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About Garje Marathi Global

"Garje Marathi Global is a platform for 'Non Resident Marathi' and 'Back to Motherland Marathi'( परत मातृभूमीला मराठी) who value knowledge, education and entrepreneurship. GMG has four main objectives: Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to society and to our roots, and to celebrate success of Marathi around the world.  


Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar is mentor to Garje Marathi Global.

  • GMG Innovation Academy

GMG Innovation Academy is our new initiative,  launched on 16 August  2020 ( by Hon’ble Devendra ji Fadnavis.

MOU with BAMU:

Garje Marathi Global and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University have formally decided to work together for GMG Innovation Academy.

  • GMG Mentoring Program

Garje Marathi Global has also launched the Garje Marathi Mentoring program. The details of the program can be found in

  • Garje Marathi Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Association

"Fostering Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Innovation-

To form synergistic, symbiotic network of academics, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from Biotech, Healthtech and Pharmatech.

  • GMG Agri Tech Forum

The forum is a symbiotic network of Agri-Tech and allied subjects experts, professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs for the benefit of students, young entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs and farmers from Maharashtra.


Garje Marathi Startup Accelerators

GMG IA LaunchPad Program


GMG Career Forum Germany


  • News about GMG: 

Gaurav March Newsletter.

*Garje Marathi Gaurav March 2021 Newsletter

  • Garje Marathi Global Inc.

(Non-Profit registered at California, USA, )

  • Garje Marathi Global Foundation India

(Non Profit, section ‘8’ company registered in India, )

  • Videos:

Watch two concise videos to understand our mission.


20 minutes is a long Video but I request you to watch.

This extemporaneous interview says all about what is Garje Marathi Global.

Mrudula Joshi Purandare of Marathi Global village family in conversation with Anand Ganu, founder-President Garje Marathi Global Inc.

Anand Ganu , interviewed by Philanthropist/ Politician/ Senior Journalist Shri. Ajit Chavan on behalf of Tata Institute of Social  Science/ National University Student’s Skill Development program.  


Garje Marathi is a non-political, non-commercial and non-profit making mission. Each and every service offered by us is free. Garje Marathi will never seek any financial compensation or contribution from anyone.

The membership of Garje Marathi is free and will always be.