Middle East ( G.C.C.) centric Online training and eLearning program

Online training and e-Learning program to mentor the students / entrepreneurs / Small & Medium Enterprises : Higher studies, careers and business operations Middle East region (G.C.C.)

Program Controller: Raghav Sadekar, Kuwait.

Entrepreneur • Management Consultant • Business Advisor • Visionary, Passionate & innovative, Thought provoking, Mentor, Philosopher and Empathetic keen on Energy (Oil & Gas), Homeland Security, IT & Communications.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever.

The e-Learning & online training Management system has been developed to override the problems prevailing in practicing the current manual system which was highlighted since last year, due to COVID-19 healthcare crisis.

• The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are out of the classroom since last 2 years.

• As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning,  whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

• Research suggests that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning the changes corona virus have caused might be here to stay.

Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, with global Ed-tech investments reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019 and the overall market for online education projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025. Whether it is language Apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in usage since COVID 19.

The online training & eLearning system is supported to eliminate and in few cases reduce the hardships faced by the existing classroom systems. Moreover it will ensure the student / entrepreneur / Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) can carry out their higher studies or business operations in a smooth & effective manner and reach their goals faster with trusted sources in the Middle East region.

We plan a user-friendly online training distant learning program, say an eLearning Management system as it will be free, secure, and have reliable & compiled technical information data which is duly validated from various industry sources and scalable with all the computer technologies. This will ensure the students can focus on the core activities of eLearning, understand & reach the Middle east market rapidly.  This would ensure University students / entrepreneurs or SME can focus on learning  & optimize better utilization of their resources as only a smart-phone or a PC with internet access is required to complete our eLearning Management system.

There are however, challenges to overcome. Every Learning Management system has challenges to compile, overcome & manage right information, Students data,  refine Course content, Q&A, tests, reports etc.. It is taken care of by using the standard online training platform of GOOGLE CLASSROOM by Garje Marathi Global, USA account.

We also plan to extend our distant learning program not only to Indian Students but also plan for children in the State of Palestine & Iraq directly or through U.N. and Arab Open Universities channel as a Teacher training digital platform. The current situation in Palestine & Iraq will need many Teachers & students to get access to online Training validated and compiled data resources. The focus will not be on

technologies but rather on the role of the Teacher as a facilitator and a source of technical information to the science students or entrepreneurs in Palestine & Iraq too.

I believe this peer-to-peer approach by digital linking the Palestine & Iraq Teachers & students alike with United Nations existing programs, will be a proven way to  motivate, encourage and mobilize the educational community and serve the  vision & mission of the Garje Marathi Global in the education segment.


The purpose of our Online training & e-Learning Management system is to  automate the existing manual / classroom courses with the help of computerized systems so that valuable technical information is compiled & validated from various worldwide sources, stored, retrieved & updated periodically without any hardware/software upgrade resources & relative costs so as to be readily available to all the University Students / Entrepreneurs / SME (enterprises) who wish to venture into the Middle East region.

There is evidence that distant online learning can be more effective in a number of ways. Some research shows that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom. This is mostly due to the students being able to learn faster online; e-learning requires 40-60% less time to learn than in a traditional classroom setting because students can learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading, skipping, or accelerating  through concepts as they choose.

Our customized e-learning management system would be secure, reliable with validated content, periodic updates and a scalable learning system which will ensure better utilization of resources and students’ time, as our course content will ensure the students are not distracted by the market information that is irrelevant while still being able to access the latest information on the subject matter.

Our aim is to provide compiled information covering industrial & management training activities, ICT related information pertaining to the Middle East market through our subject matter experts and the non-profit organizations who are renowned in the world of validated information and online training & E-learning programs covering the energy (oil & gas), academics, construction, aviation, healthcare, IT & Communications (ICT), utilities (water & electricity) and Homeland Security sector in the Middle East mainly G.C.C. region.

Our training programs are designed to adapt to the current Middle East market information  & technologies available and can assist a student or entrepreneur in strategic planning and ensure he/she is equipped with right level of information for the market region he wants to invest or learn in near future.


The main objective basically of our online eLearning project will ensure how the student/entrepreneur would attain the right market info. of the Middle East region through our Training programs on selective topics of Industrial & Management Training , ICT activities and Technical information solutions adapted in the Middle East (G.C.C.) region mainly. This will increase their Knowledgebase, understand the current market needs and find better services for his product/services and also enhance services for its clients in the G.C.C. region mainly. Our designed & customized course content with G.C.C. market information and analytics and planned Assignments shall help the student/entrepreneur / SME to increase efficiency on the markets and industry they plan to serve. To get the full benefit of online learning, there needs to be a concentrated effort to provide this structure with critical knowledge & insights and go beyond replicating a physical class/lecture through ICT capabilities, instead, using a range of collaboration tools and engagement methods that promote “inclusion, personalization and  intelligence” through our carefully designed customized content for the G.C.C. region.


To collect & share validated technical information which is simple & sensible to understand and evaluate the G.C.C. market in terms of eLearning process related to Industrial & Management related courses & ICT sector.

Our project aims at business process automation i.e. using the GOOGLE CLASSROOM platform for ease of e-learning methodologies where the existing resources can be easily scaled to the various students / entrepreneurs periodically with periodic updates to our content management system.

Our course program will ensure the students have learnt the importance of online training / eLearning in today’s business scenario, access trusted & critical information and insights on our reputed eLearning platform & find a good interface to expand its business activities on the Garje Marathi Global platform.


We plan to use a SQA strategy for our software quality plan.

This means in the first step we shall introduce the online training / eLearning concept and its benefits based on matrix of reliability, content, scalability, portability & technologies available.

The second step would be to identify and focus on the key industry segments from Energy, Academics, Construction, Utilities etc to Security sector and the current trends in the market to identify and ensure rapid expansion and development for the client current needs.

The third step is to identify current business risks for entrepreneurs / SME in the various planned business segment and find our deliverables and rank the risks from high to low to ensure max. efficiency and possible growth in the post COVID era in the G.C.C. region.

Our Course content studies will ensure the entrepreneurs/SME knowledgebase will be focused on the current G.C.C market needs and flow along with the new 2025 vision of the middle east countries with key Course content required for theirtarget industry with easy & fast retrieval of information, well designed data, decrease the student time and access to market information which is updated periodically.

All the software features of Google classroom on content and data-security, cloud hosting will be maintained through a robust User Login Account system with appropriate validation criteria and other data pertinent which will remain confidential.

Garje Marathi Global will not request any online payment information to access the course content but will ensure our content is not forwarded or copied in the public domain, prior our written content or permission.


We plan to divide our online course content on the following main topics from various validated non-profit organization & industry experts like ASTM, ASME, API, BSI, IHSMARKIT, IEEE, ISO etc and related industry experts within the global industry. We will only provide the guidelines & key topics within the Course titles and not the actual complete training program which is normally a 7 days /week program at a cost. Hyperlinks will be provided for a direct course contact accordingly.

Our Main COURSE TOPICS would focus on the needs of the Middle East region mainly categorized as:

1. INDUSTRIAL & MANAGEMENT COURSES - Operations & Maintenance, HSE, General Services, QMS, Soft skills.

2. ICT COURSES - I.T. & Cyber security info.

3. CONSTRUCTION info. services – BIM (Building Info. modeling) & Standards

4. ENGINEERING STANDARDS MANAGEMENT – compliance & benefits, e-books

5. AUGUMENTED REALITY (AR) / VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) and Smart Glasses applications

6. SAFE & SMART cities – various Security applications & smart technologies.

Our G.C.C. (Gulf cooperation council) industries covered for the above market business segments shall be mainly be in the Energy (Oil &Gas- upstream & downstream, Petrochemicals), Academics, Aviation, Construction, ICT (IT & Communications), Utilities (elec. & water), Security & Defense industry.


The identification need for online training / eLearning has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic more throughout the world, but more in the G.C.C. region which was not enabled for e-commerce concept, as still the old manual & paper system was being used by the govt. agencies. It was suffering from a series of technical drawbacks inclusive of managing & accessing the validated data in timely manner, usage of high resources and costs, high maintenance and retrieving the information was very tedious and lengthy process. Even if the information was found, it was required to go thru different departments manually for re-documentation and approvals and was not error-free with zero periodic industry updates. Based on the above shortfalls and for timely decision-making, it was the need to have online information portals, access to e-commerce, linkage to various govt. agencies online, faster compilation and analysis of raw data, quicker M.I.S. reports and reach higher public or customers locally and globally.  Because of this, people in the Middle East region focused on Online Training / e-Learning methodologies and became creative and social while minimizing contact in current crisis. Video chat became a staple for team meetings and distant education with virtual life activities in rise. This shift could mean big things for the VR (Virtual Reality), ICT and Smart technologies in the region.

Following form of content will be considered for the above 6 categories of COURSE TOPICS-

- Power point presentations

- Current industry insights

- G.C.C. market current trends on online training / distant Edu-tech

- AR/VR for virtual training and Smart Glasses concept - .ppt & videos

- List of key Courses desired in various industries covering Industrial / Management, ICT  & related fields

- Q&A and Tests on all levels

- Key Content on Safe & Smart cities

- Key Content on Smart technologies in the industries we serve

- Key content on Homeland Security technologies for industries we serve

- Access & Hyperlinks to various reputed Training organizations

- Access to the industry YOUTUBE video links

- Certification from Garje Marathi Global.

The duration of each 6 COURSE TITLES title can vary between 10-30 slides with all text /images /videos /Hyperlinks  to knowledgebase and actual Course carefully  analyzed, compiled content from worldwide industry leaders with a hyperlink to actual training course with a cost (optional). The entire duration of the eLearning course can vary from 30 min – 60 min. on main or sub-course titles or more in each COURSE TITLE category.

No prior knowledge of the topic will be assumed and few training materials would  be available for download. Please. note the actual Training conducted by the professional organizations like ASTM, ASME, API, BSI, ISO, IHSMARKIT are subject to be charged and should be directly contacted.


Our Project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs of various Indians at the University level / Entrepreneurs / Small & Medium scale industries (SME) who wish to learn, understand the benefits of Online Training / eLearning methodologies and implement them for the G.C.C. region. This program will ensure numerous students/entrepreneurs will be benefited in case they would like to tap the market potential in/within the middle-east region.

We shall introduce & include hyperlinks to key training organizations worldwide that provide industry validated certification and Accreditation (directly with costs).

The entire course user interface and security issues related to system shall be as per  the standard operating procedures of Google Classroom services. We firmly believe that periodic updated and course content enhancements & insights we provide, will increase the value-addition of the technical information through our eLearning Management system and in future too will keep updating  & implementing the same with a wider regional base.

What has been made clear through this pandemic is the importance of disseminating knowledge across borders, companies, and all parts of society. If online learning technology can play a role here, it is incumbent upon all of us to explore its full potential.

Based on my industry experience of over 27 years in Kuwait, I have made considerable efforts to prepare and compile this validated content & wish to thank all the people and key organizations involved in this process directly or indirectly. I sincerely hope the eLearning project will serve its purpose for which it was developed by Garje Marathi Global and shall be a great success.


The following reference links will be provided during actual course training and with the training material only. The links will be from educational non-profit organizations like ASTM, ASME, API, BSI, IEEE, IHSMARKIT & many more…

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