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Our Founders and Present Board of Directors

Anand Ganu:Founder
Suneeta Ganu:Co-founder
Anita Kant: Board Member
Niteen Joshi: Board Member
Sandeep Padhye: Board Member

Our Guiding Stars

Narendra Kale
Mr. Narendra Kale
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Bhushan Gokhale
Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale
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Uday Bodhankar
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Ganpati Yadav
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Our Navigators

Vijay Joshi
Mr. Vijay Joshi
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Sameer Padhye
Mr. Sameer Padhye
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Avinash Kale
Mr. Avinash Kale
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Madhav Dabke
Mr. Madhav Dabke
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Meghana Vartak
Meghana Vartak
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Ravindra Gadgil
Mr.Ravindra Gadgil
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Sanjay Dhavalikar
Mr. Sanjay Dhavalikar
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Sanjay Dhavalikar
Anurag Mairal
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‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘

अनिवासी मराठी आणि मातृभूमीला परतलेल्या मराठी माणसांचे
‘विश्व मराठी कुटुंब‘
बनवण्याच्या ध्येयाने ‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘ ह्या व्यासपीठाची निर्मिती झाली आहे.
ह्या वैश्विक मराठी व्यासपीठामुळे मराठी मनांचा एकमेकांशी संवाद साधला जाईल,
विचारांची देवाणघेवाण होईल, महाराष्ट्राचे आणि मातृभूमीचे ऋण फेडण्याची
संधी प्राप्त होईल, आणि जगाच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात पसरलेल्या मराठी माणसाने,
मराठी समाजासाठी, महाराष्ट्रासाठी आणि भारतमातेसाठी जे योगदान दिले आहे,
त्यांच्या यशोगाथेचे दर्शन घडवता येईल.

What we do?

We created a platform to begin with and aspire to become a global family of non-resident Marathi community and those who returned to our motherland, Bharat. Creating synergies through networking, mentoring of our members with an intent to give back to Janmabhumi and Karmabhumi.

Our foundation is based on education, knowledge, enterprising skills and patriotism. Celebrating success of our Marathi community is our way of acknowledging their contributions to the society, to the economy and to our great nation. .

Our Brief Introduction

Garje Marathi Global (we love to call it ‘GMG’), is an organization beyond boundaries (does it remind doctors without boundaries?). Geographical limits are no limits; even sky is not the limit for aspirations. Global Marathi community is built by non-resident Marathi people and those who returned to the soil. We welcome every Marathi person to share their knowledge, expertise with others. We urge you to become our members, even mentors to identify opportunities and help most deserved Marathi society at large. We work for a social cause; we are not profitable but definitely aim to create professionals, entrepreneurs to build the most profitable business across the globe.

GMG works on the principle of ‘joining hands’. Our thinking, our feelings and our souls are creating a warm, welcoming experience to our members, mentors and well-wishers. We welcome you to our website, watch for events, appreciate our activities, read through what members have to say and if it excites you, please join our hands, be active members in one of the chapters spread across the world and build a larger family.

‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘

ज्ञानोपासना,उद्यमशीलता आणि देशभक्ती या त्रिगुणांचा संगम ही
मराठी माणसाची ओळख आहे.आणि या संस्कारांच्या पायावर
‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘ हे व्यासपीठ उभे आहे.आता आपण सर्वानी मिळून
विश्व मराठी कुटुंबाचा झेंडा या व्यासपीठावर फडकवायचा आहे.
‘गर्जे मराठी ग्लोबल‘ हे व्यासपीठ सर्व बंधनांपासून मुक्त आहे.
त्याला भेदाभेदांच्या भिंती नाहीत, भौगोलिक बांध नाहीत,
तिथे महत्त्वाकांक्षेला बंधन नाही किंवा स्वप्नाना अंत नाही.
ह्या व्यासपीठावर प्रत्येक मराठी माणसाचे स्वागत आहे.
आमची नम्र विनंती आहे की आपण या विश्व मराठी
कुटुंबाचे सदस्य व्हावे, अनुभवांची देवाणघेवाण करावी,
गुरुत्त्व स्वीकारुन शिष्याना मार्गदर्शन करावे,
आणि आपल्या ज्ञानदानाने मराठी माणसाचे,
समाजाचे भविष्य उज्ज्वल करावे.

The Purpose

Purpose of very existence defines every individual, every organization. We too have a clear purpose of why we created this platform. To put simply, our purpose is to

  • Connect, create and share knowledge
  • Mentor upcoming innovators and entrepreneurs and
  • To synergize community efforts to give back to roots and to Mother India.

Our Geographical Presence

We are globally present. Our chapters are located in every continent (except possibly Antarctica, but don’t mind) and we connect our members through these chapters. Members know each other in cities, their neighbourhoods and that is why they are part of the chapter near them.

Our Offerings

Our focus is clear, so our offerings are simple. We offer each member ability

  • To be a part of larger marathi community
  • To become mentor for other members
  • To access to various events conducted by global platform and local chapters
  • To participate Webinars and Knowledge sharing sessions by experts on various topics of interest and
  • Access to Innovation Academy and Mentorship Programs (by selection)

Are you curious? We invite you to read through more sections on our website and feel free to even contact us for specific queries you may have, or a feedback you wish to share to enhance our offerings.



  • Synergy (In the way of working)
  • Human (In attitude)
  • Innovation (As an outcome)
  • Professional (In approach)


  • Be a Glocal platform of Marathi Professioals to create best-in-class innovators and entrepreneurs


  • To connect, create and share knowledge
  • To Mentor upcoming innovators and entrepreneurs and
  • To 'give back' to motherland India

Our Journey

Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and diaries often provide the most valuable lessons in life. They provide insight into life struggles of the rich and successful. They show how those individuals resolved conflict in their lives, and how they went on to become the best. It is not possible to learn everything with your own experiences. One has to learn from others’.

It all began when Anand Ganu and Suneeta Ganu came across the story of Dr. Dinesh Keskar (VP Boeing International and President Boeing India). Inspired by this, Anand and Suneeta decide to compile stories of Non-Resident Marathi who have excelled through knowledge, education and entrepreneurship. Garje Marathi books are collections of short biographies of Non-resident Marathi who have excelled through education. Garje Marathi book 1 and Book 2 were published on 01 August 2017 and 01 August 2018 respectively. Garje Marathi Book 3 will be soon available in eBook form.

Garje Marathi Global Inc. owes its origin to Garje Marathi books. Anand and Suneeta Ganu established Garje Marathi Global on 01 August 2018 with four main objectives Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to society and to our roots, and to celebrate success of Marathi around the world.

Garje Marathi Global is जगन्नाथाचा रथ. Together we will. Marathi from all around the world are joining GMG. They all come in with desire to help our community and to give back to Maharashtra and India. GMG has grown at a very rapid pace thanks to GMG family members who have offered their expertise, time and energy to achieve objectives of Garje Marathi.

As on 01 August 2020, Garje Marathi Global has presence in Garje Marathi Chapters in 25 cities from USA to Europe to New Zealand. Garje Marathi Global has been organizing 'Think-Tank' meetings in Bay Area California for the past one year. We have also organized a number of webinars via Video conference for Garje Marathi Global members around the world. The purpose of these meetings is to share knowledge, experience and expertise of GMG mentors, GMG high achievers with our members around the world.