GMG Career Forum Germany

GMG Career forum Germany

Congratulations! – The fact that you’ve come to this page is a testament to your efforts of venturing beyond your comfort bubble to seek something more! Just like you, at some point in time, we too were venturing beyond the comfort of our homes – some for studies, some for jobs, some for entrepreneurship ventures – all with somewhat a similar focus on mind – to explore the world beyond! We do understand the challenges that come along the way and we would like to help you….

GMG Career Forum Germany is formed to guide those from Maharashtra (1) who wish to come to Germany for education, (2) those who have come to Germany and are in need of support  and  (3) those who are about to finish education/ have finished education and are entering into job market / are needing guidance for ‘what next?’

Introduction to GMG Career Forum Germany , presented by Shreya Pathak


GMG has offered a platform for individuals with similar focus – of giving back to the community (volunteer led-not for profit) - to come together, pool our resources and streamline the help and content we provide. We’ve put together a team of diverse individuals – from students - to industry leaders, from cultural experts to finance experts to help you on your quest. Though there will never be a single path and definite formula for success, we’ve tried to put together an effort that will help you navigate this path a bit easily. Through this page, we hope to elucidate how we plan to drive this initiative. So, let’s get started – explore on!

We’ve divided our initiative into 3 major categories:

  1. Academics
  2. Career development and
  3. Entrepreneurship (freelancing included)

We will be making available a plethora of content via static and dynamic resources* such as:

  1. Webinars
  2. Panel discussions
  3. Expert webinar sessions
  4. Interactive online workshops
  5. Static resources such as PDFs, consolidated links, curated resources, etc.

We will not provide:

  1. Financial support
  2. Logistical support (accomodation, airport pickup and drop)
  3. Physical support with administrative tasks (city registration, bank account opening, insurance)
  4. Support for filling and submitting academic/job/unemployment applications

Some topics* that we feel are important for you to make a successful transition abroad are:

  1. Future of work/Skills required for future
  2. How to build/curate a network of sponsors, mentors, local champions, etc.
  3. Know your own Ikigai (Know what you want)
  4. Guidance on:
    1. LinkedIn profile writing
    2. Resume/CV writing
    3. Social brand building
  5. Cultural immersion via expert webinars
  6. Webinars/panel discussions with Subject Matter Experts on diverse set of topics such as:
    1. Data Science/AI
    2. ADAS
    3. Design Thinking/Innovation
    4. Transferring skills such as CA, ICWA, LLB, LLM to Germany
    5. Attaining financial independence
  7. Guidance on marking career transitions such as industry change, function change, etc.
  8. Student resources:
    1. Different types of universities, course selection, compatibility mapping, etc.
    2. Structure of courses such as Graduation, Masters, PhD, etc.
    3. Short duration courses
    4. Research possibilities (theoretical and industry integrated)
    5. Scholarships
    6. How to build your profile and apply to companies to increase your effectiveness and impact
    7. Interview prep
    8. Internship/Working Student/Thesis/Job, etc. guidance
  9. Resources to navigate systematic/bureaucratic hurdles:
    1.  City Registration
    2. Insurances (health, professional, legal, etc.)
    3. Language school and German language coaching
    4. Taxation
    5. Infrastructure (mobile & internet connection, accommodations, etc.)
  10. Exigency resources:
    1. Job loss
    2. Exit package negotiations, inputs on employee rights, etc.
    3. Unemployment registration, unemployment compensation, etc.
  11. Miscellaneous

With all the aforementioned resources at your disposal, we hope to give a meaningful “Shidori” as you embark on your journey. 😊

* (May change in the course of delivery)

Frequently asked Questions - FAQs 

Moving to Germany? Some Handy tips to enable a smooth settlement

  • Generic questions about living in Germany. Any information available in English 

The "Hotline Working and Living in Germany" offers all the required information, in English too, related to specific  topics like for work life in Germany, employment and career opportunities in Germany, acceptance of educational qualifications & certifications from abroad, arrival and living in Germany and about learning German language & culture. Reach out to Federal Employment Agency’s advisory service:  

  • Important checklist to move into a new accommodation in Germany

Here are some important & basic checklist for accommodation.

  • Where should I register my place of residence and what documents are required?

You have to register in Einwohnermeldeamt / Bürgeramt

  • How do I open my Bank account in Germany?

To open a bank account in Germany. Please follow the required instructions to "Open a bank account in Germany"

  • First Steps in Germany

Here are some suggested "First Steps"

  • Important tips for daily life in Germany

Here are some tips for daily life in Germany

  • Cost of living in Germany

As per 2021 this is the cost of living in germany

  • How is the work life balance in Germany? 

The Better Life Index 2017 by the OECD sees Germany at position 8 of 38 in the               Work-life balance ranking

  • How is the culture, traditions & lifestyle in Germany

Here is some vital information on culture, tradition & lifestyle in Germany

  • How to make friends in Germany ?

Some important tips on how to make friends in Germany : Link I, Link II

  • Stereotypes & cultural shock for indian students in Germany

Some of the personal experiences of expats regarding the typical stereotypes & cultural shocks specifically for indian students are

  • Things to learn before you come to Germany

These are the top things to do before you entry to Germany

  • Packing list for students to travel to Germany

Following is the checklist required for packing your bags to travel to Germany

Employement in Germany

  • Are you a qualified professional and want to live and work in Germany?

Reach out to the local partners & institutions In India

  • How to find jobs in Germany ? Is job hunting very difficult in Germany?

To get some additional support & advice to  in your job-hunting efforts by calling our “Hotline Working and Living in Germany” under the telephone number +49 30 1815 1111 or you can send an email to

  • What are the top Job opportunities are currently "in demand" in Germany

Information Technology , Engineering , Physicians , Scientists, Nursing, Craftsmen

  • Common job application process in Germany for any position, any level, any industry

These are few generic & common tips for individuals who want to pursue "White Collar Jobs in Germany"

  • How does my standard Job contract in Germany look like?

Following are the list of pointers which MUST be included in your Job contract

  • What are the chances of getting a Job after completing Masters / bachelors in Germany?

Here are some possibilities, what you can expect for seeking employment in Germany

  • Are there any unemployment benefits in Germany?

Following are some unemployment benefits what people get in Germany

  • Part-time & internships in Germany

Some Learn & earn options

Education in Germany

  • I would like to get my existing education & other qualifications recognized in Germany. Who can help me with this?

The central information platform for getting your education certified & recognized in Germany is “Recognition in Germany“.  If you have further questions, you can write to us by writing on the contact form. Alternatively, you can get advice by phone. Information about the hotline is available here.

  • Which universities / colleges suits the best for my educational background / interests / specialization

Visit the following link :

  • I would like to study or do a doctorate / PhD in Germany. How much will it cost?

Follow me to find a suitable doctorate / PhD Program in Germany.

  • Which Course or degree programme suits me the best? What is the procedure to find career opportunities in Germany suitable for my profile?

You can find the procedure of how to find a suitable Course or degree programme here

  • Can I do vocational training in Germany? What type of vocational training?

Here is the quick checklist for vocational training & the training process

  • If you are looking for a Ph.D. How to obtain Ph.D & its types

Some important information for the Ph.D enthusiasts regarding Ph.D opportunities & finding doctoral positions in Germany 

  • Top 5 reasons why to study in Germany?

Here is the link

  • Are there any international programmes & short courses in Germany?

Here is some information on how to find the suitable international programmes & short courses

  • How to find the suitable programme or the right university in Germany?

Login to Study in Germany & German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

  • How to organize yourself in your student life ?

Organizational tips for students

  • Are there any financing & scholarship options available in Germany?

Here is the link for scholarship options & top 10 scholarships for indian students in Germany

  • Is education in Germany is Free of cost? 

You can find more detailed  information under these two links Link I , Link II

  • Documents required to apply for bachelors / masters in Germany

Following is the checklist required to be in place before you apply for education

Immigration (Temporary, Permanent, Family ReUnification)

  • What type of visa I need to work in Germany

To get more information regarding visas under here you is the link "Visa"

  • I work in Germany. Can my family come with me in Germany?

There is a specific type of Visa required. To have more information please login to "Family Reunification"

  • What are the benefits of the "EU Blue Card" ?

The EU Blue Card is a stay permit for academics from non-EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Here you can find out detailed requirements you have to fulfil to get an EU Blue Card.

  • A check-list to get qualified to work, study, start a business & participate in research & scientific programs in Germany

To fulfil the key requirement & to start one of the above mentioned activities in Germany, you can check out the latest information on our Quick-Check

Everything on Garje Marathi is of high value and ‘free of Cost’ for our community. GMG expects nothing from those who wish to be benefitted from this an excellent platform but must follow principle of

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Introduction to Garje Marathi Global Career Forum Germany by Anand Ganu