Garje Marathi Global Agri Tech Workshop

GMG Agri-Tech Workshop  

Garje Marathi Global ( has organized four weeks Agri-Tech workshop for the benefit of students, young entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs and farmers from Maharashtra.

  • To encourage digitization in agriculture: robotics, sensors, and Big Data analytics platforms
  • To promote Urban/Indoor farming, soil-less farming and Hydroponic farming.
  • To guide and encourage students and young entrepreneurs
  • To Mentor Agriculture startups: Idea generation, opportunity identification, finance, Incubation and acceleration.

Webinar Series:

  1. Saturday 16 January 2021, 7.30 PM IST :  

Vivek Damle Ph.D Biotech/Agribusiness Management, Chairman SAVIDA Agri- Com Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai India

Ashwin Abhyankar Business Mentor, Ideas, IT and Execution San Diago


  1. Saturday 23 January 2021  7.30PM IST:

Chinmay Soman PhD Interdisciplinary Materials Science Co-founder and CEO at EarthSense, Inc Illinois USA

Girish Chowdhary, Ph.D.  Associate Professor and Donald Biggar Willet Faculty Fellow, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Computer Science


  1. Saturday 30 January 2021, 7.30PM IST :

Avinash Deshmukh  MSc Horticultural Science, VP Marketing - BASF Asia Pacific Singapore


  1. Saturday 06 February 2021, 7.30 OM IST 

Dr. Mandar Godge PhD Plant Molecular Biology Research Scientist Singapore

Moderator: Ashwin Abhyankar

Mentors may assist the deserving candidates on individual basis beyond webinar series

Application Form:

The desirous entrepreneurs, students, farmers and individuals  from Maharashtra can apply in Google form