Mr. Abhijeet Gholap


Qualification - M.Tech. M.B.A.


About -

A pioneer player in Digital health Space. Chartered Member TiE, Silicon Valley. Alumnus of Stanford University and IIT Mumbai

He is board member of TiE, EPPIC and member of Sand Hill Angels.

Optra Health, OptraSCAN and Optra Systems are three bio-imaging companies that Abhi Gholap owns. All three companies have operations in California and in Pune, Maharashtra, and sales office in Holland. Abhi is trying to promote the new approach in dealing with cancer, all around the world. The concept is relatively new and yet it has very encouraging response from all over the world.

Abhi, the Entrepreneur….

Abhi has started four companies with his wife Dr. Gauri being co-founder. The first company was BioImagene.  Gauri’s expertise is in Biotechnology and Abhi’s specialization was biomedical imaging and so the name BioImagene was coined. This point onwards, in every company Gauri is co-founder. This was the point when Optra group of companies was formed in late 2006.

Abhi and Gauri are cofounders and co-owners of three operating companies under Optra Group, namely, Optra Health, OptraSCAN and Optra Systems.

Abhi says, "Optra is a brain child of hard core techno-preneurs. So, technology and innovation are at the roots of our company."

Abhi, the film producer….

Abhi is producer of national award winning films Deol and Bhartiya.

Abhi, the Philanthropist….

After the death of mother and father, Abhi has started a foundation called ‘JijiBhau foundation’ (Abhi used to call his mother Jiji and father was called Bhau).

JijiBhau foundation is dedicated to help anyone who is fighting cancer and seeking financial, clinical or psychological help. Virtually everyone in the world, in some way and at some point, will be touched by cancer. The foundation aims to provide supporting initiatives that encompass each and every moment when cancer touches people’s lives. This ranges from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and survivorship.

32 cancer patients are taken care of by the foundation in three years.  The Foundation takes responsibility of patients below the age of 18 and with good prognosis. It takes care of therapy, accommodation and guest house while the therapy is in progress, and helps the patient settle in life.

Advice to Youth:

The advice Abhi would like to give to the youngsters is that they should be hungry for innovations, knowledge and should not give importance to luxuries and comforts. He says, “Young Indians do not have the craze to travel/settle abroad as it used to be 2-3 decades ago. This is very good. But our younger generation does not have hunger for innovation which is the most essential factor in today’s world. Only through innovation new business opportunities get generated.”

“If you consider the innovations over past few decades, be it internet, telephone, telecommunication, aerospace or even concept-cars like Tesla, you will see that the Silicon Valley or USA on the whole nurtures these innovative people. And if you look at past 2-3 decades, most of the breakthroughs are taking place in USA. New generation in India has new ideas and new ways of thinking; and from that one can get new breakthroughs. We have talent and brains, and these breakthroughs can easily occur in India if we create conducive atmosphere.”


Privious Mentoring Experience -

Abhi finds that the work-force scenario is vastly different in USA from that in India. Abhi started two businesses like BioImagene and Optra both in USA and in India. He finds it was easier to find technologically ready people in USA. Employees in USA are well equipped with thinking on the lines of technology, innovation and working with their own ideas. They are used to having working freedom. They are easy to hire and easy to put on the job. They take up the work because they like the type of the work, whereas in India people look for employment in companies like Infosys, TCS etc. without judging if the job matches their liking and expertise. This posed few challenges to Abhi while attracting talent. But Abhi did not face any bureaucratic hurdles mainly because the company was located in Special Economic Zone.

Over the years, Abhi and the companies he has founded received a number of awards:

  • 2015: Entrepreneur of the Month recognition by Silicon India
  • 2013: Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development
  • 2012: President’s Gold Lotus National award
  • 2012: Maharashtra State Entrepreneurship Award2011:
  • RED Herring Asia Business Award
  • 2010: DELOITTE Fast 50 Business Award
  • 2009: Maharashtra State Government's R&D (Innovation) Award
  • 2008: Rajiv Gandhi IT Award
  • 2007: Rotary International Vocational Excellence Award