GMG Platinum Council

GMG Platinum Council

The GMG Platinum Council members are the ‘Influencers’

"Connect. Enrich. Advance"


·This is the ‘elite’ group that will influence the GMG Activities.

·The council members are the ‘Stake Holders’ of GMG

·The council members will boost GMG professional growth and visibility

·The council members will get opportunities to mentor entrepreneurs, students, youths and growth oriented individuals.

·The council members will get the first opportunity to invest in startups mentored by GMG Innovation Academy.

·The council members can choose to be part of ‘GMG Angel Fund’

Mission Purpose

a.     Help Marathi community members to evolve from good contributors to model leaders in their fields of interest (e.g. Business, academics, arts, etc.)

b.    To Make Garje Marathi Global self sustainable.

c.     GMG Angel Fund may invest and or take active part in various venture operations and may get compensated in fees or equity on a case by case basis. This will enable GMG to become financially self-sufficient in the future

d.    Members can seek advice on educational, career or professional topics, expand their professional network, share their professional experiences or refine interpersonal and leadership skills

e.     To create well defined organization structure for corporate level management of Garje Marathi Global  

Action plan

a.     Create a skills/capabilities matrix ( a searchable database of )

b.    Create a platform to seek and to offer the specific professional help

c.     Create a platform for peer to peer learning

d.    Create capabilities for reverse mentoring (Learn, grow as you teach)

e.     Build a portfolio of capabilities and alliances. e.g. educational institutions, academic leaders, business leaders, subject matter experts, financial institutions (e.g. ICICI, IDBI,).

f.       Alliance with Angel Investors, VCs

g.     Individually, each council member creates a sphere of influence, action.

Ø Initiate and run new program, project or workshop

Ø Participate in programs , projects and workshops initiated by other council members.

Ø Built connections with Alma Mater  and Alumni

Ø Increase visibility of GMG activities to own network

Ø Connect GMG with other organization like Maharashtra Mandal, TIE, ICC  and similar organizations around the world and in Maharashtra and represent GMG with such connections

Out of scope

·Members cannot engage in political, religious or personal issues

·Cannot use inappropriate language or communicate in derogatory, unprofessional or disrespectful manner

·Cannot spam the community with multiple postings/forwards or invites to their personal events

·Cannot solicit donations of any kind

Membership benefits

·PRIDE (Be part of a global process to support the mission)

·FINANCIAL GAINS (Investments, operationalize your ideas as new ventures (from passive investments to active venture execution)

·LEARNING (From peers, mentees/reverse mentors, etc.)

·NETWORKING (Meet interesting people across geography)

·Initiate, lead and run new programs which are in line with the mission purpose of GMG (The current set of activities listed have startup/innovation/education ... While that's quite exciting, we should also cater to an audience that may not have interest in these, but are interested in career growth. Other areas that might be of interest to folks could be personal finance and investing. Also perhaps the worlds of Arts and Academics might have different norms for achievement and growth that can be incorporated.)

·The members to facilitate each other for growth of their professional entity/career

·This is a Global Group and the is limited by maximum 50 ‘Charter Members’

·The membership will be increased to 125 exclusively by invitation,  based on suggestions of Charter Members and approval by the council.

·Donation $ 500 to Garje Marathi Global Inc USA/ or Indian Rs. 36000/- to Garje Marathi Global Foundation Maharashtra. (Bank details to be shared)

·Form Leadership team /Advisory committee to set Objectives, standards and code of conduct.

·Lead sharing or business Leads for contact sphere , For winning the business credit leader forwarder the points or recognition.

·Form a Business training Modules to how to do the business through GMG

·Support for social causes through contribution funds, through the funds that GMG has.

·Get sponsorship for events to promote GMG.

·Use of IT tool for Business networking

·Use of Slack/ Google Groups/ Microsoft Teams for group interactions.