“GMGintro”  is a GMG Health and Pharma Tech (GMG-HPT) initiative designed to introduce its members to each other.

GMG-HPT members have a diverse educational and professional background. Further, they are scattered all over the globe. GMGintro initiative is designed to highlight our members' achievements, to foster collaborations- peer to peer interactions and for mentoring.

"GMGintro" has two components- a five-minute video presentation and a short 400 word biosketch that goes along with the video. Members are invited to record a short five-minute video introducing themselves, their educational and professional background, their current work and comment on how GMG can help them pursue their career goals, offer networking opportunities with like-minded people  and help to achieve business ambitions.

GMG-HPT will organize special "GMGintro" Google Meet sessions once in two months, where these videos will be played for the attendees. The members being introduced will attend this session and will be available to answer questions from the attendees.

The five minute video presentation and a 400 word biosketch will be published on GMG website, monthly publication GAURAV and on the network,  open for viewing by everyone.

The overall goal of the GMG initiative is to connect Marathi speaking professionals from all parts of the world with each other and to encourage professional collaborations, provide mentoring to young professionals and improve the professional lives of our members. "GMGintro" is an important step in this direction.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in participating in "GMGintro" sessions and we will be happy to provide you with more details and help making the presentations.

For further details:-

Anand Ganu: 001 7327897130, 

Udayan Apte:

Ameet Sule