Healthful Diet: think wise, eat twice, drop size

Dr. Milind Dhamankar,  a member of Garje Marathi from North America is happy to announce the publication of his book

“Healthful Diet: think wise, eat twice, drop size”.

It was his pleasure to co-author this book with  Dr. RatnaAshtekar  and Ms. Aditi Kelkar-Hate.

Dr. Dhamankar is passionate about mentoring and “collective progress” while staying in touch with our roots. During his extensive travels, he was exposed to various cuisines and cultures. With his interest in nutritional science, Ayurveda and medicinal value of spices and food, he has been guiding friends and families to address their health issues for several years with positive outcomes. This book was his way to share his knowledge with a wider community with a goal to improve their health issues. Although it was written to serveas a companion to the obesity and diabetes campaign heralded by Dr. Jagannath Dixit from India, its succinct presentation attracts any health conscious mind. It helps answer the most common question that baffles us in modern times: “when, what and how much to eat?” While including the age old wisdom from Ayurveda, it is complete with modern scientific discoveries, nutrition facts, meal plans, recipes and diets to accommodate other comorbid health conditions while striving to control diabetes and obesity.  Holistic approach to health and practical tips to achieve your health goals presented in a simple but comprehensive manner makes this book a must have in your kitchen library!

It is available in three languages : English, Hindi and Marathi for private circulation only. However if interested, copies can be obtained from ADORE trust by contacting Shri Ravi Jagannathan on WhatsApp number: +91 98195 76176.

The obesity and diabetes epidemic in India has a very high price tag for individuals and the country. As a society we don’t have a choice but to fight against it together.  Dr. Dhamankar has volunteered his time for this cause with no personal financial gains. He thinks this book as his “Kharichavata” to help fight this national problem. Garje Marathi can help build this “setu” by supporting ADORE trust. .  For more information on how you can help, email:

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