About chapter -

GMG-Bahrain Chapter(GMG-BH)

  • The Chapter was formed on 1st July 2020 with the initiative of Dr. Aditi Juvekar and other committee members. It is an independent body formed to achieve GMG objectives and will follow norms of GMG.  It will be a platform for connecting Marathi Community in Bahrain with  GMG  initiatives and will promote GMG  in Bahrain. The Chapter will  help GMG  to connect with  local /regional professionals, entrepreneurs, students  and the youth in your region and promote the key objectives of the GMG viz. networking, knowledge sharing and  mentoring. The Chapter will keep GMG updated on important events/ News / notable achievements pertaining to the chapter members.
  • The Chapter Committee-
    • Chapter Head -Dr. Aditi Juvekar.
    • Deputy Chapter Head-Mr. Anant Shrotre.
    • OtherTeam members
      • Mr. Deepak Juvekar
      • Mr. Deepak Ghanekar
      • Mrs. Neelaja Shrotre.
      • Mr. Yashodhan Abhyankar
      • Mr. Abhijit Igave
  • The Chapter focus will be on multiple themes especially which are more relevant to the Chapter members, e.g. career guidance to the aspiring students wishing to study in India or abroad, alternative career options to members who may lose the jobs, financial planning for the members returning to India etc.
  • The Chapter Plan for period March 21.
    • Aggressive campaign to enroll the members by reaching out the Marathi community in Bahrain and globally.
    • Organizing webinars for the benefit of the members.
    • Patriciate in the mentoring program of the GMG as facilitators.
    • Work actively with other chapters in the middle east to address the issues which are of  common interest.
    • Prepare the Constitution of the Chapter on the guidelines of GMG and the regulatory framework of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Chapter Committee -


Founder Member
Dr. Aditi Juvekar


Founder Member
Mr. Deepak Juvekar
+973 35 01 48 53