GMG Technocrats

Garje Marathi Global Technocrats

Association of Bio-Health-Pharma technocrats

GMG Technocrats: The Association of Bio-Health-Pharma technocrats  was officially launched on  19 December 2020 by Hon'ble Dr. Amit Telang Consul General of India Frankfurt. 

GMG Bio-Pharma-Health Technocrats

Parent Body:

(1) Garje Marathi Global Inc. Non-profit registered in the state of California USA

(2) Garje Marathi Global Foundation, Non Profit , section ‘8’ company , registered under Indian Companies Act 2013.


This is a forum of Garje Marathi Global members who are involved and interested in Bio-tech, Pharma-tech and Health-tech

This forum is open only to those who are officially admitted as the members of GMG Bio-Pharma-Health Technocrats.

Mission Purpose

  1. To form a synergistic, symbiotic network of academics, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from Biotech, Healthtech and Pharmatech.
  2. To educate and motivate the young aspiring budding scientist Bio, Pharma and Health Tech.
  3. To provide scientific and professional guidance for young business owners to set the right direction.
  4. To connect startups with potential business partners, investors, organizations, peers and other industry leaders.
  5. To offer career guidance, Educational resources, funding and investment resources through webinars, workshops and training
  6. To foster innovations


Networking, Webinars, Panel-group discussions, Mentoring, Startup Ideation-Incubation- Acceleration, Recognition and accolades, Online monthly publication,

We will maintain an intimate and collaborative setting for discussion and presentation of relevant subjects (Knowledge sharing, Networking, Product and business

development, Project and operational management, R&D, Commercialization strategy and marketing, Patents and patent applications) while also incorporating an element of networking.

The contributors will be academicians, professionals from biotech, healthtech and pharmatech industry, academicians,   venture capital and consulting firms.

Stakeholders/ Members :

Membership structure:

Benefits to stakeholders:

The members will have access to the wealth of experience of GMG’s vibrant mentors in BPH, bringing our community together to connect, learn, network and prosper.  

The members can host webinars.

They can present their achievements; have the peer to per interaction.

The accolades and honors of the members will be published forum meetings and in GMG Newsletter Gaurav.

The forum will facilitate Mentor-Mentee connect , giving a good avenue to ‘Give Back’.

Contribution by stakeholders:


To Join: