Mr. Ajit Jaokar


Qualification - Doctor of Philosophy Artificial Intelligence Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid


About -

Course Director : Artificial Intelligence – Cloud and Edge implementations course – University of Oxford

Doctor of Philosophy Artificial Intelligence Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Working on my PhD on AI (affective computing) using Reinforcement Learning and related algorithms for understanding affects(emotion) in AI under the supervision of Prof Claudio Feijoo)

Masters Information Systems The University of Salford

Electronics Engineering University of Mumbai

Positions Held:

  • Principal Data Scientist/ AI Designer feynlabs London Feb 2017 – Present
  • Advisor The AI Initiative @ Harvard Kennedy School Mar 2018 – Present
  • Course Director: Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge implementations University of Oxford Jan 2017 – Present ( )
  • Director AI for Smart cities lab – UPM – Madrid May 2016 – Present
  • Director futuretext Nov 1999 – Present
  • Adviser – Strategic projects amf-ventures Aug 2006 – Present
  • Co-author – Digital world in 2030 community/report European Internet Foundation – EIF Jan 2014 – Feb 2016

Dr. Ajit says, “My work spans research, consulting and academia relating to applying AI for IoT

My teaching / research include:

  • Oxford University: Course director and teacher – Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations. We implement complex scenarios at the intersection of AI and IoT. These include domains such as Time series, sensor fusion, Transfer learning, Digital Twins, Security (Secure IoT) and Embedded AI. We work with some of the best companies in AI including Microsoft, Google, Intel, Amazon and others
  • Harvard Kennedy School – Adviser AI society: This is a policy role covering the issues of AI in society including issues like explainable AI
  • Future cities at UPM (University of Madrid) – Director of Lab / lecturer on AI and Smart cities. I have been involved in Madrid and China on the applications of AI in complex scenarios
  • London School of Economics – Visiting faculty – AI for master’s in business program

I am also a Data Scientist applying these ideas to my own products and as a consultant.
I work with complex domains including Bioinformatics, Cybersecurity and healthcare. (References available on request). I publish extensively on KDnuggets and Data Science Central. Prior to AI, I have been involved with various Mobile / Telecoms / IoT projects since 1999

In 2009, I was nominated to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of the Internet’ council. I have worked with cities like Amsterdam and Liverpool on Smart city projects at Mayoral level advisory roles.

I am also passionate about teaching Data Science to young people (topic of my next book) – Mathematical foundations of Data Science: Learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based on high school mathematics.

I am the Course Director at Oxford University for an AI course called “Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations” I also run a research company in London and a start-up which are all focused on AI and IoT (what I teach)

I was born in Mumbai. My inspiration is my father who taught me to think big and think globally. I also loved Mumbai atmosphere and its multi-cultural ethos. I grew up in a part of Mumbai with a large Guajarati population (a language I understand well) – it was also an inspiration to start my own business along-with the support of my father (who was a senior manager in SICOM – Maharashtra state investment organization)

I have a masters and a PhD in AI (at the time of writing the PhD is still yet to be wrapped up). My teachers in school were very inspiring Mrs Dalvi, Mrs Molly Thomas, Ramani Thomas and many others (Gurukul high school) and some other teachers like Mr V U Mehta in Mumbai. I loved to teach and still do (Oxford). When I grew up, I never thought I would do what I did. But also, many of my batch mates also did very well in USA etc.

I have had a long and diverse set of friends both in India and globally especially people who have studied in my class or read my books/blogs

My career spans an unusual mix of entrepreneurship and academia. I like both and they complement each other. I would never have thought that I would do this as a child! i.e. it’s not a common career choice I find/had planned.

I believe AI is a game changer and will impact many lives. I am very much dedicated to preparing the next generation to embrace AI.

For the last five years, I have been working on a book (due to be released in sep 2019)

Mathematical foundations of Data Science: Learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based on high school maths only

I want to do something for Shirdi Sai Baba

My research is based on AI and IoT and also how AI can detect emotions. Both are significant areas

I am optimistic about India especially after Modi


I once wrote this for my son – why you should read a book a week (and I do)


Best way to contact me is via LinkedIn and Garje Marathi Global.

I live in London and am a British citizen