Mr. Aditya Ranade


Qualification - Ph.D., MBA


About -

  • Climate Entrepreneur

  • Founder: Two Degrees Adapt

  • Founder: Aerio Technologies

Current Status:

I am a founder and partner for Two Degrees Adapt- a climate resilience technology advisory firm, and a founder + director of business development for Aerio Technologies- a decision analytics software company enabling renewable natural gas development. I am also an adjunct professor at University of Saint Thomas teaching a class titled “Global Energy Landscape”

Childhood / Young Days:

I was born in Pune and brought up in Rajapur, Dist- Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. After 10th standard I came to Pune and attended Fergusson College for my 11th+12th and MIT, Pune for Polymer Engineering.

Beginning of Career:

I left India to pursue a Ph.D in Materials Science. I received my PhD at Case Western Reserve University in 2006 with a focus on micro and nano-scale layered polymeric systems and studying their mechanical and optical properties.

Till today:

My first job out of grad school was at Saint-Gobain, developing photovoltaic solar panel materials. This catalyzed my interest in sustainable energy and sustainability broadly. Since then, I have worked in Venture Capital, Consulting, Market Research and R&D across Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Agriculture. Most recently, I led global R&D in Connected/Smart Grid for 3M.

My work over the past 14 years has taken me to 22 countries across four continents


Enable a better Anthropocene for the planet through science and technology


My wife- Aditi Velankar is a Physical Therapist with Regions Hospital. She has Masters in Health Sciences from University of Indianapolis and a Geriatrics Specialist Certificate from American Physical Therapy Association. She is also an aspiring Yoga teacher.


If we develop a humanist and rationalist viewpoint, we can overcome the various challenges facing our planet


Be Original, Be Bold, Work Hard, Create

Important Link:

While it is imperative we reduce our impact on the environment as a society we must also consider how we will respond to the impacts of our emissions to date. Investments in adaptation strategies will be crucial to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and to provide an opportunity for regenerative economic growth.

We have developed a proprietary process for analyzing economic impacts of climate change, identifying climate adaptation strategies, and quantifying the potential economic opportunity. While others may stop there, we take the much needed extra step of connecting investors, technology providers, businesses, and cities who will benefit most from the adaptation strategies.

We envision adaptation strategies implemented in every sector and geography impacted by climate change, resulting in economic growth and the avoidance of the worst effects of climate change.


Two Degrees Adapt promotes economic growth and asset resilience in spite of climate change by accelerating the deployment of climate adaptation technologies in the private and public sector. By mapping adaptation strategies to sectors and geographies as well as developing partnerships between the private and public sector Two Degrees facilitates the implementation of adaptation strategies which improve our cities and society.

Data driven decision making for Renewable Natural Gas industry

Aerio Technologies provides data driven decision analytics to convert methane from distributed sources to low carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).