Teach to Teach

Garje Marathi is creating a platform making it easy to share your expertise for the benefit of our community members.

These are tough times and many feel that a crucial period of their life has become non-productive. Financial tensions, feelings of emptiness and helplessness due to pandemic situations are having devastating effects on many.

What is Teach2Teach?

Many of us have unique skills, expertise that can be taught ‘online’.

‘Teach 2Teach’ is a chain reaction and will make a great social impact. Let us come forward and teach these skills to those who are willing to learn and teach others.

Teaching and learning new things will give mental satisfaction of making the best of the situation. To many it might give a source of income.

Please contact me if you wish to participate in   ‘Teach 2 Teach’. / 001 7327897130 

What you can teach (Only suggestion, the list can be endless)

  1. Urban Farming
  2. Vertical Farming
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Coding
  5. Creating Online Game/ how to program mobile games
  6. Podcast
  7. How to use whatsApp-FaceBook- Instagram – LinkedIn effectively
  8. Share trading
  9. Online Tuitions
  10. Website creation on Wordpress
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. CPR
  13. Drawing – Madhubani/ Warali /
  14. Project report for bank finance
  15. Learn about Government schemes
  16. Mask making
  17. Hand Sanitizer/ disinfectant making
  18. Marathi
  19. Create YouTube Videos
  20. …….
  21. ……