GMG Finance professional Council

To create a community of Finance professionals, C-level executives, academics, and aspirants wanting to make a career in finance.

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GMG Finance Professional Council

GMG Finance Professionals Council is not only for networking, it is really the brain-power of the collective group of GMG Finance Professionals  – not just in the local chapter but across the globe.”

To begin with this will be one Global Group. The goal is to form GMG Finance professionals Chapters around the world.

Core Group:

Key finance executives, C-Level executives, in diverse industry verticals doing finance executive activities. The group can be rotating to take key 3-4 positions to drive the charter and activities.

Core Group members will eventually form and head local chapters

Member Group:

Anyone interested in connecting, mentoring, coaching, learning and seeking help from the Core Group Members or other GMG Mentors in the fields. Any aspiring individuals planning to make a career in Finance can join this group.


The group charter/goals will evolve as the core team is formed, meets and discusses the key objectives on how to create a network of finance professionals,  and how to provide the better platform for everyone to succeed.

1.       Provide Startup Finance Guidance and Support

a.        Investment/Fund raising guidance and help.

b.       Valuation guidance and tools

c.        C-Level mentoring

d.       Convenient live and online resources that help you anticipate and solve finance problems.

2.       Powerful peer insights and support

a.        Elevate your effectiveness in the C-Suite and improve your team’s performance.

b.       Learn how digital transformation is affecting the finance executives.

c.        Industry vertical specific finance insights.

3.       High-impact local and global networking

a.        Expert one-on-one advice with various experts

b.       Immediately gain access to connections that can lead to priceless personal and professional relationships.

Benefits of Membership

·         Collaborate with a trusted community of finance executives

·         Explore new ideas with your peers & industry thought leaders

·         Sharpen your leadership skills with each connection

·         Empower to lead your finance team into the future

·         Become that source for strategic insights to your CEO and Board

·         Share best practices with local and national leaders

·         Boost your career with unparalleled connections

·         Keep current on hot topics & emerging trends

·         Gain access to world-class & high-impact learning opportunities