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GMG Job-Interview Help 

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Based on observations in many past interviews conducted by the GMG community members, the common theme was that candidates, especially Marathi candidates come unprepared to the interviews and miss a valuable opportunity to get a high impact and well paid job. This performance can be improved with a little guided preparation and community mentoring for these individuals to better prepare themselves. 

GMG will establish a worldwide career help platform for Marathi students and professionals to help with their career progression and building aspirations.

The preparations for job interviews start much before one actually enters the job market. The group mentors will guide to build Network and to create effective LinkedIn profile

This platform will organize online or in person seminars for the candidates to

1) Learn more about the interview processes,

2) Ask clarifying questions about the interview process,

3) Remediate the common pitfalls seen by the seasoned interviewers

4) Facilitate mock interviews and other (instant messenger based) collaboration amongst the candidates themselves,

5) Provide tips to prepare for such interviews and

6) Learn about day to day working of the job from professionals already working at the high tech companies to improve the chances of success at the interviews.

To avail the benefits of this excellent platform contact / Anand 001 7327897130 


This platform 1) will NOT provide readymade solutions to the frequently asked questions for the candidates, 2) will NOT provide mechanisms for people to hack the interviews unethically, 3) is NOT intended to provide personalized feedback from past interviews (most companies do not allow such feedback), 4) will NOT be used to discuss, propagate or disseminate political and divisive agenda, and 5) MUST NOT be used to stock, harass and make others uncomfortable - such actions once reported will be dealt severely according to community rules.


  1. Fundamentals of all interview approach,  process  and Preparation:- 

CV/Bio, Covering letter,

LinkedIn page, Building references

Statement of purpose, Mission statement Mindset,

Confidence, Perseverance, appearances, language and conversational skill

  1. Technical – Subject specific
  2. Type of the company: - Startup, Midsize, Large Inc. educational institutions,
  3. Workshop- Mock interview