GMG Sprint, A Startup Mentoring Program

GMG Sprint, A Startup Mentoring Program.

31 July 2022


1.    The program will be 8 weeks long. 2 hours every Sunday starting from the 'Welcome Event' on 31 July. The program will be conducted online , with exception of ‘Welcome Event’ on 31 July.

2.  The applications for the program should be submitted via Google form

3.  Under the program, 12 entrepreneurs will be admitted. The selection is at the sole discretion of the Executive Board: GMG Sprint, A Startup Mentoring Program.

4.  The entrepreneurs will be split into their own groups (if multiple founders), and assigned mentor/s in Break-out rooms during every weekly cycle.

5.  All selected entrepreneurs will work with the mentors to go through the different parts of the pitch deck - one major part per week, and will be given the rest of the week to work on it.

6.  Every 2 weeks, we will allow them to pitch their parts to a small panel ( At least one person on this panel will have industry expertise of the company being pitched) who can give them constructive feedback

7.   At the end of the 8-week period, they will all need to do full pitch as if doing it to real investors;

8.  This will evolve into Investor day/ Demo Day on the following Sunday, where Garje Marathi will invite real investors to listen to these pitches.

9.  From this point, it will be up to the entrepreneurs to show interest in speaking with specific investors and we can help where we can.

We will proactively connect the ones we believe are ready to raise money.