Qualification - M.E. Mechanical Professional Engineer Ontario


About -

Ajit Potnis is a Mechanical Engineer, having acquired a Post Graduate degree - M.E. (Mech.) and is a registered Licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario (P. Eng.). He has extensive professional experience spanning over thirty years and two continents. He has headed R & D, production, maintenance, quality assurance, engineering, budgeting, projects and environmental management at different points in his career.  

A polyglot who is fluent in several languages, Ajit loves reading, music, repairing and fixing things in his spare time. As a technocrat, he has travelled widely, and has made technical and other presentations to different audiences around the world.

Ajit has made Canada his home for the past 18 years and lives in Brampton, Ontario with his wife and daughter. He is the Engineering Manager of a global automotive parts manufacturer. He believes in preserving the environment and is passionate about retaining his culture and language in a foreign land.