Supply Chain, Lean Logistics and Project Management

"Supply Chain, Lean Logistics and Project Management."  Kedar Palsule

1. Program start date: September 4th 2021

2. Schedule Frequency & Duration: 

  • 13 weeks from 4th Sep 2021 to 27th Nov 2021
  • Every Saturday 9:30 am to 11 am IST (9pm to 10:30 pm PST) (Topics by date to be announced).

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"Today, more than ever, there is a need for an industry-level view in addition to the academic-view that many students have. There are obvious gaps in what’s taught in schools or universities versus what industry needs.

As a result there is a bunch of un-learning and re-learning that happens when a student enters the job market for the 1st time.

In addition to learning the tools of the trade one needs to keep a holistic system-level view of all things to be able to apply the learned skills effectively.

I would like to present some topics that would help do just that.

I would like to present some mental models, introduction to a few topics I am familiar with, and review concepts from books that I recommend.

Presenter Name: Kedar Palsule (B.E. Electronics Engineering, MS ISyE, CSCP, PMP)

Topics: (subject to change as per request)

  1. Supply Chain fundamentals: Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Exam prep.
  2. Project Management fundamentals: PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam prep. We will discuss what PMP certification offers. Then we will cover the basic framework that includes 5 process groups and 10 Knowledge areas from the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge.
  3. Risk management techniques: An introduction to 2 frameworks developed by Mr. David Hillson (The Risk-doctor). The 1st one is (Active Threat & Opportunity Management) or ATOM framework and 2nd is (Making Risky & Important Decisions) or MRID for short.
  4. Introduction to some Lean topics: The 5 Why technique, JIT (Just-In-Time) & (Toyota Production System) TPS, Value Stream Mapping, The Visual workplace, etc.
  5. Practical advice for Lean management (What is Monozukuri, Hitozukuri, Kotozukuri and how their understanding is essential for any organization undertaking their own Lean transformation journey.)
  6. Mental models for the lifelong learner: Here we will cover the general thinking concepts like 2nd order thinking, 1st principles thinking, probabilistic thinking, circle of competence, changing your perspective using idea inversion etc.
  7. Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) -is it for you? In 2021, Amazon is ranked 2nd in the Fortune 500 list. They use I.E.s to design the shortest warehouse pick-paths and use routing algorithms to help deliver your packages within 2 days. I will share the career paths of some industrial engineers and the nature of their jobs. Also we can see what the syllabus of some I.E. programs look like to help you decide if a degree in I.E. is for you.
  8. Book review: Introduction to Optimization in Operations Research by Ronald L. Rardin. We will try to understand the basic terms in optimization, what is a model (objective function, decision variables and constraints), how are models classified (Linear, non-linear, discrete or Integer, multi-objective optimization models etc.), and work through one type of an optimization problem to gain an understanding of how Industrial Engineers solve problems.
  9. Introduction to Biomimetics: A Book review of The Shark’s Paintbrush (Jay Harman).
  10. Book review of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence ( Max Tegmark).

Format: Videos with audio or slides or both

Each topic can be presented for 30 min or more as requested. (I can make short videos that can be combined with other topics for a fuller view on the topic.)

No prior knowledge of the topic will be assumed.

Material will be made freely available for viewing on Youtube or summary sheets will be available for free download."