Garje Marathi Startup Accelerators

Garje Marathi Startup Accelerators

GMG IA LaunchPad Program


GMG Innovation Academy offers ‘Free’ Acceleration Program for Early Stage Startups, thanks to selfless contributions by ‘Governing Team’ and ‘Expert Mentors’

The Program is announced  on Saturday 01 May महाराष्ट्र दिन

GMG IA LaunchPad is the first structured program designed to meet the goals of GMG Innovation Academy

GMG IA LaunchPad Program combines the experience, knowledge and networks of successful Garje Marathi all over the world with the power of the Lean Startup methodology to help young entrepreneurs and students

  • Undertake "customer discovery" and drive towards Customer-Problem and Problem-Solution Fit.
  • Build a compelling Value Proposition and Elevator Pitch
  • Create a minimum viable product and/or demo to share with the customer segments
  • Turn a product into company with a proper business model; innovate to discover game-changing models
  • Develop an understanding of competitive positioning of products and companies
  • Understand go-to-market strategies and tactics, including concepts around “growth hacking”
  • Understand how to create “value” - as defined by the investors over the life of an early-stage venture
  • Learn to "pitch" a new venture to investors and other stakeholders
  • Understand various types of intellectual properties
  • Gain high-level knowledge of company structure, managing cap table, issuing stock options, etc
  • Learn the financial vocabulary, and understand how to build financial models
  • Gain insights, tools and skills essential to effective leadership in early-stage ventures


On behalf of GMG Innovation Academy, I am pleased to announce that we have launched our first GMG Start-up Accelerator Program for early stage start-ups. 

This program will be led by Alankar Joshi, and moderated by Sudhir Kadam.

The ‘Mentors’ for this program are from Garje Marathi’s global network of successful entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, academics who wish to pay-it-forward by mentoring founders of early stage start-ups in our community to lead them on their way to success. These ‘Mentors’ are the drivers of this program.

The details of this program are as follows.

Benefits of the GMG Start-up Accelerator Program

·   A 16 week program that will equip participants with insights, tools and skills essential in early-stage ventures

·   Participants will be honing their pitching skills and have opportunities to present to investors after completing the program

·   Regular guidance from Mentor/s to develop, launch, and scale their business

·   Teams will experience a series of mini hacks, mvp market validation and will present to all the mentors at weekly sessions

·   The entire program is delivered free of cost

Who is it for?

·   Minimum two full-time founders (Single founder start-ups have to bring a cofounder before the start of the program)

·   One founder should be GMG member / Maharashtrian

·   Start-up should be incorporated and have a registered domain and website

·   Start-up should be in early stages of operation

·   Preferably, start-up should have raised F&F investment or bootstrapped with own investment

·   Start-up should have MVP / beta version ready

How to apply?

·   The application form can be downloaded at Step 1 of this link

  • The completed application can be uploaded in the step 2 of the same link
  • The application should be accompanied by a 2 minute video pitch by the founders. (to be uploaded in step 2)
  • If you wish to apply but do not meet all the criteria, do connect with us via email!


Together, let's build a community of innovators in GMG.


Anand Ganu