reputation of being an elite, high-end organization most Indians knew nothing about.

This is what sparked his interest to run for the leadership position. “I wanted it to be inclusive — for every Indian to come to. I wanted to get the common man, the hard-working man, into it.” Amit can safely say he’s achieved that goal. Since his election, membership has increased by multiple folds.
He was the main organizer behind the ceremony held to host Honorable Prime Minister Modiji when he visited Shanghai. The function was attended by more than 6000 Indians and was a great success. That is the power of Mr. Amit to unite people for a cause. His organizing power is based on two fundamental principles, humility and transparency.
Born in July 1975, Mr. Amit was raised in Nagpur. His father late Dr. Vinay Waikar was a well-known writer & literary figure. His two Ghazal collections ‘Aaina- e-Ghazal’ and ‘Ghazal Darpan’ are well- known among the Ghazal lovers. Amit’s mother Veena Waikar too is a doctor. Amit has two sisters, Manisha and Pallavi, both doctors & married to doctors. “You can see I am a black sheep, the only non-medico in the family,” he quips with slight amusement and goes on to say, “but I had full support for everything that I did”. Mr. Amit feels blessed for being born in a house where love for arts and literature and focus on education were of paramount importance.
Mr. Amit grew up with his parents and grandparents in the family’s ancestral house in Nagpur. Their house used to be always abuzz with distinguished guests like the Ghazal singers Ali Sardar Zafri, Jagjit Singh, and Chitra Singh. Many renowned Marathi writers and literature stalwarts like V. P. Kale and Vidyadhar Gokhale used to frequent their house and Mr. Amit’s childhood was enriched with the inspiring memories of such visiting guests. Music and literature made wonderful impressions on Mr. Amit’s young mind from his childhood experiences.
Amit attended Somalwar High School which is renowned in Nagpur for producing record number of merit students. Amit graduated with B.Sc. from Science College in 1996. While in college, Amit was the President, Science College Literature and Cultural Forum (LACF). This is where Mr. Amit learnt his first lessons in public relations and team motivation while also learning how to always keep a happy face. In 1998, he completed management program at Nagpur University with a MBA degree. He also graduated as B.A. in English Literature.
When he was in 12th grade, his father suddenly met with an accident, was in coma for two days and had lost his memory for next six months. Mr. Amit says that it was the period of his life that taught him a bitter lesson and also revealed to him who were true friends and who were not. Friends and friendship meant a great deal to him at every stage of his life.
Mr. Amit is Regional leadership professional in flavors, fragrances, and food and beverage ingredients with more than 15 year experience in Sales, Business development, Market setup and Account Management.
He possesses in-depth experience of selling, promoting and marketing flavors, fragrances and beverage ingredients to customers and key accounts in Europe, Indian subcontinent, South Asia, China and Australia-New Zealand.
Mr. Amit is a commercially focused team player and a leader with excellent communication and inter-personal skills. He is a seasoned manager, been responsible for setting up legal entities in markets like Indonesia, Thailand, and managing P&L and of recruiting team members in these regions. He is a skillful decision maker, self-directed, result oriented and resourceful individual. He has people-management and leadership skills both in the professional sphere and also at social / community arena. He has a proven track record in developing new markets, ability to take on cross-functional roles and manage multiple responsibilities. His ability to adapt and succeed in different geographic locations such as Europe, India, Greater China region, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand is unique.
Amit has recently been appointed as Executive Director, India Film Studios, a fast growing Indian company engaged in professional film making and cinemas.

Privious Mentoring Experience -

Mr. Amit is the Senior Vice President at Doehler Food and Beverage Ingredients Co. Ltd, posted at Shanghai. He has the overall responsibility of developing strategies and corporate policies to implement global business objectives. Mr. Amit manages a team of supervisory professionals involved in implementing these agreed strategies. He is responsible for direct management of 2 out of the 5 sales areas in Asia Pacific (APAC). : South East Asia(SEA) & Indonesia(IND) that constitute 38% in volume of the total APAC region’s sales and revenues for Doehler Food and Beverage Ingredients Co. Ltd .